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Lots of new information for Fire Emblem Heroes revealed on Feh Channel! Including but not limited to :
• Appearance rate changes
• Arena Assault, a new Arena mode for experienced players
• Buffs to Bonus Heroes used in Tempest Trial maps
• Starter Support + Six Month Anniversary events

And a free Summon for EVERY future Focus!

From Veteran Summoner to those new to Fire Emblem altogether, the future looks exciting, with plenty of orbs and future updates on the way!

Not sure that's how physics works

Context: first session of Gamma 5 on Roll20. Party introduces ourselves to each other and we are brought into a slave pen. We are told that we must fight in an arena until only one remains. It was me, Mak the hawk man, coal the coal mining robot, a sewer monster, a rock man and a plant person. We had to fight a massive mutant boar and three scavengers. The boar was killed within one round, and I took a shot at one of the scavs

Me: I shoot my gauss rifle at the scav who is attacking the sewer monster
Gm: ok, roll for hit
Me: ok, 1d20+5; I rolled 12
Gm: ok, you lightly graze his leg, roll for damage
Me: ok, 2d10+6, 19
Gm: ok, so with the ball bearing you fired from your gauss rifle, you turned the scavenger into a paste against the arena wall

Jeff Skinner-Not Her (Part 1)

HEY!!! This is gonna be series so I’m hoping it’ll be pretty long!!! I’m really looking forward to this, and I hope you all like Jeff too.

Requested: Nope

Warnings: Lmao probably swearing this entire series

Up Next: Part two until I have ideas for the few requests I have

Summary: Main character is the daughter of the coach and she and Jeff have crushes on each other. However there are two problems; She isn’t allowed to date team members and he has a girlfriend.

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♡ Hockey!Luke Smut ♡

a/n: ITS FINALLY HERE CUTIES!!! requested by 2 anons, jfc if this is rly bad pls dont shoot me i literally know fuck all about ice hockey (from the uk hockey is like field hockey) so i tried ok, it was super fun but i had to do so much research lmao (also not my gif)

summary: basically luke’s playing a big game and he gets super annoyed with his teammate calum as he doesn’t let him score/flirts with you and then it leads to angry kinky sex B)

warnings: smut duh, slight kink idk? choking, dom!sub kinda

word count: 2,254

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Hunger Games!BTS (Jimin focus)

Word count: 2,560
Warnings: death, sadness, black humor, hint of Jikook, unnecessary details, overall I’m sorry???
Author’s note: There are two players from each district but anyone besides Bangtan is never mentioned. Also the gender rule doesn’t apply so one district can have two players of the same gender. Also V is my ult but I wrote this and noticed I never mentioned him?? Meh I bet he got distracted by butterfly during the beginning countdown and was blown to pieces after stepping off his platform too early. What a delightful start. Okay let’s go.

