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Childhood Heroes Astrology

“Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!”

Sharpay Evans - Leo, Aquarius



“My life is over. I’ve been a good girl… I’ve never lied… Except when necessary. I’ve always bought my parents expensive gifts… Using their credit cards, of course!”

Troy Bolton - Taurus, Scorpio

Bet on It


“Sometimes I don’t wanna be the “basketball guy.” I just wanna be a guy. You know?”

Kelsi Nielsen - Cancer, Virgo

You are the music in me

Just Wanna Be With You

“If you guys wanna rehearse, I’m usually here during free period and after school and even sometimes during biology class. You can come and rehearse with me any time! Or you can come to my house for breakfast, I have a piano, we can rehearse there…”

Ryan Evans - Gemini, Pisces

I Want It All

What I’ve Been Looking For

“Sharpay Evans: When did you turn into one of….them?
Ryan Evans: I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Gabriella Montez - Libra, Capricorn

Breaking Free

I Gotta Go My Own Way

“Did you ever feel like there was a whole other person inside you just looking for a way to come out?”

Chad Danforth - Aries, Sagittarius

I Don’t Dance

The Boys Are Back

“Mr. Danforth, this is a place for learning, not a hockey arena.”

you know what I miss? driving to one direction concerts, so close to the arena but the entire high way is backed up and stuck in traffic because they’re so many one direction fans. and everyone rolls down their windows because it’s summer and it’s FUCKING HOT and we all just sing one direction songs and talk with each other. that is my favorite thing

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lotor emeto??? someone out there needs to make it happen

it would be an honor…

Lotor strode out of the arena, chin held high and confidant gait exuding regality as the deafening cheers of half the Galra empire thundered in his ears.

But as the exuberant chaos dimmed to an echoing hum and the hallway darkened into a narrow turn, Lotor felt his pristine posture begin to wilt. His steps faltered as a sudden wave of lightheadedness caught him off guard. He swayed and reached out to brace himself against the stone wall, shaking his head to try and clear the unexpected surge of dizziness.

He inhaled deeply through his nose, waiting for the spell to pass, and suddenly realized how much his head hurt. The adrenaline was wearing off and now Lotor could feel every throbbing pulse as blood pumped to his brain and settled into a steadily building pressure behind his eyes. He reached up, gingerly feeling the tender spot just above his ear. As Lotor pulled his hand away, he was surprised to find his fingers stained with traces of congealing blood.

“Dammit,” he cursed under his breath, blinking rapidly as the hallway appeared to shimmer before him. That traitorous bastard had hit him harder than he’d thought.

He gulped down the sour lump of fear rising in his throat and kept moving. He only had to make it back to his quarters; it wasn’t very far at all. Then he could clean himself up and get rid of this inconvenient headache.

Lotor pressed a hand to his aching forehead, forcing himself to stand up a little straighter as he continued down the hallway. The dull purple light seemed to be burrowing into his skull, nesting behind his eyelids. He felt sick, his stomach rolling queasily with every step.

Acxa was waiting for him as he emerged into his luxurious quarters. She greeted him with a proud smile and salute. He swallowed thickly and managed a curt nod, but even that slight gesture sent his head reeling.

“Highness,” his general beamed. “You were magnificent. They were eating out of the palm of your hand.”

Lotor ignored her praise and concentrated on remaining upright. “Where are the others?”

She quirked a curious eyebrow. “They are awaiting your orders aboard the ship as instructed. I thought it would be wise to escort you back. I don’t trust any of these brutes.”

Lotor blinked, having lost track of her words. Acxa stepped closer, worry creasing her forehead.


Lotor gulped, tasting bile as it squirmed up without his permission. He pressed his hand against his stomach and tried to calm his racing heartbeat, breathing in and out through his nose.

“You’re bleeding,” Acxa observed, reaching out for him. “I’ll call for a physician —” Lotor slapped her hand away with a hiss, embarrassed that he’d been found out.

“I’m fine,” he growled through clenched teeth. “It’s nothing. Leave — leave me be.”

