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I follow only one Camren blog here and lately I am just feeling like maybe Camren is not just meant to be. I love Camila so much and the love keeps on increasing. On the hand, with Lauren, my feelings are conflicted and lately they aren't just much on the positive side (if IHQ is about Lauren consider it Super negative). There are always two sides to any story but currently I feel maybe Camila's love was one sided and Lauren was hung up on Lucy to even consider her feelings. 💔

Why are you guys always changing your mind about things? It’s not because Camren wasn’t the perfect, happy, problem-free relationship that you made up in your head that you give up on it! No relationship is perfect, sometimes people who love each other very much hurt each other, it doesn’t mean they didn’t care or were too hang up on someone else, or cheated - Why are you always trying to find someone to blame? Sometimes the circonstances are to blame, not the people themselves. And even if they hurt each other, neither Camila or Lauren are bad people, they’re just girls trying to figure out their lives while being under the microscope of millions of fans and the medias. So I think you should cut them some slacks and not give up on them so easily everytime they don’t act the way you want them to. I’m sorry if I’m being blunt sweets, I’m answering your ask but i’m also answering 10 others who just like you are now disliking Lauren because they think she hurt Camila. Once again, everything I put on this blog is theory, I don’t know the girls, I don’t know their lives, I don’t know what they went through, so I don’t think I’m in any position to judge them on something I don’t know anything about, I think none of us are.

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Concept: harry and the missus pre kids drunk and kissing in the back of the taxi, perhaps its a paris getaway and their staying at a beautiful flat all to themselves and the fun begins

Oh my goodness. 

And they’ve both had so much wine and are so giggly and the kissing is a little clumsy and sloppy. Maybe it’s early summer so it’s just perfectly warm and balmy and it’s still light out even though it’s close to ten at night and there’s evening sunlight streaming in through the back windows, and they’re almost draped over each other. Harry pulls away just so he can press his nose against her neck to smell the sun-warmed perfume on the hollow of her throat. Hands sliding down her sides, cupping her hips, fingertips skimming her thighs as they peek out of the hem of her sundress. He doesn’t have to let his fingers travel any further to know how wet she is already. The cab driver is clearly unperturbed. They must not be the first couple who are drunk and in love in his backseat. 

“You look so pretty,” he slurs against her skin. “Smell pretty too.” 

She smiles, grazing her lips to his, so he’ll nudge his face towards her and initiate another kiss, which he happily obliges to. 

“Yooou’re pretty,” she whispers. “Pretty eyes. Sooo green in the light.” 

“Are they?” He’s got a smug grin stretched over his lips. 

“Don’t call ya ‘Green Eyes’ for nothing.” Her hand slides up his thigh to palm him  just below the front seam of his jeans, enough to make him whine against her lips. 

He kisses over her mouth and then over the ridge of her jaw and down her neck. “Las’ time we came here, I didn’t kiss ya like this.” He nips at her neck with the edge of his front teeth. “Wha’ a fucking idiot, I was.”   

“Took us long enough, huh?” 

She feels him smile against her mouth. “Gonna make up for it.” His fingers cup under her jaw as he pulls her mouth to his, kissing her deeply. 

When the cab pulls up to the terraced apartment that’s their’s for the week, Harry hands the driver far too much to cover the fare and begins to dig in his pocket for the keys. 

Every light source in the house is outfitted with antique filament bulbs that glow so softly off the pale cream walls and the dark hardwoods. Harry puts on a record that fills up the already quiet room, and draws them a bath in the clawfoot tub that the missus had swooned over,  full of lavender and rose oils and milk. Their fervent kissing has slowed to that which smolders slowly. Lots of fingers grazing across skin as clothes are removed. The taste of wine still heavy on their tongues, breathing deep, but quickening. Harry mouths at her shoulder as he pulls her panties the rest of the way down her legs.

“Look at how beautiful you are.” 

She feels her cheeks grow rosy and warm under his gaze, and hides her face in his shoulder. It feels nice, to stand there holding each other completely naked. Warm, intimate, nothing rushed.  


