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How Do Korean Think About Black People?

Hey girl! I don’t know if you’ve seen this video but you need to see this cause there’s some hot tea 🍵 in this one especially towards the end (

honestly i love being a historical literature translator bc i get to read all the details that are usually left out of the textbooks.

like during an uprising in Korea in 1864 where the rebel troops stormed the palace and homes of the ruling party, one dude (이최응) tried to escape over a wall but fell and managed to somehow land on his privates and died of a ruptured testicle. now the fact that my dude literally died of a busted nut while running for his life is amazing in and of itself, but what truly gets me is the fact that i’m translating a diary, i.e. someone literally witnessed this happen and decided it was a detail he needed to include in his recollection of the rebellion. it’s like, yeah, i’ll tell you all about the horrible murders and the political upheaval of the country, but first lemme tell u about dis poor bitch i saw…👀☕️


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