mmkay so something i LOVE is when bratty little tumblr users be sending anon hate and go ON AND ON with the personal attacks and the insults and all this garbage

and then when you respond nonchalantly like you don’t care, or you post a gif or an image to show you are not interested in entertaining their rude ass they go

“oh my god im trying to have a serious discussion and you resort to gifs!1 that means u dont have a good response !! duh i win!!”

what makes you think im going to respond to you or have a discussion with you when u throwin personal attacks right off the bat like are you that clueless

Petty customers....

A lady came up to me with pots that had stickers on them saying they were marked down to $8.50. I scanned them, and they rang up for their original price (shocker, this always happens in my store). I simply selected the item and did a price override to correct it.

I get to the end of the transaction and she seems confused about the total “Uhm, were those pots $8.50?” I said “Yes, I just corrected the price.” Big mistake. She said “What do you mean ‘corrected’ the price?!” I went back to the ring up screen and physically showed her that I changed the price to $8.50 like the sticker says. “No you didn’t! They’re $8.50!”

…. What? I was pointing right at the $8.50! I said “I know, and you can see I entered $8.50. They are $8.50 and there are two of them.” She still seemed confused, but paid. When she got her reciept she said “This isn’t right! This one should be $8.50 too!”

…. She was right. Garden didn’t remove the old tag and I had scanned a third pot (I didn’t know it was the same pot as the previous two) for the original price. She went to the returns desk and said that I was arguing with her over the price of the pots and that I didn’t want to change them for her.

My manager called me in and asked why I was arguing with customers! I  explained exactly what happened, and that the lady was lying. I did change the prices for her, but she wouldn’t believe me. I also said that the department didn’t change a price on the pots AND that the correct prices weren’t in the computer which is what caused the whole problem to begin with!! I’m not taking the fall for everyone’s shit.

Like seriously! Customers don’t realize that when they make up shit out of petty spite it effects our lives! People lose their jobs. So get the fuck over yourselves.


Damn you, Booth. Brennan was really looking forward to that Pot Noodle.

When I heard Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom is pregnant again:

She says it’s her “second chance at being a good mother” and that maybe she’ll “get Jace back” by being a good mother to this second child.

Are you kidding me? Kids are not chances to prove yourself. You shouldn’t use one baby to get back another baby. You should’ve just stopped being a dumb ass, and stopped being selfish. Either you’re a good mother or you’re not. She couldn’t even handle one kid, now she thinks she can do it right the second time around? It’s just… ugh!

Okay…. I’m done. I just get so mad at stupidity, especially when it concerns kids.

Really Dad? Fucking really?

Me: Hey Dad, I’m going to be out of the house for awhile next week okay?

Dad: Alright, whatever.

*Acouple days later*

Me: Hey Dad, I need to get some stuff for when I’m out of the house next week.

Dad: Okay.

*Several days roll by*

Me: Hey Dad, I’m leaving now. See you next week.

Dad: What? Where are you going?

Me: …

Way too go, Asshole. Dad of the year right there.