Mythic Creature Yogscast AU

So TigerPhantom wanted someone to do a AU around a picture of Xephos as a mermaid. I probably think that there are like 20 AU’s around this but, SCREW IT. I know two things extremely well: Dinos and Mythical Creatures. I have had a Dinosaur filled month, so let’s do some magic. (Also if anyone can do art of this, pls because I can’t draw people unless I focus and use a whole piece of paper for each figure. Alright let’s get this done with…

Xephos- A Triton who lives with Honeydew in a bay making Jaffas and selling them to humans.

Honeydew- A Dwarf (I know original right?) that was exiled and makes a living making and selling Jaffa cakes.

Lalna- A Elf that both helps Honeydew sell Jaffas to humans (He;s very human looking) and studies magical weapons with Nanosounds.

Lomadia- A Owl Harpy that practices magic with Nilesy

Nilesy- A Cat Sith (Scottish Cat fairy) who sells water amulets and helps Lomadia practice witchery.

Rythian- A Nøkk seeking vengeance upon the Ender Lindworm.

Zoeya- A Mushroom Fairy that studies with Rythian, is completely pacifistic but came easily change her appearance to be big and frightening. Has a tree arm.

Teep-  A  mute Drake that can shoot fire like a sniper rifle.

Sips- A Gnome that sells dirt and rare flower/seeds to others.

Sjin- A bearded Satyr that has a famous farm. He sells magical herbs and spices to humans. Xephos helps with the watering.

Martyn- A Greenman that protects a forest from the human city.

Toby- A Human that lives in the woods, helps stop the clearing of the forest.

Panda- A Berserker that turns into a Panda. Yeah

Ridgedog- A Human who wants to expand his town (secretly practices magic)

Nanosounds- An Orang bunian infected with Flux, helps Lalna with magical smelting and mechanisms. Does most of the things involving iron.

Area 11- A band of Sprites famous for their amazing parties.

Strippin and Benji- Dwarves that build complex mining systems.

Bebopvox- A Golem made by Ridge to help clear the forest.

Ross- A Tall Dwarf that along with the rest of HAT Inc. owns most of the land around the bay and forest.

Smiffy- A minor Potamoi that controls all the rivers from the bay.

Trottimus- A Selkie that owns the bay and demands gold every year from residents of the area that they own.

William Strife- A Jotun that makes a business helping humans from the city.

Be free to help with ideas and suggestions!