Hahahaha. Ngayon ko lang naisip na pwedeng gawing flash ung “J” dun sa logo. Teehee. Hello There. ~_____~ Natapos ko na yung jersey design kaya sinusunod ko na tong logo. :P Gogogogog.

*Hindi pala yan ung actual colors. saka ko pa aayusin ung kulay pag okay na yung detalye. dahil nakavector naman yung image :)


Spent 3 hours conceptualizing a simple logo.

3:30 pm ako nagsimulang magisip ng logo design for a photographer. As of now, nakakatatlong baso na ako at apat na packs ng biscuit. At ngayon nagluluto pa ako dahil nagugutom nanaman ako. Matagal ako magconceptualize ng isang bagay dahil sinisgurado kong ineencorporate ko dun yung subject ko. 

kanina pa ako gumagawa dito at nagiisip kung paano. Iba’t ibang concept na din ang naisip ko mula sa mukhang-portrait na logo hanggang sa mukhang-pang-outerspace na logo. Tumingin na din ako sa net for ideas at luckily, marami naman akong nakita at dahil dun lumawak pa lalo yung concept na naiisip ko. 

at sa huli, nakaisip na din ako kung paano ko gagawin. Hehe. Kaya dun sa mga nagsasabing madali lang gumawa ng logo design. THINK AGAIN. Kasi kung gagawa ka ng design dapat nasusunod mo yung limang ito: Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile at Appropriate.

My first post for 2012!!! :) Saying goodbye and thanking 2011. That was a roller coaster ride for me yet Im still KICKIN’ N Alive! :)

Thank you also for those people who still continue on following my blog. Really appreciate it guys! Here’s a toast for 2012!

sorry for my “game on” face :) Wahahhahha

My Gpoy this Christmas season. Meet Mina - a child from Lourdes Home for the Handicapped. 

I spent some of my time with them last week (as a volunteer) and what’s cool is that… there are so many things I learned from them. I also enjoy my stay with them :)

These people know how to appreciate things, disregarding how big or small it is.

I have the most annoying smile. hmmmm…

Have a merry Christmas everyone!

GPOY - My last day at the office. Next week Ill be on another company. Sad, yet I had to do what I needed to do :) Do I look like 21yo here? Hahaha

Aside from that, this is my geekiest style that i ever worn. Thanks to Jam for letting me borrowed her glassless eyeglasses [funny huh?]. Im so busy right now that’s why I dont have any time to shoot on something and post it in here, so followers, Ill understand if you’ll gonna unfollow me :(

It will be raining GPOY for now :)

Photo Interpretation:

Top: Genius [left] Dumb [right]

Bottom: Harassed [left] Retarded [right]

Shot using Nel’s camera phone.

365 Days Photo Project

It’s actually a 366 Days Photo Project since 2012 is a leap year.

Yep, that’s right! I’m starting a Photo Project. I really dont know if I can do it for a year but I’ll try my best (even my bestest wahahahhaha) just to fulfill this challenge. :D

I have posted it on my other tumblr account coz I want it to be more personal. 

If you are interested to see it you can visit my page and click this icon (located at the left corner of my page):

or just visit my 2nd tumblr account, click here. Follow nyo na din ako kung trip nyo lang naman. Hahahaha.

Ayun! Happy new year again. Jan 1 pa naman eh :)