[3 Panel Illustrated Comic Titled “Service Dog” with Service being underlined.

Panel 1 Description: A woman is overhearing a conversation behind her between a family, while shopping for clothes with her service dog. The dog has a harness on it that reads “Do not touch”. Behind her a mother, father, and daughter are having a discussion. The father says “Aw look sweetie, a puppy!” The daughter responds “AWWWWWW”, as she looks at the dog with large excited eyes.

Panel 2 Description: The scene cuts to an areal view behind the parents, while their daughter is looking up at them in excitement. The father looks down at the child and says “I think it’s one of those blind dogs!” The daughter looks up at the mom with big eyes and asks “Can I pet it? PLEASE!!” The mother smiles and says “Yes! I’m sure the lady won’t notice if you pet it.”

Panel 3 Description: The woman with the service dog turns to the family and says “Yes I will, and F.Y.I., I can see and hear you.” The mother quickly ducks down behind a rack of clothes in embarrassment. The father turns his head to look away while muttering to himself “Uh, uh - What’s over here…”. The daughter shrugs in disappointment, with a frown she says “Dang it.”]

Never ever touch a service dog, especially without asking it’s owner for permission first!

Idea submitted by @etahreybased off their story about people invasively wanting to pet their service dog.

But what about:

  • Fairies with the wings of an eagle instead of a butterfly
  • Or the wings of an albatross, because these water fairies spend their lives at sea and need powerful wings to travel across oceans
  • Cave fairies with black skin smooth as soft leather and the wings of bats, seeing with sound
  • Fairies who live deed in untouched jungle whose wings look like leaves and skin streaked with green so they can remain hidden in the trees
  • Albino fairies that live deep in the antarctic where no human can survive, the size of small planes, flying around in dazzling areal displays then dropping to the ground, snow white skin and hair serving as camouflage when actual planes fly over head
  • Fairies that live amongst humans that are so tiny we mistake them for insects or don’t even notice them at all
  • Fairies 

That is all

Now that I’ve blown through the manga, more Small Things I Appreciate In BNHA!

  • Kirishima with his hair down
  • The origin of Kirishima’s scar
  • Ochaco and Gran Torino’s Mega Man outfits
  • Ashido constantly upstaging Aoyama
  • ‘Tsuyu-chan-kun’
  • ‘Yaomomo’
  • Aizawa never wanted to be a dad but here we are
  • All Might with the kids in general
  • the fact that pretending to be a disaster victim for hero training is a viable career
  • Todoroki just sort of appearing in Deku’s friend group and everyone acts like he’s always been there. 
  • The ‘infiltration costumes’ from the Kamino mission
  • Monoma attempting to perpetuate a 1-A vs 1-B rivalry only to be constantly shot down by his own classmates
  • Bakugou’s hamfisted attempts at Friend
  • idk I might add to this if I think of more

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What's the most unique gem in the world?

I guess that depends on your definition of unique. 

If you define unique as rare (and valuable), then gems such as alexandrite, grandidierite, jeremejevite, musgravite, and black opal are some of the most unique gems in the world, found in very specific, limited regions of the world. With these, finding them in a pure form is incredibly difficult, which is why they’re usually worth so much. Black opal is one of my favorites, since it looks like a rock swallowed a galaxy.

If you define unique more subjectively - on uniqueness of appearance rather than rarity - then there are a few other gems that stand out. To list just a few that are my personal favorites:

Ammolite: this gem is similar to opal – both fossilized shell-making, silica-rich creatures but in this case made from fossilized ammonites (nautilus) rather than diatoms (which are a kind of plankton) – but you can find it as whole nautiloids that can then be made into gemstone pieces (though I kind of prefer it whole but that’s my inner paleontologist speaking)

Fluorite: possibly my favorite gemstone mineral, fluorite is awesome for a couple of reasons - namely, it forms in near-perfect cubic crystals, is dazzlingly glowy under UV light, and comes in almost every color (usually clear, purple, and green, and occasionally a rare blue or impure yellow)

