EXO Reaction To You Finding Out About Their Powers

Request - Anon said: Hi :) would I be able to request an EXO reaction where you find out about them having their powers Thank you!
A/N: OMG I love their power concept this was so much fun Thank you for requesting and I hope you like it! Happy Reading! - Rhin

 *he graciously helps you clean up when a pipe bursts in your house. It goes much faster than you thought it would and you finally find out why*
 You: Ah, now I’m really glad I asked you for help, Suho
 Him: You’re not surprised?
 You: At this point, not really. This just adds to how wonderful you are

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 *You and Kai are running errands, getting ready for Christmas, but something’s off because first he’s tracking white sand into the house, then you see a maple leaf in his hair, and where did he get those pomegranates that you needed*
 You: *confront him with the evidence*
 Him: Well… well, it’s actually a pretty cool story, maybe I’ll tell you sometime, but long story short I can teleport

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 *you just happened to pop out of the house to give Chanyeol the burgers at just the right time to catch him lighting the grill with his hand*
 You: *rush over to see if his hand’s okay* How do you not have second degree burns?
 Him: *lights his hand again* Well, it’s apart of me so… it can’t hurt me? Idk its cool though.       (You’re Sehun)

 *a child falls off the swings at the park you two are at and you two run over to see if he’s okay. Lay heals a cut as fast as he can without you seeing it but you catch him*
 You: That’s awesome! Wait.. is this why you never come home as injured as the boys say you get during practice?

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 *You were on the roof helping replace shingles when you accidentally slipped off. Kris caught you, of course*
 You: *still shook*  What just happened? Were you flying?!
 Him: Don’t think about that right now, just breathe. 

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 *you come back from a work trip and you find mops and dusters floating around and doing stuff like some Fantasia shit*
 You: What is happening?! *walks around the corner to find Luhan stirring a pot of Mac N’ Cheese with no hands* Uh, Lu??!
 Him: Oh! You’re home! I guess I have to explain now, huh? 

 *the power goes out in your house and you’re deathly afraid of the dark so he uses his power to comfort you*
 You: Wow… that’s amazing!
 Him: *blushes* 

 *he makes coffee for you and a couple of guests that you have over. You walk in to the kitchen to grab more cookies and you see him cover the cups in frost to cool the liquid heaven down*
 You: So that’s your secret ingredient
 Him: Well, now our secret, okay?

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 *he catches a lightning bolt that was about to hit you*
 You: When were you going to tell me about this?
 Him: Uhh…. now?

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 *You two are driving through the mountains and there’s a rock slide ahead of you. There are multiple cars in its path and he quickly makes a barrier out of the mountain side to stop it*
 You: That. Was. Awesome.
 Him: Glad you think so

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 *he’s walking down the street with you when a wreck happens on the street ahead. He stops time to get everyone out of harm’s way*
 You: *for some reason you’re like immune to this?* Well, this is interesting *looks at Tao suspiciously*
 Tao: ….. Shut up and help me

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 *an unexpected burst of his power accidentally makes him blow all the books off the shelves around him*
 You: *whisper yells, because you’re in a public library, you have to* Sehun! What the hell was that?
 Him: Well… hehe…umm…well, I can do this thing…

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NEON HIGHWAY: A Rhack serial killer Americana road trip AU set in the vague 70’s/80’s; Southwestern gothic-flavoured. Shitty food, cheap motels, and desert for days; driving for miles and digging shallow graves.

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He’s like Bethesdad but for Arkane, so like..Uncle Arkane. Arkncle??

I’m not sure what this means for the hope that we’ll see some Whalers in DH2 but I’M HOPING THAT THAT LAST THING MEANS THERE’S AT LEAST A LIL SMIDGEON OF HOPE