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Can you do headcanons for how the rev set (plus Aaron) propose to you?

you bet ! i love proposals soooo,, let me know if this is what you wanted!

i’m sorry i took so long answering this one,, i was thinking about it and answering other stuff! 


  • alex does it in a very,,, wordy way
    • it’s just in his nature to have a lot to say,, so the way he conveys his feelings,, may or may not be a couple pages??
      • if you wrote it on paper
    • so after he finally gets the ring, he takes you to the park,,
      • his reason being, he loved the way you could actually see some stars at night,, 
      • and the fact that the sunset looked beautiful from there
    • and while you’re just talking as the sun sets
      • about anything and everything really;; the way the park looks, about his newest projects, how you feel about kids and puppies
    • he suddenly says, “i wanna marry you,”
      • he does it in the coolest way possible,, but as soon as he pulls out the ring,, he loses any cool he has
      • “i just think you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen; your eyes light up the night, your smile is brighter than the sun, you have the cutest mannerisms and i just,, i really love you. i love the way you talk, the way you smell, the way you walk,, and most of all, i’d love to see the way you walked down the aisle in a wedding dress, walking to me and,,,”
      • you have to stop him by saying yes and kissing him,
    • lord knows he would’ve kept going..


  • john’s idea of a perfect proposal was at the carnival
    • although he’s been fumbling with the box all day in his pocket,, he’s glad to see you were so happy to be at the carnival 
      • which only came around every once in a while
    • his nerves sort of dissipate once you get to the ride that he wants to ask you on
      • he’s kinda scared of heights,, and since it’s a ferris wheel,, well,,, you know
    • once you’re on there, he grips your hand and just lets you lean against his shoulder as the cart goes up
      • he’s actually kinda freaking out, but once he feels you grip his had a little,, he’s okay
    • for just a moment,, as customary, the ferris wheel stops and you can see the rest of the area
      • he of course brings you closer by wrapping his arm around your shoulder 
    • “you know,,” he comments after a small moment of silence, “as beautiful as this is,, you’re definitely the beautiful-est thing i’ve ever seen,,”
      • when he says it, he’s looking down,, so your eyes follow and you see him staring at a diamond engagement ring
      • “john…”
    • he’s smiling so big as he asks you if you’d marry him,, and once you say yes through your tears,, he gets so bubbly
      • like, he’s actually bouncing in his seat and smiling so wide his cheeks hurt
      • he’s also peppering your face and head with kisses so much that you don’t even notice the ferris wheel moving again
    • once you get off,, he just lifts you off the ground in the biggest hug he can manage,,,
      • he’s adorable,, and so so happy


  • hercules mulligan chooses to not propose with a ring,, but a dress
    • he spends a few weeks making this white dress
      • of which you can’t see until he’s close to finishing because reasons
    • when he finally lets you into see it, he asks your opinions on it,,
      • “i mean, i’d wear it,, but it is a wedding dress,,”
      • he then nods and smiles extremely widely, “i know. that’s why i’m asking.”
    • his hope that you catch on is soon replaced with joy because you caught on 
      • the stare you’re giving him is something he really wishes he could get on camera
        • it’s goddamn priceless
      • you then ask if this is what you think it is,, and he nods
    • you whispered yes and he just immediately went for it
      • he gripped your hips and pulled you as close as possible,,
      • his kiss took every bit of your breath away,, and you had to remind yourself to breathe because damn
    • then he picks you up bridal style and carries you to the bedroom,,
      • the entire time he’s laughing and smiling
        • that adorable gap is being shown off proudly by the big man
      • he really couldn’t believe you let him propose with a dress but 
        • you did and my god he’s grateful


  • laf decides to take it traditionally
    • which of course means taking you back to,, you guessed it,, france
      • he didn’t want to do it in paris,, “too cliché” as he dubbed it,,
      • so he took you to the house he inherited from his family out in the country
    • the sight was beautiful,, with all the rolling hills and such
    • and he waits a few days,, taking you out about town and showing you all the nice things in france
    • and then,, while you’re standing in the town square,, he drops down to one knee,,
      • when he pulls out the ring,, he doesn’t speak for a minute,,
      • he’s literally in tears and he doesn’t know why?? but 
        • when you start crying too,, he feels validated in a sense 
          • at least he doesn’t look like a baby
    • so he says all of these things in french,,
      • half of which you understand and half of which you don’t,,
    • then asks, “will you be mine for eternity?”
      • you only nod because words are difficult right now
      • then he slips the ring on your finger and pulls you in for a,, well,, deep kiss
        • it’s so passionate and loving,, my god it almost hurts
    • everyone that witnessed it starts clapping,,
      • then laf is laughing
        • and you’re laughing,,
          • and people are congratulating you two
      • you tell laf,, basically, that as thankful as you were for being able to be engaged,,
        • you hate crowds
    • he only kisses you and takes you back home,, all the while the two of you are smiling softly and constantly sharing soft kisses

