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ON LAURENT’S REVENGE (An interpretation of the scene in the arena)

I’ve been thinking about the scene in the arena in the first book, the one where Damen is drugged and forced to fight against Govart. It is unquestionably one of the most unconfortable moments of the trilogy, not to mention the worst kind of violation Damen is threatened with during his time as a slave. It presents the court of Vere as a den of sin, a morally corrupted place where rape is considered an entertainment, where men have no qualms about taking children as bedpartners, where vile acts like poisoning a fighter are commonplace.

But above all this it is the first time we see Laurent in action. This early in the story we know nothing of him but Damen’s first impressions (”self-assorbed and self-serving,raised to overestimate his own worth, and indulge in petty tyrannies over others”; “spoilt, like fruit too long on the vine”), and subsequently it is natural for us to judge his behaviour very harshly. We are meant to see him as Damen does: a torturer, a privileged boy who plays with the lives of those weaker than him, a man full of prejudice and cruelty, a coward.

In retrospect, knowing the full context and Laurent’s backstory, the events assume an entirely different meaning. Damen’s humiliation in this chapter is not a casual cruelty, nor is it Laurent lashing out in anger at his brother’s killer. It is AN ACT OF COLD BLOODED REVENGE, so meticoloulsy calculated as to be, in Laurent’s eyes, almost akin to justice. It’s retaliation, plain and simple.

We know that Laurent is never cruel for the sake of it. He doesn’t consider rape an innocuos entertainment, and he wouldn’t put an innocent in the ring, no matter their provenience or their station. It is explicitally stated that his presence at the arena, never mind his actual contribution to the spectacle, is more than unusual (”It’s so rare to see you at these entertainments, Your Highness”; “you kept pestering me to put a pet in the ring”). Therefore, it is obvious that he is there BECAUSE OF DAMEN.

We also know that he is aware of Damen’s real identity.

I don’t think we always fully grasp the true extent of Laurent’s hatred for Damianos: he is his brother’s killer, obviously, but in Laurent’s eyes he is also undirectly responsible for the abuse he has suffered as a child.The regent was able to take advantage of Laurent because Laurent was a kid, alone and grieving;he was alone because Damianos had killed his only protector, during a war caused by Damianos’s father; Damianos is the root of everything.

Laurent has demonized him. He considers Damen a bloodthirsty barbarian who kills without thinking of the consequences (”I thought killing meant nothing to you”), who would sacrifice everything for power. From his point of view Damen is to blame for his own suffering as much as his uncle is. Killing him in a duel isn’t enough: he wants him to suffer what Laurent has suffered - HE EVEN SAYS SO,even if at this point in the book we are not able to understand the implications of his words (”You really have no idea how happy that idea makes me. It’s perfect: a man who holds you down while he fucks you, with a cock like a bottle, and A BEARD LIKE MY UNCLE’S”). So he devises a fitting punishments, scarily accurate in the details:

  • Laurent has been raped by the Regent, so Damen is to be raped the Regent’s thug, Govart;
  • Laurent had a chance to stop the abuse (at least he seems to think so. He blames himself for not being stronger, for not putting an end to it, even if there was nothing he could have done); therefore, Damen is offered a chance to fight. If Laurent wanted him raped, he could have had him tied down and left at he mercy of the soldiers (yes, his uncle admonished him not to, but he is Laurent: he would have found a way). He makes a point of giving him a chance to resist.
  • Laurent was abused when he was a child, by a man who was, in many ways, considerably stronger than him; this means that Damen must be weaker than his opponent. He has to be put in a position of disavvantage. Hence, the chalis.

You see? Parallels. As far as retribution goes, this is exquisite.


Except that Damen doesn’t deserve this kind of punishment. He killed Auguste in battle, in a fair fight, in order to win and to survive. He is in no way responsible for what Laurent has gone through since then.

Damen is not the monster Laurents believes him - wants him- to be, and he proves it for the first time minutes after the fight, when Nicaise is offered to him as a reward. Let’s read this passage, trying to see it from Laurent’s point of view:

He gathered the last of his strength to himself and said : “Do whatever you want to me. I’m not going to rape a child”

Laurent’s expession flickered. […] Laurent was looking from Damen to the boy and back again. Frowning as if something didn’t make sense. Or wasn’t going his way.

“Why not?” he said, abruptly.

