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you know what I miss? driving to one direction concerts, so close to the arena but the entire high way is backed up and stuck in traffic because they’re so many one direction fans. and everyone rolls down their windows because it’s summer and it’s FUCKING HOT and we all just sing one direction songs and talk with each other. that is my favorite thing

So…Dream Live 2017 seats are out for everyone who got TSC tickets…and while we won’t know the exact arrangement of the center area until the show, if you have enough people contributing what seats they got, you can kind of predict what the stage is going to look like…

If this prediction is accurate…I’m only three rows away from the substage for shonichi…….and my friend hit for 8th row tickets for Saturday night which are really close to the hanamichi……….

I am going to die, aren’t I  _(:3 」∠)_

Skeleton CAM

First I received the Skeleton Girl kit. But it didn’t take long for me get the torso. Thankfully another member of Monster High Arena sold me a white CAM torso for a reasonable price. She matches perfectly with the torso. The skeleton cam has awesome details of the bones of her limbs. They are slightly different from Skelita. She does not have ears. Her face is perfect for a skeleton. She has the typical vertically stripped lips of Monster High skeletons. She also has a skeleton nose paint. Her eyebrows are black. She has gray and blue eye shadow. Her eyes are grayish purple and pink.

Her wig is navy blue with streaks of bright blue. The wig is not the greatest, it looks quite obviously like a wig. She has an awesome skeleton print sweatshirt dress that I just adore. Her white shoes match her body and have a spine up the back. She also has a bone hair clip. She is a great doll.

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Harry Potter au: the rev squad tries to sneak into the arena just so they can practice prank spells but end up having to fight a dragon

(I waited until I could get a free moment to drabble this because ohmyyes)
“Alexandre…” A worried near chastising voice came from the tallest member of the three man squad. Lafayette’s eyes darted around worriedly as the three robed students ventured far from the school grounds and towards the no-longer emptied fields beyond the campus. There in the dips of the valley the once bare fields of tall grass had been dotted with tents and an arena that was miles high. A makeshift Colosseum with only magic was the only solution of ‘how’ and ‘why’. The TriWizard Tournament had been on its way. Hogwarts was being represented by one of the trio’s very own friends. 

John Laurens, a Hufflepuff who was known for his scrappy nature and his fiery back-lashing against injustice. Everyone had been rooting for him, even those who weren’t fond of the mischief makers. However, there had been one surprisingly unhappy fan of Laurens who was not as thrilled as the rest of the school. 

“Alexandre…” Laf hissed again trying to gain the attention of the smaller student in his robe. The green scarfed student spun around on his heel and gave Lafayette a falsely innocent look of confusion. As if, they weren’t sneaking on to private competitive grounds. “Can you explain what we are doing here once more, amie?” Lafayette was just as devious as the lot of Hamilton’s friends with only one fear. Professor Washington, the Gryffindor house head. 

“I told you, John has been doing poorly.” In Hamilton’s eyes he had. There was a pang of jealously…envy if he would allow him to lower himself to that petty standard. He had the brains and the nerve to be picked, but the goblet chose John. Now John was rising in popularity, every match gaining more and more followers. Why the others lingered on how great John was, Hamilton found himself picking apart all of John’s decisions. He found ways how he, Hamilton, could do them far better! “He’s skating by the skin in his teeth, dumb luck is not going to help him for long.” Perhaps Hamilton wanted to see for himself, he wanted credit for John’s glory. But he told his friends a much more…generous lie. 

Hercules, another Gryffindor, crossed his thick arms and shrugged. He opted out of wearing a scarf for a headband around his forehead with his house colors. He didn’t seem to be too painfully swayed one way or another but he did smell something fishy. “I dunno, Ham, John’s been doing pretty great so far.” 

“Pah-leeeeese” Alexander shuffled down a small slope, ducking behind tents in case any adults were still in the area. “John has been working on dumb luck…two games in and he’s come in third and second place.” Where in Alex’s mind he would have been first each time. “Don’t you want to help him out? Everyone else has their tricks of the trade, John has us. We’re just going to put a harmless prank for the competitors, give John the leg up” 

Hercules and Lafayette exchanged glances. 

