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I Dub Thee, “Lucky”

A little not-surprise for the lovely @laskulls, featuring the wonderful Mahalen Lavellan and my OC Darren Miller! 

In which Darren arrives at Haven as a fresh recruit and has no idea the young elf he is speaking to is the Herald of Andraste himself… (Approx 3000 words, most under the cut) <3

“You wait right here, boy. Don’t go wandering off, understood?”

“Yes, sir!”

Darren snapped into an awkward salute that earned him a tired roll of the eyes from Talden. The grizzled recruitment officer did not waste any time on further words as he shook his head and stalked through the main gate of Haven, his silver armour catching the light of the midday sun and flashing brightly beneath its touch. The town itself was small, barely home to two-dozen houses, but already Darren could clearly see that it served a higher purpose. Soldiers milled about, jostling past one another in their haste. Many rushed towards the stables, where the metallic ringing of hammer and anvil signalled the presence of a smithy, however makeshift and undermanned. Other uniformed men and women peeled off in the opposite direction towards rows of pitched tents, interspaced with training dummies and archery targets, not a single one unoccupied.

Darren stood between the two hives of activity and tried his best not to look completely out of place. In his ruddy clothing and well-worn boots, he probably would have fit in far more comfortably among the refugees than the soldiers. He shifted uneasily, silently hoping that Talden, as miserably and grumpy as he was, would come back soon and point him in some kind of direction. Already he was drawing absent attention from the busy recruits, their arms laden with either weapons or sacks of food to be moved behind the tall stone walls of Haven. None of them said anything to him, but a part of Darren couldn’t help but feel judged. Sized up. Most of them looked so much older than him; so much more experienced. They handled swords and daggers with the same care a child showed to a willow switch, while just the thought of sharpened steel in his hands left Darren in a nervous sweat. 

What am I doing? he thought for what felt like the hundredth time that day alone. Claire was right. I can’t do this. I shouldn’t be here. I…

A figure shifted by the large outer wall, standing in the shadow of what appeared to be a tall nug statue seated on a stone pedestal. Darren hadn’t noticed the person before, but was surprised to find he looked… well… young. Possibly even as young as Darren himself. Swallowing, Darren glanced back towards the main gate, however saw no sign of Talden’s return. Odds were he would hear the man grunting and grumbling in his miserly fashion well before he saw him, anyway. So, heart fluttering about like a drunk bird, Darren swallowed and began to move towards the young man. However, he’d barely taken two paces in the appropriate direction before the stranger’s bright eyes flicked up, flashing with first surprise, then uncertainty.

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Spirk AU where Spock is the Captain of the Enterprise and Kirk is just a Lieutenant, not often seen on the Bridge. Everyone sees the ring on Spock’s finger, and rumor has it that the Captain is married to someone on the ship. They can’t seem to pinpoint who it is though, as Captain Spock likes to take his meals in his quarters, and is usually the last to exit during shore leaves. It isn’t until an officer on the away team, Jim Kirk (the nice, cheerful, smart, sexy, reliable guy who helps anyone who asks with anything he can), gets severely injured on a mission that those on the Bridge put two and two together. The moment Dr. McCoy says that there were casualties on the away team, Spock leaps from the command chair without another word, looking so fucking scared, leaving a very confused Scotty in command. Nurse Chapel reports to the others that Jim’s first words when he woke up with Captain Spock sitting beside him was “hey, lover.” Spock has not left Jim’s bedside during his recovery, their hands interlocked, matching bands on their ring fingers. 

Kwami Week Day Four: Human

Hello and welcome to ‘I spent my Spanish class reading the Wiki page on foxes in Japanese folklore’ and ‘I am obsessed with Trixx because she’s adorable and also I love Alya’!! Lila is that you. Been a while since I’ve drawn a full body digitally wow. Traditional art is still a lot easier for me.

Messing around with brushes and coloring and design.

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Artwork ©: alazic02

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why do grown ups go weird around babies?
erm, it’s actually this thing called pheromones. they give off a certain smell that makes their mums want to nurture.


This sketch kinda escalated  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


“I am a human too!”


#baek-ah is the captain of the hae-soo & wang so ship

Anyway I love @candycorncartooncat with my whole being. Xe means so much to me you don’t even know. Xe helps me figure out so many things. Knows how to ground me and gives me lots of helpful advice. Loves me wholeheartedly and supports me lots too.

Xe is great and lovely. Wonderful and adorable and I hope I give Sody as much back as they give me