bonus! aaron

  • aaron actually,, well,, he tried
    • he got dressed up,, real fancy
      • even had the ring tucked in his pocket
    • took you to a nice restaurant and made sure everything went right
    • but then,, he got,,
      • he got nervous,,
        • he thought you would reject him and walk out
        • or maybe you would tell him that the relationship wasn’t working anymore
        • or maybe you would just throw your food in his face
        • the possible outcomes were endless
      • so he just stuck the nice meal, paid for dinner,, and you went home
  • later that night, though,, he finally mustered up the courage
    • it was when you were lying in bed
      • the television was on, playing some show aaron couldn’t focus on because his heart was racing and his fingers were brushing over the velvet of the ring box underneath the covers
      • you were on his chest,, a smile on your face and your fingers tracing mindless patterns across his ribs
    • clearing his throat, he drug the ring box up his side,,
      • it was kind of a shock to his system,, letting him know that this was real, and it was happening
    • with everything he had in him, he whispered, “will you marry me?”
      • he literally could not get anything else out
        • the poor guy was so nervous he was practically shaking as he displayed the ring
          • he almost forgot to open the ring box
      • his eyes were scanning your face, searching for any reaction because,, my god,, he was terrified
    • you rose up and looked at the ring, then back at aaron, and whispered, “yes,”
      • you knew he was nervous
        • that’s why he didn’t give you a monologue
        • and that’s why he could only smile when he started slipping the ring out of the box
          • he dropped it because he was shaking so bad,, which emitted a giggle from you 
        • once he slipped it on your finger, he started crying
          • fear had gripped his heart that much
      • “oh my god,” and then “beat that alexander”
        • you were laughing hysterically at that point, burying your face in his chest and sniffling because you too were crying 
          • out of happiness of course

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hi! i loved your identical twin scenario, and can i ask: how would they all react if mc and their twin liked to switch around to play pranks, and stuff? me and my sister used to do that all the time.

My friends used to mess with me all the time…

I used Seven’s real name in this…to identify him too. I don’t know, I know I’m super inconsistent with what I call him in these. 


  • He is terrified.
  • Seriously, his worst fear has been realized. 
  • MC is an identical twin who has fun pranking him. 
  • So is Saeyoung. 
  • That makes it so four of the people he knows are just people that he can never entirely trust. 
  • Normally they’ll stop when Yoosung cries. 
  • Normally. 


  • It doesn’t bother her, because honestly, it never works on her. 
  • It always shocks them, because of the times that MC’s twin will walk into the room wearing MC’s clothes and everyone is convinced it’s MC and she just greets them by their name as easily as if nothing had happened at all. 
  • Everyone is shocked how she knew, including MC’s sibling and she just kind of shrugs it off.  
  • MC and their twin are seriously in shock of how Jaehee knew. 
  • She’s not going to tell. 


  • He went months, not knowing there were two of them. 
  • Literally. Months
  • And MC was found it hilarious 
  • They definitely weren’t going to tell him either. They wanted to see how long they could keep it up and they manage to do so until he goes to meet MC’s family
  • He’s shocked as to be expected, but he actually took the news pretty well. 


  • He’s annoyed
  • It’s bad enough just having Saeyoung around, even if Saeran was normally pretty reluctant to play along, but the fact that MC and their twin were both willing to play along, things were a hundred times worse for him. 
  • Very frustrated. 
  • Complains a lot in the messenger


  • The three of them try to convince Saeran to play along all the time
  • He loves it
  • He loves them both
  • He’s so excited
  • Constantly begging Saeran to play along just this once


  • He finds it pretty amusing, though he doesn’t really say anything
  • He doesn’t really struggle to tell them apart. 
  • He’s very good at realizing the details and differences between them 
  • MC and their sibling find that to be pretty annoying


  • He’s done. 
  • He’s had more than enough dealing with Saeyoung for years and trying to keep him focused on his work to keep them both alive and then after the agency was dissolved, he continued hanging around the RFA more or less because he didn’t know what else to do with his life
  • It wasn’t like he had anything else he could return to
  • So he got to know Saeran well enough when he’d come and visit the Choi twins and thankfully he was normally pretty reluctant to go along with the pranks that Seven kept coming up with 
  • When Vanderwood met MC and their twin though he immediately realized that they were more on Saeyoung’s side of things and how right he was
  • He’s constantly threatening to just leave, but he never does 