“Are we not Sons of Liberty?” Alex smirked, yes, nothing like their group name. Nothing like comradery to convince his friends…Alex felt a small twist in his stomach for mixing his truths…he kept telling himself that yes, this was for John…as much as it was for him. Once he thoroughly convinced his other two friends they proceeded into the large arena. The stage changed for the event, it was now an empty field with a cement like flooring. 

“Hm…the stage doesn’t look to be particularly …interesting…” Herc kicked at the cement pavement. Just the day before this stage was a bottomless abyss where John and the other competitors had to scale down and retrieve their prizes using only their wands. 

“Oui” Laf agreed pacing towards center stage. “The competition is to be held at nightfall today…perhaps they have not finished prep?” The two Gryffindors began babbling trying to piece together a reason while Alexander, slyly began investigating around the stage. He noticed that there were a few tunnels, barred up with six inch, thick, magically enforced bars that were only two inches apart. 

“I wonder…” Alex muttered, his went to an ancient looking pad lock. Slowly Alex took out his wand, an American made wand for the only American wizard in Hogwarts. The Horned Serpant core began to hum…Alex paused looking his wand over when his friends approached. 

“Locked, I got it.” Herc took out his short but heavy set wand. Easily the thickness of two. “Alohomora” He pointed at the lock. The spell that fired from his wand seemingly did nothing but make the lock smaller. “Shite.” 

“Pardon, allow me.” Laf approached with an elegant flick of his light wood wand. “Portaberto!” Lafayette had intended to use brute force to rip the lock off but again, it did nothing. The lock was intact and now 1/3 of the size it was before. 

Alex rolled his eyes and looked over his two friends. “Ok, enough before you make this lock the size of an eyelash..” He went over to the lock and squinted. His eyes weren’t great to begin with and now even more so staring down a small lock. He pulled a chain from his neck were two pieces of lens hung. He connected the pieces together and slid the glasses on to his face, watching his vision zoom better than any muggle prescribed set. “Its got a Latin keypad…I’m sure if I can decode the lock…” Slowly began working his mind. A mind that Ravenclaws envied, Slytherin’s praised, and his Hufflepuff and Gryffindor friends…feared. 

“You know, Alex, I’ve been thinkin’” Herc began rubbing his chin. Laf turned to face the large friend of theirs as he pondered. 

“Uh huh…” Alex muttered as he started decoding, moving the letter E towards an X and a D towards the R. The correct combination seemed to fade while incorrect letters go bigger and made it harder to read the rest of the pad. 

“Like what if…something is locked in there for a reason…” 

Laf nodded a bit in agreement, “I can’t imagine if it was nothing…it would have to be locked…” 

“We should probably find another way to figure out what it is–” 

“Got it!” Alex beamed watching the incorrect letters disappear leaving only a phrase. “Draco…evigilare faciatis?” He turned up a face, the lock dropped, the bars slowly slid into the ground and disappeared. The large tunnel was eerily quiet when suddenly a blazing hot gust of wind knocked all three boys down to their ass. “S-Say Gil.” 

“O-Oui” Laf responded shakily, all three pairs of eyes were staring down the dark, seemingly endless tunnel. 

“You-You took Latin right?” Alex gulped, the ground started to shake, as loud, thudding tremors grew louder and stronger. Something was coming towards them. 

“O-Oui, Alexandre” 

“What does, draco evigilare faciatis, mean?” A pair of eyes the size of their heads stared and blinked at them. Yellow and menacing, still shrouded in darkness. 

“Ah…” Laf felt all the color and blood drain from his face leaving him cold were he sat. The front talons of the beast emerged from the darkness, a grotesquely scaled body easily one fourth of the size of the arena followed it. “I-It means, awaken the dragon…, my dear Alexandre…”  

The dragon roared and all three boys scrambled to their feet and began to run. They screamed and darted towards the exit. Lafayette’s large legs got him their first. Before Alex and Herc could follow, the dragon’s thick tail, easily the size of a Womping Willow’s trunk slammed down between them. “I’ll get help!” Laf yelled racing off. Alex wanted to argue, help meant they were so going to be suspended but he couldn’t seem to say a word when death stared down at them like they were tonight’s supper. 

