Saddle Bronc by Todd Klassy
Via Flickr:
A saddle bronc rodeo rider hangs on to his bucking bronco at the Blaine County Fair in Chinook, Montana. ▪ my blog ▪ my facebook ▪ my twitter ▪ my website ▪ my youtube ▪ my e-mail © 2015 Todd Klassy. All Rights Reserved.

Your fave is problematic: every culture on Nirn
  • Imperials - put down every country in their rule to gain more power
  • Nords - full of racist short-sighted nationalists, Snow Elf Genocide
  • Dunmer - own slaves and have historically treated the argonians like shit
  • Orcs - believe in chief-centered polygamy and arranged marriages
  • Altmer - Founded the Aldmeri Dominon based on elven supremacy and ending the world
  • Bosmer - Willingly joined the Aldmeri Dominion right off the bat
  • Khajiit - constantly complain about being branded as criminals and then selling you skooma in the same sentence
  • Bretons - Forsworn
  • Redguards - Left-Handed Elf Genocide
  • Dwemer - tried to become gods, enslaved remaining Snow Elves
  • Snow Elves - Saarthal Genocide, one of the last two tries to kill you
  • Falmer - human and elf enslavement
  • Argonians - created a plague
  • Dragons - enslaved all mortals
  • Tang Mo - crazy
  • Kamal - attack Tang Mo all the time, tried to invade Morrowind
  • Ka Po Tun - want to enslave all Tsaesci
  • Tsaesci - want to eat everything on Akavir, and probably Tamriel after they run out of food.