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LYSANDRE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE at talking out his feelings with his boyfriend. Sycamore just wants to help him and be supportive. (sorry not sorry)

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Eventually, I will be desensitized to these! You ain’t funny! (actually a little funny) 


Fortune Teller AU because Lance is a hopeless romantic and would totally do something as cheesy as ask a fortune teller about his love life. You can fight me on this.

It’s a shame he was interrupted by his “rival” tho :3


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 

The DM experience

Sitting down with your players, thinking you have everything under control

Your players immediately start doing The One Thing you didn’t think of


heres your magical son (σ ゚∀ ゚) ゚∀゚)σ 

aaand THANK YOU!! i love your nightmare and dream so much, its always happy to draw them (*´∀`)~♥

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(and this is the last one of my outfit challenge,there’re still lots of great request , but i want to draw other things ,sorry for that ;u;)

dream & nightmare : @jokublog