Review the week, then protest climate change.

Friday was a big day: you were either out on the streets striking for the climate or at Area 51. Hope you’re all taking good care of your aliens. Farfetch’d finally has an evolution (and a lance). Bill Hader won an Emmy, but doesn’t know what to do with his hands on a red carpet. This is Tumblr’s Week in Review.

  1. Area 51
  2. Reddie | Richie Tozier & Eddie Kaspbrak, IT
  3. Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir
  4. Steven Universe: The Movie
  5. Good Omens
  6. Richie Tozier | IT
  7. Pokémon
  8. IT Chapter 2
  9. Spinel | Steven Universe: The Movie
  10. Eddie Kaspbrak | IT
  11. BTS
  12. Ineffable Husbands | Aziraphale & Crowley, Good Omens
  13. Critical Role 
  14. Druck
  15. Artists on Tumblr
  16. Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus
  17. Marvel
  18. Bill Hader
  19. Crowley | Good Omens
  20. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Was anybody going to tell me that the area 51 raid has a wikipedia page that’s worded as if it were a literal catastrophic disaster or was I supposed to find out the day before while reblogging area 51 raid memes?