aren't we all sinners

Kacchan's funeral
  • Iida: Oh God this is a tragic thing and sometimes I have a hard time dealing with it and stuff, please send him to heaven and all that.
  • Kirishima: Dear Lord, please make sure this never happens to me cuz I don't think I could handle suicide. Fast, early acceptance into an Ivy League Hero Association and please let it be Crimson Riot's. Amen.
  • Todoroki: Jesus, God in heaven, why'd you have to kill such hot snatch? It's a joke, man. Jeez, people are so serious. Hail Mary who aren't in heaven, pray for all the sinners so we don't get caught, another joke.
  • Uraraka: I prayed for the death of Bakugou many times and I felt bad every time I did it but I kept doing it anyway, now I know you understood everything. Praise Jesus, hallelujah.
  • Midoriya: Hi, I'm sorry, technically I did not kill Kacchan but hey, who am I trying to kid, right? I just want my high school to be a nice place, amen. That's so bitchy.
  • Aizawa: *fix his face and hair with holy water*
He's a sinner, oh but aren't we all? | 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS | Chapter one
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“We only kill monsters, baby,” warm breath gusts across his face, “You’re not a monster are you?”

Jimin bites his lip, not daring to open his eyes. “We’re all monsters now.” His cross is a heavy weight on his chest, reminding him it doesn’t belong on a sinner’s neck.

(Or alternatively: a vminkook zombie apocalypse au, where Jimin’s been on his own too long, but he stumbles across two boys who make him feel a little more like Park Jimin again.)