[3 Panel Illustrated Comic Titled “Service Dog” with Service being underlined.

Panel 1 Description: A woman is overhearing a conversation behind her between a family, while shopping for clothes with her service dog. The dog has a harness on it that reads “Do not touch”. Behind her a mother, father, and daughter are having a discussion. The father says “Aw look sweetie, a puppy!” The daughter responds “AWWWWWW”, as she looks at the dog with large excited eyes.

Panel 2 Description: The scene cuts to an areal view behind the parents, while their daughter is looking up at them in excitement. The father looks down at the child and says “I think it’s one of those blind dogs!” The daughter looks up at the mom with big eyes and asks “Can I pet it? PLEASE!!” The mother smiles and says “Yes! I’m sure the lady won’t notice if you pet it.”

Panel 3 Description: The woman with the service dog turns to the family and says “Yes I will, and F.Y.I., I can see and hear you.” The mother quickly ducks down behind a rack of clothes in embarrassment. The father turns his head to look away while muttering to himself “Uh, uh - What’s over here…”. The daughter shrugs in disappointment, with a frown she says “Dang it.”]

Never ever touch a service dog, especially without asking it’s owner for permission first!

Idea submitted by @etahreybased off their story about people invasively wanting to pet their service dog.

i was

before him, i was afraid of men.

i was.

the last one taught me that

men are only there to take what they

want and leave. he made me realize a

real man is one that respects me.

before him, i was afraid of being broken.

i was.

i had been broken before. the last

one taught me that men could break your

heart without a care. he taught me that

a real man loves and cares unconditionally.

before him, i was afraid of hurting others.

i was.

i still am, but he’s made me better.

the last one told me i burned everything i

touched. he taught me that my fingertips

were life-giving, not weapons.

before him, i was afraid of never being loved.

i was.

the last one told me i was hard to love. he taught

me that i was the sun in his sky and that so many

people felt the same way.

before him, i was afraid of falling in love.

i was. 



ITEM: Standee
Fandom: YOI


- Yuuri
- Victor

Price: @ USD 15 , or USD 25 a pair

Shiping Fee : USD 5 for all over the world

Format order:
Send e-mail to:
With Subject : YOI Standee

Please fill in the order below:
Details Order(pcs);
- Yuuri
- Victor

Address: (with postal code)
Phone number: (with country areal)


Item : Standee
Fandom: YOI
Details Order (pcs);
- Yuuri 1
- Victor 1

Name: Princess
Address: lion st. No 100010, Rt 5 Rw6 Kec. Echo Kel. Glam. Jakarta Tenggara, INDONESIA 25516
Phone Number: 080-8736544470

LIMITED ITEM. I only printed 25 pairs of these.

PS. Victor is 17,5cm tall and Yuri is 16cm tall. They both look good together, so please don’t separate them. XD


I think Melanie Martinez would be a good actress for Harley Quinn…

I’m peeling the skin off my face
‘Cause I really hate being safe
The normal’s, they make me afraid
The crazies, they make me feel sane

I’m nuts, baby, I’m mad,
The craziest friend that you’ve ever had
You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone
Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong
Over the bend, entirely bonkers
You like me best when I’m off my rocker
Tell you a secret, I’m not alarmed
So what if I’m crazy? The best people are
All the best people are crazy, all the best people are 

~Mad Hatter, Melanie  Martinez

Grace and Frankie Bullshit: Gun Edition

Grace should own a gun. Frankie should own a gun. They are two women of retirement age living ALONE! The fact that Frankie is irrationally annoyed by this gun and Grace is the one who gives in because she “doesn’t need it emotionally” anymore or some other bullshit, is just that, bullshit. 

Guns aren’t evil. And the fact that Frankie tries to undo the gun energy is just crap. Stop making guns evil. Grace was perfectly responsible with it and if Frankie hadn’t put up that dummy everything would have been fine and if that had been areal intruder they’d be dead. 


“You’re Robin, Jason. You’re not what he made you” - Batman.

Arkham universe; Jason’s symbol is a “red bird” (not a “red bat” like his new 52 version). It also has the hidden Arkham Asylum or/and Arkham Knight symbol in it too. The red diamond shape used as the birds torso I think symbolizes how the Asylum and the Arkham Knight both made him stronger.

He also has a broken “A” beneath the red symbol that the bird is flying above and away from. I think that symbolizes his rebirth from the brokenness of the Arkham Knight. Or it could be symbolizing “out of the ashes of Arkham,”  the place that broke him where he was tortured for years in.

押忍!闘え // Osu! Tatakae! //  Go! Fight! 


  • Real Name: Ryuuta Kazetani
  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: Cheer Squad Leader, Student (Historian Major)
  • Base of Operations: Yokusaka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

I’m still working on his story, but basically Ryuuta is a support character, using the winds, his ōgi (fan,) and his voice to cheer on his team mates giving them power buffs while healing them a little bit.


Metal foundry L // Metallgießerei L

To pick up the point we made yesterday about soil pollution and nobody wanting to buy the ground because of it: yep, that’s what we found when we tried to enter the place through the bushes. So the concerns are not entirely absurd.
However between our first and our last visit people have changed their mind though: the adjoining areal now sports a couple of new houses.  

March 22nd - A terrible photo snatched in the dark: but spring is here - THIS IS NOT A TEST.

The first spot of my favourite flowers, cowslips on the side of the canal towpath at Clayhanger.

I adore these charming little yellow flowers. Their appearance for me confirms the end of winter and the brightness of a new spring. After the rain and misery of the day’s riding, areal pick-me-up in a dark, wet ride home.