“So fucking lucky,” he coos.

She kisses him then, swirling his taste on her tongue and the softness against her own mouth. 

“I didn’t do too bad either,” she whispers between them, kissing his chin. 

They get each other off in the bath, before soaking in each other’s arms until it runs cold and loses its fragrance. They pull themselves from the tub and lay draped over each other on top of the fluffy duvet in the master bedroom. Harry announces that they indeed had, “Too much wine.” 

The ceiling is made almost entirely of wide panes of glass, perfect for seeing the stars that are just becoming unhidden. They eat chocolates from the shop around the corner and tell each other stories until they fall asleep wrapped up together. 


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so how about some eposette wedding hcs please

(aaahhh sorry this took me so long! im not quite happy with it but anway here’s some cute gfs getting married)

Cosette and Eponine have been together for years now and they never really discussed the subject of marriage.

Don’t get me wrong, Cosette loves the whole idea of wearing a beautiful dress and walking down the aisle to promise to spend her life loving Eponine but her girlfriend never made any hints that it was something she wanted and she doesn’t want to pressure her. It’s not like she minds - they don’t need a wedding ring to prove their love, so she stays quiet about it.

Little does she know Eponine actually does want to get married and she’s been thinking about it a lot lately, especially after Combeferre and Courfeyrac got married a few months ago as the first ones in their group.

But how on earth do you bring up this kind of topic? Just proposing out of the blue is out of the question. Not if she doesn’t know if Cosette even wants to.

“Just talk about this like adults” Grantaire groans when she talks (read: whines) to him about it. She raises an eyebrow and scoffs in response.

“You mean like you and Enjolras are?” “Shut up” She knows Grantaire has been thinking about proposing as well, however Enjolras has always had pretty clear opinions on marriage in the past and he’s scared of being rejected. What a hypocrite though.

They’re having a quiet night in, curled up on the couch together with a glass of wine, when Eponine does take Grantaire’s advice.

“Hey Zette?” Cosette hums in reponse, her head resting on Eponine’s shoulder.

“Do you ever think about getting married someday?”

She feels the body next to her still. “yeah of course, do you?”

Eponine only nods, nervously skimming her finger over the top of her wine glass.

“And…would you ever consider getting married…to me?” Cosette sits up to look at her but she keeps her gaze firmly on the glass, pressing her lips together.

“Ep, I love you. Of course I considered it! I just…you never seemed interested in marriage and i didn’t want to scare you off” Eponine’s head shoots back up again “I am interested though!”

“So you want to get married?” “Yes!”  “Good.”

Cue them beaming at each other like the adorable lovebirds they are.

The next weeks Eponine spends looking for a ring and planning the perfect proposal because now that she knows they both want this, she can’t wait. But in the end Cosette beats her to it by proposing first while having a picnic in the park. It’s all sappy and perfect and they proceed to spend the rest of the day dozing cuddled together on the blanket, neither of them quite believing the other is now their fiancée

Of course all of Les Amis are ecstatic when they find out and help out with their wedding arrangements. (Eponine may have whispered “now it’s your turn” into Grantaire’s ear when he hugged her)

Neither Eponine nor Cosette are one for big pompous weddings so it ends up being a small beautiful ceremony with just their friends, Valjean and Eponine’s siblings present (her parents are absolutely not invited).

They rented a lovely little venue and there are flowers everywhere, especially violets, white magnolias and ivy (Jehan helped a lot with that)

Cosette looks stunning in her lacy bohemian dress and flowers in her hair and so does Eponine who decided to wear a dashing tuxedo instead. Both can’t take their eyes off each other as Cosette is led down the aisle by her father.

Both of them cry during their vows but no one’s eyes stay quite dry (even Montparnasse blinks suspiciously often)

When the officiant announces “you may now kiss the bride” Eponine dips Cosette for the big smooch.

During their first dance these two are simply glowing (imagine ‘forever with me’ by nedra johnson this song is gay jsyk)

Valjean of course dances with Cosette for the traditional father-daughter dance whereas Eponine dances with Gavroche who keeps twirling her around to make her laugh.

