When I first started playing Ace Attorney I thought the Judge was going to be a horrible person. Which don’t get me wrong, he’s kind of dumb and it’s annoying at first when Phoenix has to remind the freaking Judge that he has the right to cross-examine the witness, or when he lets the prosecutors push him around, but really, the Judge lets the defense get away with a lot of weird shit and hardly even questions it. 

Want to cross-examine a parrot? Okey dokey. You’re defending an orca whale? Sounds legit. Need to exorcise a spirit? “Sure I read up on it last night, it’s totally believable”. 

And to his credit he always makes sure that if there’s any contradiction or something not looked into, that it gets looked into before announcing a verdict.

I dunno why I’m having feels about the freaking Judge from Ace Attorney right now but I am. 

Just date - Jeff Atkins x reader

Request:  Hi :) Can you do a Jeff imagine where the reader is Bestfriends with Clay and Jeff notices that and is jealous at first but then asks clay for advice on how to ask her out and he’s super nervous and scared. Can you make it really fluffy :) :)

He was not jealous. Really. He wasn’t thinking about break Clay’s neck. He was just a little… Fine, he was jealous. He just couldn’t help it. 

He and Clay were at the library, stuying for his history class, it was going well until she showed up with her funny glasses and her stupid perfect smile. She just smiled at him and then started to talk with Clay about some kind of nerd movie. She was so excited, her eyes had that cute sparkle and her voice was so sweet. And then she put his hand in Clay’s shoulders.

Fuck, that feeling in his stomach wasn’t going away. And he was sure he was looking so stupid right now. She talked a little more and then left saying a gentle “Goodbye” to him.

“Jeff?” Clay asked “Are you okey?” Yep. He was still looking at the door. 

“Are you two dating?” The words left his mouth before he had the time to think about it. Clay started to laugh. He asked again “Did I said something funny?”

“Yeah. Me and Y/N… that’s funny. She’s my best friend, since we were kids. I thought you knew” Well, that’s good. So good. The relief should have showed up in his face because Clay looked at him with a smile.


“You like her?” Clay asked. He ignored the question and pretended to look at his book. “C’mon, Jeff. Do you like Y/N?”

“Maybe” Clay raised his eyebrows “Fine. Yes, I like Y/N. Since I was ten, actually. But she’s out of my league” Clay started to laugh really loud “What?”

“Jeff, are you crazy? Oh my god. Y/N talks about you like you are some kind of god. She has the biggest crush on you” His heart started to beat faster. Oh god. Y/N Y/L/N had a crush on him.

“Jensen” he said “If you’re playing with me I swear…”

“Yeah, yeah. You are gonna kick my ass” Clay responded “You have to ask her out, so I can stop listen about your pretty eyes”

“She says I have pretty eyes?” He couldn’t help but smile.

“The prettiest in the whole damn world” Clay said, rolling his eyes. “Now let’s go back to work”


He was walking in the hallway when he noticed her, talking with Hannah Baker. Y/N was laughing with her. Damn, she looked perfect.

Fine, Clay said she was good in Chemistry he just had to ask her for help and then they will start to talk and eventually the will end up dating. Yup. That was the plan. Easy.

Hell, no. That wasn’t easy, he started to walk to them, with his heart going crazy. He was there, standing right next to them, without talking. He just froze.

“Hey, Jeff” Hannah was the first one who noticed. Y/N turned around, confused. She smiled at him.

“Hey, girls” he started. “Hannah, can I burrow your friend for a minute?” Hannah looked at him and then at Y/N.

“Sure” she smiled, walking away.

“How can I help you, Jeff?” Y/N asked, confused. Well, Jeff. It’s your time, he thought.

“Clay said you are good in chemistry and I was wondering if you, mhm, if you can, you know, help me?” Damn, his hands were shacking. 

“Sure” she said gently. “No problem, when do you want to start?” He was screaming inside but trying to keep it cool. 

“Are you free today?” she nodded. “Well, today after school? At Monet’s? I’m tired of the library”

“Yeah, me too. Monet’s then” the bell rang “I have to go, Jeff, but I’ll see you there” she smiled, starting to walk.

“Yeah, fine. It’s a date!” he was not suppose to said that “I mean, a study-date” she laughed in the middle of the hallway.

“Just date is fine for me” and then she entered to her class. 

