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Phone Etiquette

Talking in real life is different from talking over the phone, especially in Japanese!

Even in English we speak differently, especially to people we don’t know well. In Japanese it’s like a completely different type of conversational speaking!

This is general phone conversation and mostly for answering the phone and introductions to phone calls. The rest is up to your own speaking skills.

Answering The Phone

This one is usually obvious, but a casual yet also polite way to answer the phone is to simply say 「もしもし」. This can be either on the receiving or calling end. 

Making a Phone Call

Usually on the phone but also in general, is added to the end of you introducing yourself (i.e. Hi, this is Ivey, is Alex there? or Yes, this is Ivey.).
Formally: もしもし、アイビーと申しますが、アレックスさんいらっしゃいますか?Moshi moshi, aibi to moshimasu ga, arekkusu-san irassha imasu ka?
Hello, this is Ivey speaking, is Alex there?
More casually: もしもし、アイビーですが、アレックスさんいますか?moshi moshi, aibi desu ga, arekkusu-san imasu ka?
Hello, this is Ivey, is Alex there?

夜分遅くにすみますん。Yabun osoku ni sumimasen.
I’m sorry for calling so late.

また後で電話します。Mata ato de denwa shimasu.
I’ll call back later.

Wrong Number:
いいえ、違います。iie, chigaimasu. 
No, this is the wrong number. (literally “no, differ/disagree”)
I called the wrong number. (I made a mistake.)

Answering The Phone

Generally, you can just say:
もしもし、〜です。moshi moshi, ~desu.
Hi, this is ____.

どちら様ですか?dochira sama desu ka? 
May I ask who this is?

自分が本人だった場合〜 jibun ga honnin datta baai.
This is he/she. (If someone asks for you) <- polite
私ですが。。watashi desu ga..
Speaking. <- polite or casual
はい、そうです。hai, sou desu.
Yes, this is [they]. <- easiest/most versatile

Telling someone to hold on while you get the person they want to talk to:
Polite: はい、少々、お待ち下さい。hai, shoushou omachi kudasai.
Casual: はい、ちょっと待って下さい。hai, chotto matte kudasai.
Yes, just a moment, please.

The person is not available:
Formal: 今、出かけておりますが。ima, dekakete orimasu ga.
Casual: 今、おりませんが。ima, orimasen ga.
[They’re] not available/here right now.

ご用件は? (very casual) goyouken wa?
what’s it about? (i.e. why are they calling)