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Korean Word of the Day

= light, color

  • 빛나다 = shine
  • 빛내다 = make shine, bring glory to
  • 달빛 = moonlight
  • 별빛 = starlight
  • 햇빛 = sunlight
  • 빛깔 = color
  • 눈빛 = eye color, expression in one’s eyes

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Korean Word of the Day

빠지다 = utterly*

  • 썩어빠지다 = be rotten to the core
  • 흔해빠지다 = be everywhere
  • 게을러빠지다 = be thoroughly lazy
  • 약아빠지다 = be rascally shrewd

*빠지다is not a word by itself when it has this meaning

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anonymous asked:

Hello I was wondering how did you get the scholarship? Like you apply or contact them?

Hello! :)
The Korean university contacted me. The process was a bit complicated, if you (or anyone else) want to now about how it worked send me a non-anon message and I’ll answer in private.

But, there are options you can apply to! Just go to any Korean university’s website and check the International Students part, they always offer scholarships for foreigners. But you must apply for them between November and December, so you are late for this semester…

TIP: Get in contact with your Korean embassy to ask them if they can offer any scholarship, they give them in most countries! (as far as I know, they don’t give them in Spain and France, though)