aren't y'all adorable

Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready

darkersideofashapeshifter  asked:

"Well well ~" A dark voice purred, as a tan hand reached down, helping the greenette who bumped into him up. "Aren't y'all adorable." His green eyes lit in interest.

“Oh um…” Akira began, blushing brightly as he looked up at the alpha that spoke to him, that is until Shikki pulled Akira and Akira’s best friend Keisuke behind him.

“These two belong to me” The raven haired alpha growled, looking back at the other.