The newlyweds get home in the early morning hours, drunkenly giggling and clinging to each other happily. Eponine is carrying her shoes in her hands and Cosette’s cheek ended up covered in Eponine’s lipstick during the taxi ride home.

All tiredness is forgotten as soon as they’re over the doorstep and kisses turn heated. “We do have to consumate the marriage properly”, Ep whispers against her new wife’s lips as she guides her into the bedroom.

If Izaya had a crush on Shun (4)
  • Shun: Izaya-kun! Are you alright?!
  • Izaya: I’m fine…did that beast hit you, Shun-chan?
  • Shun: I didn’t get hit, Izaya-kun you’re the one who’s hurt! Ah, wait – don’t move!
  • Izaya: It’s fine, it’s fine…this is nothing. See? I can still move.
  • Izaya: *shrugs his shoulders, holding back a wince*
  • Shun: Izaya-kun is strong, but you’re still injured. Hey, don’t worry me like that. Stay still, I’m going to heal you.
  • Izaya: There’s no need for that –
  • Shun: Stay still, Izaya-kun.
  • Izaya: …Yes.
  • -------
  • Hajime: (…Was he holding Shun’s hand?)
  • Hajime: Shizuo, why did you throw that vending machine?
  • Hajime: I have nothing against that, but you could have hurt Shun. And then I would have hurt you.
  • Shizuo: HUH?! …I didn’t hit the girl, I think.
  • Hajime: Girl? …What is that guy doing? Shun!
  • Shizuo: Huh? Hey! It’s dangerous to go near the flea, Hajime!
  • -------
  • Shun: *removes his hands from Izaya, the light fading*
  • Shun: Do you feel better, Izaya-kun?
  • Izaya: Thanks to you, Shun-chan.
  • Izaya: *smiles and takes hold of Shun’s hands*
  • Shun: I-Izaya-kun…?
  • Izaya: Thanks. You really do have a magic touch, hm Shun-chan?
  • Shun: *blushing*
  • Shun: E-Eh…
  • Izaya: If it leads to Shun-chan healing me like this, then I wouldn’t mind getting hit by a vending machine again –
  • Izaya: *ducks to dodge the stop sign*
  • Izaya: Again, I didn’t mean that literally. This time it’s a stop sign huh, Shizu-chan?
  • -------
  • Hajime: Shun!
  • Shun: H-Hajime!?
  • Izaya: *evades Hajime’s punch*
  • Hajime: You…stay away from Shun.
  • Shun: Hajime!
  • Shizuo: What the hell have you been up to, fucking flea?!
  • Izaya: Well, well. Not only is there one beast, now there are two. Can’t a man get a peaceful date with an angel around here?
  • Shizuo: …You fucking flea…not appearing in Ikebukuro for a week AND NOW I FIND YOU BEING ALL LOVEY-DOVEY WITH SOME GIRL – YOU WANT TO DIE, AHHHHHHHHH?!
  • Izaya: Shun-chan is a guy. And even if Shun-chan was a girl, it’s none of your business if I’m lovey-dovey with my girlfriend. What, are you jealous or something, Shizu-chan? Did you think I was with a girl and you were jealous because no woman would go near a monster like you?
  • Shun: Izaya-kun!
  • Shun: *runs to Izaya*
  • Hajime: What are you doing, Shun? Get away from him.
  • Shun: Why, Hajime? Izaya-kun is my friend. What do you have against him? He’s a fan of –
  • Hajime: He’s a bad guy.
  • Shun: …Izaya-kun has been nothing but kind to me.
  • Hajime: …Shun.
  • Shun: Hajime. I don’t know why you don’t like him, but I don’t believe Izaya-kun is a bad guy. …You’re not acting like yourself, Hajime.
  • Hajime:
  • Izaya: The angel has spoken. So if you two could leave us alone on our date –
  • -------
  • Hajime (182cm): You’re short.
  • Izaya (175cm): …Excuse me?
  • Shun (182cm): Eh, I like Izaya-kun’s shortness! I think it’s cute ~
  • Shizuo (185cm): …A taller flea…?
  • -------
  • Hajime: I said you're short.
  • Izaya: I'll have you know I'm above the average height for a Japanese man -
  • Hajime: You're too short for Shun. Shun needs someone who can look at him from the same level.
  • Izaya: I wasn't aware you needed to be tall enough to date someone you like. Also, at least I'm not a prickly porcupine.
  • Haijme: …Prickly porcupine?
  • Izaya: That's right. You're like a porcupine with that spiky hair and those glaring eyes. Is this what girls are into nowadays? I can't see why.
  • Hajime: Shun is the leader of an idol group as well, the rival to mine.
  • Izaya: Oh of course Shun-chan is an exception. Shun-chan is perfect. He's my angel after all.
