kareenvorbarra replied to your post “you said a while ago that you didn’t think aredhel and lúthien would…”

see now i’m trying to wrap my mind around aredhel somehow showing up in marriage au verse nargothrond and encountering whatever convoluted poly situation is going on at the time

aredhel being like “well you sure seem happy with your perfect beautiful pregnant wife” and celegorm laughs nervously and blurts out something like “actually we’re both pretty sure the baby isn’t mine hahaha” and aredhel’s just like “….hang on what”

oh my god now I really want this, because I had been writing marriage au verse as after aredhel dies but you know what there is no reason for that, I can make that not happen

in which case yes, this and the convoluted poly situation gets even more convoluted and poly, also aredhel is still trying to figure this out

“so you’re married to her, and she’s sleeping with the human, and you’re…sleeping with both of them. also finrod and curufin are sleeping together but finrod wants to be sleeping with the human, possibly? and your wife is having a half-elf baby with the human.”

celegorm’s like “it’s not that complicated, really?”

Women of the House of Finwe as pre raphaelites painting:

“La Ghirlandata” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Nerdanel;

Nerissa” by John William Godward as Anaire

Miranda” by Thomas Francis Dicksee as Earwen

Lilium” by Walter Crane as Indis

Valkira” by Edward Robert Hughes as Findis

Windflowers” by John William Waterhouse as Irime Lalwende

Sleeping beauty” by John Collier as Mirìel Serinde

A nymph in the forest” by Charles Amable Leinor as Aredhel

Ask me no more” by Lawrence Alma-Tadema as Galadriel


Anonymous asked: “hi! i am rereading the silmarillion after many years and i’m having some trouble with the noldorin royal family’s relationships. do you know a chart that shows who was on especially good terms with who and who disliked who? or if it interests you can you talk a bit about it? i love your blog!

Oh boy, Anon, you said the magic words: Noldor and chart. So have four! First a family tree to help keep the relations straight. Then a chart showing members of the family described by Tolkien as being on especially friendly or unfriendly terms. Then a chart showing everyone’s reaction to the Oath of Feanor, and finally one showing the lineup for the departure of the Noldor from Valinor.

If you’d like to read more about the Noldorin royal family and their complicated relationships, I’ve got plenty more posts for you:

the-heart-of-my-mystery  asked:

you said a while ago that you didn't think aredhel and lúthien would get along if they met. would you be willing to expand upon that headcanon?

I would indeed be willing! first off, it would mostly be unidirectional: Lúthien has no problem with Aredhel - probably does not particularly care about her, tbh. but Aredhel has a big problem with Lúthien.

there are a few reasons for this. my headcanon of Aredhel is that she’s…pretty flawed in a lot of ways. she has a lot of heart and a lot of compassion and a lot of kindness, but like most of her family she also has a lot of ego and a lot of pride. she also tends a little toward jealousy and envy, and I think that would get kicked off by Lúthien. not so much the “she’s more beautiful than me!!” thing - though I think there would be a little of that, elves are obsessed with beauty, that’s canon - but just that Lúthien is, well, perfect. she’s not the hunter Aredhel is, sure - but in most other ways Aredhel feels kind of outclassed, and she hates that.

and when Aredhel is angry or doesn’t like someone, I headcanon that she can be very petty in a lot of small ways. she is not a diplomat. and Lúthien…I don’t think she has a lot of patience for that. 

I’m not one of those people who thinks that two strong women necessarily must always butt heads - far from it, I hope that’d be obvious from my blog. but these two particular women I feel like would just clash - never aggressively, but eventually there would probably be a lot of the very pointed “I am ignoring you” in both directions. 

though Lúthien is better at that than Aredhel is.

Nerdanel is out for ladies’ night with the other moms and aunties so that means Elf Papas have to babysit. Warm-up piece (kind of??) for Nolofinwean week. Also because I love this family a lot.

from left to right: Fingon & Maedhros, little Angrod & Aegnor, Fëanor & little Curufin, little Caranthir & Argon, Fingolfin with little Turgon and Aredhel, Amrod & Amras, Finarfin & little Galadriel, Celegorm, Finrod and Maglor.


watch the Queen conquer ♛ Aredhel Ar-Feiniel

The White Lady of the Ñoldor, daughter of Fingolfin, dwelt in Nevrast with Turgon her brother, and she went with him to the Hidden Kingdom. But she wearied of the guarded city of Gondolin, desiring ever the longer the more to ride again in the wide lands and to walk in the forests, as had been her wont in Valinor.

Their sister was Aredhel the White. She was younger in years of the Eldar than her brothers; and when she was grown to full stature and beauty she was tall and strong, and loved much to ride and hunt in the forests. There she was often in the company of the sons of Fëanor, her kin; but to none was her heart’s love given.

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‘Then Aredhel was glad, and looked with pride upon her son; and telling the servants of Eöl that they went to seek the sons of Fëanor they departed and rode away to the north eaves of Nan Elmoth. There they crossed the slender stream of Celon into the land of Himlad and rode on to the Fords of Aros, and so westward along the fences of Doriath.’ - Of Maeglin, The Silmarillion.

Leaving Nan Elmoth, by Catherine Chmiel