  • He’s kind of in a grey area
  • He finds it pretty annoying most of the time, but they also tend to not mess with him (and even when they do it’s normally not the most effective) 
  • If they want to mess with their friends why did he care?
  • Not to mention that Saeyoung was often drawn into their pranks which, sometimes, could get him to stop being so annoying
  • That also backfires though because really, Saeyoung’s just so excited. 
  • He wants to mess around and prank the RFA with his brother and Saeran is just not having it 

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Hi, I really love your writing - you're really good! I was wondering if I could request Genji, McCree, Hanzo, or whoever you want and how they would react to a close friend or s/o who always seems so calm and happy having a mental breakdown where they admit they've been struggling with serious mental illness for a long time. (I 100% get if this makes you uncomfortable to write, just delete this if it makes you uncomfortable) Thanks so much!

Hey, thank you so much! I try my best. ^-^

Also, this doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all, especially because I know that these types of headcanons make people feel a lot better, if written well. That being said, these requests take a bit longer for me to work on because I do, in fact, want to portray these types of things well. So I apologize for answering this request so late; I just needed time to decide how I wanted to write it and to write it out well.

I hope you enjoy it!



  • He’s as your side in a second
  • He doesn’t know quite what’s going on yet but he’s seen and experienced enough of these dramatic emotional changes in his lifetime to know the gist of the problem
  • His first priority is helping you calm down
  • He doesn’t touch you unless you permit him to do so
  • Instead he’ll get right in front of you and attempt to gain your attention, repeating your name and “It’s okay, I’m here” over and over
  • If you’re in a public place, he leads you to somewhere quiet and without people around
  • When you allow him to touch you, he takes your hands and holds them to his chest, allowing you to feel his warmth and heartbeat
  • He has you concentrate on your breathing while he breathes with you, so you can feel the rising and falling of his chest
  • The visor is gone and he’s looking you in the eyes to make sure that you know he is here for you and that you’re the only thing in the world that matters at this moment
  • After you’ve calmed down, he wraps you in the tightest hug you’ve ever gotten from him
  • “How could I not have known…”
  • He runs his fingers through your hair and whispers calming little things until he’s certain you’re okay
  • Then he sits down with you and begs you to explain to him
  • At first you don’t want to say anything but this man is relentless
  • Eventually you tell him your story
  • In response, he tells you his; your situations are fairly similar
  • So he offers to take you to meditate with him and to talk to Zenyatta, and to even visit Mercy if you feel comfortable enough doing so
  • He doesn’t push you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing but he definitely wants to help find better ways for you to take care of yourself
  • He promises he’ll be there every step of the way
  • Hell, he might follow his own advice


  • Jesse is fucking terrified at first
  • Like what the hell happened what the hell did he do where the hell is this coming from you’re never like this around him
  • It takes him a few minutes to react but then he goes over and holds you like the world depended on it
  • He doesn’t let go unless you make a huge struggle to get away
  • Instead, he holds you tight and sways with you while he calmly shushes you and whispers that he’s here for you and that everything is going to be A-OK, and to just focus on him and his voice until you calm down
  • He’ll take off his serape and wrap you in it
  • If crowds are a problem, he’ll also put give you his hat to wear while he shuffles with you to a calmer environment
  • The boy is actually scared to death for you
  • He’ll start asking loads of questions at first but will stop immediately if you give the slightest inkling of being overwhelmed by him
  • He’ll settle for sitting down and holding you in his lap for a while in silence instead
  • He’ll trail his fingers through your hair and he’ll lightly massage your body until you feel like limp putty against him
  • Finally he’ll kiss your hairline and question you again
  • “What happened out there? Please, I gotta know. I have’ta help somehow.”
  • He’s just a puppy worried for its whole world
  • It takes you some time and a lot of McCree’s questioning to get him to a place where he understands the best he can
  • Worried pup turns to protective guard dog
  • He finds out everything that puts you in a comfortable environment and everything that triggers you in the slightest, then makes it his mission to keep said good things present and said bad things away from you to the best of his ability
  • His serape and/or hate become your security blankets
  • He creates a little hand-squeezing code with you so you can inform him of your discomfort during public scenes without having to verbalize yourself, just in case
  • Your comfort and health is always his first priority from now on
  • Never takes you anywhere he thinks will be a bad place for you to go
  • If you can’t leave somewhere right away and there’s something there bugging or triggering you, he’ll wrap you in his serape and put you in his hat, then buy you something small but pleasant to distract you with until you can leave
  • He probably won’t ask you about what you’re doing to help yourself until a bit later; he wants to get the hang of dealing with this new information and helping you cope, and he doesn’t want to press his boundaries to soon


