area 51

Alan R. Smith, aged 14, took this photograph at about 1:45 a.m. on 2 August 1965 from his back yard in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Five other witnesses saw the UFO change color from white to red to blue-green. The USAF Photo Analysis Division analysed the picture for Project Blue Book and agreed it was a material object, less than a mile (1.6km) from the camera, and about 30ft (10m) in size. After computer analysis in 1977 Ground Saucer Watch declared that the picture “represents an extraordinary flying craft of large dimension.”

1 year after the release of Pokemon Go

The Deoxys event.
The event everyone has been waiting for.
Locations are announced.
People are baffled. 
Only one location is listed.
North Groom Lake, Nevada.
Area 51.
Millions of Pokemon fans await on the border by the signs “Will Shoot on Sight”
They can’t kill all of us
We charge. 
We Run.
Many die, but most make it.
We break into Area 51
The military is baffled
They scream “It’s a revolution!”
The president is called
But they realize
The president is in Area 51
Standing tall and they say only one thing.

Area 51

Whatever is inside this mysterious “air-craft base” has been a very closely-guarded secret for decades. The promise that “trespassers will be shot” seems to have successfully eluded anyone from looking inside the place, and the no-fly zone stretches for miles.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the site features a complex underground laboratory, secret tunnels, a spacecraft runway that can disappear and reappear with the push of a button, and research programs dedicated to reverse-engineering alien technology. 

When speculation began to rise about the activities of Area 51, and when several UFO sightings were reported, the CIA simply responded with “There is a remote possibility that they may be interplanetary aircraft.” But they refused to answer any further questions .