  • so Jimin as a Hunger Games player
  • he has black hair, a tight, thin, black full-body suit (swimwear you know) and baggy black shorts
  • his stylist really likes black
  • well anyway the arena is pretty much filled with dark lake water with underwater caves (in which you can catch your breath and maybe build a camp)
  • there are small island patches all over the arena and they’re filled with thick forests
  • there’s also a weapon center at the center of the arena (bet you’ll never guess where the name comes)
  • from time to time weapons and food appears in there
  • after half of the players have died, food will stop appearing
  • instead, it can be found in containers from the bottom of the lake
  • there’s a catch though
  • there are many deadly sea creatures in the pitch-black, deep water
  • so you better make a swim for it
  • the forests are inhabited by dangerous insects that, for example, slowly suck away all moisture from your body or cause blindness
  • Lovely!!” said the gamemaker
  • Jimin has currently set up a camp in one of the underwater caves and he’s gotten himself a fire going
  • a sponsor sent him dry wood in a tight container (the message said ”don’t be like a prey, be smooth like a snake”)
  • Jimin has no idea where his district buddy Jungkook is but at least the guy’s alive
  • Jimin still wishes that he’d be with Jungkook since the younger male is rational and capable of making ruthless, yet necessary choices regarding killing other people with the mindset of actually surviving
  • whereas Jimin hasn’t dared to kill anyone yet and is constantly switching hiding spots and getting panic attacks when he hears the cannon inform of someone’s death
  • he’s pretty sure he won’t make it but he’s still trying
  • Jimin (and Jungkook) comes from district 4, which means that he’s a fisher (and a heck-of-a-swimmer) 
  • so when everyone else was reaching for spears and mines etc. after the beginning countdown, this boy got himself a harpoon and jumped straight into the water, swimming as far as he could
  • it was a good choice because the harpoon has helped him gather a lot of food (exspecially after the sponsor’s gift since he was able to start cooking the fish) and saved him from death (big bad fish) two times
  • and I mean like he can’t cower in his cave forever
  • he has to get himself into a forest to find usable material
  • at one point he catches a disease and the cure is the sap of a certain tree type
  • on his quest of finding it, he bumps into Hunger Games!Yoongi
  • he’s a bit on the aggressive side
  • he shoots an arrow to the heel of Jimin’s foot, making him fall
  • and on top of that, he basically attacks Jimin with bare hands
  • Jimin tries to fight back but I mean he’s sick so it’s hard
  • Yoongi’s moves start to get weaker and he turns extremely pale
  • he ends up coughing blood and collapsing on top of Jimin
  • Jimin wonders what got into him and checks his pulse
  • to his horror, he feels nothing
  • more great news; he hears the cannon go boom
  • he starts screaming, voice strained and kicks Yoongi’s body off of him
  • he drags his hurt self away from there until he rolls under a large, thick, bushy area
  • the poor thing has to rip off an arrow from his leg, traumatized and muffling his cries
  • but no worries!! he receives a sponsor gift with 1) bandages and disinfection spray 2) a note that says ”look into his backbag”
  • Jimin listens to his surroundings for a moment so that he’s sure no one is around
  • he rushes for Yoongi’s backbag and finds….. fish?
  • after staring at it for a while, he puts two and two together
  • the fish are probably poisonous, having caused Yoongi’s death
  • good that he notes that since his food storage included that same fish kind!!
  • anyways Jimin has to throw his lunch away and he’s about to leave until he hears a shout nearby

  • Hey guys, see what we got here!!”

  • Jimin sprints for his life back to the bushy area
  • he keeps his hands in front of his mouth and tries not to move or hyperventilate when steps are nearing him

  • Jin: ”What is it, Namjoon?”

  • Namjoon: ”There’s blood marks everywhere – someone must be here.”

  • Jin: ”Yeah, they smell fresh.”

  • Namjoon: ”Let’s search the place.”

  • you can see the panic grow on Jimin’s face every moment when the only things he hears are his heartbeat and someone’s steps getting even closer to him

  • ??: ”Hey dumb dumbs, there’s a corpse here.”

  • Namjoon: ”Another one died?”

  • Jin: ”Did he just call us dum–”

  • ??: ”Looks like he ate poisoned fish.”

  • Namjoon: ”So this is who the cannon was about just now…”

  • Jin: ”Makes me nauseous to look at the bodies every time.”

  • Namjoon: ”Oh come on, you’ve only killed like two.”

  • Jin: ”Well excuse me but I’m not enjoying my time here.”

  • Namjoon: ”You were raised wrong. It’s an honor to be of entertainment for Capitol.”

  • Jin: ”You know, for someone so smart you can be particularly idiotic when–”

  • ??: ”Quit it out, you’ll get your time to fight each other.”

  • Namjoon: ”He’s right, we should be looking for food.”

  • ??: ”You two go ahead, I’ll just search this guy to see if he has anything valuable.”

  • Jin and Namjoon disappear into the woods, fighting
  • Jimin lets out a shaky breath before he has to actually stop breathing because the third person is nearing him
  • Jimin goes into panic mode as the person starts walking faster
  • when he gets real close, Jimin jumps out of the bush and makes a run for it
  • the person gets a hold of his ankle, making him fall face-first
  • he can’t move as he’s turned on his back and someone’s sitting on top of him
  • there’s a hand pressed against his mouth so tightly that he can’t make any noise
  • Jimin freezes in his spot because he realizes he’s staring straight into Jungkook’s eyes
  • Jungkook presses one finger against his lips to make sure Jimin stays quiet before taking his hand off his mouth
  • after a couple of silent seconds Jungkook opens the conversation with ”You’ve gotten worse.”

