aredhel ar feiniel

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Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady of the Noldor, daughter of Fingolfin, dwelt in Nevrast with Turgon her brother, and she went with him to the Hidden Kingdom. But she wearied of the guarded city of Gondolin, desiring ever the longer the more to ride again in the wide lands and to walk in the forests, as had been her wont in Valinor.

Names in the House of Fingolfin

First of all, if you haven’t read this post about elvish naming customs, you’ll probably want to, since the rest of this won’t make too much sense otherwise. Also, I’ve got the Feanorian version of this post here.



  • Father-name: Findekano (“hair, commander”), sindarized to “Fingon”
  • Mother-name: unknown


  • Father-name: Turukano (something, “commander”), sindarized to “Turgon”
  • Mother-name: unknown


  • Father-name: Irisse (meaning unknown), sindarized to “Ireth”
  • Mother-name: unknown
  • After-name/Epesse: Aredhel (“noble elf”), also Ar-Feiniel (“noble white lady”) in the published Silmarillion


  • Father-name: Arakano (something, “commander”), sindarized posthumously to “Argon”
  • Mother-name: unknown


  • Quenya name: Itarilde (“sparkling brilliance”), sometimes written Itarille, sindarized to “Idril” (it’s not clear if this was a father-name or a mother-name, or if (Idril’s mother being of the Vanyar) she even followed the same naming conventions as the Noldor.)
  • After-name/Epesse: Celebrindal (“silver-foot”)


  • Father-name: Maeglin (“sharp glance”), given to him at age 12
  • Mother-name: Lomion (“child of twilight”), given to him in secret (since Eol was strictly anti-Noldorin and anti-Quenya)

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 12 (“The Shibboleth of Feanor”)

→ Silmarillion fancast: 3/ Sonequa Martin-Green as Aredhel Ar-Feiniel 

Their sister was Aredhel the White. She was younger in years of the Eldar than her brothers; and when she was grown to full stature and beauty she was tall and strong, and loved much to ride and hunt in the forests. There she was often in the company of the sons of Fëanor, her kin; but to none was her heart’s love given.


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Aredhel (Y.T. 1362 - F.A. 400)

Aredhel, also called Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady of the Ñoldor, was the daughter of High King Fingolfin and Anairë; sister of Fingon, Turgon, and Argon, and mother of Maeglin.