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A true oasis in the desert of southwest New Mexico, Gila Lower Box Canyon Wilderness Study Area is a lush thicket of cottonwood, willows and wildflowers. The area provides excellent birding with one of the highest bird diversities in the state. Spring and summer visitors also enjoy river recreation including tubing and fishing. Photo by Mike Howard, Bureau of Land Management.


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i cannot believe i have only less than a month left to finish my first year at uni!!!! i have been the most inactive studyblr ever, but with all the uni work and some health issues i’ve been having it’s been really impossible, so far this year is not going as planned, but i guess we still have half of it and summer coming up soon!

here is a snippet of my work area and the views i have from here (click to expand), i cannot complain 😌  let me know how this year is going so far, i’d love to chat! (filter on pics is iphone’s fade hehe) 💛 


I started a Polaroid series that I had been meaning to start a really long time called ‘Silicon Valley’. It’s where I take Polaroids of tech campuses in my area since I live at the heart of Silicon Valley, but i’m also planning on expanding the project with Polaroids of places that have been sitting in Silicon Valley since before Tech came in. A lot of the time, i’m only able to snap a few photos and leave because for some campuses, security is incredibly strict (even though i’m standing outside of the campus), or there isn’t much to see. I’m hoping to create a zine or a book in the near future to give people an idea of what these campuses look like, and to document these places since most Tech companies either last forever, or stick around for a few years, move away, or go out of business. One of the things I noticed while doing this project is that ‘Tech Tourism’ is a very real thing.

Campuses like Apple, Google, and Facebook were swarming with people from out of town wanting to walk on campus, explore, and take pictures for the Gram. If you ever plan on visiting any tech campus, please be very careful since it CAN be a trespassing issue. Some places I went to visit don’t even have a visitation area, and a lot of the time I just park my car, walk up, take a Polaroid and leave.

A Ring of Fire Eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere

On Feb. 26, a “ring of fire” will be visible in the sky above parts of the Southern Hemisphere, including Chile, Argentina and Angola. This is called an annular eclipse.

Credit: Dale Cruikshank

If you live within the viewing area, even though most of the sun will be obscured by the moon, it’s essential to observe eye safety. This includes using a proper solar filter or an indirect viewing method during ALL phases of this eclipse.

See full graphic

What is an annular eclipse? During any type of solar eclipse, the sun, moon, and Earth line up, allowing the moon to cast its shadow on Earth’s surface in a partial or total solar eclipse.

Download this animation

An annular eclipse is the product of almost the same celestial geometry as a total solar eclipse – that is, from the perspective of some place on Earth, the moon crosses in front of the sun’s center. 

But an annular eclipse is different in one important way – the moon is too far from Earth to obscure the sun completely, leaving the sun’s edges exposed and producing the “ring of fire” effect for which annular eclipses are known. Because the moon’s orbit is slightly oblong, its distance from Earth – and therefore its apparent size compared to the sun’s – is constantly changing.

An annular eclipse seen in extreme ultraviolet light – a type of light invisible to humans – by the Hinode spacecraft on Jan. 4, 2011.

Any time part, or all, of the sun’s surface is exposed – whether during an annular eclipse, a partial eclipse, or just a regular day – it’s essential to use a proper solar filter or an indirect viewing method to view the sun. You can NEVER look directly at the sun, and an annular eclipse is no exception!  

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere or near the equator, check this interactive map for partial eclipse times.

If you live in North America, you’ll have a chance to see an eclipse later this year. On Aug. 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cross the US – the first total solar eclipse in the contiguous US in nearly 40 years! The path of totality for the August eclipse runs from coast to coast.

Within this narrow path of totality, the moon will completely obscure the sun – unlike an annular eclipse – revealing the sun’s outer atmosphere. People in other parts of North America will see a partial solar eclipse, weather permitting. Find out what you can see during the Aug. 21, 2017, eclipse in your area with our maps, and explore the rest of for more information.

For more eclipse science, visit

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Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area in California includes expansive rolling hills of blue oak and lush forests surrounding the Sacramento River and its tributaries. The beautiful and diverse habitat – home to bald eagles, osprey, deer and salmon – offers natural beauty and solitude paired with numerous recreation opportunities. You can explore the area by foot, horseback, boat and bike, and then pitch a tent at the end of the day for stunning sunsets on your public lands. Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management (@mypubliclands).

Zoo & Aquarium Accessibility Issues

Collating the responses received yesterday in regards to disability accommodation at zoos, it sounds like the biggest problem is that accessibility design aspects aren’t actually useful to the people who need to use them. 