“Head injuries are nothing to be taken lightly,” Acxa retorted acidly, crossing her arms over her chest. “And pardon me, but you don’t look well, Highness.”

Lotor made a visible effort to straighten, sharp features hardening as he opened his mouth to order her to wait for him back at the ship. He realized a moment too late that he had made a mistake.

His lips parted and a wet hiccup slipped out, followed by an audible gurgle as acidic liquid rose in the back of his throat. Lotor felt the blood draining from his face as he slapped his free hand over his mouth, stifling a retch into his palm.

He barely had time to react, stumbling a few steps away only to drop to one knee as gravity worked against his uncoordinated limbs. He thought he heard Acxa calling for him, but it was difficult to decipher anything past the incessant buzzing in his ears.

Lotor shuddered as his body broke out in a cold sweat. He braced one arm against the floor and quickly gathered up his long hair with the other as his mouth flooded with coppery tasting saliva. Without warning, his stomach clenched and forced his lips apart in preparation. It happened so abruptly that the prince could only watch with detached horror as his stomach contents forcefully spilled out of him and splattered between his legs.

He was in the process of drawing a much needed breath when a deep hiccup interrupted his efforts and ushered up another projectile surge of his breakfast. The mess on the floor expanded and Lotor attempted to scoot back in order to avoid soiling his armor. He felt hands gripping his shoulders, carefully easing him back a few inches. He coughed, spitting disgustedly as the rancid taste permeated his mouth.

Lotor cursed hoarsely, cringing as a soft burp escaped before he could clamp down on it. His head felt like the inside of a ship’s malfunctioning engine room. He desperately hoped he was finished, though the lingering nausea and persistent dizziness wasn’t promising.

Now will you let me call someone?” Acxa asked, entirely unfazed by the violent episode.

“I don’t need — a doctor,” Lotor panted, swallowing down the renewed urge to gag. He reached up to place a trembling hand over his forehead. He shrugged his shoulders, trying to free himself from Acxa’s hold. “Get off of me.” 

His voice was quiet, cold. He would not let embarrassment dictate the outcome of what had just happened.

After all, he did feel marginally better. Perhaps he’d just needed to be sick. Though his pounding head was still obviously plotting to murder him, his mind felt much clearer than it had a few minutes ago. Admittedly, his body had chosen to rebel at an exceptionally inconvenient time, but nothing could be done about that now.  

Acxa released him and Lotor pushed to his feet, swaying only for a moment before regaining his equilibrium. He pressed the back of his hand to his wet lips, dabbing them dry.

“I’m going to use the facilities,” he said, maintaining a neutral tone. “I’ll meet you back at the ship to debrief the others. Have someone clean this up.”

“Prince Lotor —“ Acxa began to protest.

“Do as I say,” he sighed wearily. “I’ll only be a few moments.”

“I —“ she paused, looking uncertain. This display of indecisiveness from her was jarringly uncharacteristic and it made him uncomfortable. “I would like to help. You took a nasty hit and shouldn’t be left by yourself. You probably have a concussion.”

Lotor bristled, lips twitching into a deceptively charming smile. The fact that she had born witness to such a display of weakness was unacceptable. He would have to be more careful in the future.


He was pleased that his feet did not falter as he turned his back on her and walked out of the room.

A Quest For Vengeance: The Arena: A Short Story

I told you all I would be writing a fan-fic based upon –> this <– conversation. And it’s looking awesome. This is the first episode. Enjoy! I’m tagging everyone in the post. Let me know if anyone else wishes to be tagged in future episodes!

Today’s episode introduces @actualborossoldier‘s fanwalker, Marius and @confused-phyrexian‘s fanwalker, Thaclel. You can follow the rest of the story –> here <–.

Gather `Round! It’s Storytelling Time!

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The Just Jedi (A Narnian Star Wars Story)

So this amazing crossover really began with @redemsi and you should really check out their art work and what not for it. From it, I was inspired to start this little story, which I will more than likely continue. I apologize for any Star Wars inconsistency, I’m only a Youngling. 