They had a “just date”.


Let me know if you liked it! English its not my first language so i hope its good

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So I've read all your Supercorp stuf on ao3 and if you were going to recommend other fics to read what would you recommend?

okey dokey kiddos buckle up. this list includes fics im currently subscribed to and desperately awaiting an update on and fics i have finished but loved. i did a literal rec bc i wasn’t totally sure what you wanted. if i forgot to mention you or your fic i still love you im just poorly organised pls forgive me.

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BTS reaction - you feel like the least important friend in your group

How would react the boys (BTS) if you feel like this ? If you feel like “invisible”, useless, the least important person for your friends and the other persons you talk with ? You can reject this request. Thanks for reading. 

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“Y/N, is everything okey? You wanna talk?”

He would see that there was something wrong and would listen to everything you had to say. He would give you good advice and remind you how much you mean to him, and probably tell your closest friends how you felt. Namjoon would be hurt that you felt useless and always be there for/with you.

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*looks at you with sad eyes and gives you a big hug*

I feel like if you told him, he would be very sad that you couldn’t see how much you mean to him and your friends. He would do small cute things for you to remind you how important you are. Jin would sometimes cook or sing for you and try his best for you to be happy and smile.

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“Do you want to talk about it or just cuddle?”

Yoongi would give you a worried look and be extra affectionate to remind you that your so so so important to him and he couldn’t imagine a life without you. He would cuddle with you at all times and buy you food. He wouldn’t talk too much, just showing you what he wanted to say through actions.

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“I love you, you mean so much to me, I love youuu”

You told him how you felt after him finding you crying in your bedroom. He would be totally shocked finding your happy soul crying, and run to your side asking what was up. He would try his best to cheer you up, doing silly things and keep telling you that he loves you.

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“Talk to me, tell me whats wrong babe”

Jimin would be super worried seeing you feeling like this. He would hug you and you would tell him what was on your mind. After you told him everything he would kiss your cheek, looking you in the eyes and tell you that you are important and that he loves you so much.

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“Noo, baby come here”

Taehyung wouldn’t notice that fast, but after some time he would ask if everything were okey. He would give you a lot of hugs and kisses, singing and dancing trying to make you happy. He would tell you that you mean so much to him every night before you fall asleep, kissing your forehead.

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“Please don’t say that”

He would be so confused that you couldn’t see what he saw. For him you were everything and he and your friends loved you so much. He would be hurt seeing the tears in your eyes as you told him how you felt. He would give you a big hug telling you to not say stuff like that and that he loves you.

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below the cut you will find 20+ icons depicting images of locations and buildings. made with roleplaying purposes in mind. a like or a reblog would be nice but isn’t necessary.

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What he would love about you

James would love your humor. He would also love your attitide. He would love the way you swung your hair around your shoulder when you said “okey first of all…”. He would love the way you crossed your arms over your chest and the way you sat down in your chair with a little “humf” when you’d won an argument. He would love your temper and be so totally turned on when you got angry. He wouldn’t want you to be mad at him, but he just couldn’t help the way it made him feel seeing you chase slytherins down the corridors or hex someone who had been rude to you. He would love that you could look after yourself. He’d love watching you cook and tending to your own induries. He’d love the fact that you didn’t seem to need anyone to look after you. And he’d just be even more crazy about you when you for just a moment seemed to need him. He would want to be the only one whom you needed.

Sirius would love your looks ofc, but he would also love the way you walked down the corridores like you owned the place. He would love the way you smirked when someone said “you can’t do that”. He’d be so turned on by you just saying "Oh really", “Watch me” or “Make me”. He would love your confidence, how you never backed down. It would remind him of standing up to his parents. He would always like to imagine you meeting them. (He wouldn’t really want you to meet them) but he’d just love the thought of you sassing the pants of his mother. And he would notice the ways you took on after him. How you would lean your chair back just like he did, bite your lip in the same way he did and how you would automatically ajust your body to mirror his sarcastic and cocky position. He would be crazy about the way you draged your hand thrugh your hair just like he did and how you laughed at the same time and how you cought his eye when a really good pun was made.     

