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Art Events in San Francisco

Art Events in San Francisco Bay Area

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3/28 SF - 111 Minna Sketch Night Tuesday

3/28 - Oakland - 14th St Supply - Art by CCTV

3/31 SF - Back to the Picture - Group Show

4/1 Oakland - Street art mural bike ride

4/1 SF - Art Attack Opening of New Gallery location in the Castro

4/1 SF - The Roxie - Can’t Be Stopped Movie about CBS Crew - Buy now. 1 night only.

4/1 SF - Hashimoto Contemporary - Casey Gray

4/1 SF Spoke Art - Ferris Plock and Kelly Tunstall

4/1 SF - The Growlery - Bay Hill

4/2 SF - Lower Polk Art Walk the first Thursday of Every Month

4/5 SF - De Young Museum - Carrie Iverson artist in residence

4/7 SF - 111 Minna Gallery - Spenser Little and Jaclyn Rose

4/15 Oakland - The Naming Gallery - Art by Dan Isaac Bortz

4/15 SF - Guerrero Gallery - Adam Feibelman & Taravat Talepasand

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Ok but imagine the spa area and tea time events at GLaDOS' hotel. I'm so glad you like this idea lol

[Chell just gets really awkward around the turrets, but she likes using the spa and the pool sections of the hotel to help her muscles.
And at tea time or banquets, GLaDOS gets the turrets together to sing. A defective turret manages to sneak in occasionally and throw in a sharp note.
(yeah mate! I love stuff like this!)]

❇️ How to Adjust a Spell ❇️

sometimes you come across a spell and it’s not exactly what you want. sometimes you can’t find the spell you need and there’s only spells that are only sorta what you need. 

❇️ To enchant an object with the intent of the spell

involve the object in the spell. for example, 

  • if it is a jar spell you can charge the object in or around the jar
  • if it is a candle spell, you can pass the object though the smoke
  • gather and direct 

❇️ For a very specific spell becoming generalized

dissect the spell, and figure out what is making the spell focused on a singular event, area, or person, and remove that element. if removing that element makes the spell difficult to complete, you can 

  • burn the ingredients and spread pinches of the ashes for influence
  • combine in a traditional candle spell
  • combine in a traditional jar spell

❇️ For making a general spell focus on a specific person

find an element of the person you wish the spell to affect, a representative object, and combine with the rest of the ingredients. this can look like:

  • burning ingredients together to ash
  • binding with thread
  • combining inside a jar
  • use in a candle spell
  • etc

❇️ linked guide on replacing/substituting ingredients ❇️

Philip Milic | Oakland California / On the Road
“ Got to finish this stunning tattoo last [week].🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙 I will be facilitating a creative drawing class about finding and divining your sacred doodle. What is our subconscious trying to tell you or is it just wanting to be witnessed? Let’s explore these ideas at @symbiosisgathering on sept 16. It will be my first time doing this so I’m a bit nervous but it will be a lot of fun. No need to be an “artist” just need to be willing to explore and open up. Check out @symbiosisgathering web for details. Also @oldcrowtattoo is selling tickets for the festival. 💚👻👽🔮🌙🍄💨

tumblr: philipmilic

What if when Mob gets a little older, say high-school age, he does become a traveler of sorts. He can’t travel to different countries because he’s too young and doesn’t have the financial means to, but day trips to historic castles, shrines, gardens, and other interesting places are within his means. The day before he’ll pack some snacks, a sketchbook and pencils, maybe some extra spending money, and a map or directions on how to get where he wants to go and back.

While he’s there Mob will spend time listening to the spirits talk about the history of the area or interesting events that they witnessed. If he sees something unique - be it a flower, structure, or scenery - he’ll pull out his sketchbook and draw whatever piqued his interest. The people whom he allows to look through his sketchbook always comment that he’s getting much better at his drawings.

On occasion Teru or Ritsu will join Mob on his trips. Teru saved up and bought a camera so he can take pictures of wherever he goes. He uses the best photos to fill a small scrap book that, once done, he plans to give to Mob as a gift. Ritsu doesn’t accompany Mob as much as Teru due to his studies, but when he does catch an odd break from all the work he does like to spend time with his big brother.

Today is little Kanan’s birthday ! Happy birthday you lil spacehead !

The special event will be a laser tag ! Red team VS blue team ! Or should I say… µ’s VS Aqours !!! They recognize each other with the color of their gear and warpaint (the phosphorescent warpaint was Mari’s idea, to get in the mood.

The main goal ? Shoot. Just shoot at any flickering light that isn’t like yours. 

Here are the main targets : Gun : 2pts, Stomach/back : 3pts, Shoulders : 5pts. They have 5 seconds to run away before they can shoot/get shot at again

There are many places to hide, many hideouts and hidden areas, but the big event is a super hard to reach staircase, at the top of which is the Big Laser Cannon (Nicknamed BLC). Once you activate it with the color of your team, it rotates on itself and shoots at everything. Except that you have to use it 1 minute maximum or you lose all your points.

Oh, the 1 year olds you ask ? Well they obviously aren’t going to play, since they can’t walk, run, or communicate with their teammates. Instead, there is a big screen in the lobby. So they’ll be cheering for the two and three year olds with snacks !

And that’s not all ! For today only, as long as it’s feb 10 somewhere in the world, the ask blog has a special Kanan-only layout ! With a playlist that she selected herself to suit her general mood !

Have fun ! Pew pew pew !!!

Deaf in Hearing world, especially at a gathering, feel isolated due to lack of communication. Barely anyone signs… people talking over each other (if those can lipreading/have residual hearing). Deaf totally get the isolation.