Herc grabbed Alex by the collar and started running towards another exit when the Dragon’s front leg slammed down in front of them. “A dragon!” Alex laughed in the midst of terror. “Can you believe it? John would definitely not be able to face this!” 


“Yes, Herc” Alex mused in terror filled hysteria. He watched as Herc pulled out his wand again and pointed it at the Dragon without so much as an ounce of fear. 

“Just shut up!” Herc glared up at the spiked, scaled monster. He was about to fight back when the dragon opened its mouth. And from the back of the throat Herc saw his only and truest fear. 

Bright orange embers tickled at the back of its throat and it began to grow, prepping to incinerate the boys where they stood. 

Alex stared at Herc as his large fist shook and his wand slipped out of his hand. “D-don’t go coward on me now, big boy…” Alex gulped but Herc was frozen in fear. Suddenly Alex fled Herc’s side, for a moment, Mulligan wondered if Alexander abandoned him to die. 

Of course not. 

Windardium leviosa!” Alex summoned a one of the bars from its slit where it fell into the floor and threw it at the dragon’s head. The beast quickly turned to face Alex and abandoned Herc in favor of the small Slytherin boy. “Yeah, that’s it, we can be friends. I mean…what’s a dragon to a snake but a distant cousin. Am I right?” Alex smiled trying his natural charm. The dragon blinked twice, then erupted in a might roar, showering hot, molten flames at Alex’s direction. 

Alex scrambled out of the way, his robe catching fire at the ends. He quickly tossed the singed fabric aside and without thinking. The brave student climbed up the dragon. “HERC RUN.” He started to scale up the dragon’s leg. The scaling irritated the dragon, distracting it from anything but the fact it had a pest climbing up its leg. The tail moved aside from the exit, giving Mulligan ample time to move but he was still frozen in sheer terror. “Her– UGH Fire, of all things someone has to be afraid of…FIRE.” Alex’s body to the neck of the beast. It’s large head turned nearly a full 180 to stare at Alex. 

“Heh…” He smiled a bit before raising his wand to the large eyeball glaring back at him. “Lumos!” The light shined off the tip of his wand was blinding. The dragon squeezed its eyes shut and began to violently whip his head back and forth. Alex tried to cling on, his nails nearly ripping off as he tried to find leverage on the spiked, scaled back of the beast. 

With one finally whip, Alex felt a nail rip and his hands give up. His body was thrown miles up from the arena’s ground. Somewhere in his mind he knew no way he’d survive this landing. He prepared himself to hit and die immediately, closing his eyes when something broke his fall. 

Something zipped so fast it redirected his body, then slowed him down. He opened his eyes and found Gryffindor’s Seeker and school beauty, struggling to hold up Alex by the arm while she steered her lightening fast broom. The extra weight forced them back to the arena, slamming both students against the ground. “Eliza!?” Alex groaned his back hitting the arena wall before Eliza’s body bounced off his. Bravely she stood in front of Alex, holding out her wand as the Dragon regained its vision and relocated the source of his anger. Alexander. 

“Stay away from him! You-You…big lizard!” She glared, holding her wand out. Eliza’s eyes hardened and set on the dragon. Her heroic actions would have sent a blush to Alexander’s face if he wasn’t 90% certain they were going to die trying to fight this dragon off. The dragon took one step towards them when a whistle went off. It was so high pitch, to the students standing there they only heard a mild buzz but to the dragon it was deafening. Alex looked up trying to find the source of the buzzing. 

From above he noticed Laf and Peggy were on a broomstick, drawing closer and closer. The dragon lowering its head and began writhing in pain. In Peggy’s mouth was a twisted flute, blowing at the dragon’s direction until the massive beast scrambled back in its tunnel. 

“Peggy…” Eliza sighed in relief. “Thank Merlin for your unnatural obsession with critters.” 

“Peggy you were absolutely brilliant.” Laf beamed, feeling proud that he recruited the help of the Schuyler witches rather than risk a professor expelling them. 