  • Shizuo: …Perfect? Angel...?
  • Shun: *squealing like a fangirl and not sounding like an angel*
  • Shun: Kyaa porcupine - PORCUPINE HAJIME! HAJIME AS A PRICKLY PORCUPINE IS ADORABLE~!!! Imagine, chibi porcupine Ha~ji~me!
  • Izaya: ...
  • Hajime: *smirks smugly at Izaya*
  • Shun: - I love you Izaya-kun, that's such a wonderful idea!
  • Hajime: ...
  • Izaya: *smirks smugly at Hajime*
  • Shun: I want to see Hajime dress up as a porcupine with his cool glare and his tsun-tsun-tsundere!~Ha~ji~me~
  • Hajime: If it's what you want, Shun.
  • Shun: Eh? Really? Hajime must be in a good mood! Then -
  • Shizuo: You piss me off.
  • Shun: …Eh?
  • Hajime: Shizuo?
  • Izaya: And here we have the second unpredictable man. What's your problem, Shizu-chan? Shun-chan didn't even look at you.
  • Shizuo: Ahhhhhhh?!
  • Hajime: *turns to Izaya*
  • Hajime: I'm not a porcupine. I'm a wolf. Officially. Right, Shun?
  • Shun: *snuggling chibi wolf Hajime to his face happily*
  • Shun: Yes~wolf Hajime~chibi wolf Hajime is my life! But~chibi porcupine Hajime is cute too~
  • Izaya: Looks like you're still a porcupine.
  • Hajime: I'm his life.
  • Izaya: …You realize he's just fanboying, right?
  • -------
  • Shun: Kyaaa chibi wolf Hajime really is adorable!
  • Shizuo: *vein throbbing*
  • Shun: He's too cute his ears are so soft HIS TAIL IS SO FLUFFY KYAAAA I'm so blessed!~
  • Shizuo: *fist clenching*
  • Shizuo: *teeth grinding*
  • Shizuo: …OI, IZAYA!
  • Izaya: *looking annoyed from his conversation with Hajime*
  • Izaya: What?
  • Shizuo: *jabs a finger at Shun, eyebrow twitching*
  • Shizuo: This guy is kyaa-kyaaing like a girl and saying annoying things, he's fucking noisy - ARGHHH I WANT TO HIT HIM HE'S A GUY RIGHT?!
  • Izaya: Huh? What does it matter to you whether Shun-chan is a guy or girl?
  • Shizuo: Hah? If he's a guy then I can shut him up, but if she's a girl, then I'll hold back because I won't hit a woman.
  • Izaya: Oh really? Too bad for you, Shun-chan's a girl.
  • Shun: Eh? Me, a girl?
  • Izaya: Hah? You're the one pissing me off, Shizu-chan. Don't you dare lay a hand on Shun-chan.
  • -------
  • Shun: *watching the scene with amusement in his eyes*
  • Shun: Fufufu. You're funny, bartender-san.
  • Shizuo: AHHH?!
  • Shun: *giggling and smiling mischievously at Shizuo*
  • Shun: Ehehe. If I'm a girl, then you won't hit me? What a gentleman you are.
  • Shun: *smiles playfully and speaks in a feminine voice*
  • Shun: Then, please think of me as a girl because I don't want to be hit~
  • Shizuo: ...You're trying to piss me off AREN'T YOU..?!
  • Shun: Not at all~I just don't want to be hit. Am I too pretty to be a guy for you? If that's the case, please don't hit this pretty face, alright? I'm a young master after all, and there are few in number who can hit me.
  • -------
  • Izaya and Hajime: *share a reluctant glance*
  • Izaya: *readying his knife*
  • Hajime: *clenching his fist*
  • Izaya: …Shizu-chan.
  • Hajime: Shizuo.
  • Shun: That's right. Please don't hit me, alright bartender-san~?
  • Shizuo: *glaring at Shun's pretty face*
  • Shizuo: ...Tch!
  • Shizuo: *stomps away from Shun and slams his fist into the wall*
  • Shun: *looks at the destroyed wall with awe*
  • Shun: Wow~bartender-san, you're really strong!
  • Shizuo: AHHHH?! YOU WANT TO BE HIT?!
  • Shun: *pouts with a playful light in his eyes*
  • Shun: Ehhhh but I'm pretty like a girl so you won't hit me right? Ehehe~
  • -------
  • Izaya: *frowning*
  • Izaya: Stop yelling at Shun-chan. What did he ever to do you?
  • Hajime: For once I agree with him.
  • Shun: That's right, it isn't polite to yell at a stranger, bartender-san.
  • Shizuo: ...Tch!
  • -------
  • Izaya: (This guy really pisses me off)
  • Hajime: (This guy took Shun away from me)
  • -------
  • Hajime: *Glaring at Izaya*
  • Izaya: *Glaring at Shizuo*
  • Shizuo: *Glaring at Shun*
  • Shun: *doesn’t know how to glare*
  • -------
  • Everyone:
  • Shun: …Hey? Since Izaya-kun’s friend and Hajime are here ~Hajime~do you all want to go for lunch together~?
  • Hajime, Shizuo, Izaya: NO.