DeafBlind in Deaf world? Feel isolated, due to lack of communication. Barely anyone is WILLING to use Tactile to communicate with us. If we’re lucky we will have one-two people to communicate with. It’s the same people.

To both? It still takes ‘efforts’ to communicate with 'us’. Regardless if it’s paper/pen, gesture, ASL, or TASL/PT*… Why is it that when we in Deaf event/area, us DB get left out? When Deaf advocate for inclusion, until it’s Deaf (and something else) … 'too much effort’ 'why must we try? We have our space and now THIS?’
I can understand it’s ‘something new’ when it comes to communication… Although, it’s still the same way of communicating, just different method! We are still using Sign Language except instead its called: Tactile Sign Language. Same thing, different way of doing it. 

TASL = Tactile Sign Language. Us DeafBlind use touch-based sign language to communicate.
PT = ProTactile. More of an effective way for us DB to communicate. Though, this isn’t only address to DeafBlind, it’s to anyone! FOR Anyone.

Just some tips if your struggling with how to support a trans person

  • First of all see them as their fucking gender thank you
  • Be smart. Some situations are very dangerous for trans people. Yes, you should use correct pronouns but in some cases/situations it can put them in danger. So before getting into a big event/situation ask them if everything is okay, ask them which pronouns would be safer to use. If your unsure of which pronouns to use you can always go with they/them or a safe nickname if they have one.
  • Buy em some new clothes or accessories, or get them a gift card so they can go shopping themselves!
  • TAAAALK. Talk about them to other people with their correct pronouns, if someone else asks “Wait, aint they a she/he?” Explain to them that nah their this and thats it. Do not take incorrect pronouns from others, or brush it off when someone fucks up.
  • If your in some kind of relationship with them then do things that leans more towards their gender. Especially if they havent started their transitioning, this seems like it would help a lot with confidence and plus it can be fun for both! Ex: In sexual situations with FtM you could use sex toys or roleplay scenarios, same applies with MtF. Get creative man.
  • PROTECT THEM. Be a good pal and surround them in friendly situations/events/areas. If someone shows disrespect either correct them or get the hell outta there.
  • SUPPORT. support. Support. Supporting someone while they go through hard times is the most loyal thing anyone can do. While, before and after they transition treat them right, use the correct pronouns, listen to them and respect them for how they feel with certain things.
  • Understand. You need to have an open mind. Listen to them, you might not fully understand but its good enough that your taking those terms into consideration and respecting said terms.
some tips of pokemon go water type event & evolution items

(based on my observation in hong kong not sure if it’s applied to all areas)

water type event:

  • collect candies for evolve/power up gyarados of course
  • good chance for getting lapras & omanyte(omastar) in your pokedex
  • ice type medals/dragon slayers : cloyster(shellder)& dewgong(seel)
  • so sorry seems not much increase appear rate of kabuto/kabutops

evolution items are grossly random but i got some in these pokestops:
(no guarantee coz i fail to get many from repeated routes just my conclusion) 

  • dragon scale: shore(or name with sea/pier?) i got some in promenades
  • sun stone: my 2 from name having ‘garden’ & ‘peak’
  • king’s rock: 1 from description having ‘park’ (translated from chinese)
  • metal coat: i got 1 near tram way
  • up-grade: got 1 from railway station, also reported from computer arcade

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  He exhales. Blue eyes staring at his reflection in the mirror. He exhales, breathes out. lets a breath escape him.  Watches the way that his dogtags clink, once twice, a third time. He’s dressed a little formal. Connie had been going on about taking him out, he has this feeling it has to do with dancing. He knows that swing dancing still happens, just in more reserved areas now, more private events. He brushes his hair from his eyes for a moment. He’s spent a century alive, living and breathing and some pleasures haven’t changed.  

      “This your way of saying thank you? Think you can still dance as good as back than, I know time hasn’t changed that on me.” March 10, 1917, George Barnes and Winfred Barnes had a healthy baby boy. They had him, if only they could see the man that he was now, his father would be a happy man with everything he’s done. 


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4. Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know? 23. What does your character dislike in other people? 37. Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status?

hard mode.

4. Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?

My kneejerk reaction here is to say the day that she and her brothers were cast out of Asgard –  the most obvious answer to this question. It was the day each of them lost their real identities, when Jormungandr became the Midgard Serpent and Fenrir became the Fenrisulfr and Hel herself became Queen. Not a one of them was allowed to be much of anything anymore, not a child, not part of a family, not even allowed their names in some areas. 

The event made Hel feel trapped even far from Asgard, down in Eljudnir. She labored under the belief that if she did not do well enough in her new station, she would be given a fate far worse, like the ones inflicted upon poor Jori and Fen.She bbecame almost manic in her appearance, working day and night so no one could see the very real worries that squirmed inside of her.

23. What does your character dislike in other people?

Ironic as some might call it, Hel greatly values honor. Oaths are made to be followed through, and in fact she remains more than a little put off by the idea Odin needs a spear on which oaths are made unbreakable. Any oath should be so by design, and she believes it says quite a bit about the Allfather that he even consider an alternative. 

Of course, being her father’s daughter, Hel can value a good lie – a meaningful one – and a cleverly woven oath that allows one half to come out on top no matter the circumstances is to be respected as much as it is feared. Lying about an oath, however, or failing to follow through, is a quick way to earn the queen’s ire.

37. Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status?

The previous answer should make this obvious, but there is more to Hel favoring honor over status. After the tragic affair that was Baldr’s death, Hel realized her power was secure, so long as she knew how to play any cruelty or pettiness off as something kinder. As a result of this, she never seems to worry for her throne or her livelihood, in spite of the way her life had been unmade inthe past.

Ultimately, Hel would rather be honorable than spend time keeping others beneath her.