This bean was given to me by a very charismatic seed saver who led a lively workshop at the recent skill swap that I attended & taught at.

He shared some very interesting points about why it is important to save your own seeds:

  • Every seed has a story to tell & can preserve history if the story is told
  • Cultivars that are descended from plants grown in an area are adapted to the micro-climate of that area
  • Being dependent on seeds suppliers that are hundreds of miles away is NOT food security
  • It is fun and can save you money!
A helpful list of ways to draw your character

I was at a loss for how to draw my characters for awhile, so I’ve decided to compile a list of helpful ideas to help other artists! You can even consider this a challenge, if you want. Draw one of these ideas every day, or whenever you have time, until you’ve done everything in the list!

1. Draw your character in different outfits

  • The outfit you are wearing now, or your favorite outfit
  • A suit of armor, as if they’re about to go into battle
  • The coziest pair of pajamas you can imagine
  • An adorable bunny onesie
  • A Victorian era dress or suit
  • Dressed up as another character, perhaps from a TV show or movie
  • A spacesuit
  • A doctor’s outfit
  • Bundled up in super heavy winter gear
  • A loose, cool summer outfit
  • The opposite of their normal outfit (For example, if they normally wear super fancy dresses or suits, try drawing them in some geeky tee shirts and old jeans)

2. Draw your character doing different things

  • Balancing several teapots, plates, and glasses very precariously, like in the cartoons
  • An epic battle scene
  • Looking out at the ocean, perhaps walking along the shore with the waves lapping at their feet
  • Dancing
  • Running through or jumping into a big pile of leaves
  • Climbing trees
  • Hanging precariously from a cliff ledge or tree branch
  • Deep sea diving, or just swimming in general
  • Bouncing up in happiness

Or if you want some more angsty and dark ideas… (Don’t have many of these at the moment, I’ll try to add some more later)

  • Crying over a grave/body
  • Sitting all alone in a remote area
  • Being stabbed or shot, or doing the stabbing or shooting
  • A kind of flashback, where we can see their older, happier memories, and how the character looks now

3. Draw your character from different perspectives

This one can be tricky, because perspective is difficult to get right sometimes. (I’m not great at it myself, yet). Try drawing them from the side, the front, from a bird’s eye view or a mouse’s eye view, any different angle that you haven’t thought of yet!

4. Draw your character making different expressions

Expressions are hard, but they can be so rewarding, seeing a normally grumpy character smile for once, or heartbreaking to see a happy-go-lucky character crying.

  • Anger
  • Shock
  • Joy/happy tears
  • Heartbreak
  • Not amused
  • Outraged
  • Sly grin
  • Nonchalance
  • Sad smile
  • Wincing

5. Try drawing your character while listening to different types of music

It may sound odd, but the music really does tend to produce a different result in the art, at least in my experience. A friend of mine drew the same dragon 4 different times, with four different music types, and they all turned out really different. One was more regal and elegant, another was really happy and full of lighter colors and tones, and another was super dark and, honestly, kinda scary.

The music itself can even give you ideas, it’s inspired me lots of times when I didn’t have any ideas!

I’m out of ideas for now, but if anyone else would like to add to this list, that would be great! :3

steven universe medley 2 chords and lyrics!

those of you on mobile, i’m so sorry this is really long. i hate that the after the cut doesn’t work on mobile :(((

the video that goes along with this is coming soon, but those of you who don’t need it, here you go!

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