• Capitalist Society: People are lazy.
  • Me: Eh, people aren't lazy, we just don’t like – and can’t live decently or happily within – a system while constantly being exploited. How about questioning why it is that our society values a person’s life only in direct proportion to how much they produce and how efficiently they do it? How about asking what life might look like if our entire existence did not revolve around – and become defined by – wage-labor?
  • Capitalist Society: Work or die buddy. Your choice.
  • Me: That's not a choice. It's coercion. It is the imminent threat of violence enforced by a system which deploys state terror to cement and expand the borders of capital, which controls how we live and think to constantly reproduce forms of self-management like a autonomous clock set in motion, needing only the slightest nudge to continue ticking onward. It is as much as a choice as trying to swim while drowning.
  • Capitalist Society: Call in sick again and you're fired.

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Our store hours are being reduced because we aren't making enough money between 10 and midnight so now we're closing at 10. The number of customers who are bitching at me like this is my fault??? If your *always* coming in and those times then really... it's your fault for not spending enough money....

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Hey! So I found this page about cognitive disfunction and basically what it does is that it has a program in it that makes other people experience how our brain works so they can understand it better. it's designed for parents of children in grades pre-k through 12, but it can be a fun thing to do to everyone that says our adhd problems aren't true! the page is this one: understood(point) org /en/tools/through-your-childs-eyes/ hope it helps! <3

  • Jungkook stares at a beautiful cake Jin baked, sitting on the table. Jungkook whines loudly, stomping his feet like a child.
  • JUNGKOOK: Ohahahahha!
  • JIMIN: What's wrong Kookie?
  • JUNGKOOK: This's mocking me.
  • JIMIN: Is that Jin's special three-berries and cream cheesecake?!
  • JUNGKOOK: Yeah, and we can't eat it.
  • Taehyung appears out of literally nowhere.
  • Namjoon, Hoseok, and Yoongi appear in the doorway.
  • NAMJOON: Are you guys talking about Jin's Special-
  • JUNGKOOK: Yes, yes and we aren't allowed to eat it !
  • YOONGI: Why not?
  • Yoongi approaches the cake. He's about to take a swipe of icing when Jungkook swats his hand away.
  • JUNGKOOK: Jin said we can't eat it. He baked it for Y/N's birthday.
  • HOSEOK: Damn it, ever since Jin started dating Y/N he's been neglecting us.
  • TAEHYUNG: Yeah, I bet I like cake more than Y/N does. Joonie, you're in charge, make us a cake.
  • NAMJOON: So this is what it feel like to be a single mom..
  • YOONGI: I say we eat it.
  • JIMIN: Jin will kill us. I heard him boasting about the cake to Y/N on the phone.
  • HOSEOK: I don't get it though, if he didn't want us to eat it why is it just sitting here in plain sight?
  • JUNGKOOK: Because Jin has faith in our self-control.
  • YOONGI: His mistake.
  • Yoongi grabs a knife and plunges it into the cake. He cuts himself a huge piece. The others runs and grabs forks and surround the slice, waiting for someone to take the first bite.
  • YOONGI: Don't mind if I do.
  • Yoongi takes a bite of the cake and immediekyek the others follow. Seconds later the rooms is filled with shrieks and coughed up cake bits.
  • They all trip over themselves and each other trying to drink something that would cool down the biting sensation from the cake that wasn't even a cake.
  • --- Jin'a Room:
  • Jin watches the members scrabble for water on his phone with Y/N.
  • They both laugh hysterically.
  • JIN: I knew they would fall for it.
  • Y/N: Funniest Birthday ever!
  • Together they enjoy watching Taehyung eat a tub of yogurt and Yoongi drown himself with tap water while devouring the real cake.
  • ~Armygirl

On one hand, I love the personality Ryder has in Andromeda and there aren’t really right or wrong choices.

On the other, I miss my renegade Shepard and all the extra opportunities I had to be a grade A bastard.