  • Like Genji, he has his own inner demons he’s fought, so after the initial shock of your breakdown, he deals with it in the most professional way he can
  • If you’re incapable of walking at the time, he makes sure you’re okay with him touching you before lifting you in his arms and taking you to a secluded area
  • He knows how embarrassing having a breakdown in public can be and he knows the trouble some mental illnesses cause crowds to be
  • He gives you a simple physical task to use on repeat until your breakdown cools, like stacking flat stone or counting aloud to twenty-one
  • When you’ve calmed down, he skips the huge comfort gig and goes straight to questioning you about how you deal with your illness, whether it be medicine, therapy, etc.
  • From there, he’ll give you tips to better care for yourself, then he makes you promise to see a doctor with him
  • Afterwards, he just holds you close in silence for a while
  • Maybe the occasional murmur about how brave or wonderful or special you are
  • He offers to tell you the story about his own inner turmoils and how he had dealt with them but it’s totally up to you whether or not you’re up to hearing it at that moment
  • Then he’ll take you out to a small, calming tea house or he’ll take you home for tea and sweets and a possible bath, and then some cuddling if you’re interested in doing so

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For this au, have you seen Yuuri on Ice? If so, talk with me about a Malec Yuuri on Ice au.

so i haven’t seen yuri on ice, but it’s… figure skating, right? so here, have a figure skating au instead, which is loosely based on the wikipedia article on the show haha

  • magnus is a total pro (honestly when is he not)
  • skating since the age of six, magnus has two junior titles, a world championship and an olympic medal to his name
  • in other words he’s the best
  • but part of being that good is the fame and the hard work and magnus just got… tired at some point
  • he was dating world champion gymnast camille for a while but she ended up destroying him
  • he had no energy left for anything, certainly not for challenging for a figure skating title
  • enter alec lightwood, who only started skating a couple of years ago, but he’s good
  • he only started going because he always ended up accompanying jace to ice hockey practice, and eventually he decided to pull on some skates and try it out
  • alec keeps it really quiet - he hasn’t even told his parents
  • but izzy and jace know and they’re just… proud
  • it’s izzy who films alec skating and posts it online in some skating groups, safe spaces, all “so is he good or what???”
  • magnus sees it and he’s honestly never seen someone so talented or beautiful in his life, so he immediately messages izzy all “when can i meet him”
  • magnus surprises alec at one of his private after hours practices and honestly alec nearly faceplants on the ice
  • but magnus is impressed so he offers to coach him, but alec is like…. overjoyed and afraid all at once
  • skating is a hobby to him, not a career, and he can’t decide if he’s ready for it or not
  • magnus goes easy on him, doesn’t push, but something about this tall, awkward, stuttering beauty makes him excited again, makes him feel alive
  • (ragnor and cat notice. they keep pushing magnus to practice because it’s the only thing that’s made him smile in months.)
  • anyway after months of tension, hands in all sorts of places and training, alec finally attends a regional competition in the new york area
  • he wins!!!!!!!! yay!!!
  • but as they’re waiting for the scores they’re sitting at the side of the rink and magnus is right at his side and he’s so close
  • and then the last scores come in and alec can’t help himself
  • right as everyone’s looking at him for a reaction, all they see is alec making out with his coach in very dramatic fashion
  • izzy and jace cheer all the louder and not just because their brother is awesome at skating
  • alec quits the day job and takes up skating full time
  • magnus stays as alec’s coach for a couple of years until alec wins his first world championship
  • magnus then starts competing again and they become the first same-sex pair to compete at a international level
  • they break ground and make waves and are hopelessly in love and it’s perfect
  • and they all lived happily ever after

send me an au and i’ll expand on it!

Heyo anyone wanna know how the kids were claimed in the Percy Jackson AU?  No?  Oh well!


  • Hades did not intend to claim Lance until right before he was 13, this was because of how he was sure Lance would be treated
  • however, Lance got himself into a tad bit of trouble with Charon in relation to his sister and her fare for the under world and Hades sort fit to claim Lance to get him out of that trouble (getting sercurity to handle your boss’ son is not the best way to go about getting a raise)
  • this was when lance was 8 and part of the reason lance became a full time camper.  lance didn’t expect everything to change when he went to camp but he was very, very wrong


  • Keith was claimed shortly after arriving at Camp Halfblood when he was 12
  • Mostly because it’s hard to pretend that kid giving electric shocks to everyone isn’t your son, you know? 