Why not?” said Damen. “I don’t share your craven habit of hitting only those who cannot hit back, and take no pleasure in hurting those weaker than myself.

This barbarian, this man who he blames for his own misfortune, that he believes capable of anything, stands before Laurent and tells him that he is not going to rape a child, because it is an horrible act against an innocent, someone who can’t defend himself.  IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THE CHILD HAS SEEMINGLY GIVEN HIS CONSENT, like Nicaise has. It’s still WRONG. It’s still the act of a monster. Do you realize what this means to Laurent?

This is the first time someone, however indirectly, has told him that what happened to him is not his fault. That the Regent is the monster, NOT HIM.

This his the moment his perception of Damen starts to change. Granted, Laurent being Laurent, he thinks at first that Damianos is trying to deceive him (”your little speech of fairlplay has fooled me about as much as your show of obedience. You have worked out, with whatever native inelligence you possess, that it serves your best interests to appear both civilised and dutiful”). He envisions plots and machinations against himself, like he always does. He has to watch Damen plead for a bunch of slaves and save th life of his torturer in order to trust him, but  once that first step is taken there’s no going back. Laurent doesn’t WANT to trust Damianos, he doesn’t want to like him, so he fights his own instincts.

I firmly believe that, even though he refused to aknoweledge it, the Prince of Vere started to fall for Damianos of Akielos that day in the arena, when the man he hated turned his world upside down without even realising it.

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What is Yuuri's #1 outfit that makes the Chads go crazy? (Even the non-a/b/o universes Chads have a crush on Yuuri I'm assuming)


  • the classic, the Forever21 leggings a size too small and a Hot Topic shirt Phichit bought and put on top of the laundry pile so Yuri would wear it
    • “i mustache u to leave”
    • hedgehog “I just want a hug”
    • “nap all day sleep all night” sloth
    • (this doesn’t exist but I want it) a pichu looking very cute and “USES CHARM! IT’s SUPER EFFECTIVE”
    • cartoon raccoon, “#trashpanda”
    • cookies and milk holding hands, “MFEO<3″
  • ditto leggings, ratty tshirt fished out of free box at rink, Chads have been known to hopefully leave their own shirts in it to see Yuri Katsuki wearing it
  • if god is kind and you stalk the grocery store he likes to go to, you too may be #blessed to see Yuri Katsuki in a poodle theme hoodie with ears, soft flannel pajama bottoms, and Ugg boots
    • you’ll die of cute. but it will be worth it
  • one time a Chad managed to spill Coke on Yuri’s shirt and convinced him to wear his jersey, the Chad was immediately murdered by the other Chads but it was completely worth it to have that as his lock screen
    • sidenote: Yuri definitely has a PK Subban jersey and wears it and the Chads all want to cry 
  • jeans, fluffy aran sweater, cozy beanie 
    • is it a human or is it a PSL in human form, the Chads just don’t know
      • this is one of Victor’s favorite looks, it’s just like the epitome of “cuddlesome”
  • jeans, nice buttondown, the “I have to talk to a professor about my absences” look, or as the rest of campus calls it “There Goes Yuri K Looking Like A Hot Young Professor Again”
  • very short shorts and crop top, mostly because he isn’t expecting to see anybody else anxiety-jogging at four am in August, he’s wrong, so wrong
  • poledancing outfits including sequined booty shorts his instructor gave him for being the best, shorts have SPICY on the ass, Yuri doesn’t want to talk about it. 
  • practice gear straight from Mizuno, like he filmed an ad for them at the rink and every Chad in the arena thought he was gonna fuckin die
  • once Phichit had pity on the Chads and talked Yuri into going to a pool party and it’s not like they all died, but Yuri Katsuki in swim trunks.

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hcs about the gang + mc going to a paintball game?