Hackmanite: this gem is a particular kind of sodalite that actually changes color in response to light (it’s called tenebresence, and it’s the same concept as transition lenses in glasses - just natural and in a really pretty gem)  - when it’s mined, it’s usually purple, but over time, it turns white; if it’s put back in the dark, it’ll fade back to purple, and you can repeat this over and over and over

Labradorite: with this gem, light reflects off the crystal structure in such a way that the rock has really strong blue-green iridescence, and it looks different every way you turn it - the light will hit it in one spot and the dull grey rock will suddenly explode with all this amazing blue color

Pietersite: I love this gem because it can come in any color - from brown to yellow to red to blue to purple to grey - and I’ve never seen two pieces that look even close to identical. Technically, it’s a variation of quartz - a really, really awesome variation of tiger’s eye quartz that looks nothing like other quartz types

These are just a few examples, and this is a really long and rambling answer to a very short question, but I think uniqueness can be defined objectively in terms of rarity and worth, or subjectively in terms of how freaking cool and special they are

all gems are freaking awesome

Got7 headcanons on having a short, overprotective S/O

Requested by; anon

Could you do got7 headcanons for when they have areally overprotective s/o who’s also really smol like they’re short but super protective and willing to like, fight anyone who upsets they’re loved ones? Thanks!


  • “don’t hurt anyone or yourself, understood?”
  • will protect you back
  • finds it adorable when you say you’re going to fight someone
  • has to make sure you don’t do anything stupid
  • appreciates that you’re protective


  • will hurt anyone who lays a finger on you
  • is EXTREMELY protective over you
  • “if someone hurts you, tell me okay, nobody hurts my baby.”
  • keeps you close to him
  • always kisses you if you don’t want to calm down


  • will fight you for wanting to fight
  • “no, don’t, you’re only going to get hurt and I don’t want that”
  • leans on your head
  • picks you up so you don’t run towards anyone to fight
  • always calms you down with hugs


  • eyerolls all the time
  • mocks you for your height
  • will handle the situation on his own
  • “you don’t have to fight anyone, it’s my problem”
  • shows affection with subtle movements


  • gets extremely worried when you want to fight
  • always pulling you back
  • reassuring you he’s okay and you don’t have to get angry
  • really cuddly and cute!!
  • “come here and kiss me instead of getting ready to fight!”


  • finds it hilarious every time
  • “babe, babe, stop, I can’t anymore! this is too funny!”
  • will just wrap his entire body around you
  • always mocking you for being short
  • biggest bully out of all; loving bully


  • gets shy when you get ready to fight
  • always giggling and laughing because he finds it amazing
  • tall bf but doesn’t bully that often
  • “baby, no, don’t, you’re not going to fight anyone.”
  • very clingy but adorable as hell!!

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Dear Archy, what do you think of the project "House 2" done by l'atelier alice, the students of EPFL ?

A little bit about the project as published in Archdaily:

HOUSE 2 - COUNTER CITY  is a 240 square metre public architectural installation situated next to the Toni-Areal in Zurich. The project is based on an experimental format for collaborative design and construction conceived by ALICE (Atelier de la Conception de l’Espace) — a laboratory of EPFL led by Dieter Dietz.

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Wedding of the RFA and MC (I love your blog so much~)

Author’s note: aHHHH this was such a cute request 


  • he’s just a hyper bubbly excited mess
  • all of his LOLOL friends came to the wedding and when he saw theM HE JUST GOT SO HAPPY
  • he’s also constantly texting you throughout the day saying how much he misses you and how he wishes he could see you
  • he cries when he sees you walking down the isle
  • when he puts the ring on your finger his hand is shaking
  • poor baby stutters throughout his vows bc my gOD YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON he’s ever seen
  • when he lifts up your veil he leans in and whispers
  • “You took my breath away the day we met, and you’ve taken it away  everyday since. You’re beautiful.”
  • he takes your hand and runs down the isle and as soon as you two get into the “just married” car hE sobs