Summary: Set just before Episode I, The Phantom Menace. The Empire has not yet taken control, though tensions are rising throughout the galaxy.  Narnia is a large planet, capital of its sector, ruled by High King Peter and his sisters and brother. Tensions seem to be rising in even Narnia’s peaceful sector. Telmar is one of its larger moons, but Calormen and Archenland are surrounding planets. 

  Edmund felt a tap on his shoulder. Normally, he would jump at the interruption…anything for a reason to escape the winded ramblings of Senator Organa. But today, Tumnus had to stand in front of Edmund to pull his attention away from the Alderaanian pod hovering throughout the center of the Senate arena. “Your Highness?”

      “Yes, Tumnus!” He shouted, startling all those around him. The delegates in the pod next to them glared in irritation. Edmund felt sheepish for the first time in a long time. As the Just King of the planet of Narnia, one of the things Edmund most prided himself in was his passive decorum. For both his adoring subjects and his worst adversaries, Edmund knew it was often imperative that he suppress his emotions. His siblings were less talented in this reserve, what with Peter’s temper, Susan’s multitudinous fears, and Lucy’s, well, everything. That’s why Edmund was the one they sent to the Senate when a strong and steady speaker was needed.

    “Your Highness,” Tumnus began. “I just received a comm from His Majesty High King Peter. He would like you to hologram him at your earliest convenience.”

     "Thank you, Tumnus.“ Edmund twisted and stretched his neck, trying to get a get a glimpse of the Alderaanian delegates behind his adviser and friend. Tumnus cleared his throat. "Is there anything else?”

      “Well, Your Highness, His Majesty did sound a bit distressed.”

       Edmund stood instantly, his extravagant Narnian robes swaying behind him. Tumnus shuffled past him and out into the halls, but Edmund lingered a moment. Senator Organa droned on about the need for trade regulations in the Tandon Sector, but Edmund didn’t even really see the man. His attention was consumed by a young woman sitting beside the Senator. She sat with poise, with even more grace than Queen Susan at a gala affair. She wore a white gown and her hair was pinned back from her face. Compared to the other extravagantly adorned senators in the Alderaanian pod, she was rather plain. But she was, Edmund thought, the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her eyes shined in the lights of the arena. Even from a distance, Edmund could see the defiance written in her expression.

       Edmund shook his head turned away. He explained his departure to the Narnian senators and took leave to his chambers.

       Her face stayed burned in his mind.

        The instant Edmund saw his brother appear, even as small and glitching hologram, he knew something was wrong. High King Peter betrayed nothing in his stoic expression. What gave him away was his crooked crown. This was not an uncommon informality of the busy High King, but the instant Queen Susan saw her brother, she’d fix his crown. Edmund check his time monitor; it was midday on Narnia. His siblings would have been holding court for several hours by now, and if detailed-oriented Susan hadn’t noticed Peter’s disheveled appearance then something was very, very wrong.  

     "Greetings, My Lord.“ Edmund said.

     Peter smiled. "Coruscant always bring out your formalities, Dear Brother. How goes it in the Senate?”

     The Alderannian girl flashed in Edmund’s mind, but there’s was no need, no time to discuss such everyday occurrences as a beautiful women.

    “We speak this afternoon on the illegal trade alliance between the Narnian Lone Moons and Calormen. Word has it, most will be on our side to terminate the alliance, as slave trading has been absent from the Narnian sector since the beginning of our reign.”

    “Good,” Peter nodded, but his attention seemed to be elsewhere. Edmund waited a moment before saying,

     "And how is Narnia?“

      Peter swallowed.  "There has been a bit of an…incident.” Edmund hands started to shake until his brother added, “Everyone is alright; there’s been no hostilities. Well, no usual hostilities…”

     "What is it, my brother?“

     "It’s Telmar.”