Author’s note: RFA work trip anyone ???? jk I wrote about that under Jaehee’s


  • he has trained for this his whole life for this
  • all that time spent on LOLOL 
  • he has the worst aim you’ve ever seen
  • but that doesn’t stop him from trying 
  • he is the MOST DETERMINED paintball player you’ve ever seen
  • he’s also really proud of himself
  • “Did you see me out there MC? I was on fire!!”
  • “You only hit one person…”


  • oh HELL no
  • there is no way he’s going to risk getting PAINT in his hair
  • is it even hypoallergenic?
  • he does take a selfie in his paintball gear
  • then he stands to the side and watches you play 
  • but he LOVES being your cheerleader


  • you are legitimately scared of her
  • she has deadly aim + she is great at strategy so she ALWAYS wins
  • after your date in the paintball arena, Jaehee thought it would be fun to invite the whole RFA 
  • by the end of the game, Yoosung and Seven were holding each other crying, Jumin was dead covered in welts and paint, and Zen was untouched 


  • …paintball??? is that a commoner’s game???
  • you had to cover your mouth to keep from laughing
  • “Jumin, are you okay??”
  • “…Yeah.”
  • his paint is gold colored stupid rich kid
  • although he had a very fun time helping you get that paint off in the shower that night :)))


  • you will be ELIMINATED
  • or at least, that’s what Seven screamed before you nailed him in the head
  • have fun listening to him yell out famous movie quotes about being a bad ass
  • “GO AHEAD, PUNK, MAKE MY DAY!!”  Sudden Impact
  • when you shoot him he pretends to die
  • what a dork
  • he gives you what is probably the most dramatic dying scene in the history of forever

Bonus: Unknown

  • he is like a freaking PAID ASSASSIN
  • YOU WILL NEVER SEE HIM COMING he’s the only person that can beat Jaehee
  • he feels really bad when he shoots you but he has to do it for his savior
  • OH and once he let you hit him without telling you it was on purpose to make you feel better about him demolishing you
  • it was cute because you thought you outsmarted him, but in reality he just walked out into the open area and stood still so you could shoot him

The actor who played Luke fon Fabre on the Tales of the Abyss stage play we saw on the first day of Tales of Festival (June 2nd 2017) wrote an emotional ramble about the experience on Twitter. My new friend and Tales of Festival buddy Rayna translated it, and I am reposting with permission.

Original Translation Tweet:
Original Tweet from Iwaki Kota:


Thank you to everyone who attended “Tales of the Stage—The Last Score—” at Yokohama Arena.

All of the Tales fans are probably feeling the low that comes when you leave Tales of Festival, and I’m probably going to make those feelings worse by writing this now, but please let me express my sincere thanks.

First off, the fact that we were able to make “Tales of the Abyss” into a stage play and that we were able to perform it for the 10th anniversary of the festival is all thanks to the fans who have loved the series for more than twenty years. Truly, thank you very much.

I had the honor of playing Luke Fon Fabre in the “Tales of” series’ first stage play. Right up until the day of the performance at Yokohama Arena, I continued to reexamine myself, consult with my colleagues about the things that were troubling me, and search deeper into Kouta Iwaki’s Luke. It was the most fulfilling month of my life.

Although I’m a positive person at my core, during rehearsal and even just before the actual performance, there were times when I couldn’t help but feel down. But at those times, I got warm words of encouragement from everyone at my company and the fans, and I was once again able to raise my head and do my best. Everyone’s words were…how should I say it…like “light” to me. So from now on, too, whenever times are hard, when I start to feel down again, I will look at everyone’s words and fight onward!!

Many things happened, and soon the date of the performance at Yokohama Arena arrived. From the moment I stepped on to the stage, the audience’s voice filled my ears. It was incredibly, incredibly warm. I was nervous about performing in front of thousands of people, but strangely, when I looked around the arena, I felt calm. When the light illuminated the audience, I suddenly had the realization that right there, in front of all those people, I was truly bringing Luke into existence. I will never forget the scenery I saw from the stage.

I reflected on each scene and stood with all my soul on the stage. Because this was the only performance in the arena, I thought that this must be what “putting your heart and soul into something” means. While taking in the cheering and intense gazes from the audience to my heart’s content, the arena, wrapped up in the world of Abyss, moved into the last scene. From part 2’s preview, we moved into the curtain call. Many emotions filled my heart…but until the very end, I was able to stand firm and look forward, bringing the performance to the end. I was truly, truly happy. Like it’s written on my profile, I was a railroad/station worker until 3 years ago. I was someone who stood by the ticket gates, but now I’m standing on Yokohama Arena’s stage in the leading role. Funny things like this can happen, I found myself thinking. I have nothing but thanks for my parents whom I’ve worried until now. I said, “I’ll do my best from now own, too!”