“Truly Peggy…” Alex smiled, he met Eliza’s glance. Her face went from relief to clearly concerned why Alexander was even here. Before Alexander could concoct his excuse the bars from the cage rose up again. The padlock reapplied. From the exit, Angelica Schuyler, the legend, the Ravenclaw’s Prefect crossed the arena silently. She eyed her sisters, nodding once she found them in once piece then went to Herc to sooth the petrified student. 

“You think…she’s mad?” Alex mumbled, when another body came towards from the exit. The presence made nearly everyone shrink back. 

“Hamilton, a word.” Professor Washington stared Alexander Hamilton down with a dark look. 


Jou’s new friend Namu “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Malik” Fakename (fa-keh-na-meh) is particularly enthusiastic to get started!

“I’ll give it ALL my enthusiasm and you can give it ALL your blood, pain, and life energy, eh, Jounouchi?”


Kaiba has laid out a buffet that may or may not include cheeses of nebulously European origin

“That’s why they call them the finals!”

And all but one of the finalists have arrived. Ishizu is still in her room because she’s seen this episode before.

*polite yawn*

While they’re waiting for Ishizu to not show up, the duelists engage in some friendly chit-chat, and Jounouchi mentally rearranges his list of “worst matchups for me”


SERIOUSLY. Is this Yami Bakura being a little shit, doing a Ryou impression? Or is it Ryou being a little shit? I must know from whom the shittery is originating!

Kaiba, again, gets fed up waiting for Ishizu and has the TO press on without her.

Time to announce the randomly-chosen first pair! How do we choose?

OF COURSE IT’S WITH A BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON BINGO MACHINE that Kaiba either MADE or HAD MADE #heisnotthecoolone #sorrynotsorry

First up, by the laws of narrative, has to be Yami, so we see all the cool blimp stuff happening first in a protagonist duel. Also first, by Murphy’s law, Little Mr Should-Be-Resting.

Yami. Is. SO. Suspicious. 

Now it’s time to reveal Seto Kaiba’s awesome Kilometre High Duel Arena!


wtf dude


this is a CARD GAME.


Well anyway, Yami and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ryou are too busy having hate-sex eye-sex to complain about the TERRIBLE CHOICE OF DUEL ARENA and Yami’s not wasting any time pretending like he actually believes it’s metaphorical butter

and Bakura’s not wasting any time getting started on his usual plan of “Eh Fuck It There’s No Plan”

Yami: um, not really.

He doesn’t even TRY to lie, the MOMENT Yami says “[sigh] is that you, Yami Bakura?” he’s like “SURPR– oh you’re not surprised”.

and THEN

Yami: ò_ó

YOU should– YOU SHOULD KNOW– omg are you?? See. Look. I feel like, here, Yami Bakura’s playing all “hehe I’ll keep him guessing”. But. But. This is from This Guy.

so actually I don’t believe you have a plan


although it sure LOOKS like Bakura has a plan because him and Marik keep very unsubtly smirking and glaring at one another…

Like four minutes later:


Bakura’s so very cavalier about his LP that even Yami, aka Mr This Might Be A Trap Better Trigger It To Find Out, is pretty hesitant about mowing down the third unprotected monster Bakura leaves out, because he’s pretty sure it’s a trap, but, y’know, he decides to trigger it to find out

*polite yawn* 

He uses his destroyed monsters to summon this thing, which I am calling Why The Doll Tho

the doll chatters, it’s truly horrifying

But Yami’s ready for this bullshit and summons All Time Fave, my girl DMG! Whom Bakura immediately disses

Yami: Ò_Ó

Bakura hadn’t attacked because Yami had a face down card he assumed was a trap, but it was actually Mana’s spellbook, boosting her power enough to destroy Why The Doll Tho!

it’s leg-stretchingly exciting for DMG!


Turns out Bakura is smirking (awkwardly) because once Why The Doll Tho is destroyed, he can summon fucking hell itself I guess because who the fuck even designed this card game anyway #fightmePegasus

But the important thing is, everyone keeps their shit together in front of their 13-year-old sister. ^-^

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"...She don't need to build a relationship with tom she know him already plus she dumped him. There is no point hiding this relationship with tom for years that is not life" - wow! What an ignorant and immature statement! It is so obvious you have never been in a relationship and understand the work it takes to build one. As Tom said, relationships are hard work, especially one played out in the public arena between high profile celebs.


