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So, you know how on Earth, on the race tracks when Bee and KO bump into each other the first time, Bee is like “Oh it’s Knock Out!” and Raf translates that to others and they say like “Who is that?” “Sounds like a decepticon”
Nobody else knew who KO was. So you would think that it means, Bumblebee must have known who Knock Out is before either of them came to Earth. 
And this’s why i have few ideas how Bee knew KO before Earth and here’s 2 of my favourites.

1. They met in a race. Simple and easy to think why. They’re both grounders, both into racing, both young and kinda free souls they love fun stuff, they’d drive around anyway. So they met in a race and they wanted to find out who this other fast racer was. The only thing that i’m not sure of is did they ever talk to each other. KO was pretty chill when he and Bee were talking in Predacons Rising, like he has heard Bee’s actual voice before but idk.
Also KO was designed specifically to be a fast car foe to Bumblebee so!

2. This one is like deep and i think i like it more
So because Bee is the scout, The spy he would be off on missions all the time, it’s his life. So what if he was on a mission where his task was to get info on these new cons who had came around or any suspicious activities overall and possibly take them out. And he went but when he got there the place was already run down or bombed or something. So he walks around the wreckage trying to find clues of what happened when he hears that there’s someone else and is ready to attack, turns around and is face to face with Knock Out.
Neither of them say anything or does. Bee is taken by him KO’s been the one who can really catch bee off guard, so BB lowers his guns which says that KO doesn’t need to fight either.  And KO never had a visible decepticon logo and BB is like the last bot who’d judge someone by looks only.
So they just stare each other for hot minute until someone checks on BB like hey what’s taking so long? Did you take out the cons? And when Bee looks up again KO is already making his leave because he’s being paged with like a walkie talkie thing what BB can hear too and that’s how Bee learns his name.  
Knock Out transforms and drives off with Bee kinda longingly looking after him
because i don’t think he has seen many young racers like himself around.
And a curious bot that Bee is he finds out who KO is but doesn’t find that much only that he’s a con but that’s enough to make him remember Knock Out.
Pretty much all Bee had to know was what KO looked like, he was fast and his name and these two make those happen

incorrect vld - hunk loves shay
  • allura: you're really happy with shay, aren't you?
  • hunk: yeah, i am. she's my rock.
  • allura: that's so sweet!
  • lance: awh! ...wait was that a PUN?!
  • hunk: .......
  • hunk: .....maybe.
  • lance: this is why you're my idol, dude.

Seokjin-ah, congratulations on graduating! In the future, I hope the paths you choose only bring you luck~^^

I just saw Bang Si-hyuk PD-nim’s tweet. So sweet!


“Deep In Love”

Pt. 2 of that little miniseries I blurbled about in the tags of the last one.

But yeah. Here’s more nsfw inukag sweet lovin’ ft. Dog boy back dimples.

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May this be a happy surprise ;D

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i saw your headcanons for julian and i cried cuz it was so on point, so pls give me the lucio modern au headcanons bc i need them, and i just wanted to say that ily and when i see ur writing it always makes me day,,,,,,,,,,, its so on point just like lucio's eyeliner

that compliment… i don’t deserve it anon… for real this is such a sweet ask ofc i’ll send some lucio headcanons your way bud!! (and um. can you tell i had fun with these.)

  • lucio definitely isn’t in college to pursue anything academic, instead he likely plays a sport; football comes to mind first because of how brutal it is lmao
  • extremely well-known on campus, though not exactly favourably; the faculty loathes him, while the student body has differing opinions
  • one thing people agree on? ain’t no party like a lucio party. sure, technically the frat lucio’s part of is throwing the parties, but he’s the star of the show Always
  • he does the bare minimum organizing the parties (the courtiers are the disgruntled frat boys who plan all the parties and get none of the recognition) but thanks to his natural charisma, they’re just better when he’s there…. and also very Dramatique™ so everyone wants to be there and see what kind of shit lucio gets up to next
  • cannot be beaten when it comes to keg-stands; he’s been reigning champion since he first stepped foot in the frat house
  • so filthy rich he can pay other people to write his essays for him and believes they don’t even ask for enough money, but that’s because they’re broke ass college students, lucio
  • pets aren’t allowed on campus but does he care?? lucio’s dogs and cockatoo Stay With Him and no one tells him otherwise
  • lucio’s taught his cockatoo to say countless rude and crass things, cause ofc he did, to the point it’s also the star of the party; people love when it talks shit about them
  • this guy has gotten so many reprimands from coaches and referees alike about how aggressive he is on the field, yet he continues to do what he wants; his coach only tolerates it because of how skilled he is as a footballer player
  • lucio…. gets up to a lot of shit. understatement of the century. he doesn’t get kicked out of college though due to his prowess as a footballer, but also bc his family is filthy rich and cliché and donates a large sum of money to the college
  • basically, everyone is stuck having to put up with this manchild for four plus years. unfortunate

-Genos super excited about Saitama’s folding skills

-Genos not wanting to pick up the phone because Sensei’s wishes are more important than anything

-Saitama saving the festival with one punch


-Saitama hearing Genos’s sad backstory with fucking even sadder music in the background.

-Saitama wanting to have fun with Genos  ☯‿☯

- Sensei and Cyborg going on a date at the summer festival.

- Me dead…

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FOR THE ART TRADEMARK THING: the way you draw noses, your coloring, and your lighting are all really identifiable. I always know it's your art before I ever even see a url/name attached to it bc these features are so distinct and unique to you. All of it is nOICE AND WE'RE BLESSED BY YOUR WORK (it's also cool how you draw completely platonic/non-ship stuff bc it's sorta refreshing to see two characters in a pic who aren't being shipped!)

That’s so sweet oh my gosh!!! Thank you!!!!!!