“Women are made for making babies and housekeeping, not for hard dangerous sports like ski jumping”, said the coach of the Russian male ski jumping team Aleksandr Arefiev in a recent interview. And you easily can imagine me clenching fists in anger. 

There’s still an enormous quantity of men in this sport who think like this. Some try to cover it with sugary hypocricy, some don’t even try, like Arefiev and, to be honest, most of Russian Ski Jumping Federation. What’s the point even if Gian Franco Casper, FIS president, takes liberties to comment on this topic in a nasty chauvinist way every now and then? 

Yet our girls, beautiful, strong, brave girls achieved so much through all these years of battles with chauvinism and plain stupidity that surrounds ladies ski jumping. 

In three weeks ladies ski jumping is making its debut at the Olympic Games after long, exhausting years of debates, arguments and discussions.

This is a great victory. For all of us. Thank you, girls, for winning an important battle.