aren't we just charming

dog park/walkers/shelter au tho where is it, internet?! don’t hide from me! 

for real tho. in which: yoongi is soft for dogs and jungkook is soft for everyone and probably one day yoongi is dog-sitting for namjoon because This Is His Life Now and one of the dogs (because of course namjoon has more than one) gets away from him so yoongi takes off pellmell after the runaway canine (other one in tow) scared it might run into the street or something only to find the troublemaker is having the time of its life under the affection of one jeon jungkook. meet-cute? very meet. very cute. jungkook probably works at the local humane society. yoongi probably  finds excuses to visit (aka buys supplies then drops by to donate it under the guise of having extra….) they probably (definitely) fall in like.