Happy Holidays! Now I present my Secret Santa submission for makr0ss as part of the@fuckyeaharcsystemworks event! The request was to draw either A.B.A, Testament (Guilty Gear), or Hakumen (BlazBlue). I decided to go all out and put all three of them in the picture as an easter egg. This was my first round in an event like this and I had a ton of fun working on it!

The .png verson was way to big for tumblr (16.2mb!) so here is that FULLSIZE image 


Whenever I need to enjoy a bit of nature I like to go on a 5.5 mile walk through my favorite part of Savannah. This time was a little bit different and I ended up being caught in some downpour. While I normally enjoy these walks on clear days I found that the rain complimented what spring has to offer here . New smells, visuals, and being completely soaked made for an enjoyable evening that I will keep in my memory whenever I think of this town.