More impulse actions wouldn’t be the worst thing. Most wanted, to be able to hug Jaal at the kett temple. Also to kiss Reyes at random. Like just during every conversation with him I just have this constant impulse action to kiss him. I imagine what should be a two minute conversation taking ten.

Better yet, he reacts depending how many times you take the action.

But yes, Jaal needs a hug.

Tips For Fellow Writers ~ Part 1

• Just because your story doesn’t seem popular does not mean it’s bad. There will always be the stories that get a zillion comments (and sometimes the stories aren’t even that good). Don’t compare yourself to other writers, you’ll only drive yourself crazy.

• If you aren’t getting the amount of readers you want to have, try broadcasting your work more. Tweet, post, link, reblog…do your thing and spread the word. Tell your friends, they’ll tell their friends. Agatha Christie didn’t start off as the Queen of Crime, after all. It takes a long time to get people to see you and your work.

• Listen to the criticism but take it with a grain of salt. Some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (i.g someone saying that you use too many run on sentences and you do) is good. It’s healthy. It gives you perspective or brings to your attention things you may have missed on your own. But the fact is, there will always be people who don’t like your writing. They’ll think you are too lengthy, too descriptive, too simplistic, too boring…it goes on and on. When the comments stray away from factual criticism and become more personal complaints, just ignore them. People don’t have to like what you write, everyone has different tastes.

• There will be the days that you look at the page and think to yourself ‘I can’t write today’. That’s incorrect; you CAN write, you just don’t WANT to. When you’re stressed about something else or distracted by a busy day, writing may be the last thing you want to do. The ability to write is like a muscle; it needs daily training to strengthen. Even if you don’t WANT to write, do it anyway. Force yourself. Even if it physically makes you want to scream, just keep writing and it WILL get easier. Words will start to flow faster and better as time goes on.

• All the same, let it not be forgotten that writing is freaking hard and there won’t be a time when it is completely easy. It’s so hard. Excruciatingly hard. You may even start crying it’s so hard. You may personally want to grab a sledgehammer and destroy your laptop because just looking at what you’ve written makes you miserable. Every writer goes through this and like any storm, it’ll peak and then drop off. The storm will pass and you’ll be able to face your writing again. I promise.

• Getting inspired by what you read, watch and listen to is great. Really, it is. Just be sure that after reading ‘The 100’ you aren’t saying “I want to write a dystopian novel about teenagers”, but then later that day you watch Star Trek and say “I want to write a story about space explorers”. There is such a thing as getting inspired by something and then there is another thing called getting conflicted by something. Go with your instincts. Stick with your ideas that don’t change after every time you read or watch something. The ideas that stay in your mind, they’re the solid ones that will last.

• Enjoy what you are writing. If you’re only writing to please a crowd, chances are the crowd will be able to tell that it isn’t genuine. You’re going to be devoting time and energy into this story, so you have to personally enjoy the story first. An author’s enthusiasm for the topic will be evident and more endearing.

• Your characters are going to be living in your head for a long time so you have more than enough opportunities to create believable ones. Nothing is worse than being halfway through a book and thinking to yourself, 'There is no way these could be relatable people’. No personality is one dimensional in real life, so why should it be in fiction?

• Edit without mercy. Unnecessary character? Cut them. Unnecessary wording? Cut it. Unnecessary scene? Cut the whole thing. One of my favourite books on writing (The Elements Of Style) has the infamous and impassioned phrase, “Omit needless words!”

• There will be days that you look at your writing and think that you are the 'WORST WRITER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!’ We’ve all had these moments. I get them daily. When you feel a quell of hysteria rising, just remind yourself that you aren’t alone in this. Fellow writers get this and we ride it out. You will be just fine. Take a deep breath and put your writing in some perspective. Never jump to the worst conclusion immediately.

