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pennywise the blind is getting so red. he looks fantastic..i’m sad he’ll be (more) blind though. i hope he can live for at least a few years


How The Mars Signs Will Get You Back To Their Place ;)
  • Aries Mars: very straight foreword, finds people in a relationship attractive because they like the challenge, will be extremely obvious with their flirting because they don't play games, probably has a bad bitch mentality
  • Taurus Mars: will compliment you to death, from your hair to your cologne/perfume, will seem very genuine but not exactly hiding their intentions, will make the night all about the one person they're after, makes you feel like their one and only
  • Gemini Mars: if you hear a large crowd laughing, you can guarantee at the center is a Gemini Mars telling the joke. Usually not the type to pursue, they like people who like them, so they will spend the night being the life of the party, telling loud stories and waiting for the person who loves the class clown to come to them. (They are total kink masters so if you go home with one, be prepared for a wild night)
  • Cancer Mars: super sweet, not really a go-getter and will spend a lot of time just watching the scene, always dressed to impress they will be the adorable pouty powder puff in the corner, waiting for price/princess charming to take them home. Just a cute, quite type looking for their Dom ;)
  • Leo Mars: they will be after the hottest and baddest person there, always down for a challenge much like Aries, they will be telling crazy stories and trying way to hard to impress, they command the attention of a room and will respond to flattery. If you compliment them and let them know you think they are cool, you're theirs. Just know they can be selfish in bed. They like to run the show
  • Virgo Mars: despite common misconception, this sign in Mars aren't super picky and are attracted to the cute wallflower type or the insecure uncomfortable looking people at a party. They will be happy to start a conversation with anyone unassuming and genuinely want to get to know you, they like to be the helper and will get you anything you need, a new drink, some snacks or a back rub. They can be very methodical but will still want ultimately to make you happy. Probably will have no problem getting it on in the car before you even get to their house
  • Libra Mars: by far the most charming and pickiest there, they will be seen attracting anyone and everyone with their all around good guy/gal routine. They are the most honest and real seeming people and extremely friendly. They want someone who is an equal in their eyes, which can be hard to find since they set high standards for themselves. They will be the one doing to choosing, and consider yourself lucky to go home with a libra Mars, they will take what you give and throw it right back, only cooler
  • Scorpio Mars: not usually into one night stands, they are extremely sensual and want to have long conversations with you and get to know you in and out before they take you home, super attracted to the unique or interesting looking people at the party, they can be found talking quietly on a couch with oddball of the party in all black or that has crazy colored hair. If they choose you, you're going to have a loooong night ahead of you, they like to take their time and teasing is important foreplay for them
  • Sagittarius Mars: another very straight foreword sign, they don't mess around. They will be playfully open about their intentions and are usually down for rough housing and cute innocent banter/little debates as a way to get that across. A very simple Bunch, they just want to get you home, get theirs, and get out
  • Capricorn Mars: honestly pretty boring when it comes to getting people home, these people aren't chasing anyone or wanting to be chased. They are the steadfast, sturdy statue of the group and aren't usually open about what they do in the bedroom. They like the older type, but aren't super picky. If they like you, they may talk to you but keep it discrete if they ask you to come back with them. Expect a very normal experience with them, unless you make it very clear you want something crazy.
  • Aquarius Mars: always the weird ones of the bunch, they already think they're the coolest and could care less if you're after them or not. Usually have a cooler that you demeanor and will be talking about their various odd hobbies to find someone who is as weird as them to take home. Talk a big game about what they'll do to you, but they might not hold up their end of the bargain. This sign likes to talk about it more than the actual act, so a top is a Better fit for them but they will let you know if you do something they don't like
  • Pisces: by far the hardest to pin down, if you can't quite put your finger on them they are probably a Pisces Mars. Can play either side of the coin as far as in charge or submissive, they cater to the needs of the person talking to them. Generally aim to please. If you make them feel needed and wanted they will fall in love for the night. Since they love fantasy, they can be into some freaky stuff and will never judge you for your weird kinks. Over the top displays of affection and being candid about what you want get them going

*FE14 hell is still deep*


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Because I adore your HCs: Who all of the 104th like to plan and be organized, and who all can let whatever happen happen? Who all are tidy and who all are messy? Early bird or night owl or both? :)

Strict Planners: Jean, Annie, Bertholdt

Those Who Like Plans But Aren’t Super Strict: Armin, Mikasa, Marco, Sasha, Historia

Those Who Can Go With the Flow: Ymir, Eren, Reiner, Connie

Tidy: Marco, Mikasa, Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt

Messy: Connie, Jean, Armin

Somewhere in Between: Eren, Sasha, Ymir, Historia

Early Bird: Sasha, Marco, Reiner, Mikasa

Night Owl: Armin, Jean, Bertholdt, Ymir, Historia, Connie

Both: Eren (he has very irregular sleeping patterns, and can’t be considered either easily)

Neither: Annie (just let her sleep!)


Seunghyun being all cute and adorable with Honey noona (▰˘◡˘▰)

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Hi! I'm curious about what your opinion is on why Jackie and Hyde are so physically affectionate in their relationship - especially in the backgrounds where they aren't the center of attention. It's super cute and I love seeing it, but I can't think of a reason as to why Hyde in particular would be so open about his affection for her. I've also noticed that none of the others ever comment on it, like when she sits on his lap in front of them, and I've wondered about that too. Love your blog x

Hyde’s a man of both action and compassion, and he’s generally quite physically affectionate. Ignoring some of the worst writing in the series, he’s protective of his friends, frenemies, and strangers alike. In “Kelso’s Serenade” (2x21), he tells Jackie directly that he doesn’t like her (personality/as a person) and finds her abrasive. Even so, he still puts his arm around her shoulders and strokes her hair when she cries in an attempt to comfort her.

He has no trouble hugging his friends and loved ones when he feels the moment calls for it. He hugs Red in “Hyde’s Father” (3x03), Eric and Kelso in “Going to California” (5x01), Kitty in “What Is and What Should Never Be” (5x03), and Kelso in “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” (7x03).

He slings his arm around Eric’s shoulders in “Red’s Last Day” (2x02) and keeps it there until Donna interrupts their conversation. He holds Eric’s hand with both of his own while Eric gets tattooed by Leo in “Eric’s Drunken Tattoo” (3x22). He holds Donna (platonically) in “The Relapse” (4x03) when she needs comfort. Kelso hurts Fez’s feelings in “Donna’s Story” (4x08), and Hyde clasps Fez’s shoulder in solidarity to him.

Physical expressions of love and friendship are part and parcel of who Hyde is. Again ignoring some of the worst writing of the series, he clearly wants Jackie to know and to feel how much he loves her. And according to his characterization during seasons 1-4, not being openly physically affectionate with Jackie would actually be out of character – once their relationship is no longer a secret.

But Hyde and Jackie don’t talk all that openly about their relationship in front of their friends. Only in times of trouble do they speak in confidence to Eric and Donna (and Kitty) about it.

Even though Hyde and Jackie don’t get burned for their public displays of affection, Hyde’s friends—all of them—have no compunction against teasing him about his feelings for Jackie. They likely get a kick out of it because Hyde is usually so stoic (or sarcastic)—except where Jackie’s concerned.