  • Jimin: ”Oh my god you–”

  • Jungkook: ”You have a fever.”

  • Jimin: ”How can you be so casual about this?!”

  • Jungkook: ”Your face is pretty fucked up.”

  • Jimin: ”Jeon Jungkook I thought you were going to kill me!”

  • Jungkook: ”I don’t want to kill you.”

  • Jimin: ”……………Tha–”

  • Jungkook: ”I mean who would? My hands would smell like fish forever.”

  • Jimin: ”You little piece of–”

  • Jungkook: ”You look like you haven’t gotten anything to eat for a while.”

  • Jimin: ”Can you even let me finish my sente–”

  • Jungkook: ”I don’t have time for that. Listen, there’s a meadow to the west of here and there are a few eatable berrie bushes there. The purple ones. Don’t touch the orange ones, get it? I’ll make sure Namjoon and Jin won’t find it while you’re there.”

  • Jungkook disappears after the others and leaves behing a confused Jimin
  • he can’t really comprehend what had just happened
  • first of all, Jungkook didn’t kill him
  • second of all, he’s even helping Jimin
  • (even though he was being an ass doing it)
  • long story short Jimin gets himself some berries and sap and finds his way back into the water
  • his cave is pretty deep down and you can’t really see well there without a light
  • Jimin doesn’t have one so he kinda just trusts his eyes
  • when he’s diving for the cave entrance, the water current around his legs feels a little odd
  • he looks back and sees a dark figure after him
  • Jimin figures it’s the freaking scary huge fish again and he starts swimming forward as hard as he can
  • when he gets inside his cave, he finally breathes in air and pulls himself on land
  • he grabs his harpoon and swings is straight at the dark figure that had almost reached the surface
  • Jimin stays there, out of breath and eyes all red, clothes soaked wet
  • he wonders wether he’s brave enough to go back for the harpoon if he missed the shot
  • then he hears the sound of a cannon
  • (on that night two people are announced dead; Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok)
  • Jimin realizes he killed someone with his own hands even though he’s been desperately trying not to hurt anyone for days
  • for the first 20 seconds he’s in a silent state, not feeling anything
  • Hoseok’s corpse breaks the surface and stays floating, a harpoon sticking out of his chest
  • that was the cue for Jimin to break down completely
  • he grabs his head and screams his lungs out, pulling on his hair and kicking his way against the cave’s wall to get as far away from the body he killed as he could
  • he keeps his suffering yelling going like there’s no tomorrow
  • after several hours (when his voice is gone) he’s shaking against the wall, hugging himself, blood under his nails after ripping off his skin from several places
  • long story short again there are three players left and an announcement rings through the arena

  • All players must move to the roof of the weapon center within the next hour. Disregarding this piece of advice can bring you death.”

  • Jimin is the first one on the roof, thanks to his great swimming skills
  • he’s laying flat against the surface to make sure no archers can get him
  • he’s holding tight onto his harpoon, pondering how painful it is to die
  • since he’s not sure if he can kill anyone on purpose
  • he hears yelling and peeks over the edge
  • on an island a little farter away, two figures pop from between the trees
  • Jungkook and Jin run for the water, side by side
  • Jin suddenly grabs Jungkook’s leg and pushes him to the ground
  • Jimin holds his breath in horror, not sure if he wants to see what happens next
  • Jungkook struggles against Jin’s grasp as the older male is trying to strike a machete to his neck
  • Jungkook succeeds in kicking him away so hard that he flies and rolls several feets further from him
  • before Jimin even has the time to blink, Jungkook pulls an arrow from his back and shoots it straight into Jin’s skull
  • Jimin feels his head getting lighter and he starts feeling colder
  • Jin drops on his knees and falls to the ground, a cannon firing right behind
  • Jimin tries to catch his breath and coughs, hitting his chest
  • he thought Jungkook is the type to spare the lives of his allies
  • the same way he saved the life of Jimin
  • doesn’t this mean Jungkook can just ruthlessly kill Jimin, too?
  • Jimin thinks he should probably run somewhere but his legs won’t move
  • besides, the hour is almost up
  • he can only stare in horror as Jungkook’s head appears from behind the edge as the boy pulls himself up
  • Jimin covers his face with his arms and shuts his eyes
  • he desperately repeats ”Please don’t!” over and over again, like a mantra
  • he flinches as Jungkook grabs his wrists and pulls his ands away, wiping a tear from his cheek

  • Jungkook: ”Shh. I’m not gonna kill you. They’ve let two win before. They’ll do it now, too.”

