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speaking of cherry blossoms would someone bedazzle Cor's katana with pink gems as a joke?

my buddy. my friend. my grey faced pal.

he could be given Fuu’s tanto from samurai champloo and not give two fucks. i’m talking about a blade that looks like this.

In my HC Cor sleeps with his sword instead of hiding it in the King’s weapon summoning magic. (some anxieties about if the King is gone [dead] he can’t defend himself) so, the implication would be that someone took it while he was sleeping, bedazzled it pink, and gave it back to Cor?

He honestly wouldn’t even be mad tbh. He’d just be impressed that someone was that committed.

Nobody would actually do it because nobody’s balls are that huge, but I digress.)

shitty graphic is best graphic .

oh hi , 200 + people who have decided to grace me with their presence , it’s so good to see you here . i think i made this blog sometime in late december , so this is outrageous , but im glad you’re here . below are all my followers , in alphabetical order , starting with the blogs who have made my rp experience on this blog incredible .

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How do you reconcile your sexual orientation with your Christian faith? How do these two traits interaction? I've heard a number of thoughts on the subject, but I'm interested in hearing yours.

It has honestly never been an issue.  The branch of the church that I was raised in had no taboo against queerness, premarital sex, the equality of women, or anything related.  So, if you’re looking for ecclesiastical argument with textual support, I might actually not be the best person to come to.  (I also, for the record, am not a Biblical literalist).  However, if you are getting hung up on the Leviticus issue, I would point out that Christians typically believe that the death of Jesus forms a new Covenant with His followers, which is why Christians don’t have to follow, for example, Jewish dietary laws or the thing about clothing with mixed fibers.  If your issue stems primarily from the letters passages (which IIRC are from Corinthians and Romans?), I come from the POV that the Gospels are written by humans, who are fallible, and influenced by their opinions, subjective experiences, etc. (thus why they disagree on even factual stuff), and Paul was a bit of a nut with a (somewhat-justifiable) hateboner for Rome.  For further reading, a quick Google found this article, which seems to come from an informed, scholarly-rigorous perspective, and addresses most of the commonly-cited Biblical passages.

ETA:  I realized only long after the fact that I had totally neglected to respond to your second point!  The church tradition I grew up with had a lot of emphasis on faith as a motivator for social justice work, mostly anti-poverty and anti-war stuff, and that definitely carried over to queer issues.  I have an intense dislike for the religious right and the way that they have managed to dominate the public discourse about faith – how “Christian” is synonymous in many people’s minds with their very narrow, reactionary, oppressive view – which would probably still be the case were I straight, but having a personal stake in this matter definitely made me a lot more passionate about the need for the Church to be inclusive.  When I was a teenager I would spend a lot of time online telling sad, scared queer teenagers that God still loved them and that it was okay.  Christianity has a complicated legacy of being used as a tool of empire, control, etc., but I think if you read the New Testament closely, you will find a whole lot of stuff about the upheaval of the social order and God as a champion of the outcast.  I once had someone (on the left!) tell me that it was wrong to fight for what you believed to be right because “Someone else probably thinks the opposite thing is right,” which is just about the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  I assure you that nobody at Focus On the Family or Operation Rescue is sitting around going “Gee, someone else might have a moral conviction opposite from ours, maybe we’d better not do anything else today”, so why the fuck should I?  All this said, I actually have a few qualms with the equation of queerness with some kind of universal political position – I like to think that, were I straight, I would still have roughly the same views.  But it has contributed to how strongly I feel on these matters, and the conviction that it’s important for me to be vocal and visible as much as I can be.

I also remembered this article, which might be of interest.