After finishing the play, I was really happy when everyone welcomed me back to the stage for the talk show, this time as Kouta Iwaki. During the talk, when Yukana-san said “Don’t overwork yourself,” I became fraught with emotion. When Chihiro Suzuki-san said “Playing Luke and Asch shaved some of the years off my life.” While thinking with awe, “Ahh, me too,” I looked at Chihiro-san’s eyes and could understand his feelings. I flashed back to everything that happened this month and became overwhelmed with emotion. When Chihiro-san gently placed his hand on my shoulder, my delight and sense of accomplishment and thanks gave me a sense of vertigo and I couldn’t do anything but bow to everyone with all my gratitude. Saying “It’s not my fault!!!” together with everyone in the arena will also become a lifetime memory for me.

As we said farewell in the lobby after the performance, many people came to meet us and said “I was moved,” “That was the best,” “Thank you, Luke,” and many other things, I thought, “My job was able to make this many people happy!” Even though it’s me who should say thank you, I was thanked by a lot of people instead. Lol.

From the next day onward, I shook my light stick as the voice actors and guests did the special skit, talk show, and concert, from beginning to end without losing the excitement. My colleagues and I were flattered as we listened to Chihiro Suzuki-san talk a lot about “Tales of the Stage” from the guest seating. We were also allowed to join them for the cast party, and I was able to greet and talk with all the famous voice actors there. I received many words of encouragement and became a little tense. I was allowed to participate in the 3 day festival…and on the second and third day had the privilege of interacting with everyone at the early ticket sales booth, but I’m grateful that Tokyo and Osaka’s performances on both days sold out. I think those who lined up but were unable to buy a ticket should be able to get an eticket. During the line-up festival, I was able to talk with a lot of people and they were happy with my abs. Laughing and talking with everyone was true happiness. The amount of fans lining up at the booth exceeded my imagination and I couldn’t help but stare. Even though I thought that I would be there with a smile, I was a little moved. I’m thankful to everyone surrounding the “Tales of” series and will do my best to exceed everyone’s expectations in the next performance. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Tokyo and Osaka. Please continue to support Tales of the Stage from now on, too!

“Tales of the Stage”
Luke Fon Fabre, Iwaki Kouta

Someone asked for some Chirrut POV from A Single Monk in Good Standing Must be in Want of a Bro, so I did something (approx. 600 words):

“It’s done,” Janos says, quiet but urgent. “It’s done, he’s noticed.”

Contrary to what some elders might say, Chirrut is capable of tact and caution. Right now he displays those skills excellently, for he limits his reply to an equally quiet, “Where is he? How is he?”

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THE CONCLAVE (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: could u do a oneself based on the episode where Octavia wins the conclave but make it the reader who is fighting for skaikru instead of O & she meets Bellamy in the arena place


Bellamy’s on edge, his eyes scanning the area. It’s dark and he’s hidden by nightfall. He knows that if he gets caught, he’s dead. And what’s worse is that so are you. 

As he steps into the silent room, his heart beat quickens as he sees you. “Y/N.” He whispers, making you snap around rapidly. You lower your weapon when you see that it’s just him.

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Bless Andronikos

ask : somethin about an owl named Andronikos for Y/N that helps w/ anxiety and depression, then the owls ends up with Nico one night and Nico and Y/N get together

okay, listen, I lost like, all the requests I had to write for in my camera roll, so the above section is in no way accurate. I’m still doing those requests, the asks just might not be was exactly was requested

I got a new phone sue me

anywho !! I know the person who requested this was waiting a long time so I hope you enjoy this

“I have one question. Why the fuck do you get an owl?” Leo asked, looking at you curiously, as your owl, Andronikos, stayed perched on your left shoulder. Andronikos hissed slightly at the son of Hephaestus, who jumped back. You laughed, covering your mouth with your right hand.

“I told you, he’s for my depression and anxiety. Andronikos helps me a lot.” Reaching up, you petted the great horned owl on your shoulder, resulting in a loving, purring like sound from the grey and white bird. You smiled at Leo, who frowned at you slightly.

“How come I don’t get a companion animal? I have issues too, like being devastatingly handsome, and uh, tragically funny. I can’t at least get a charizard, or even a charmander?” Leo joked, and you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Well, your jokes are tragic, I can tell you that.” You teased, and Leo laughed sarcastically, punching your arm playfully.