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What are your thoughts on people who say Zuko and Mai 's relationship is more realistic because relationships aren't meant to be perfect and with no sort of disagreement, and they both clearly care for each other but just haven't come to a mutual understanding yet.

Zuko and Mai don’t have “normal disagreements.” A “normal disagreement” is arguing over the grocery list, getting irritated about the TV’s volume, or fussing about the toilet seat being left up. “Normal disagreements” have a level of respect and understanding and a desire to work things out so each party is happy. A “normal disagreement” ends with a huff under your breath and an ‘I love you still’ a few minutes later. Or, worst case, you go to bed mad with a begrudging kiss goodnight and wake up just fine in the morning. It most certainly doesn’t involve breaking up 75 times or shouting insults or throwing things at one party’s head. It doesn’t involve threats or manipulation.

Zuko and Mai are verbally, emotionally, and in Mai’s case, physically abusive towards one another. That’s not normal. My husband would be out the door in 3.5 seconds if he E V E R behaved in a manner similar to Zuko and Mai together.

so I was play engineer just now·····

running to save my poor building,and then a enemy soldier jump right in front of me,i know i’m going to die this time,and than,just in 1sec,a soldier from our team jump into between us,and blow off that enemy soldier immediately.

tha was just···so romantic *OTP feeling*

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What's your opinion on Christianity? You don't have to answer this if you feel uncomfortable to. I'm Christian (a pastor's kid actually), but I feel like so many Christians aren't acting like they are supposed to. They often do one part of the Bible, but completely forget about the others, like treating homosexuals like they aren't people. Yes, the Bible says that homosexuality is a sin, but the Bible also says to love/forgive each other. We all sin, so why do we think that we (pt. 1)

(pt. 2 christianity) that we are inclined to discriminate against other people? I admit, I have a slight problem with this too, since I’m not perfect and still not used to the idea of liking somebody of the same sex/being able to change genders, but I try to still be respectful/kind to all ppl. idk, sorry for the random message, I just saw the “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ” quote by Gandhi and wanted to talk to somebody about it. ^^

i don’t know, i don’t particularly have an opinion on christianity since i’m agnostic, possibly atheist. i do dislike hypocrites though. if someone tried to preach to me abt loving everybody and then started talking abt how lgbtq+ ppl were bad, i’d be irritated.