     "Telmar? But, we have always been peaceful with our largest moon. King Caspian IX is a friend.“

     "Relations have not changed, Brother. It’s all just very suspicious. We were informed a fortnight ago of King Caspian’s voyage to the Chommell sector to secure the betrothal of his young son, Prince Caspian X, to a princess do Naboo, remember?” Edmund nodded. “Well, in his absence, his brother, Lord Miraz has invited many dignitaries from planet capitals to Telmar for a…his words were ‘a friendly gathering.’”

      “Is it truly so strange my Lord, that he should want to establish relations with other dignitaries. Perhaps he seeks a spouse for his own offspring?”

      “Lord Miraz does not have any children, and it is even stranger to hold such a gathering in his brother’s absence. But, even so, if his intentions were noble, why would he then not invite a single Narnian noble?”

      “He didn’t-”

     "Lord Miraz did not even inform us, his overlords, of the meeting. We only discovered it because a friend of Queen Susan questioned her about it.“

     "What course of actions have you taken? Did you alert King Caspian?”

     "No, Queen Susan insisted we not interrupt his mission…you know how she dotes on young Prince Caspian. But, we did question Lord Miraz and he claimed he simply forgot to invite our party. Queen Lucy, however, spoke with Lord Bern, an old from of Mr. Tumnus it seems, and he advised us to be careful. Lord Miraz has raised his suspicions as well.“

      "When is the gathering?”

      “Two Narnian days from now. Will you be able to arrive in time?”

     "If you would like my presence, I certainly shan’t stay here any longer than necessary. I can leave just after this afternoon’s session. I should arrive by tomorrow afternoon.“

     "I think it would also be wise if you prepare you network, as well Brother.”

     "Yes, my Lord.“

     There was a sudden commotion on Peter’s end of the transmission. The High King was pushed out of view and Edmund’s sister, Queen Lucy, took his place in the hologram. "Edmund!” She exclaimed.

      “Hello, Lucy.” He smiled.

       "I’m sure you’ve heard all about the drama here. Have you told the Jedi Masters?“

       "Lucy, you’re supposed to be helping Susan.” Peter pulled her gently by the arm and appeared in the hologram again. The High King cleared his threat and lowered his voice. “Do you think it would be wise to advise the Masters, Brother?”

        Edmund fingered the lightsaber at his belt. While all of his siblings were force sensitive and friendly with the Jedi Masters and Knights, only Edmund had gone through Jedi training, being Master Windu’s Padawan for several years. His sisters had no interest in leaving Narnia, and High King Peter declared he couldn’t leave his duties. Edmund was to face the Jedi Trials to become a Jedi Knight on the same day that giants of the Northern Moon invaded Narnia with the Calormen armies. He had not seen the Masters since that day, almost two years ago.

      “I wouldn’t want to trouble them with the problems of our small moon, my Lord.”

      “I don’t know…I have a bad feeling about this.”

       "If it would ease your mind, my Lord, I will seek an audience with Master Windu before I leave Coruscant.“ With that, they signed off. Edmund rushed back to the Senate arena, arriving just in time to give his speech that won the the vote to ban slave trading throughout all of Narnia’s sector for all time.

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Meowlody & Purrsephone Werecat

I bought these dolls used from another member of Monster High Arena. The shoes and tails I bought separately. The pom poms i made myself from felt and clear rubber bands!

These girls are so cute. I love their claws and posable tails. They have contrasting hair colors of platinum blonde and black. Each girls has a white streak with black stripes painted on it. I wish the blonde girl had a streak of black, that would make more sense to me. I had to trim their bangs a little. Their bodies are gray. they have tiger strips on their limps on opposite sides. They also have permanent cat ears.

Their face paint is exactly the same. They have deep red lips. Yellow cat eyes and blue eye shadow. They have black eye brows and cat noses. They have cute matching cheer leading dresses. I don’t have their original shoes so I found some Draculaura shoes in the same mold but different colors and I thought that suited their theme well. Those black shoes are some of my favorite shoes. They go well with MH and EAH dolls. These cat girls are super cute. I would like to get Catrine, Catty Noir and FF Cleolei eventually for my cat collection.