aredneckinbc art


So the studio I work at, Titmouse, does a day every year where everyone gets to make short films. We had the Canadian Screening last night so I can post the short I made online now! Enjoy!


Because i am beyond hope here is Knuckle, Shoot and Palm playing baseball and as a bonus– my unsolicited baseball headcannons if the hunter association was more inclined to have a summer barbecue with a softball game rather than dealing with world ending shenanigans.

Shoot didn’t want to play but Morel Makes him. Then he tries to play right field so that he can not play as much as possible but after one inning everyone says floating hands are too much of an outfield advantage and someone had the bright idea to make him pitch since there’s not a lot of catching to do. He’s a nervous wreck for the rest of the game.

Palm gets shortstop because she’s terrifying and the best and stopping runners from stealing. Half of this is because she’s good at tagging and half because People are too scared to steal past her. She also has a great habit of where to hit when to best shake up the other teams defense.

Knuckle wanted to play infield really really bad,  and they let him take first base for a while and he’s good at it. But as soon as the team starts winning he feels bad the the other players and starts coaching them when they get on base. He’s then banished to center field, where he does a lot of yelling and cheering and can’t chit-chat.