  • Jimin slowly opens his eyes and looks at Jungkook in silence for a long time
  • the ground starts shaking and islands disappear out of sight
  • the water’s surface rises and the lake is all there is, not including the weapon center

  • Here ye, our dearest players! It is time for your final kill. Only this person separates you from being the survivor. To speed up the process, let it be known that the water surrounding you is filled with different sorts of beastly animals waiting for a tasty meal. May the odds be ever in your favour!”

  • Jimin: ”We… J-….. w-we can’t get food.”

  • Jungkook: Calm down, Jimin.”

  • Jimin: ”We can’t get food we’re going to die you’re going to kill me I’m going to die–!!!”

  • Jungkook: ”Shut up, will you?! I’m trying to figure this out.”

  • they spend over 24 hours on the roof, sharing stories of their lives on district 4
  • Jimin talks to himself every now and then to grasp the situation
  • Jungkook has sitten still for nearly the whole time with his head between his hands, thinking of what to do
  • Jungkook had to constantly keep convincing Jimin that he’s not goig to kill him
  • in the end, Jimin was being so annoying that Jungkook actually threw all his arrows and weapons in the water
  • there was a humongous fin that breached the surface when his weapons hit the spot
  • you bet that made Jimin freak out even more
  • the sun’s burning high and Jimin gets up for a while, walking in circles
  • he goes close to the edge and looks down into the water

  • Hey, Jungkook. Do you think that water it thinkable…. th…. drink… drinkabl…”

  • he’s badly dehydrated and got his tongue all tied up
  • his head starts spinning in circles and his sight becomes foggy
  • he loses his balance and falls forward
  • Jungkook surges for Jimin and grabs his wrist at the last moment
  • Jimin got back into his senses and yelped out of fear, looking at the dark, moving water below him

  • Jimin: ”Oh Jesus fucking Christ I don’t want to die thank God you caught me!!!”

  • Jungkook: ”…”

  • Jimin: ”Holy shit that was close oh my God.”

  • Jungkook: ”…”

  • Jimin: ”You can pull me up now Jungkook.”

  • Jungkook: ”…”

  • Jimin: ”…Jungkook?”

  • Jimin lift his head and looks at his district buddy
  • Jungkook was staring at him with a face that was unreadable
  • Jimin’s small smile of relief disappears as he calls for Jungkook’s name one last time
  • before Jungkook lets go
  • he stays to watch as Jimin hits the water but he didn’t want to see any further
  • he turns around and buries his head in his hands
  • he doesn’t have the courage to move even after hearing the cannon shot

does anyone else play this? <3 I’ve been at it for seven months with no inclination to ever stop.

edit:  omg so some of you play this too!  for anyone who HASN’T played–this is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.  available on ios and android.  it is basically a gacha/collectathon game that revolves around turn-based style battles.  each character has specific abilities ( these are often based on canon and lore.  ie; Director Krennic has a unique abilities specific to his lore.  “Death Trooper Assault” and “Immeasurable Power” ) 

there are all kinds of factions–rebels, empire, ewoks, jawa, droids, phoenix, galactic republic, clone troopers, imperial troopers, scoundrels, etc!!  and you can compete with other players for arena rank and even join guilds for daily raiding.  

obviously, my favorite faction is Empire.  Palpatine and Vader are probably the strongest.  Palpy’s a heavy hitter who can shock enemies and prevent health regeneration.  Vader has a ton of protection and HP, generally very strong.  Director Krennic is one of the hardest hitting characters in the game, but he has low HP and protection.  Thrawn is just awesome and will probably become a requirement for anyone who runs Empire faction characters!  

and grand moff Tarkin has an interesting history.  originally his character was underpowered, but he recently got a rework and now he’s a pretty strong character.  Ridiculously tanky and able to manipulate turn meter.  He has an ability called “Ultimate Firepower”, which can be charged over time and then dropped like a hammer on the opposing team.  

yeah if you can’t tell, i’m fucking obsessed with this game.  


