But what about:

  • Fairies with the wings of an eagle instead of a butterfly
  • Or the wings of an albatross, because these water fairies spend their lives at sea and need powerful wings to travel across oceans
  • Cave fairies with black skin smooth as soft leather and the wings of bats, seeing with sound
  • Fairies who live deed in untouched jungle whose wings look like leaves and skin streaked with green so they can remain hidden in the trees
  • Albino fairies that live deep in the antarctic where no human can survive, the size of small planes, flying around in dazzling areal displays then dropping to the ground, snow white skin and hair serving as camouflage when actual planes fly over head
  • Fairies that live amongst humans that are so tiny we mistake them for insects or don’t even notice them at all
  • Fairies 

That is all

Sei de uma criatura antiga e formidável, que a si mesma devora os membros e as entranhas, com a sofreguidão da fome insaciável. Habita juntamente os vales e as montanhas; e no mar, que se rasga, à maneira de abismo, espreguiça-se toda em convulsões estranhas. Traz impresso na fronte o obscuro despotismo. Cada olhar que despede, acerbo e mavioso, parece uma expansão de amor e de egoísmo. Friamente contempla o desespero e o gozo, gosta do colibri, como gosta do verme, e cinge ao coração o belo e o monstruoso. Para ela o chacal é, como a rola, inerme; e caminha na terra imperturbável, como pelo vasto areal um vasto paquiderme. Na árvore que rebenta o seu primeiro gomo vem a folha, que lento e lento se desdobra, depois a flor, depois o suspirado pomo. Pois essa criatura está em toda a obra: cresta o seio da flor e corrompe-lhe o fruto; e é nesse destruir que as forças dobra. Ama de igual amor o poluto e o impoluto; começa e recomeça uma perpétua lida, e sorrindo obedece ao divino estatuto. Tu dirás que é a morte; eu direi que é a vida.
—  Machado de Assis

I’ve been planning this PMV MAP for several weeks, and now is the time!

If you don’t know what a MAP is: basically there’s a song cut in parts, and people choose a part to draw/animate. And it’ll need everyone’s effort to bring this project to completion. Like a pot-pourri made of dozens of art styles! Here’s a really good example of a completed MAP

Even if animation is a big plus, you don’t have to know how to animate to join. But I require at least little tweening on your part, to not make it look static. (If you have good drawing skills but don’t know how to tween, I can do it for you, so don’t hesitate to apply if you think you have the skills!)

  • How to apply:

On October 28th at 7PM EDT I’ll upload the MAP video on my YouTube channel, and you’ll have to post a comment on that video to apply.

Read the description carefully, important rules will be detailed here.

I’ll need to see your art skills. So if you don’t have any videos on your YT channel, link me your artblog/website.

I’ll give 2 parts max per person.

For each part, I’ll pick the person who I think will fill the part the best.  

I’ll wait a day or two before handing out parts, so everyone has a chance to apply even if they can’t be there when the video is posted.

  • Misc info

This is a Picture Music Video (PMV) type of MAP. Animation isn’t required but is really appreciated.

The song is Of Monsters And Men - Mountain Sound

There are 27 parts, ranging from 3 to 9 seconds.

The MAP is slightly scripted: Each part is assigned to an episode from the show. For example if you pick part 1, you’ll have to illustrate Tourist Trapped, for part 2 it’s The Legend of the Gobblewonker, etc. 

The deadline isn’t set yet, but it’ll probably be around February.

Aaand I think that’s it! I really hope this is clear enough. 

Even if you don’t want to participate, please reblog this post so more people can see it! Also, don’t hesitate so send me an ask if you have questions.

I hope to see you all there!


“You’re Robin, Jason. You’re not what he made you” - Batman.

Arkham universe; Jason’s symbol is a “red bird” (not a “red bat” like his new 52 version). It also has the hidden Arkham Asylum or/and Arkham Knight symbol in it too. The red diamond shape used as the birds torso I think symbolizes how the Asylum and the Arkham Knight both made him stronger.

He also has a broken “A” beneath the red symbol that the bird is flying above and away from. I think that symbolizes his rebirth from the brokenness of the Arkham Knight. Or it could be symbolizing “out of the ashes of Arkham,”  the place that broke him where he was tortured for years in.

To all my ndns out there

Remember that your ancestors did; they have fought for centuries, and many have died in their battle, but now it is up to us, for we are the future of our race(s) and ethnicity(ies). Don’t give up now, and look how far you’ve come, and remember that just by you being born, just by you being ndn, you have defied genocide, and you have defied full-on colonization. Now take that stance, and win this fight. Win this fight your ancestors have died in vain for, win this fight for your and others’ freedom, make us all proud, but most of all, make yourself proud, and earn yourself the honor that you deserve

Almost no outlets covered the obvious scam that was Areal beyond the initial “Look at this Stalker-like game”.

They did not cover the studio’s insane response to questions.

They did not cover the studio claiming Erik Kain’s articles about them were a plot by the chinese to destroy their project.

They did not cover comments on the kickstarter going up by 3000% overnight despite the backers not increasing in any significant amount.

They did not cover the fact that in last few days, when it became obvious the project would not be funded, that several very generous individuals suddenly backed in amounts from 5-10 thousand dollars.

Now that Kickstarter has deemed the project suspicious enough to suspend, they are covering it, and would like you to kindly forget all those other things they didn’t think were important enough to talk about, instead deciding to post about.. I don’t know, memes, or articles intended to make them feel morally superior to their own audience.

Polygon, Kotaku, were not interested in these, even with the very real possibility some of their audience could be backing this scam and unaware of these things.

Polygon and Kotaku aren’t actually interested in journalism.