“Haha, very funny Y/N. Make another joke like that and I won’t hesitate to tell ol’ prince of darkness that you’ve been crushing on him for months.” Leo twirled a wrench in his hand, watching you with a smirk. Your heart raced, and Andronikos watched your worriedly, before tensing up to attack Leo. You held up your hand, stopping the owl, caressing it’s head.

“It’s okay boy, he didn’t mean anything. He’s just an asshole.” You smirked at Leo, who eyed Andronikos worriedly. Leo arched an eyebrow at you, before shoving his wrench back in his tool belt. Leo pointed a finger at Andronikos.

“You know, considering I’m your best friend, you’d think this bird would like me more.” Leo wagged a finger at your owl, and Andronikos leaned forward, attempting to nip off Leo’s finger.

“He does like you. It’s just, brutal love.” You smiled up at your owl, a gleam of satisfaction in Andronikos’s eyes. Leo grumbled something underneath his breath about Festus being way better than Andronikos, before leaning over and pressing a kiss against your cheek.

“Hey, I love you, but I gotta run. Also, Nico’s coming this way.” Leo winked playfully, before running off to god knows where. You turned, almost colliding with the son of Hades that you had deeply rooted feelings for.

“Hey, Y/N, I was looking for you.” Nico spoke, before looking up at Andronikos, and letting a small smile spread across his face. Reaching up to pet the great horned owl, Andronikos willingly leaned towards Nico’s touch, heavily affectionate of the son of Hades. You cocked your head slightly.

“Me?” You asked, and Nico raised an eyebrow at you, an amused look on his face.

“Yeah, we were gonna train today, right?” He asked, and you facepalmed. You didn’t think Nico would remember, especially since it was Leo who kinda shoved you into Nico to ask him. You sighed.

“Of course. Completely slipped my mind, I’m sorry. Uh, yeah. Let me just grab my sword.” You spoke, and Nico whistled sharply, causing Andronikos to leave your shoulder, and land on Nico’s.

“Cool. We’ll see you there.” Nico smiled, before turning on his heel, walking towards the battle arena. You cocked an eyebrow slightly, watching as the boy continued to pet Andronikos.

“Traitor.” You mumbled, amused, before you went back to your cabin, and found your sword. Before you walked out, you pressed your back against the wall. “What am I doing?I’m gonna get hurt, because I’m a klutz, then embarrass myself in front of my crush-” a slight whimper escaped your lips, before you whistled, sharply and loudly.

Shortly after,  Andronikos was at your feet, and you slid back down on the wall. Nudging your stomach for you to get up, you frowned slightly at the bird. “What am I gonna do?” You asked, and he cocked his head, squawking at you, a loud indication that he wanted you to get up. Standing on your feet, a heavy, shaky sigh escaped your lips. “Okay, okay. I’ll go.. I’ll go spar with Nico.” You managed to get out, and Andronikos looked at you triumphantly.

Flying up to your shoulder, you managed to walk out, sword clenched in hand, as you walked towards the battle arena. “I thought you might’ve ditched me.” Nico laughed slightly, twirling his Stygian iron sword in his hand. You smiled slightly, a light blush creeping across your cheeks.

“Not ditching, I just couldn’t find my sword-” You lied, digging the heel of your shoe into the dirt. “Besides, I didn’t want to get my ass kicked that fast.” You joked, looking up slightly into the son of Hades’s eyes, which flicked in glimmers of amusement.

“Well, you delayed it for a little, which is impressive.” Nico spoke cockily, and you snorted in amusement, as Andronikos flew off to perch on a nearby branch and watch the sparring session.

“Asshole.” You muttered playfully, as the two swords crashed together.

Late at night, you woke up, a cold sweat settling on the back of your neck. You rubbed your eyes, heavy breaths forcing your chest up and down frantically. As your eyes adjusted to the dark of the night, you gripped the sheets in your fists, knuckles turning white. “Andronikos!” You hissed, but there was no response to your call.

Furrowing your eyebrows, you got up, slipping on sandals. Where could he have gone? Grabbing your sword just incase, you stepped outside of your cabin at the early hour of three in the morning. Eyes adjusted to the dark, you made your way along the cabins, before you heard a voice talking. “Andronikos, what if Y/N needs you?” Nico’s voice spoke, and you froze.

Nico? Andronikos was with Nico? Pushing open the door for Cabin 13, you let yourself inside, startling Nico slightly. Andronikos squawked lovingly at you, before looking at Nico, a concerned look in the great horned owl’s eyes. “Nico, are you okay?” You asked, and Nico cocked his head.