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IT'S PERFECT. does it mean Tim's family aren't in the picture? like do his parents die? Jason being alive is perfect and can you just imagine jason and dick teasing bruce about tim like "ohh are you going to adopt him too?" "of course not stop it" dick and jason just look at each other and just "yeah suuuuure"

We are like on the exact same page anon (and I’m totally not maladaptive daydreaming about this au right now… ha).

That’s a hard YES to Jason and Dick teasing Bruce about adopting “yet another one”. Jason would probably be like “he’s a bit old for Robin… but I mean I’m sure he’d be great at it.” And Tim is just like “No. That’s just weird. You’re like… ten years too late.”

(Minor detour: Think about how different Damian and Tim’s relationship would be? Because Tim comes after Damian… so maybe Damian would feel a little bit jealous, but Tim has no reason to hate Damian (because he didn’t “steal” his role as Robin)… giving me plenty of opportunities to reconcile their relationship and make them get along in a sarcastic, “you’re annoying but actually not that bad… so I will tolerate your presence” way. Haha.)

Also, YES. So in this version of events actually, I think Tim would be orphaned at age thirteen instead of just losing his mom… because Batman doesn’t go after them for Tim (Robin’s) sake when they’re kidnapped… so both of them would die at the hands of the Obeah Man in Haiti. I don’t know if Jack Drake would have made it out in just a coma if Batman hadn’t travelled to Haiti and tried to save them. 

I think this would cause Tim to isolate and throw himself into his goal of becoming a detective even more. Though he doesn’t go through the same types of hardships as robin!Tim did… he still goes through the deep-cutting loneliness and pain of growing up without parents. I imagine he would be sent to a private boarding school, graduate university early, and prove his worth quickly as a police officer - earning himself the job as a detective in the GCPD very quickly. The nights avoiding sleep and going over police reports and studying pay off. 

Tim overworks to bury the emptiness and pain though. That much doesn’t really change. So getting involved with the batfam is a blessing in disguise. I imagine it would happen because of a really big case. Nobody, not even Batman can figure it out… and so Gordon decides to bring Tim in (who has been placed in the informatics devision down in the basement of the GCPD after unwittingly insulting a superior officer or something stupid… lol. He was running on three hours sleep and too much caffeine so a lot of stuff came out of his mouth that shouldn’t have.)

Tim is inwardly a little nervous and intimidated, meeting his childhood hero, helping the Batman on a case. But he focuses, and within minutes finds a detail that seemingly everyone overlooked. Gordon is swearing and calling police, the forensics Tim is moving in again to do their work over, and Tim looks up at Batman and sees his mouth twist into a small half-smile under his cowl. 

(Tim was adopted from that point on. Let’s be real.)

But the real kicker is when Tim and Batman are standing outside in the rain, Tim shivering slightly as Batman asks him a bit about himself. And Tim casually lets it slip that he knows Batman’s secret identity. He doesn’t name, he doesn’t let anyone else overhear him. But he makes it clear he knows exactly who is under the cape and cowl. 

So of course, naturally, Bruce breaks into his flat later that night and confronts him about it. After a long conversation, Bruce leaves and says he’ll “be in touch”. And sure enough, Tim finds himself being recruited to help out with case, after case, after case… finds himself being shown around the batcave… finds himself being dragged into arguments and movie nights and training sessions with Dick, Jason, Steph, Cass and eventually Damian. 

And, for better or worse, Tim finds himself becoming a part of this crazy family. 

But the only thing he can think about is the fact that he finally has a family that is present. That cares for him. It is a broken, messed up family… but a family nonetheless. A family that looks out for each other and shares each others’ happiness and pain. And that is all that really matters to him. 