  • Hunk was claimed during his third summer at camp when he was 11
  • Everyone had already suspected who his father was though, for similar reasons to Keith, because this kid is the pride and joy of the forge who the hell else could be his father


  • Shiro was claimed early too
  • in fact he was claimed at his first bonfire with everyone else
  • the reason he was claimed then was because he’d been cleaned up, been able to do his make up again, and just generally looked incredibly pretty but clearly he could have looked better if he was claimed so obviously
  • Everyone swooned


  • since pidge is mortal she doesn’t have a godly parent to claim her
  • however, i figured i’d put in how she gets passed the barriers (now that i’ve read more books i know how this works).  Matt gave Pidge permission to come in once so they could spend a little more time together before she had to leave.
  • She cried her eyes out when she had to leave her big brother


  • no ones actually certain when allura was claimed
  • like everyone knows it happened but because allura’s father lives at the camp and allura grew up in the camp and everyone knew before she was claimed who her mother was no ones actually sure exactly when Athena claimed her


  • matt was claimed during his second summer at camp halfblood while messing aound with chemcials in the arts and crafts area
  • he didn’t even notice
  • like literally he was mixing away and trying not to make the chemicals explode and everyones watching because that’s Athena’s claim right there but they also didn’t want anything to explod so they didn’t tell him until after he was done and the claim was gone
  • No one will let him forget that he missed his own claiming


  • unlike lance, Zarkon was claimed young
  • this was mostly because, like Keith, Zarkon was going around during necromancy shit and it was just kind of obvious so Hades made it offical
  • Hades also hoped claiming Zarkon might give them a chance to talk because Hades was probably the first to notice Zarkons hatred towards mortals but Zarkon, unlike pretty much every halfblood, had no interest in his father


  • the galra as a whole just ignore claimings
  • they do this as a direct disrespect to the gods because while they do get claimed, they ignore the signs from their parents.  they’re sorted into whose likely their parent and set to work and thats just how it is

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Can you do RFA with a muslim mc . Like when they see her pray for the first time etc. Thanks !

ill do my best ! this will probably center slightly more on them seeing her pray for the first time since i couldnt think of much else (that i hadnt done on the hijabi mc), i apologize- but nonetheless ! also this is assuming they know mc’s religion and not to disturb her when she prays and what not, also again, please correct me if anything is offensive or wrong <3


  • when he first saw you pray, he was going to ask you something, but shut his mouth immediately
  • he stood for a moment, because you were just so devoted
  • he couldnt help but admire
  • but then he quickly left you to your prayer and waited till you were done
  • for a while, he was confused as to why you had to pray five times a day, but when you explained it, he respected it
  • he helps remind you to preform ablution if he can
  • lightening fast to quiet anyone who insults you/your religion


  • gets better at keeping the place clean for you
  • he doesnt usually play lolol when you tell him youre going to pray until you tell him you finished, if he does he keeps his mic/headset off and mutes his computer in case you can hear the noise
  • its not really necessary, he knows you cant hear it anyways, but he does it to make sure
  • also puts his phone on silent just in case
  • when he first saw you praying, he was going to knock, but instead waiting by the door
  • he knew it was rude to interrupt a prayer of any kind to anyone but anyone
  • he always jumps to your defense if he needs to, but sometimes he ends up talking too fast and getting his words jumbled, then gets really frustrated and its so cute
  • he gets his point across either way


  • jumin was initially surprised when he found out jaehees knowledge of your religion while speaking with a muslim client
  • he assumed she just… knew ? but then he remembered
  • and he couldnt help but admire she knows so much about you
  • shes very good at reminding you to preform ablution if you need it
  • reminds the rfa members not to call you when you tell her youre going to pray
  • very defensive of you/your religion
  • one time jumin said he thought praying five times was a bit excessive and boy he got a mouthful
  • he learned


  • like zen he was kind of confused about why you had to pray so much
  • but he was a fast learner and you were thankful for that
  • he knows what muslim people have to deal with, so he keeps you close to him as much as he can
  • his guards ‘escort’ anyone who disrespects you from your area
  • hes christian but has shown interest in your bleiefs now and then
  • when he first saw you pray you were so focused and he was impressed he decided to wait until you were finished to speak with you
  • the maids already keep his place super clean, thankfully
  • (that and hes not much a messy person)
  • tried to task assistant kang with letting you know if you needed ablution
  • it didnt work out


