“…Areir, Rhum.” She said, her tone even. “Welcome back.” She saw the pain in their faces. She was no stranger to that pain.
    Both bowed. “Jun,” Areir said, straightening. “I-….I’m sorry…” His voice caught in his throat, pressing tears out his eyes. Next to him Rhum was trying hard to keep the tears from spilling out.

  “Shhh.” She completed the distance between them and her and embraced them both.
    Areir let his bow drop to the floor as he returned the embrace. Rhum buried his head in Jun’s rich robes.
    Jun held them both close and she closed her eyes. Their silence spoke a thousand words: words of love, regret, grief… She could only bring herself to let go when Chi entered the room minutes later.

Here at college I’ve been writing/roleplaying with one of the other illustration students and this scene always hit me as being extremely prominent. I really wanted to draw it, and although it took a month to finally get it done, here it is. uwu

Done in colored pencil, marker, and chalk pastel.