No one will convince me there wasn’t something profound between Lexa and Luna, whether that was love or friendship, I don’t know. They protected each other, from themselves and the world.

My current head canon is Luna asked Lexa to run with her. She chose to kill her own brother before risking Lexa’s life. It made for a sad image in my head that I just had to draw.

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Imagine Ransom or Holster driving ridiculous distances to bring each other trivial items because they still aren't over living together.

“You are aware that this isn’t normal, right?”

Ransom isn’t bothered by the dry judgement in Lardo’s voice; Holster is on his way.

“It’s a four hour drive from New York.”

Ransom’s smile grows. This is perfect. 

“It would’ve been faster for me to just go to the store.”

He sets the timer on his phone before lowering the screen on his laptop enough to see Lardo where she sits on their couch.

“Yeah, but the weather’s awful right now. You shouldn’t be out in it.”

“And Holster should,” she asks. 

This is not an illogical question but – a quick Google search eases his mind.

“Storm’ll be dying down just as he makes it into Boston!” 

This was the best idea.

Lardo’s silence is louder than he really wants to acknowledge right now. 

“This gives me enough time to finish studying for Monday’s test and you enough time to eat and Skype Shitty and get comfy before movie night. This is perfect.” 

Lardo sighs and hops over their couch to place a hand over Ransom’s. 

“You could just tell him, you know.”

“Tell him what - that I hate his stupid, fancy, awesome job in New York - that he should give up a friggin fantastic opportunity because I hate not having him in the next room - that I…” He does manage to cut himself off before he makes a truly embarrassing confession. 

“Holtzy’s bringing snacks for movie night. You’re gonna grab dinner. I’m gonna study. Yeah?” Ransom’s fingers curl against the table as he waits for Lardo’s response.

Lardo gives Ransom one of her rare and fantastic hugs.


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I just can't see Percabeth as being in love. They were dating for, what, a couple months before Percy was kidnapped? They read to me as two teenagers, who yes, care SO deeply for each other, they're best friends, but they aren't in love. They believe themselves to be, but they aren't. It's puppy love. They were more believable when they were best friends. Dating, they feel one-dimensional. But, that's just my opinion, of course.

I totally agree with you. I used love their friendship, I wanted to continue that way Percy, Annabeth and Grover like best friends. The romance was so forced they were practically pushed to each other. I think they are confused because everyone says they are a perfect couple, so they believed it, but these love they have for each other is something more… like brotherly.

And they never had peacetime to really live a relationship. Right, with all the adrenaline and constant danger, not knowing if they would be alive the next day, it causes people to seek comfort in the other, but what about now? I don’t know, I just think they are too different and don’t work that way

  • What he says: Love that Sabertooth friendship.
  • What he means: Okay, putting aside the degrading love triangle vibes, the friendship between Sting, Rogue, and Yukino is wonderfully refreshing. Yukino clearly wasn't very social during her original Sabertooth days, and didn't have many friends, and when she comes back, the Twin Dragons step up to the task without hesitation. Yukino provides a calming quietude for Rogue when he's freaking out, who in turn provides the same for Sting when he's going overboard, and Sting in turn keeps the mood light when the other two are getting morbid. This, with Sabertooth's overall much more bonded look than Fairy Tail, gives the impression that unlike that guild, the people in Sabertooth aren't just teams and islands, they really enjoy spending time with each other and care for one another. In particular, the three seem like a more perfected mirror of Lucy, Gray, and Natsu, with Yukino as the polite and calm celestial wizard, Sting as the boisterous one, and Rogue as the quiet and collected one. What's more, Yukino steadily develops friendships with Sting, Rogue, Minerva, Lucy, Princess Hisui, and Kagura, extending her friendships to several other factions and treating them all with the same level of importance and camaraderie rather than simply singling out Sting and Rogue to latch onto.

expectations vs. reality of the fazriya wedding (2/?)

Aju dancing to ‘mangalyam’ the day before Divya’s wedding
Dulquer dancing to ‘mangalyam’ the day before Nazriya’s actual nikkah (at the mehindi)