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I’m having a mini-panic attack about looking good for my friend’s Bengali wedding in May/June (two different receptions), because I want the statement I make to be “I know I’m pale, but I’m Bengali, too, and I belong here!” but because I’m Bengali through my dad, who wouldn’t notice if I wore a paper bag matched with some bangles and called it a sari, I’m just like “FUCK HOW DO I KNOW IF I LOOK RIGHT? ARE PEOPLE GOING TO THINK I’M SOME LAME GORI GIRL? WHAT IF I HUMILIATE MYSELF AND THEY TAKE AWAY MY BENGALI CARD? WHAT IF I SHAME MY ANCESTORS???” 





Ok so when a gem is broken they die right? Well diamonds are UNBREAKABLE. So they’re basically immortal, and the most beautiful, powerful, and rare gems.

Diamonds, however, can be broken by OTHER diamonds. So the crewniverse are being cagey af about pink diamond, and we all though it was Rose for a while, due to her huge size and the broken pink diamond statue and symbol at the Sky Arena. At first I thought it was because Rose was Pink Diamond and the statue would give it away. But what if Pink Diamond is dead. What if one of the other diamonds killed her

EDIT Ok so you CAN break diamonds, so the immortal thing doesn’t hold up. Either way, Pink Diamond isn’t really present. We see her in the older buildings on Earth, but Peridot’s ship had a diamond symbol with 3 diamonds: white, yellow, and blue

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Plato's a bore? Hm. Plato's works could be simple yes, but I wouldn't completely discredit him for that. Perhaps he only rehashed Socrates ideas and his ideal republic had no check on power, but still. Tell me you at least give him credit for his allegory of the cave? That piece is really profound, and come on, it's far from boring. Your Existentialists are cool but they owe a lot to Plato and his ideas. Also you gotta give the guy some points for not being sexist

Let’s work back through this: 

One: If your bar for “not sexist” is living in a society that won’t let women vote and treats them as property, but acknowledging that a woman might have enough of a “philosophical nature” to be reborn as a man (because philosophy and logic are the natural arenas of male thought, of course), then you and I have a fundamental disagreement going on. Slightly less sexist than a culture that essentially thought women were home furnishings is not “Not Sexist”.

Two: The Cave a perfectly good allegory. But it’s Socrates’ allegory, and it essentially boils down to “most people are stupid and limited and don’t want to have to change how they understand the world.” And while that assertion may be unfortunately true, it is also an incredibly boring way to imagine the world.

Three: The Existentialists built their philosophies on a lot of things. If you need to point out that Plato is amongst them, that’s fine. But are you ever missing the point.

I just want you to be happy, Elyse. I want you to find strength and happiness within yourself and someone who brings those things out of you and if that someone is a girl, who cares. I love you.
—  my mom, when I came out to her tonight

Armax Arsenal Arena headcanons:
-Aria has a fanclub. A few weeks after she started playing in the arena, she found out a guy was faking her signature on some merchandise that he was trying to sell to fans. After some… ahem, serious threats, she made a deal with the guy and is now profiting from his little business. And by profiting, I mean she basically gets 99% of everything.
-Bray also has fans! They are more discreet but they exist. He realized this one day when a group of people got close to Aria’s little corner in Purgatory and waved in their direction. He thought they were there for Aria. She believed this as well and dismissed them, but nope. They were actually there for Bray. It made him happy, even if he tried not to show it.
-There are professional commentators. Think elcor and volus commenting a match.
-We know the arena has a messaging service. It’s not that hard to contact athletes, which might be an issue, because they can definitely see every “u suck” message people send them. The spam filter isn’t working all that well.
-Khalisah al-Jilani gets a lot of insulting messages but she also gets a lot of support from other women. Aria doesn’t read her messages. Barla Von reads every message and replies to all of them, even if to say “NO, you suck!”
-Some duct rats are so good at predicting how a match will go, they managed to get enough betting money to rent a place in the wards. A strategy that also worked for them: one of them paid to fight and pretended to be a poor fighter, which made others bet against them. The strategy, sadly, can’t always be repeated.
-The betting is out of control when Shepard is on shore leave and is scheduled for a match.
-There are special evenings in the arena, with two teams having a match in one evening. Each team has to try to beat the other’s score.
-Some athletes are perceived as enemies but actually play it up to the camera/crowd. You can bet some even have relationships.
-People always have a debate about biotic athletes and whether or not their scores should be significantly lowered when they compete and win. Some biotics don’t care (it’s just noise to them), others work extra hard so no one would think their score is undeserved.


Bayley sat backstage in a corner of the arena she thought no one would find. She was so angry with herself that she lost her chance at the title. She took a deep breath and leaned back against the wall she wasn’t paying attention to if anyone was around so she didn’t see when Finn walked up,

was Yoongi really looking for his parents in the audience when he bowed?!?! ;_; but it does make sense why he did a full bow at that part of the arena :(((( I thought I didn’t have tears left ;_;


I couldn’t help but notice the way Katniss buries her face in the crook of Peeta’s neck in the new trailer. It reminds me so much of Peeta holding Katniss in the first arena, after she thought he’d eaten nightlock. Back then, it was Peeta who the audience saw, overwhelmed. The years of longing for her are clear in the way he closes his eyes, memorizing the moment.

Not this time. This time, we see Katniss overwhelmed with what she feels for Peeta. What she thinks she’s lost. The longing that he once had for her is now mirrored in the way she’s similarly drinking him in.