Requested: BTS Reaction to You Fainting

GOT7 Reaction:


Rap Monster/Namjoon

When Namjoon saw you pass out, he was shocked. He just witnessed you just falling to the ground. There you were, lying on the ground and Namjoon couldn’t do anything. I feel like he would feel like it was his fault that you passed out, even though it obviously wasn’t. He’d still find a way to blame himself. And when you wake up, he would keep an eye on you at all times.



You haven’t woken up yet and that made Hoseok really anxious. It stayed by your side, wondering when you were going to wake up. He was extremely worried. He knew you were sick for a while but he didn’t know it was that bad. When you finally woke up, he already had his arms wrapped around you. “I’m so sorry, Y/N…” he whispered in your ear. You tried to ask him why he was sorry but the sound of his cries in your neck made you not ask him. As you were stroking his hair, he kept saying “I’m sorry” over and over again. From that day forward, Hoseok was extra careful when anything included you.


Sort of like Namjoon, I think Yoongi would be putting on the blame on him. Since you specifically told him you weren’t feeling well, he knew he shouldn’t have pushed you to spend a whole day out in the hot weather. When you fell to the ground, Yoongi looked at you in disbelief. He didn’t want the sight in front of him to be real. Even though after you woke up, you kept telling him over and over it wasn’t his fault, he still thought differently and he was angry at himself.



“Are you okay?” “Do you need anything?” “Do you feel alright?” These were question Jin keeps asking after you fainted due to you being sick. Ever since that day, Jin never wanted to leave your side. It felt as if he was by your side 24/7. He never witnessed you passing out and he didn’t like it. It made him worry. When you told him you were alright and didn’t need him to take care of you all the time, he gave you a “are you serious?” look *gif*. “Y/N, I don’t ever want to leave your sight. From here on out.”



“Y/N!” Jimin shouted as you fainted as you two were out. He rushed over to you, so much sacredness running through his buddy. As he shook your almost lifeless body, you twitched and opened your eyes. Jimin was relieved but that quickly changed. He was smiling but he then frowned. “Y/N, if you’re not feeling well, tell me.” He sounded irritated. That was when you realized he really cared about you. Jimin made sure nothing bad happened to you and watched over to you.  



“Sorry I made you worry…” you apologized to Taehyung.

“Don’t apologize,” he told you. “As long as you’re okay; that’s the most important thing.” In the beginning, Taehyung was worried; terrified in fact. When you passed out, the first thing he did was call the hospital. But when you started to regain consciousness, he realized that as long as you were okay, there was nothing else to worry about. He made sure to always to be by your side whenever you felt sick; just in case that happened again.



For a while, Jungkook knew you were sick. You would occasionally cough, have fevers, and feel light headed. Nothing ever happened; until you passed out when you and Jungkook were out shopping. You two were surrounding by fans. That wasn’t getting to you though. Your body felt extremely weak and you just collapsed. Jungkook made sure everyone backed away from the both of you. He was concerned and wasn’t too sure what to do. When he looked at you on the ground, passed out, he felt like crying. When you woke up, he was thankful. The rest of the day, you guys spent it at the dorm and Jungkook always has his arm around you, keeping you close to him.



Petty customers....

A lady came up to me with pots that had stickers on them saying they were marked down to $8.50. I scanned them, and they rang up for their original price (shocker, this always happens in my store). I simply selected the item and did a price override to correct it.

I get to the end of the transaction and she seems confused about the total “Uhm, were those pots $8.50?” I said “Yes, I just corrected the price.” Big mistake. She said “What do you mean ‘corrected’ the price?!” I went back to the ring up screen and physically showed her that I changed the price to $8.50 like the sticker says. “No you didn’t! They’re $8.50!”

…. What? I was pointing right at the $8.50! I said “I know, and you can see I entered $8.50. They are $8.50 and there are two of them.” She still seemed confused, but paid. When she got her reciept she said “This isn’t right! This one should be $8.50 too!”

…. She was right. Garden didn’t remove the old tag and I had scanned a third pot (I didn’t know it was the same pot as the previous two) for the original price. She went to the returns desk and said that I was arguing with her over the price of the pots and that I didn’t want to change them for her.

My manager called me in and asked why I was arguing with customers! I  explained exactly what happened, and that the lady was lying. I did change the prices for her, but she wouldn’t believe me. I also said that the department didn’t change a price on the pots AND that the correct prices weren’t in the computer which is what caused the whole problem to begin with!! I’m not taking the fall for everyone’s shit.

Like seriously! Customers don’t realize that when they make up shit out of petty spite it effects our lives! People lose their jobs. So get the fuck over yourselves.

Super Junior Reaction To: Expecting Their First Child


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“You’re going to have a cousin!”


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“I want the baby nooooow!” (*giddy Heechul*)


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“Are you serious?”


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^GIF^ (*uncontrolable laughter*)


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“I hope my baby looks as cute as you.” (*uninterested baby*)


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“I’ve been waiting for this moment.”


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“Oh yes!” (*happy face*)


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“Are you sure?”


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^GIF^ (*claps for himself*)


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“Do I look like a Dad?”


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“Oh my gosh!” (*surprised*)


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“Hmm, I wonder if it’ll be a boy or a girl.” (*deep in thought*)

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Hi! What about SHINee's reactions to finding out their girlfriends are starting to like other member?


“I will not allow it”


“beeing tall isn’t everything”


“oh no~ you don’t like him”

*takes your phone* *deletes his photos* *deletes his number*


“are you serious!?”



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