The new Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team selects their expansion picks off of every NHL roster during the NHL Awards show on at the T-Mobile Arena, welcoming in a new era for professional sports here. We weren’t allowed to shoot anywhere from the floor due to broadcasting and production crews so each had to find another place in the arena to work from. I possibly could have gotten closer on an angle but found a long-lens shot from the third floor bar. With a teleconverter and monopod it wasn’t too bad, you get what you get. 

The team is comprised of players I barely know, though I don’t profess to be a big hockey guy in the first place. A few selects Deryk Engelland, Marc-Andre Fleury, Jason Garrison and Brayden McNabb were on hand and the crowd was thrilled to see them. The next morning we met again during media availability for new players in the official team store, “The Armory”, and Fleury and I had some good conversation as he grabbed some merchandise for himself and the family. He’s very approachable and has a good sense of humor, should be a great marquee player and team leader….

Les Bleus Schedule (May/June 2017)

Monday, 29 May

12h00 : Meeting at Clairefontaine
14h45 : Press Conference Didier Deschamps
15h30 : Individual Interviews
17h00 : Training

Tuesday, 30 May
15h45 : Press Conference: players
17h00 : Training

Wednesday, 31 May
Day behind closed doors

Thursday, 1 June
Trip from Clairefontaine to Rennes in the morning

17h00 : Press Conference Didier Deschamps + one player (Roazhon Park)
18h00 : Équipe de France training, first 15 minutes open to the media
19h00* : Press Conference Francisco Arce + one player (Roazhon Park)
19h30 :  Paraguay training, first 15 minutes open to the media
* To be confirmed

Friday, 2 June
21h00 : France-Paraguay, Roazhon Park (Rennes) (Friendly match)

Monday, 5 June
12h00 : Meeting at Clairefontaine
14h45 : Press Conference Didier Deschamps
15h30 : Individual Interviews
17h00 : Training

Tuesday, 6 June
15h45 : Press Conference: players
17h00 : Training

Wednesday, 7 June
Day behind closed doors 

Thursday, 8 June
Trip from Clairefontaine to Stockholm (Sweden)

11h15 : Sweden training, open to the media (Friends Arena - Stockholm)
12h45 : Press Conference Jan Andersson + one player
17h00 : Press Conference Didier Deschamps + one player (Friends Arena)
18h00 : Équipe de France training, first 15 minutes open to the media   

Friday, 9 June
20h45 : Sweden-France (Friends Arena - Stockholm) (World Cup Qualifiers)
Back at Clareifontaine after the match

Saturday, 10 June
Day behind closed doors 

Sunday, 11 June
15h45 : Press conference: players
17h00 : Training

Monday, 12 June
11h00* : England training, (stade Omnisports - Croissy-sur-Seine)
12h30 : Press Conference Gareth Southgate + one player
* To be confirmed
17h00 : Press Conference Didier Deschamps + one player, at Stade de France
18h00 : Équipe de France training, first 15 minutes open to the media 

Tuesday, 13 June
21h00 : France-England at Stade de France (Friendly match)

undeadlove  asked:

*U*!! you look so cute today, candi~!

          ‘ i look cute every day, gigi. ’ a pause, hand lifting to fix gigi’s bangs. they were looking a little wind swept ( a fight, she thinks? or did gigi have a little fun when she wasn’t looking? ) ‘ there!
IDW Announces Avatar: The Legend Of Korra Board Game
The Avatar series has always been a big hit with fans, including the show's successful second act [...]

Focusing on the rivalry between the Future Industries Fire Ferrets and The White Falls Wolfbats, The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena has two players each take control of a team, draft card decks for their benders, and then play cards to place elemental tokens around the board in an effort to overwhelm their opponent. As in the show, pro-bending matches are a game of push and pull, with the objective to be the team that has either advanced the farthest forward, or completely knock their competitors out of the ring.

Nickelodeon and IDW Games previously collaborated to release Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past. The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena will launch on Kickstarter this summer, with a retail release this fall and an expected MSRP of $49.99.