  • the first time he saw you praying was on the cctv
  • he hadnt planned to watch more than a glance at first
  • but since hes so devoted to his own religion, he respected your devoution as well
  • he lingered for a moment, smiling before getting back to work
  • if he sees a racist comment on something you post online, he makes them Regret It
  • if someone says anything irl, hell pull you closer and walk away, but not before spitting something back
  • “ignore that loser, mc, youre wonderful~”
  • starts helping vanderwood tidy up a bit (much to their surprise) so the place is cleaner/clean for longer for you
  • they probably tried checking if he was sick
  • “can i, god 707, defender of justice, not want to keep my living space clean as well???”
  • “if character means anything then no.”
  • they knew what it was really for tho dw

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RFA having a swimmer!MC? (maybe even in the olympics;))

Annyeong! ^^

Hmmm so let’s see. Since we want MC-chan to be a swimmer, there’s only one way to do this… and that is to bring the entire gang to a swimming area!!! (A/N: please have mercy on me this is my first HC for Mystic Messenger T^T i’ll try my best to envision our MC-chan as a swimmer XD so lezz go!



  • this baby boi….. doesn’t know how to swim.
  • but when you say that you wanna go for a swim, he brings you to a nice pool place where you can have fun 
  • he is on his school break so you guys are so excited!!
  • when you guys were there, you guys wore matching swimsuits (so cuuuute) 
  • but since he cannot swim and he is so shy to be around the area that’s a bit shallow, he goes to where you are and that is on the adult’s pool which is in olympic size…. (this is where the athletes practice during summer time)
  • poor bb’s shaking of fear when you both jumped on the 7th feet and your feet couldn’t reach the ground.
  • starts to panic and he waddles around until he starts to drown
  • as he waddles around, he gets too far from you and he pushes himself further into the deep 
  • ya know what to do now!
  • you start to swim towards him and help him up
  • this cutie realizes that he was saved by his own gf and he stares at you at awe once you guy were out of the pool
  • “babe, did i just see you swim over to the 12ft without anybody’s help?!” Yoosung asked
  • “uhhh yeah?”
  • “Yoosung, honey, stop! Hahaha I swim! I used to do competitions when I was a kid until college! I even went to the olympics before…” you blush coz he looks at you like you are the best person ever
  • - he hugs you and begs you to teach him how to swim so he can have fun with you and not drown 


  •  you guys were looking at your college yearbook and that’s when she saw you in a swimming varsity
  • good thing it’s summer so you guys decided to go have fun in the beach
  • of course, she’s Jaehee so she also knows how to swim!
  •  boys were actually catcalling you and kept throwing floaters at you so that they can hit on ya
  • jaehee doesn’t like that one bit and she confronts the boys and told them to fuck off
  •  they asked jaehee to shut up. “Ehatchu gonna do about it litol guuuurl?” They sneeted at jaehee
  • jaehee looks at ya and winks. The gurl waggles her eyebrows at you
  • “you go show em gurl!”
  • you smile and challenge the voice to a swimming marathon at the beach. First person to be able to go to the area with the orange floater (which divides the safe area and the not safe area) and back to shore wins.
  • the boys scoff at your audacity to challenge them and said that if you lose, which they were veeeeery confident of, you’ll go have fun or hang out with them. 
  • you accept this coz you know you’re gonna whoop their asses up. - you guys got on position
  • on your mark…. get set… GO! 
  • you let the boys furiously waste their energy into trying to give their all to do you best and you stood on the water, waiting for 30 seconds to pass before you swam in full speed. 
  •  30 seconds done and you swam like a fish on a mission and you caught up with the boys who were trying so hard to beat you 
  • you swim past them so calmly and you reach the touching point and it’s time for you to return back to the route 
  • you made it back in shore in just 5 minutes 
  • the boys never had the chance to finish the race coz one had a cramp, one cried, and the other lost their breath 
  • the life guard struggled to help them get back to shore (serves them right) while you continued having fun on the beach with Jaehee


  • this hotstuff invited you to one of his shooting locations which was a swimming place with therapeutic waters and one olympic size pool. ofc they were swimming in an olympic pool 
  • you were his manager so you wanted to go… plus swimming… plus half naked zenny
  • you guys were there and he’s working while you just watch, but then an emergency happened
  • the set needed extra people on zen’s shoot since the original actress was injured and there was no understudy,
  • everybody looked at you because they do not know hwo to swim
  • “Oho, not my babe. I don’t want her being tired with swimming and all.” Zen protested. 
  • he doesn’t know you know how to swim 
  • he looks at you to convince you not to do it
  • but you wanted to since you wanted to help. so you agreed
  • you naughty child
  • the scene primarily required you to act out the famous Titanic death scene
  • Zen was worried you might panic so he carefully watches you as you swim in the water
  • he noticed that you were so calm and you even swam further than he could whenever the director wanted to tell you something
  • “You swim?” he asked as he placed his hands on your waist on one of the outtakes of the shoot
  • you nodded and blushed “Olympics.” 
  • “Show me.” he winked and you did. 