  • although his hair did look perfect
  • when he saw you in your dress, with your done
  • the only thing that came out was “shit”
  • you literally made zen speechless
  • and when you stood in front of him
  • when he pulled back his face was BRIGHT RED
  • “S-sorry… lets continue.”
  • you try to leave after the wedding but all 100 MILLION of Zen’s fans are there and they all want a picture buT YOU JUST WANT TO GO EAT 
  • Zen could see the pain in your eyes and he just laughed
  • “Don’t worry I’m hungry too… and there are a lot of things I want to eat right now”


  • oh
  • MY GOD
  • you decided you wanted to watch her walk down the isle and it was the best decision you’ve ever made 
  • you could SEE the jealousy in everyone’s eyes 
  • when you exchanged vows you both cried
  • she didn’t even let the guy finish before saying “I do.”
  • but after you kiss
  • she just stares into your eyes
  • and it feels like home


  • the RFA boys have NO idea what to do because they’ve never seen him like this 
  • as he’s standing at the end of the isle he’s playing with his buttons because oH NO what if you got cold feet and leave him oh GOD
  • oh and Elly is definitely the ring bearer Jumin tied the ring to her collar and made Jaehee walk her down the isle
  • but oh thank goodness there you are and OH DAMN THERE YOU ARE
  • all of his nervousness flows out of him because you’re here and he loves you and you love him
  • once you make it up in front of him he kisses your hand
  • “You are nothing short of a goddess.”
  • throughout the whole sermon he does NOT take his eyes off of you
  • after the wedding you Elly and Jumin take a “family picture” that’s now framed on his desk at work


  • also, alllll of the mariage jokes uGH
  • “About to go put on the old ball and chain!”
  • but in reality he’s almost as nervous as Jumin
  • he’s also super paranoid that you might leave him and that would crush him because he loves you so much
  • when he sees you walking down the isle hE TAKES A MICROPHONE AND JUST
  • “I would like to thank not only God, but Jesus for that beautiful woman walking down the isle.”
  • you’re bright red
  • he’s bright red
  • your poor children are going to be bright red when you tell them this story
  • but oh man when he says “you may now kiss the bride”
  • you guys kissed
  • for a very
  • very 
  • long time
  • at some point I think Zen yelled “get a room” ????
fav generic things about ace attorney
  • amazing female characters
  • focus on platonic and familial love
  • pret-ty gay honestly
  • d r a m a
  • really well-written and creative cases
  • questions about philosophy and morality, as well as political commentary
  • hilarious writing
  • the good tropes
  • takes the weirdest fantasy concepts and most convoluted plotlines and makes them seem completely fine and believable 
  • deep and complex characterisation
  • puns
  • feel free to add more

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Today is my last day with the Mavic Pro.  I really love the thing and hope to be able to get one soon.  Oregon has so many open fields and mountains.  With it’s small size and long run-time, this is the drone for me.

Let me know what you guys think of these photos.  I took them at Dunham Park (Since they don’t have a ban on drones).

On air tomorrow on June 10 (Sat) on TV Asahi Ch1! #iKON’s first solo dome concert, iKON JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017@Kyocera Dome Osaka. Here’s a comment from iKON!

B.I: Get ready
All: Showtime!
B.I: To everyone watching CS TV Asahi Channel, hello, we are
All: iKON!!
Junhoe: woo~ Jinhwan: The Kyocera Dome Osaka [show] from our first dome tour, iKON JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017, will be broadcast on CS TV Asahi Channel.
B.I: Wow
Yunhyeong: Wow
Junhoe: woo~
[iKON JAPAN DOME TOUR 2017 / June 10 (Sat) 4:30 PM / First, exclusive TV broadcast!]
Jinhwan: Performing at the domes so soon is like a dream, and even for us it was a really fun show. Yes. Watch out for the dynamic performances that we put on just for the dome stage.
Yunhyeong: Yes
Jinhwan: It was our first solo dome concert, so it was a memorable show. It was an amazing show so we want many fans to watch it. Those of you who went to Kyocera and for those of you who watched the live viewing, please check it out on TV Asahi too!
Bobby: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yunhyeong: Check it out~
B.I: Check it out!!!!!! [t/n: I think; he could have been yelling sth else and it blended with Yunhyeong]
Bobby: THAT’S ALL WE WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All: iKON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trans by Shino @ iKON GLOBAL | take out with full credits.
© CS TV Asahi Channel