The biggest issues across facilities seemed to be:

  • Ramps / hills being too steep
  • Doors directly at the top of ramps / no push-bars on doors with accessible access 
  • Ramps constructed out of hard materials to traverse in a wheelchair, like boardwalks
  • High prices for wheelchairs / lack of wheelchair reservations
  • Not enough benches, ever
  • No areas for service dog relief
  • Indoor exhibit spaces being too narrow for wheelchairs to navigate
  • Single steps up or down into exhibit areas precluding viewing from a wheelchair 
  • Touch tank walls too high / wide for sitting patrons to reach across
  • Special attractions (especially giraffe feeding) only having stair access

I started looking into this because traversing a number of zoos this summer with a temporary mobility issue opened my eyes to some of the problem, but this is actually impressively worse - and much more widespread - than I thought. 

I’ve decided to start curating a spreadsheet about accessibility information at zoos and aquariums in the United States so that folk can have as much information as possible when planning their trips to a facility. You can find the beginning of it here! 

It currently has three pages: accessibility issues people will want to keep in mind, good accessibility design aspects, and facility information re: their guidelines, wheelchair rental costs, service animal policies, and any other accessibility options offered. I am absolutely looking for input from people about issues or good design they noticed during their visits to a facility - you can message the blog or email your thoughts to whyanimalsdothething at gmail. Please be as specific as you can with your contributions, because that’s to the benefit of anyone using the spreadsheet to plan their day. 

A PSA from Susie the PreMed Student:

Fall is here and Winter is coming! It’s time to get vaccinated!

I just got back from the clinic, because I was getting my *drum rolls* FLU SHOT!

Yes, that’s right everyone it’s FLU SEASON. We’re all busy people with busy lives so don’t forget to get your influenza shot for the 2017/2018 Winter :) No one has time to get sick or to have their children fall ill. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to influenza and their demographic groups are most likely to die from the contagious disease.

So, to those who are not allergic to vaccines :) let’s all do our part in our beautiful communities to strengthen our heard immunity!

If insurance and cost are issues please check online to view your areas nearest minute clinics, free clinics, and mobile flu shot vans! There should be sources on government and independent websites (please don’t forget to double check with the hospital various organizations claim they are being sponsored by #IMPORTANT).

College students: check with your campuses for information on free vaccinations for registered students. Parents: check with your child’s school. Also, your job may pay for your flu shot as well. It’s wise to check your company policies.

(quick side note i also received another one of my HPV shots today… get vaxxed. save your life, save A life. xoxo)

Boundary Reservoir Recreation Area in eastern Washington is the perfect place for an outdoor adventure. Recreation activities include boating, swimming, fishing, picnicking, camping, hiking and nature viewing. You’re going to love soaking in the sun while bobbing on the waves of the calm, blue lake. Photo by Jeff Clark, Bureau of Land Management.

The Types During the Zombie Apocalypse

INFP: Somehow never noticed that shit was going down. Wanders into a group of zombies one day and is miraculously rescued by a valiant ENTJ. They ride off into the sunset, somehow finding a fairytale ending amidst the apocalypse

ENTP: Definitely caused the apocalypse

INTP: Holed up in the mountains by themselves, made a list of essential supplies but forgot most of them on the way out the door

ESFP: Followed an ESTP into danger. Was abandoned and turned into a zombie

ISFJ: Sacrificed themselves to save their kid. Ate their kid after they turned

ESTJ: “ALRIGHT LISTEN YOU IDIOTS, follow me if you want to live!” Establishes a town and defenses and sacrifices the rebellious to the zombies because ruling through fear is what these peasants need right now

ISTJ: Grimly does all of the mercy killing for townspeople who have been bitten but not turned because “Somebody has to do it.”

ENFJ: Entertains the children to distract them from the fact that everyone they know and love is dead or about to be

ISFP: Found a good hiding spot and some projectiles. Busy building a dead zombie wall around the town for added protection

ESFJ: Establishes a school because “The kids shouldn’t neglect their education just because the apocalypse is happening. Think of the future.”

INFJ: *Sigh* Well, I guess this is just how we live now. Might as well keep going

ENTJ: Establishes a competing town to ESTJ’s, strikes out quickly to gather and hoard all of the surrounding resources so they’re in the best strategic position

ISTP: Zombie-killing volunteer in ESTJ’s Army

ESTP: Indiscriminate-killing volunteer/raider in ENTJ’s Army

INTJ: Knew what ENTP was up to. Debated whether they would interfere, but ultimately curiosity won out. Set up a secluded area with a view of the crazy and a lifetime of supplies. Secreted their family away 6 months ago. Chillin’ and sipping a martini

ENFP: If anyone can befriend a zombie, ENFP is the one to try! Unfortunately nobody can befriend a zombie so…


A History of Violence - Part Two (completed)

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader - A/B/O

Part One Here

Summary: You and Sam are a bonded pair with four children. You’re both interrogated by the police who are convinced that Sam and Dean are running a criminal enterprise.

