on jewish fasting

hi jewish tumblr friends! we have fast days for the 17th of Tammuz (July 5th) and Tish’a B’av (July 25th). for those of us (especially sick and disabled folks) who will be fasting, I wanted to throw out so reminders:

  • first and foremost, you can define this fast for yourself. if you aren’t healthy enough to do a full fast, you can modify it: only drinking liquids, eliminating sweets and chocolate, etc. 
  • keep yourselves safe! we are in the middle of summer, if you start to feel sick please drink water. remember, we are commanded to break fasts to keep ourselves alive
  •  if you aren’t drinking water keep physical activity to a minimum and pls try and stay somewhere cooler. 
  • it’s ok to drink water to take meds
  • it’s ok to eat if you have meds you have to take with food
  • if you’re sick or disabled, it might be a good idea to ask a doctor before fasting. 

i hold you all in my hearts and i hope your weeks of mourning go well. 

*busts into the room with a box of timbits*



MATSUHANAWEEK (Aug 3rd - Aug 9th) is a seven-day long celebration of Matsukawa Issei and Hanamaki Takahiro, be it platonic or romantic. Show your love for the lovely 3rd years in every form of creativity!

Day 1: Online // Movie Night

Day 2: Cream Puffs // In the Background

Day 3: Tattoos and Flower Shops // Coffee Shop

Day 4: At Midnight // No Control

Day 5: Glasses // Piercings

Day 6: Now You’re Gone // Love is Never Ever Simple

Day 7: Third Years // Arm Wrestling Champion

Each day there are two prompts for you to choose from. They are mere guidelines, so have the freedom to create whatever you want if they aren’t suitable for you! Use the tag #matsuhanaweek - every work with the tag will be reblogged. Check out the short rules here. See you in August!

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I love how in most of your videos, you're yelling, and even when you aren't there's a lot of force in your voice. It just gives the impression of someone who's usually at about 200%

i am perpetually and eternally locked at 200%

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How do you find yourself?

you’ve got to immerse yourself in new surroundings. you’ve got to be an opportunity maker. opportunity makers surround themselves with people who aren’t similar to them, in surroundings they’re not familiar with, that’s how you grow and that’s how you begin the journey to finding yourself. educate yourself in as many subject areas you can and absorb knowledge like a sponge. start with greek philosophy and move onto political ideologies and current events. learn about the earth, the structure of your brain, analyse your dreams and pick apart your subconscious mind. read, read, read. start with fiction classics and learn new vocabulary and then read non fiction. become more intelligent. find a new word every day and watch a TED talks in order to discover how you can put that beautiful mind of yours to work efficiently. travel if you can and explore new cultures but if you can’t then don’t worry about it. just do whatever you can to get the fuck out of your comfort zone and train your brain. it’s a long journey and anyone who says they’ve completed it is lying. we’re constantly finding ourselves because we’re constantly changing and discovering new aspects of our identity so don’t worry about feeling behind because the present is always a perfect time to start the journey to find yourself.

I don’t care about if a person has a cool aesthetic blog nice tumblr style obscure taste in music….or if they read the right zines or something lol…those things aren’t going to define my whole relationship to them. It actually takes no sense of character to use those facets of someone as a measuring tool as opposed to someone’s values, experiences, decisions, generosity….disappoints me sometimes that people I know are more fixated on those superficial aforementioned elements rather than if someone is a good kind person. I think if you speak truly and engage with someone in a trusting non-judgemental way that will make you more “interesting” anyway but that’s just me

Anonymous said to alloftheprompts: Cute prompts involving kids

  1. A child wants to learn to cook and asks their parents for help.
  2. A child wants to sneak their beloved pet somewhere where pets aren’t allowed.
  3. Kids braid each other’s hair.
  4. Parents take their kids swimming for the first time.
  5. A child in line to meet their favorite author.
  6. A child makes a card for their parents; it’s full of amusing spelling mistakes.
  7. A child goes alone somewhere for the first time.
  8. A child gets a toy they always wanted but it’s disappointing, but someone helps them look at the bright side.
  9. A child is allowed to pick their own clothes. Results are hilarious.
  10. A child wakes up from a nightmare and goes to their parents.
  11. A child learns they’re going to have a sibling soon.
  12. A child talks about their first crush.
  13. A child goes to their first sleepover.
  14. A child brings home an unusual stray.
  15. A child brags about the new trick they learned.
How to Recover From a Broken Heart

Aquarius – will celebrate being independent again as they love to live their lives with “no strings attached”.  Freedom is their favorite “f” word and intellectual stimulation is far more rewarding for them.

Pisces – will watch their favorite romantic movie, have a good cry and wonder why they always choose partners that are not the best for them.  They’ll promise themselves that next time, they’ll go with their gut feeling earlier if things aren’t working out as their hunches are usually correct.

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Having guy friends that aren’t just your friends’ boyfriends is literally so much fun why didn’t I do this earlier

Dear People with Stretch Marks,

we tend to forget this, but i just wanted to remind you each that

• you are not disgusting. your stretch marks are a sign of growth and change, which is an amazing thing. your body is improving every day, and in order to remind you it leaves you stretch marks, so you never forget what’s happening.

• your stretch marks aren’t something that “need to be fixed”. stretch marks are naturally occurring and will always happen, no matter your size or shape. they’re a part of you, and you are absolutely wonderful, so why take something out of that equation?

• stretch marks are your body’s lightning bolts, please see the beauty of nature in them. they are beautiful, and come in so many different colors, whether white as sugar or red as raspberries, and they’re just as beautiful no matter what.

• you are a force of nature. your soul is a hurricane, your body a sturdy tree planting its roots in what you love. your stretch marks are lightning bolts that strike the tree, but instead of leaving, they become part of that tree.

• you are beautiful. you are worth it. even if your stretch marks are visible if you wear shorts or short sleeves, flaunt them. they’re beautiful, just like you, and if someone says that they’re not, just know that they have not truly seen beauty in the world yet, so their opinion shouldn’t be taken too heavily.

a kid covered in stretch marks that was never told this.

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I have a headcanon that in those "AU where you can't ___ until you meet your soulmate" the aroaces have it at birth if they don't want a QPP, because they don't need a soulmate, or gain it when they meet their QPP. Aros that aren't ace and aces that aren't aro gain it when they meet the person who can be their fwb or non-sexual romantic partner and polyamorous people get part of it each time they find a partner.

I like that
I like that a lot