“Lateralus” is one of the most overtly intricate songs by Tool. The predominate lyrical theme is that over-analysis leads to loss of control, linear structures don’t exist in nature and that we “should embrace the random”, and “swing on the spirals of our divinity and still be a human”.

Ironically, the song, as well as the entire album’s, structure was carefully planned; this specific song is based on the Fibonacci sequence:

  • The introduction section of the song is 01:12 long (0, 1, 1, 2 are the first four numbers in the sequence).
  • The first verse starts at 97 seconds, which is approximately 1.618 minutes – (The Golden Ratio)
  • Each verse is 55 seconds long (11th # in sequence).
  • The syllables in the verses coincide with the sequence, as the first part of the first verse goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 5, 3
  • The 2nd line “to swing on the spiral” finishes at 6:18 which numerically matches 1.618 – (The Golden Ratio)
  • The time signature of the main riff is 9/8 8/8 7/8, 987 is the 17th # in the sequence.

So as a sort of double-standard, this song wants you to embrace the random, but “embracing” could be interpreted as such for studying its anomalies, which in turn could be found as over analysis.

This is how the song begins:

White are
All I see
In my infancy

Red and yellow then came to be
Reaching out to me
Lets me see

In our beginning stages of life, we see the world in duality. Good and evil. No complications, just wrong and right.

As he grew up, his experiences also grew wide; that there is more to life than just right and wrong and ‘gray areas’ may hold truth of their own.

Additionally, these colors have meaning as Native American colors of creation and birth as suggested by Maynard). The first color to be seen is black, then white, then red, and yellow.

The colors/stages mentioned are also heavily connected with Alchemy. According to Carl Jung (of which Maynard is apparently fond of), these colors or stages of the alchemists could be taken as symbolic of his theory of individuation.

read more:

@annleckie I got a little carried away with Basnaaid’s God-duck poem, the “doggerel” with no “proper mode or meter” and …………

There once was a duck who was God
Who said, “It’s exceedingly odd!
I fly when I wish
And  swim like a fish
So why aren’t more people awed?”

The God-duck, feeling so witty,
Left its pond and flew towards the city.
Looking at its domain,
It had to refrain
From feeling some sort of pity.

She landed on top of a steeple
And stared down at all of the people.
They all looked so small
Like they weren’t there at all,
Scurrying and so awfully feeble.

The pity stayed in its mind
So it left the steeple behind.
It flew down to the street
And got caught under feet
That belonged to the busy and blind.

God -duck called, “Pay attention to me!
Up there you’re too tiny to see
But down here you’re so tall
That you think you are all
Better than duck or a flea!”

“You think you’re above me, I think I’m ‘bove you
We all think our opinions hold true.
But I’m God in the end
And yet you pretend
That I’m just a duck, through and through!”

The duck stopped as if in a trance,
And thought of something by sheer chance.
“I don’t you you by far
So what if you are
All God by some weird happenstance?”

“If a duck can be God, then why not
A human, frog, fish, or a pot?
All creation’s the same
So who’s really to blame
For thinking that you are for naught?”

When this upon God-duck had dawned,
It left and flew back to its pond.
“I swim like a fish
And I fly when I wish.
What else could God possibly want?”

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DEEP QUESTION: you've got two couples hanging over a cliff. One is bellarke, the other is yousana. You HAVE to pick one. Which one and why?


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i’m not sure

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this is a

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really hard question

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*whispers* i’M SO SORRY TO YOU.SANA I’m forever blarke trash they are the light of my life so….