Roller Derby Haikyuu Headcanons

I literally came up with this AU in the shower and I’m too lazy to write a fic so enjoy my headcanons. Let me know if you use any of them or add on, I love my gay sons!

- Oikawa sucks ass at roller blading. He is the literal worst at it, but somehow, even after he falls, his hair is impeccable.

- Iwaizumi is always there to help Oikawa after he falls anyway. And scold him for being so bad on the rink. Iwa-chan himself is really good at roller blading but never does it out of his own will. Oikawa has to drag him there.

- Suga and Daichi both work at the rink, restocking skates and helping customers. When everyone leaves the rink, the two spend late nights together getting stuff in order for the next workday. By getting stuff in order of course, I mean, making out until Noya or Asahi find them.

- Those two also work at the rink, but selling food instead. Asahi can’t handle crowds or customer service and Noya breaks the nacho machine everytime he tries to use it, but the pair manage. Not to mention, have a lot of quality bonding time together ;))))

- Yachi and Kiyoko are the resident DJs. That just means Kiyoko can organize a Playlist that’s set to play automatically while the two make out behind the DJ stand (much to Kiyoko’s pleasure and Yachi’s chagrin)

- Kenma is the best skater there. He is the perfect combination of speed, finesse, and elegance, but he hates the crowds that gather, so he never actually skates unless Kuroo forces him too. In fact, Kenma will only skate if Kuroo physically gets down to his level and put his skates on for him, tying the laces and all (it’s precious, I swear). Kenma skates with a little pink cat helmet on and Lev likes to take photos to use against Kuroo when the latter teases him. (It’s!! Because!! Kenma!! Is!! So!! Damn!! Cute!!)

- Yamaguchi gets sad when he sees Kuroo tie Kenma’s skates because Tsukki won’t do the same. But Tsukki only skates next to Yams, so that counts for something boi!!
- Yamaguchi wears booty shorts every single time and Tsukki is weak.

- Yamamoto and Tanaka like to do pairs skating and then fight over who looks cooler in their neon jackets with matching knee pads. Spoiler alert, neither looks good; both Kenma and Tsukki have said so.

- Hinata is weak for Noya’s food even though the librero can’t cook and he broke the hot dog machine twice.

- Hinata is the fastest one in the rink but he sucks at steering so his first time roller skating he rammed right into Kageyama at full speed. While there were no injuries, Kags made death threats.

- Kageyama used to be on an actual durby team but he got kicked off for unsportsmanlike behavior. Kags hadn’t felt like skating since, until he met Hinata. Kags had the skill and Hinata had both the speed and spirit, so it’s a given that they’re the best pair.

- Yaku is the roller mom. All he does is hand out homemade snacks and stand next to his first aid kit, surveying the arena at high alert. It could be a mere scratch and Yaku’s there, ready to apply gauze and contact emergency services if necessary. He’s really stressed out constantly since Oikawa doesn’t really know how to stand on a pair of skates and much less move in them. Besides that Lev is a gigantic clutz and due to that, Yaku is always patching him up. Lev can’t help it and after the original fear, Yaku will patch him up and kiss his injuries (he only does that with Lev though, I wonder why ;))

- Bokuto is really good at complex step sequences. Like BOYYY. He does it to impress Akaashi though, who is hands down the most graceful skater on the rink. Akaashi likes how Bokuto skates way better though because the latter is so dynamic. They’re both really shy around each other, pining from a distance instead. Daichi and Suga have started a bet about which of the two crack under the blatant sexual tension. They have the same bet going for Hinata and Kageyama. I’d like to think Daichi ends up going broke eventually, because Suga just knows his children that well.

 - Oikawa once ended up with tire marks on his outfit and has reoccurring nightmares about the same thing happening on his face. When the wheel scuffs appeared on his brand new alien leggings he started complaining nonstop, refusing to continue skating. This led to Iwaizumi offering to do the taller boy’s laundry. (“Are you my mom, Iwa-chan?” “SHUT UP SHITTY-KAWA!”)

- rip oikawa 2k16

(Message me if you want to see Oikawa’s actual leggings, they are so cute!!!)