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I’m practicing sketch commission for the upcoming Otakuthon (one week left already!!! OoO)

I really, REALLY liked the Mr Greg episode. Such good song. Such good pearl. Man that show is awesome.

~I think the word you’re looking for, is Apocalypse~

I don’t believe in love at first sight.
And I don’t believe there is only one person for everyone.
I believe in attraction, connection.
I believe in chemistry.
I believe that love is more than a feeling.
I believe in actively loving, everyday.
I believe we choose who we love and who we want to spend our always with.
I believe in reminding our loves of their beauty, of their light, of your love for them, daily.
I believe in love everlasting.

And I believe in

—  Amanda Vegas @acmv-writes
Sherlock is a dating sim.

Guys really, Sherlock has been set up like a dating sim.  Sherlock is purposefully ambiguous so that literally anything can be read as possible.  I think the writers are actually trying to be inclusive in that way.  Holmes is such a widely circulated property.  He’s a global phenomenon.  Everybody wants to be close to him, so the writers basically make that possible.  

You literally have the types all here to choose from (bear with me as I go on this caffeine-fueled sex adventure):

John, the attractive loyal soldier who will follow you everywhere, no matter what danger you’re in, he’s there for you. You will wake up from death for him. (cue symphony of sexy cinematic music)

Molly, the cute, plain girl who’s incredibly in tune with your feelings, bangin body that’s concealed from your view most of the time, but you know it’s there.  Under that lab coat.  You trust her with your most secret feelings…(cue sexy beat music)

Moriarty, the danger, MR. SEX, the super genius, THE SUITS.  Lord.  He’s always in your shadow, always in your head, always with you somehow. Touching your deepest corners. (cue Stayin Alive?)

Irene, the mystery, the power struggle, the cat and mouse, the beauty.  You smell her perfume on your pillow.  She’s disappeared, but she’s in your mind, tempting you always. (cue the saxophone)

Lestrade, the dedication, the adoration, the one you look up to (also sexy).  He’ll always believe in you. (bring in the cinematic sex music once more)

Mycroft, the secrets, the underbelly of power, the brother factor if that turns you on, conveniently also sexy. (dark cinematic music)

Sally, the past, the pain, the hurt.  What happened between you?  What did you do to hurt her, and can you ever win her respect (and love) back? (insert sexy here because everyone’s sexy in this dang show)

Anderson, yes, the one you teased, the one you discounted, but he also believes in you and follows your every move.  Maybe it’s to be like you, maybe it’s something more!  (sexy music plays)

Mary, ohh she’s just like you, hiding her true identity because it’s filled with darkness.  She’s afraid of rejections, afraid of what she’s done, just like you are. You’re both killers on the edge who yearn for a new life.  (rose petals and guns on satin sheets anyone?)

Look at this, you can literally ship Sherlock with everyone.  I think the writers like this, as the entire world can get in on this wishful action.  Seems pretty good?  Let’s play the game however we wish :).


I have had it up to here with this…

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Mina & Momo spotted together twice this week + rumors that they’ll have a Hit the Stage dance stage together… end me now ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

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honestly, with MakoHaru, the thing that bothers me the most is the thought of KyoAni confirming that they're straight, because it would be like "what the actual fuck." I'm a huge MakoHaru shipper but with the one "who would you choose to be your girlfriend" drama CD track, it's bothers me a lot. I really hope they don't pull that kinda thing

I understand your concern, Anon, but don’t worry: I don’t think KyoAni would ever confirm their sexualities. They know that the majority of the Free! fans ship the boys (regardless of what they ship), so by saying that they would be straight they would literally stab themselves in the back. The main goal for anime studios, like KyoAni, is to make as much money as possible and by confirming any of the boys’ sexualities would they would rob themselves, because a lot of fans would be so disappointed and upset that they would stop buying merch, etc. That is not what KyoAni wants, so logically speaking, they would never do that.

The reason that track bothers you a lot is because I think you’re misinterpreting what it is about. The track is “if you were a girl, who would you chose as your boyfriend.” The part that needs to have the focus is “who would you chose as your boyfriend” not “if you were a girl.” They just put that little sentence in there because “haha no homo right?” But just because it says “if you were a girl” doesn’t mean that they can’t be boyfriends if they’re boys.

In my interpretation, this track was literally meant as a funny, shippy fanservice track, especially in MakoHaru’s case. Upon being asked who he would pick as a boyfriend, Haru replies with “Makoto” because “that would be the easiest.” Why would it be the easiest? Because he already loves Makoto. Whether you interpret it as platonic or romantic, there’s no denying that Haru loves Makoto. When Makoto is asked the same question, he says something good about everyone, simply because that’s how he is: even if he does have a preference (because he said he’d feel most comfortable with Haru, which in the end is all that matters), he wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad because he didn’t pick them. Haru literally gets upset that Makoto didn’t outright pick him, so when Nagisa says that he’d let Haru eat all the mackerel he wants, he picks Nagisa instead, which is his childish response to Makoto not picking him. And then Makoto says “I lost to mackerel…” which implies that he isn’t happy about the change of Haru’s answer either.

The rest of the track is literally the same. The only thing Nagisa specifically says is that he wouldn’t pick Rei. Why would he say that? Because he’s teasing Rei, trying to get a reaction out of him (in reality, we all know that Nagisa has a soft spot for Rei and vice versa.) The fact that Rei picked himself is literally just Rei being Rei. Of course Rei would pick himself, because he’s perfect in his opinion, lol.

In conclusion, Anon, I don’t think you have to worry about KyoAni saying that they’re straight. It would be the dumbest move they could make. The only characters in the series that act straight are Sei, Momo, and Gou, and all of that straightness is literally there for comedic purposes. In one interview/magazine/thingy they even said that Makoto would get a lot of attention from both girls and boys. Which also implies that there are people who are not straight in this universe.

I think you should listen to the track again and try to look at it with different eyes, maybe that will make you feel a lot better. ^^

Anyway, Anon, please don’t worry  and have a nice day! :)

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BUCKY ALMOST SETS ME ON FIRE?!?!? Not cool, soldier.

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In his defense, it wasn’t on purpose

The Stove Rule

Where Do the Flowers Go Masterlist

Where Do the Flowers Go Deleted Scenes

SEVENTEEN as Quotes from my Psychology Class
  • S.Coups:"His spirit animal is Dad."
  • Jeonghan:"Are you an angel, cause you just stole my bike."
  • Joshua:"Make room for Jesus!"
  • Jun:"We're like the same person, but I'm better."
  • Hoshi:"Believe it or not, I'm quite sexy on the dance floor."
  • Wonwoo:"'What subject do you teach?' Death."
  • Woozi:"It was less of a hit. It was more of a violent tap."
  • DK:"I like golden stars because you can put them on your shirt and then you get happy."
  • Mingyu:"I was so tired that I ate a whole pizza."
  • Minghao:"*picks up a butterfly* Meow."
  • Seungkwan:"I am finally a princess. Princess goals."
  • Vernon:"I trust Buzzfeed more than my parents."
  • Dino:"What the heckity jeebers is that?!"
  • Bonus!
  • Pledis:"Can we get loan sharks to pay that debt off?"