  • it was one of those days where you wanted to do something and get out of the penthouse while jumin was at work
  • you’re a health buff…. in a way because you wanted to look good for yourself and for Jumin since you are with a  trust fund kid
  • you leave a message to Jumin, telling him you’ll be out for a while and go straight to the swimming pool area
  • he allows you but tells you he will go there after work since the swimming pool area is in the building where the penthouse is
  • this rich kiddd
  • anyways, you go for an exercise swim, going back and forth the olympic size pool
  • you were doing a simple floating style swim when Jumin entered the pool side
  • you were so deep in thought and you had your eyes closed that you didn’t notice he was there, watching you
  • you changed your style and went for one lap of freestyle and another for butterfly strokes
  • you were getting quite tired so you swam by the side of the pool and you saw Jumin’s shiny shoes.
  • you looked at up and he was staring at you as if you were the best thing he saw
  • “You’re like a mermaid. you swim very well. I didn’t know you were a great swimmer.” he said
  • you blushed as he offered his hand for you when you get out of pool. 
  • “were you always this great at everything, my love?” he asked. You laughed and playfully push him as he helped you dry up and went home to your penthouse.


  • Of course, this boi knows you were so great at swimming that he thought fo you as a water goddes
  • but he has not seen you in action since you both never had the chance to be in the beach or somewhere water is involved
  • except showers… mhmm mhmm
  • you were hanging out at 707′s place, watching TV when you gusy stumbled upon a video coverage of an old olympic swimming match and 707 saw your name on the screen
  • you were competing like a boss, bent over, preparing to go for a dive in the water
  • 707 looked at you on the TV and at you in real life a couple of times, it was making you dizzy
  • “I wanna race with you in swimming.” he murmured. 
  • you looked at him in surprise and then you grinned.
  • “Let’s go. you and me. battle. tomorrow. at Jumin’s swimming pool area in his building.” you said
  • the boi was so excited he didn’t even sleep
  • at the end of the day, you guys re-enacted the video footage but he never raced you to swim because he was too busy taking photos of you and recording every chance he could get
  • posting everywhere on his social media
  • you shake your head while laughing
  • this boi is hopeless
  • but you love him anyway


There ya go! I’m sorry! I’ll try my best next time!!! 

Futari Shizuka
Hanazawa Kana & Hino Satoshi
Futari Shizuka

English Translation:

A single leaf of a word wanders
Sending moonlight to where you are

Ah, if this could reach you right away
I would take your hand, and want to steal your beautiful eyes
Our voices, our feelings, overlap.
We are both quiet.

These overflowing feelings are so dear to me that it hurts
The present where you are smiling right here is everything
Was it decided that we would be linked?
The finger I touched teaches me warmth
I want to believe in… The dream that opens tonight with you.

In the crevice which through I sneaked away from my destiny
We gaze at each other; We're both there.

Ah, I'm scared, this happy time 
I will never get close to sadness again so, engrave it
The memories have indeed been connected
In a single future 

It's more than enough, I want to pass off this kindness
Love is an eternally-playing melody
It's not a deceptive feeling
I'm just happy that my existence is being proven
The bonds that we seek are pure and never-wilting

A single leaf of a word wanders
Sending moonlight to where you are

Ah, I feel joy in my heart
Because I swear on your eyes that I will always protect you, and then
The bonds of our hearts overlap
We are both quiet.

These overflowing feelings are so dear to me that it hurts
The present where you are smiling right here is everything
Was it decided that we would be linked?
The finger I touched teaches me warmth
I want to believe in… The dream that opens tonight with you.


part two of my occupation!seventeen series ( here )