This falls into the same AU as The Brown Bottle, Moonlight and The Derby

Warnings: Language, violence, dom/sub overtones. mentions of: knotting, breeding, claiming, giving birth, assault, mention of rape

Words: 4600+

Betas: @saxxxology & @moonlitskinwalker

Your name: submit What is this?

Interrogation: Sam

Sam sits on a tiny chair in a small room, wrists in handcuffs resting on the table in front of him. He’s been waiting for the better part of three hours without so much as a hello from anyone. He’s got a pretty good idea of what’s happening, at least the basics. He can’t say he wasn’t expecting to be brought in for questioning, he was, however, unprepared for the SWAT team knocking down the door to the mobile office at their construction site.

He takes a deep breath, running his hands through his hair. While he’s not new to being on this side of the law, he’s never been left to sweat in the box for this long.

He gets it, they’re proving a point.

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aquietpainter  asked:

Any tips for an undergrad majoring in Art History?? and careers I can pursue with an Art History degree?? I thank you for your time : )

Hey! Unfortunately I can’t give you any direct tips for surviving an Art History degree (I’ll start studying next year though, yay) and I envy you! I did do some googlin’ for you and found a helpful blog. You’ve probably already seen it, but in case it’s got some new info here’s two helpful links:

As for what you can do with your degree, I love this question. I got told growing up that “there’s nothing you can do with an art degree but become a failed artist,” but shockingly there’s a lot of paths you can branch out to! A degree in art can lead to all kinds of design - visual art, furniture, interior, and clothing - or gallery and museum work. You can become the person that saves centuries old paintings, or you can work privately for an art lover and consult him on what to buy, or you can go on to become a teacher and inspire the next generation of artists.
I’ll also give some links as to what the jobs entail in case you’d like more info, or just link to know what the heck the job actually is. Some of these jobs will be really similar to others, but different areas of the world view them a bit different, or they’re a bit more specific:

Something I do know, however, is one of the biggest things employers look for in all of these fields is (brace yourself) experience. Lucky for us art lovers, museums and art galleries are always looking for volunteers. I know in Melbourne, a lot of smaller galleries are run on volunteers. I recommend (if you haven’t already) to look for museums or galleries and ask them if there is anything you can help out with, that will help you build up your experience for the art world. There’s all kinds of things they can ask you to do. At museums they ask for help from anything like directing tours, to helping with the gardens. At art galleries you can help set up installments, or even become part of them.

I hope this answer helped even a little bit. Good luck with your studies!

My Boys (Part 2/3)

Steve Plus Size!Reader x Bucky

Author’s note- Here it is. Wow you guys this took a lot to write. Also the Gifs have nothing to do with this part other than the fact that they are hot sooo enjoy that lol

Summary- You wake up with a hangover and guess who’s there to take care of you and make sure you are all good for movie night? Yup Steve and Bucky.

Warning- language, and that’s all I can think of??? Maybe hung over Nat but come on we all love her. 

Word count: 1220

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Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado is a series of three reservoirs along the once wild Gunnison River. The reservoirs that make up Curecanti today are a destination for water-based recreation high in the Rocky Mountains. Best known for salmon and trout fishing, Curecanti also offers opportunities for hiking, boating, camping and bird watching. Start planning your trip now. Photo by Alex Stephens, Bureau of Reclamation.


Part 1 (you are here) / (Part 2)  / (Part 3)  /  (Part 4)

PART 1 IS FINALLY HERE!!!  This comic is from @insanitysbloomings​ ‘ fanfic “Back To Us,” which takes place 7 years after Hawk Moth’s defeat and the heroes go their separate ways.  When a new villain appears after 7 years of relative peace, they find that they don’t have as much in common as they used to… Dun dun DUUUUUUUN~!  

It’s seriously an awesome story!  When @insanitysbloomings​ got randomly chosen for my giveaway I had no idea she had such an amazing fanfic already!  I’m totally hooked on it now and follow her updates religiously! (>▽<)

I originally wasn’t planning on making it as big as it is now.  It’ll be 4 parts total, or 5 depending on whether I decide to split one up into 2 and they’re mostly drawn out, they just need to be colored now. 

Anyway, this scene was literally THE perfect excuse for me to practice the 2 things I’ve been wanting to work on, 1) Drawing expressions, and 2) Coloring nighttime settings. And since it’s from a fanfic I really like, it’s been really fun!  I may not color the rest of the comic quite like this, but we’ll see what happens.

Obviously, I took some liberties with Ladybug’s costume.  The original isn’t as fun to draw and I like redesigning stuff.  ;P

I had to look up reference pictures of the top of the Eiffel Tower to figure out where to stick these guys… there aren’t a lot of places to sit way up there, once you go past a certain height!

So I decided to have them sit on the ledge outside the top viewing area of the tower; I remembered it from the Guitar Villain episode. (I KNOW YOU ALL REALLY, REALLY CARE ABOUT THAT LITTLE DETAIL!!! MWAHAHA XD)