So that’s all I’ve got for you fellow writers today! I’ll work on Part 2 soon. Hopefully some of these tips helped. If anyone needs any tips or help with writing, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Hugs! Xx

I’m really bad with words but I know some of my mutuals aren’t doin’ so hot right now, or haven’t been at all of late. If that’s you and you’re reading this, please just know that I hope it gets better, that your circumstances make you draw closer to God for your comfort and strength. And I keep reasonably busy these days but if anyone needs prayers or someone to talk to, hit me up and I’ll get to you when I can.

honestly y’all like

my whole body feels hot rn i’m honestly fucking raging i’m so fucking pissed about this


Bts- reacting to your Butterfly high note

Requested: Bts reacting to you singing ‘Butterfly’ in the shower and you sing the high note very well

Namjoon: “Damn, my baby isn’t only beautiful but her vocals are bomb. We should see how high your voice goes in the bedroom ;)” 

i didn’t mean to make him a hoe

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Seokjin: “Gorgeous, kind, and can sing. You’re just the girl version of me, aren’t ya?”

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Hoseok: “You sing like an angel… and I’m an angel… we’re angels. Truly a power couple jagiya.”

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Yoongi: “Wow mami was that you? Come with me to the studio sometime so we can collab or do something else…”

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Taehyung: “Yaaaaas baby! Sing it loud and sing it proud!”

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Jimin: “Tha-that was so good.” Shyly asks, “Can you sing to me?”

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Jungkook: *Wakes up from nap* “Angel?! Angel in my house?!”

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Okay my first reaction .o. tell me what you think and if I should do these more often. Also if I should make them longer. Criticize me! lmao

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You know you can just have Case 2 and Case 3 not be a song series if it really is so painful for you. Your writing is good enough as it is, so if you could just do one song for each of the whole cases you can or alternatively you can just write them as short stories and not have any music for them at all. Just some ideas so that Communications doesn't become such a bane to your existence. Make it easier for yourself and don't push too much.

i know but 

a) my subs on youtube aren’t gonna give a shit, even if i upload a video explaining everything they’re still gonna nag at me to continue

b) the only thing i’m really happy w/ about communications is the fact that i’m finally getting a story of mine out there in like?? an actual finalized form??? instead of just an idea i talk about every now and then you know,,,,, like i definitely wanna continue it, like i Really wanna finish the series, my motivation is just getting Killed by how much attention it’s getting bshfvbdh

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I don't get why people are twisting harry's response about equality and politics? I don't think he said anything wrong? People are saying he's ignorant and shouldn't talk about it

I definitely don’t think he said anything ~wrong, but it was also ignorant. People saying he shouldn’t talk about it are probably the same people who get mad when he doesn’t. Sometimes he won’t win.

I think his sentiment was lovely, and I think I got what he meant. I think anyone not being a dick can clearly see what he meant to convey. Equality, human rights.. they /shouldn’t/ be political. My rights or your rights shouldn’t be up for debate because of characteristics we can’t help.

But the other side of that is that they are unequivocally, inherently political, and have been since day one. Every time he wears a rainbow pin or posts about gender equality, when he wears a Michael Sam jersey, he is making a political statement. Suggesting these issues aren’t political is ignorant, and usually comes from a place of privilege. Harry fits that bill. 

But anyone who thinks he was ~wrong, or like, offensive (???) or shouldn’t be saying things like that??? Nah man. What he’s saying is, imo, very positive at the end of the day. If people want him to be extensively educated, and provide thorough and critical analyses of political and societal issues, they’re going to be consistently disappointed.

