Seguramente en algun momento de la primera edad hubo un cretino que pensó que sería buena idea inmortalizar el momento en el que Maedhros fue rescatado por Fingon en toda su sangrienta y trágica gloria.

Lo se, porque si yo hubiera vivido en esa época, yo hubiera sido ese cretino. :P

En la imagen:

Fingon trata de bajar el cuerpo inconsciente de Maedhros con la mayor delicadeza posible, ayudado por Aegnor y Finrod. Aredhel está ahí también, pero ahora que esta cerca, no puede hacer mucho por temor a soltar a Maedhros por el shock de verlo así.



you know there was a point in time between the rescue of Maedhros and the end of Beleriand where some jerk thought it’d be “heroic” and “poetic” to inmortalize the arrival of Fingon and Maedhros to Fingolfin’s camp.

I know thise, because if I were a 1rst age elf, I’d be that jerk. :P

in the image:

Fingon is trying to lower Maedhros as gently as posible, with the help of Aegnor and Finrod. Aredhel is there too, but now that she’s close, she’s so shocked for seeing Maedhros she’s afraid she might drop him out of shock.

So I tried to make this look like a painting, I’m not really sure how well it worked but… *shrugs* I tried.


My edit: Women of the House of Finwe + pre raphaelites paintings [2/2]

The paintings are:

  • Galadrìel Alatarìel : Ask me no more by Lawrence Alma Tadema;
  • Aredhel Ar-Feinel: A nymph into the forest by Charles Amable Leinor;
  • Idril Celebrìndal: Farewell by Edmund Blair Leighton;
  • Finduilas Faelivrin: My fair lady by Edmund Blair Leighton;
  • Celebrìan: Miranda by Thomas Francis Dicksee

The first part of my meme is here:

Firstly, I wanted  to include in “the House of Finwe" also female figures like Amarie, the lover of Finrod, or Edhellos, the wife of Angrod, or Elenwe, the wife of Turgon (because I’ve included also in the House of Finwe Nerdanel, Anaire and Earwen, that are Finwe’s relatives only via marriage), but for par condicio, I’d to put also the wives of Curufin, Maglor and Caranthir … and these haven’t a name in all the versions of the legendarium. So, sadly I mustto exclude the wives of the sons of Feanor, like the wives of the sons of Fingolfin and Finarfin, even if I had also in my mind associated to them a pre raphaelite painting too.