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incorrect vld - hunk loves shay
  • allura: you're really happy with shay, aren't you?
  • hunk: yeah, i am. she's my rock.
  • allura: that's so sweet!
  • lance: awh! ...wait was that a PUN?!
  • hunk: .......
  • hunk: .....maybe.
  • lance: this is why you're my idol, dude.

Seokjin-ah, congratulations on graduating! In the future, I hope the paths you choose only bring you luck~^^

I just saw Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim’s tweet. So sweet!

-Genos super excited about Saitama’s folding skills

-Genos not wanting to pick up the phone because Sensei’s wishes are more important than anything

-Saitama saving the festival with one punch


-Saitama hearing Genos’s sad backstory with fucking even sadder music in the background.

-Saitama wanting to have fun with Genos  ☯‿☯

- Sensei and Cyborg going on a date at the summer festival.

- Me dead…

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I feel like there aren't enough Mitsuhide fics/drabble, so could I request something short and sweet for him? Thank you~

Happy Kicks

Here is the second Fic. It’s a bit short, but I still hope you enjoy it! … Not sure what else to say today. So I will just let you continue and read the Mitsuhide-fluff. :”3

Akechi Mitsuhide x MC (No name mentioned)


When I woke up, it was dim around me, and the sun still had to rise. I stared at the ceiling above my head, but it was too dark to see much anyway so I just closed my eyes again. But when the dizziness from the sleep started to fade I realised that I was unusually hot as if I had slept in an onsen and heavy as if a full sack of rice laid on me. Slowly I opened my eyes once again, to search for the reason for this boiling heat.

Both the heat and the heaviness were caused by the same person. Mitsuhide slept half on me with his head on my chest, arms around me and legs entwined with mine. Together with the thick blanket wrapped around us, this results in a fusion of burning hotness and sweat. I sighed and fought one of my arms free. Though he didn’t wake up, he responded with a protestive mumbling and pulled me even closer. I groaned.
I gently brushed Mitsuhide’s sweaty hair out of his face and started to talk to him in a low voice. “Darling, I’m truly sorry I have to wake you so early, but I am already medium done. If I’m not released out of this, I will be fully cooked until sunrise.”

Eventually, he opened his eyes and blinked a couple times before he rolled off me. Immediately I kicked the blanket away from me and sighed out of relief. My body felt as if it was finally able to breathe again. Mitsuhide stretched next to me with a small grunt.
“Slept well?” I asked with a knowing grin. I received an agreeing humming.
“Very comfortable.” I slightly shook my head at his respond. Mitsuhide sat up while he rubbing his eyes. “What time is it?” muttering he looked around the still dark room. I watched him and my heart warmed with love.
“Too early. We don’t have to get up yet.” With a smile, he turned to me again. Kneeling next to me he laid his fringe against my big baby bump. “I hope you slept well, too, my little heart.” He whispered with a loving voice. It’s been nearly 8 months since I had found out that I was pregnant. It shouldn’t take long anymore. Excitement paired with anxiety welled up inside me, at this thought. I was thinking about it for some time by then. Raising a child is a challenging task with high responsibility. But I wasn’t alone. With Mitsuhide at my side, I felt like I could master everything.
“Aren’t you forgetting someone?” I pouted at him. Still smiling Mitsuhide straightened up and turned his head to face me, chuckling at my huffy face. “Seems like Mommy wants some attention, too.” Very slowly, he crawled towards me.

“AARGH!” Mitsuhide leant more of his weight onto my body and accidently pressed his hipbone into my belly. I didn’t mean to scream, but the sudden pain just overwhelmed me. “Oh god, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, my darling. Are you okay?” He literally flew off me the moment I screamed in agony. While stumbling over his own words, he looked at me with guilt and worry. “Yes, I’m alright.” I chuckled looking down to my belly. “But it seems like, we woke someone up.”

I parted my sleeping kimono wide enough to expose my whole belly. Immediately you could see little feet moving against aginst the skin. Mitsuhides expression softened in an instant. He came closer again and laid his hand against the small footprints. “Good morning my little heart. I’m sorry I woke you up.” He whispered kindly against the skin my belly with closed eyes. I smiled as I watched them continue to play their little game, enjoying the view of Mitsuhide with an expression which was rarely so relaxed and our new-won love conquering his heart

Thank you for reading! Tomorrow it’s Yukimura’s turn, the little Lord also comes with some fluff. :3 As always let me now if liked it or not and if found any mistakes! Have a delightfull day (or night). Until then, au revoir, mes amis.


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