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a concept for ur consideration: neil, thinking about running. andrew, grabbing his arm and just signing "stay" with the other hand, a sign that's firm enough that it doesn't leave room to question

oh boy oh boy you have ignited my absolute love of angst (my other asl!andreil stuff)

  • so let’s say the foxes aren’t doing so great this season
  • still decent
  • but with all the new players it’s hard play like a tight unit
  • and the Moriyamas notice
  • Ichirou demands asks Neil to see him
  • for a “civil conversation about their shared interest in Neil’s career”
  • (read: thinly veiled threats about harming everyone neil knows)
  • it freaks Neil out
  • He starts panicking 
  • His fight or flight instincts kick in
  • He starts packing up his duffel bag out of habit
  • and makes it all the way to Columbia before he even realizes what he’s doing
  • but there’s still that seed of panic that keeps him from going back to Palmetto
  • it’s actually Roland who see’s Neil pacing at a bus station and texts Andrew and Nicky about it
  • he doesn’t know a lot but he’s seen enough of Neil to know he has Issues™
  • faster than is probably legally possible, Andrew shows up
  • andrew: speed limits? i don’t know her
  • neil sees him and doesn’t know whether to go to him or to run faster
  • because andrew’s temper is not a force to be reckoned with
  • but andrew isn’t even out of the car for a second before he locks eyes with neil
  • and signs stay
  • there is no question behind what he means
  • he pushes his hand out in front of him with a force greater than any spoken word
  • he gets closer to neil
  • who hasn’t moved
  • andrew places his left hand on the back of neil’s neck
  • he signs stay again
  • softer this time, looking right into neil’s eyes
  • please

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So I'm agender and recently I've been looking at gender neutral pronouns and I saw "ve/ver/vis" and I really like them!! But, they're REALLY different from most pronouns, and I'm afraid that some people won't accept me, or just won't use them because they're too difficult. It also seems like it'd be harder to come out since it's so confusing if you don't know anything about the nonbinary community. It's actually making me dislike them. Any help?

Well, unfortunately, neopronouns are always a little tricky in the coming out process. A lot of people don’t know how to use them, and thus discard them. Of course, that isn’t right or fair, but it is, sadly, a thing.

However! Don’t despair just yet! When you come out to people, make sure to have some info tucked away in your pocket. Teach them how to use your pronouns; be clear that these aren’t optional! These aren’t a joke, and you’d really like them to be used. 

Remember that neopronouns are super cool and fine to use. It just might take a little more work. 

(Sadly, I can’t find any articles explaining using neopronouns for people in my initial search… I will keep looking. Or, hell, write it myself.)

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what if steve & buckys first pup is just rlly big, bc the serum would make a very healthy baby, & people tease steve asking if hes sure hes only got one in there??

Oh, how I love this! Here you go Nonny! -Ree

“Steve you okay over there?” Bucky chuckled at his very pregnant husband struggling to get off of the couch. 

“Shut. your. face.” Steve hated to be thought of as someone who needed help. God his stubbornness was awful, but nonetheless, Bucky loved him for it. 

“Come on then, you and the triplets aren’t moving anytime soon without me.” Bucky gently lifted Steve up to help him to his feet and held back a laugh as he walked away.  

“There is only one. You know this.” Steve’s tone was sharp and totally not in the mood to deal with any shit from Bucky or anyone else right now. 

Bucky loved going to appointments with Steve, he loved the new technology they had and watching his pup grow.

“Wow Steve, would you like to know the gender?” Steve and Bucky both nodded excitedly. 

“Well, your baby girl is so far nine pounds eight ounces and is ready to meet you any day now.” The Nurse smiled widely at the two of them and could see the excitement pouring off of them like rain in April. 

Seventeen long painful hours, eight stitches, and a popped exercise ball that's seen better days later…. And there she was. Natalia Ann Barnes was born at 3:02 am on Saturday the 4th of July. She weighed ten pounds three ounces and was twenty-one inches long. Steve snuggled into his alpha as the other avengers piled into the room, Thor actually whispered and Clint was silently tearing up. 

“Damn Steve, you weren’t kidding. You really did only have one in there!” Tony popped off as Peppers’ hand met the back of his head. 

“Thank you,” Steve whispered, to the blond alpha. 

“Can I hold my Goddaughter now? Please?” Natasha stepped closer and took the baby with the red mop of hair into her arms. 

“Hello, Natalia. I’m your aunt Tasha. And I will always. Forever. Protect you.”