  • at first, jeonghan took up the librarian job because he wanted to be able to nap and get paid for it
  • he was the absolute WORST at sorting the books, you could tell who sorted them because he’d put the a’s in the m section and the z’s would be in the magazine area
  • he almost got fired like twelve times, but he always smiled his way through it!!
  • but after getting almost fired that many times, he finally figured out where to put things thank god
  • everyone loves jeonghan, he’s the only librarian under the age of sixty so everyone asks him the questions as if he can answer half of them, he just learned where the books go
  • you’re a college student who really needs a job near the campus, and you just so happen to always go to the library to study for tests etc etc, and it finally hits you that you should work there
  • so of course the nice librarians hire you, because god, no one could be as bad as jeonghan
  • and obviously you’ve heard of jeonghan, but you never saw him working, you always went to your corner and studied, you’d only checked out a book once, and that was before all the books were misplaced and unorganized
  • jeonghan immediately notices that you’re there!! behind the checkout counter!! just reading a book!! and wow!! you look good!!
  • i mean really, you’re beautiful and you’re practically glowing, jeonghan is lucky he didnt faint in your presence
  • he tried to avoid you all day at one point he crawled under the counter so you couldn’t see him pass by, until he was forced to ask you for any returned books
  • FINALLY you meat this mysterious jeonghan, and oh god, he’s attractive, more attractive than any of your friends had warned you about, and how did his hair do that thing?? it was always shining??
  • you took a good minute to just stare at each other before registering what he needed and handing him some books before sitting down because wow, looking at him was like looking at the literal sun
  • and over time you two just calmed down about how attractive you both were and became friends ( obviously you flirted who WOULDNT flirt with jeonghan lets be real here )
  • it was almost a tradition that you two would close up the library at the end of the day, and all the little old ladies were so happy that you two took that job
  • but little did they know, you two always took rides on the library carts and pushed each other around the library for hours
  • and sometimes, you would even go lie in the children’s area together and read babies books to each other for hours!!
  • it was a blessing if either of you left before 12 pm, because how could you leave each other when you were both so infatuated
  • it took jeonghan at least four months to ask you out
  • and he did it in the CUTEST way
  • he had been in the childrens area for two hours before you had to go question him because lets be real, would you leave jeonghan in a children’s area of the library for two hours without questioning him? no
  • and you walk over and he set up a pillow fort like the literal angel that he is, and he asked you out and you two just chilled in the pillow fort ( get your mind out of the gutter )
  • jeonghan may be a bit slow when it comes to library etiqutte, but he is not slow at all when it comes to anything else, including you!
  • you love jeonghan with your whole heart and he loves you even more, and every single little old librarian wants you two to get married and they’re all already planning your wedding ( flower and venue included )
Univited Guest-part 2

Nate’s Pov

I did the only thing I could do. Get.My.Girl.

I walked up to y/n and this ugly piece of shit and literally peeled him off y/n.

“Keep your hands off her.” I said somewhat calmly

And before I knew it I got his fist to my face…

Y/n Pov

I’m standing here with my feet planted to the ground. I couldn’t move I was to in shock. To in shock to do anything. I’m watching my boyfriend beat some person up. I’ve never witnessed him get into a fight with anyone in front of me. Seeing this guy throwing punches then receiving them. Oh and now tackled to the floor by Nate.

Sam Pov

We started to hear a bunch of hollering and shouting coming from the kitchen. I looked over to the Jacks and Swazz.

“Let’s go see” J said and sat up from his seat and the rest of the guys following including me.


“Whoa,Whoa,Whoa” I said when in saw a bloody person and a not AS bloody Nate.

G and I rushed over and took Nate off from on top of this creep, leaving the unrecognizable creep on the floor.

Johnson’s Pov

Nate, Y/n and I walked towards the bathroom to clean up the blood from Nate.

“Dude, what were you thinking?” I asked shocked by Nate’s actions

“He came at me! I wasn’t gonna let him just beat me up” he said annoyed

“Okay, Okay” I said turning the corner to get to the bathroom

We got to the bathroom and y/n took a cloth out from under the sink and wet it.

“Come here” she said motioning Nate to go closer to her so that she could wipe his face off.

Y/n Pov

“You don’t have to do this” Nate said after Johnson left

“I know” I said and continued to wipe around his jaw area

He exhaled deeply. “I’m sorry” he said very close to a whisper

I looked at him confused “Huh?”

“I said that I’m sorry” he said a little bit louder, but not too loud

“Why you saying sorry?” I said confused

“Because you never saw that side of me and you probably think I’m some breed of monster”

“No I don’t. I just don’t want to see you get hurt, that’s all.”

“Thank you” he said after I finished cleaning his face

“Come on let’s go enjoy this party!” I said doing a mini dance making him laugh

“Okay!” he said and grabbed my hand bring me back towards the party

Well it turned out that the ‘creep’ was an uninvited guest and we will be seeing him no more. When I mean no more i mean it.

The uninvited guest was on parole anyways….

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>  <><><><><>

Hoped you enjoyed the last part! i will update tomorrow since I’m leaving school early! love you guys and thank you to everyone that followed/follows me! xoxo