aren't they so sweet

I mean, honestly, if u personally think jalec is incest bc u see them as siblings it’s whatever, it’s fine, to each their own, but the statement “alecs feelings for jace were incestuous” is like…. Straight up shitty lol. Yea i know they met when they were like 12 but I’m gonna drop a truth BOMB on ya here (call NATO!!)… Not unlike the str8s, gay people too can have crushes as children bc we have actual feelings and not everything we do with regards to romance is inherently sexual and 18+. So alec grew up alongside jace crushing on him, loving him romantically, then sexually as he went through his teen years and he has NEVER seen jace as his brother (regardless of how jace sees him) and his feelings aren’t incestuous. And to say they are… Idk, it disrespects a perfectly innocent childhood crush that just stayed with him until it turned to something more. alec is not doing something perverse by crushing on jace!!!!!


Eli: So I see you have this nice flatscreen and a super cool gaming system that probably has the newest version of Party Frenzy on it just begging to be played by me.

Gee: I don’t even know your name, why would I- 

Eli: I’ll buy you food. If you let me play, I mean. And it’s Eli.

Gee: Will there be milkshakes?

Eli: If you want.

Gee: ………You can stay.

-Genos super excited about Saitama’s folding skills

-Genos not wanting to pick up the phone because Sensei’s wishes are more important than anything

-Saitama saving the festival with one punch


-Saitama hearing Genos’s sad backstory with fucking even sadder music in the background.

-Saitama wanting to have fun with Genos  ☯‿☯

- Sensei and Cyborg going on a date at the summer festival.

- Me dead…

urata and pancakes

@uratasama:  うらた「明日パンケーキたべよ」 さかた「LIVE終わるまではむり!!!!!」 うらた「お願い致します」 さかた「むり」


urata “Let’s go eat pancakes tomorrow”

sakata “Until the (USSS) LIVE ends, it’s impossible!!!!!

urata “I humbly request”

sakata “No”

@sakatandao: うらたぬき「一緒にパンケーキ食べよ」 ってライン攻撃されてる!!!女子か!!!!!!!!!!!!


uratanuki “Let’s go eat pancakes together”- is what I’m being attacked on LINE by!!! Are you a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

@uratasama: @sakatandao パンケーキ食べない?

urata: You don’t want to eat pancakes?

@uratasama: パンケーキを食べる旅にでそう

urata: It is likely that there’ll be a trip taken to eat pancakes.


D.Gray-Man | Lavi + Allen 

…for Rowan who’s an amazing person and writer and I wish you the best for your birthday!
I hope you like these two dweebs I drew for you! :D

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Not completely satisfied with it so maybe I’ll revisit it later. Hmm… something’s (or probably a number of things) still kinda bugging me and I currently can’t figure it out.