“I’m fine, why?” Nico asked, and you set your sword down beside the door, watching as Andronikos attempted to comfort Nico. Your thoughts were in a whirl.

“Andronikos uh, helps me with my anxiety and depression. That’s what he’s here for, if he’s helping you..” You trailed off, taking a chance and grabbing Nico’s hands in your own. “Are you okay?” You asked seriously, and Nico let his head drop.

“Not now, Y/N.” Nico spoke, but he didn’t tug his hands away from yours. You crouched down, putting yourself in the line of Nico’s sight. You frowned.

“Nico. I-” Your eyes darted slightly, before you shoved all your confidence forward, and looked into Nico’s eyes. “I care about you, okay? I might not be good with words but-” You stopped again, and Nico pulled you to your feet. “Tell me what’s wrong.” You finally said, and Nico chewed his bottom lip.

“I just..I just haven’t been-” He stopped, unable to go on. You squeezed his hands, and lifted his chin, encouraging him to go on. “Y/N-"Nico pulled his hands away slightly. You frowned at him.

"Nico, can you talk to me? I care, a lot, okay?” You spoke softly, and Nico sat on the edge of his bed.

“Why do you care?” He asked, and Andronikos squawked at you, nudging you with his beak. The great horned owl wanted you to confess, but your blood boiled, and your heart raced.

“I um, I-” You laughed nervously, ducking your head. “I have a crush…I have a crush on you, Nico.” You managed to get out. You fiddled with your fingers. “I don’t want somebody I care about to-” You couldn’t figure out the right words to get out.

“Really? You-” Andronikos squawked again, pushing Nico closer to you. Nico stumbled into you, and caught you before you fell. Your noses touched slightly.

“Andronikos.” You growled, but the owl was nowhere to be seen. Nico turned bright red, but made no attempt to back up. Taking a chance, you leaned forward, tilting your head and pressing your lips against Nico’s. Your lips moved in sync with his, in a soft, sweet kiss.

Leo, still awake, sat in Bunker Nine, his hands fumbling with screws and a screwdriver, as sleep slowly took over. Andronikos flew in, and perched beside Leo. Confused, Leo ruffled the great horned owls feathers. “What are you doing here?” Leo asked, before looking around. You weren’t anywhere around Leo, and neither was Nico. Putting the pieces together, Leo snickered quietly, petting the bird.

“You’re quite the wingman, aren’t you?”

/ I live for Leo and his shitty puns /

- nez

Unaccompanied Minor pt2 l Shawn Mendes Imagine

(a/n): heyyy! thank you so much for the response for the first part and for requesting the second part! i hope you enjoy it <3 here’s part one <3

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What the hell had just happened?

That was the first thing on your mind after you settled down on your hotel room. It wasn’t normal to  leave a flight with a man’s number, let alone a pop star, but somehow that had happened to you after a six-hour flight. 

After staring at yourself in the mirror for almost ten minutes, you started taking off your uniform, carefully placing it on the closet, putting on your pajamas and removing your make-up before calling room service since you were starving, and your beloved airline was very generous, unlike others, and paid for whatever you consumed during your stay, so you didn’t feel bad after ordering a big meal. You turned on your laptop and opened Netflix so you could keep watching Scandal until someone knocked the door, announcing your food was here, and at the same time, your phone started ringing. You thanked the man who had brought the food before answering the FaceTime call from an unknown number. You were about to hang up the call since it could be anyone calling you until you saw Shawn’s face on the screen. You shook your head with a smile as you took in his appearance; his hair was wet and was wearing a grey hoodie from what you could see, and he had his killing smile decorating his face. 

“I thought you were going to text me,” you joked, earning a laugh from him.

“Just wanted to check you didn’t give me the wrong number or something” he said and you arched an eyebrow.  

“Why would I do that?” You asked him laughing, and he shrugged. 

“i don’t know a lot about flight attendants who are in charge of little girls who are scared of flying,” he answered and you chuckled, shaking your head.

“Well, you know as much about them as I know about pop sensations from Canada” you said, making him laugh so hard he threw his head back.

“That was good…” he said shaking his head before collecting himself. “So… I need the name of the hotel you’re staying at” he said and you arched your eyebrows.

“Straight to the point, I see,” you chuckled and noticed Shawn blush a bit. 

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