Beware that this commission is mainly done with Neon color palette.
My art style and aesthetic will be applied to the commission.
Careful choice is needed considering its random style!

Please make a commission request after fully acknowledge the look and feel of my art style by scoping out the samples.

- I(Area) reserve the common-law copyright to all works commissioned.
- No work shall be reproduced.
- Every work has my own signature. Do not remove it.
- I have a right to upload the work on the web with Watermark.
- Also all works can be used as the sample of my portfolio.

Request ▶ Quotation ▶ Payment Confirmation ▶ Sketch ▶ Feedback ▶ Work ▶ Complete

- After the request, price will be calculated under the mutual agreement.
- All works will be initiated after the payment confirmation by me.
- Guarantee full refund if the work isn’t finished within 15 business days after the payment.
- The commission will be automatically cancelled if the payment isn’t made within 2 days after the designated payment date.
- Refund will not be made after the payment in cases.


300dpi-RGB-height 700-900px (Varied depends on the composition)

I do not accept large size request or size with purpose of printing. Please contact me if you have any extra inquiries.

Maximum working period is around a week in average with flexibility. The working period can get longer or shorter, depends on work itself.

The end result will be provided in PNG format. JPG can be possible if you wish.

What I like to work on
- kawaii
- kirakira
- loli
- gore
- lace
- lolita fashion
- animal/furry/kemono
- humanized/gijinka
- pattern
- design

I do have many other topics that I like to work on.
Very strong in character focused topic. Also fond of any pattern works.

What I can do but not recommend
- mechanics
- muscles
- elder/beard

What I do not do
- NSFW/R-18
- Any genre that can be disputable
- Complicated & fancy background

Basic 30 USD (15 USD each additional characters)

The price may be changed depends on decoration/props

(only paypal)


Please visit here to see the samples!

1. name :
2. pay-pal :
3. Commission Description :

Description for commission contents can be simple or specific.
(I will work on what is provided to me)
Inserting typography is possible upon the prior request

4. reference images(Optional) :

10% off on the price if the commission is related to my favorite genre.

Example of my fav. genre
- Sofia the first
- Walt Disney(exclude Frozen)
- Woody Woodpecker/Looney Tunes/Simpsons (etc old cartoons)
- The Mentalist
- Electronic

Discount on any items/topics that I like.

+ If you’re FR member and want FR commission, please check FR art sale.

Please make inquiries regarding commission to