I’m going to tell you why GOT7′s “Just Right” Video is perfect

there are a lot of reasons but here are just a few of them

  1. they’re a popular kpop boy group addressing body image issues
  2. because they’re a popular kpop boy group they have some if not a lot of influence over their audience
  3. we all know that korea and asia in general has a pressure to be skinny and pretty and they basically just broke that wall down saying that you are perfect the way you are
  4. being a boy band they know they have a lot of female fans, most of which are younger
  5. which is why they used a younger girl (age 12-14) in their videos because let’s be honest this is the age where body image issues start to pop up
  6. instead of singing about love they decide to address a major issue that basically ruins lives in asia, which is a stepping stone in itself
  7. they made their music video in a cute and adorable way not only to attract the correct audience but also make them go back and watch it again, getting  the message across effeciently and effectively

just thank god for got7 this is really wonderful to see thank you

dating 1940′s Bucky would include

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  • him having a crush on you since you were kids
  • he fell in love with the girl who protected his best friend Steve when he wasn’t there
  • admiring you from afar
  • in school he would always share his tiny lunch with you (and Steve)
  • saving money to buy you your favorite candy
  • leaving anonymous love notes for you to find
  • always being protective of you
  • asking Steve to draw you so he can have yet another picture of you with him
  • at the same time being jealous when Steve’s drawing you because he wants you to be his and only his to admire
  • being the only one to call him James / Jamie
  • picnic dates
  • him cooing at how adorably shy you are
  • being each other’s first kisses
  • building pillow forts
  • and cuddling in there
  • him being really good at kissing even though he’s new at it
  • you blushed so hard the first time you felt his tongue lick your lips
  • “Jamie…”
  • “i’m sorry, dove, i just thought…”
  • “no, please, do that again”
  • shy yet passionate make out sessions
  • him taking you to the cinema every time he gets his wage
  • trying to find a good match for Steve
  • poor Steve’s always third-wheeling on your dates
  • midnight walks
  • blushing every time he takes of his shirt (and he does that quite frequently)
  • reading together in pillow forts
  • dreaming of future
  • “i’ll be rich one day, angel, and i will buy you so many books, i promise”
  • praying every day that he won’t get sent off to war
  • keeping a picture of him in the necklace he gave you on your 12th birthday
  • him kissing your hand with every chance he gets
  • playing with his hair
  • helping him shave
  • taking care of Stevie when he gets hurt
  • losing your virginity to each other the day before he gets sent off to war
  • “this is a promise, angel, my promise to you that i’ll come back for you, for us”
  • him holding you in his arms one last time
  • staying awake the whole night because you want to savor every second together
  • “i’ll be back before you know it, my love”
  • little did he know
the signs as @realcabbagefact tweets

****These are not my tweets. These are tweets from the Twitter account realcabbagefact. I love them.****

aries: murder

taurus: Cabbage cabbage full of leafs

Cow cow cow is full of beefs

gemini: Me: slide a cabbage up your ass

Bill Clinton: what did you say

Me: stick him right up there

Bill Clinton: dont tell Hillary

cancer: C - cabbage

A - are

B - big

B - beautiful

A - green

G - leaf

E - friends

leo: Elivis Presly did not like cabbage and now he is dead so what does that tell you

virgo: A cabbage is green

A pototo is brown

Why are you sad

Why are you frown

libra: daddy

scorpio: You cant get a cabbage pregnant but it does not hurt to try

sagittarius: Debbie how could you do this to me

capricorn: You can pretend to be a cabbage by painting your self green and curling up into a ball on the floor and never moving until you are dead

aquarius: The more you kill some one the more they will die

pisces: Most people that you meet will die some day

Dirty Laundry really shows the true form of a latin family. What a family goes through, but hides anyway. The prejudge of the parents if a son comes out, the rebel child who runs away, the pain that they hide of almost losing one child and the list continues.

This fanfiction made me feel so identificated as a latina. It made me feel so nostalgic on the first chapters, when they arrived home to say hi to the family, they hugged and almost took the entire day to finish saying hi to all of them (it takes me like that to say hi to all my cousins, aunts and uncles that live in my mamaita’s house too) and it really shows how a latin family is… strong and always ready to learn something new from others.

Some friends from the Voltron fandom that read this fanfiction and aren’t latinxs also said they felt identificated w/it bc their families still practice some of the old traditions that made them remember this amazing story.

If you aren’t even latinx and judge this fic by saying ‘this is so racist!’. Then you are being the racist one.

A poet once said:

تمر بنا الأيام تترى وإنما *** نساق إلى الآجال والعين تنظرُ

Days pass us by, one after the other, and we are
being led to the end of our lives while the eyes are watching

فلا عائد ذاك الشباب الذي مضى *** ولازائل هذا المشيب المكدرُ

Our youth that had passed isn’t coming back
and this depressing white hair isn’t going anywhere


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Relationship with Roman Reigns would include;

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  • Giving him back massages
  • Tracing his tattoos with your fingertips while you lay lazily in bed
  • Sensual kisses that lead to long nights in bed
  • Him flexing his muscles when someone flirts or threatens you
  • Playing with his hair while watching movies
  • Loving going out to see his family and meeting everyone because of how close they are
  • Being best friends with Dean
  • Laying on his chest with his arms wrapped around you as your straddling his hips
  • Girls’ Dates with his daughter
  • Coming out to the ring with him when his music hits
  • And he walks out more proud with you by his side than with the belt on his shoulder
  • Helping with him with his suave faces
  • Shower Sex
  • Being backstage with him as he pumps up for his matches
  • Being there with him when he loses the belt to Dean
  • Affectionate yet delicate kisses on your temple
  • Lip biting
  • Grinding against each other when you’re lying on the couch
  • His fingers working magic on you as he pumps in and out
  • Taking cute selfies with each other while flying to different locations
  • Singing in the car while driving to the next venue
  • Cute text messages and snapchats when you can’t be on the road with him
  • Him telling you he can and he will find a way to get home to you because gosh, he misses you so damn much