Remus would love the little things you did that really didn’t have to do with anything. Yes he would be impressed by your attidide and he would think you were beautiful put what really made him stare at you was the way you pulled a strand of hair back behind your ear as it repeatedly fell down while you were reading. He would love how you puckered your lips when you came across something that you didn’t understand. He’d love the little growns you’d do when you put your head down on your homework because he knew they ment he needed to help you, witch he loved doing. He would love the way your eyes lighted up when you found a new book in the library and the way you’d flapp your arms and press the book to your chest and gasp and squeal when you were having a perticually fangirly moment. Just those little things that just showed that you could totally “zone out” and lose yourself in a world beond this one.

Okay, Bughead fandom, listen up.

To you, Bughead is a ship. A hella cute ship, maybe. Your absolute OTP, sure. The one thing in your life you love to pieces, okey dokey. But the thing is, it’s literally just that. It’s a ship. And while you may argue with me on this, there have been other ships you’ve loved as much and more you’ll find in the future. 

But it isn’t the same for some people. Most of the people who are anti bughead are aro/ace. And fuck you if you think their hatred is misplaced. They have almost no representation at all in any form of the media. There’s still a whole bunch of people who don’t even know they exist

Jughead Jones is one of the very, very few characters who identified as ace (and based on reading between the lines, aro as well) and it’s obvious that this character claimed a special place in their hearts. 

So, you coming along, telling them to stop hurting your precious feelings and stop hating on your ship is literally just you asking them to stop talking about an important issue. And some of you even send them cruel messages for saying that they feel erased. 

Let me ask you. If you’re a straight person and literally every single goddamn person in pretty much all the shows you watch (or books you read) is anything but straight, (except for like 2.5%) how the fuck would you feel?

Stop hating on the people who’re fighting for representation. Stop telling them to just accept Bughead. Stop telling them no one cares. Stop telling them they’re ‘lame’ or ‘stupid’. Stop telling them that their opinions don’t matter.

 If you’ve done any of this, you’re taking part in their erasure as well. Representation is important and they have every right to be angry about not getting the representation they deserve. If you’re allowed to express your opinions on a ship, they’re allowed to express their opinions on the way the media treats them .

I’m not asking you to stop shipping Bughead. I’m asking you to stop going after people who don’t. So, if you’re the kind of person who’d rather keep shipping your straight, white ship rather than think about the bigger issue, well…you really, really need to sort out your priorties. 

And yes, I’m putting this in your tag. 

No, I don’t care if this is interrupting your leisurely scroll.  

( Oh, btw, if any of you send me anon hate, that will also be posted here in your little tag! :) )  

Exo Reaction: He Gets Turned On


*You sits on his lap*

“You want something more?”

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*You brushes your hand over his area and then just left*

“Well ok…you wanna play that game?”

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*Game changer!*

*You’re the one that gets turned on*

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“Imma show you what i’ll do”

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*Bitter af*

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“You gotta stop”

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“oh oh right…okei….you play dirty”

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Shut up about how you're against otherkin and nonbinaries

My god, tumblr Tumblr has a knack for just bitching and complaining about people who aren’t like themselves

First we’ll start with Nonbinaries, okey?
You know what, i don’t believe there’s more than 2 genders. I don’t believe that gender’s a spectrum. I dont think you can toss around gender and be what you want when you want
But if you identify as something like agender or bigender, by all means, identify as such. It’s Its called Idenitfy and not YOUdenitfy for a reason. If you use they/their/they’re or hir/hier/hien pronouns who gives two fucks. I’ll call you by those pronouns. That’s your decision and ill respect that
Its just when it becomes harmful to both you and others that’s when you need to stop. When it gets to the point where you’re harassing other’s and it’s taking over you, when you need to stop

And if you dont believe there is more than 2 and you’re telling people to kill themselves because they identify as nonbinary. YOU NEED TO STOP. FUCKING STOP IT. You’re not helping, you’re only making things worse

Now to otherkin

I don’t care if you identify as a fucking mermaid. I dont care. I dont care if you identify as fucking Ronald Regahn

If you use being copingkin (I think that’s what it’s called) as a coping mechanism, by all means do so. As long as you are not physically mutalitating yourself, do it. Its healthy way to cope with anxiety, depression, trauma or whatever you have. BE YOURSELF

If you identify fully as otherkin, than be that. If you think you’re psychologically or spiritually a fucking wolf, be a fucking wolf. Again, as long as you are not harming you or anybody else, BE YOURSELF. BE A FUCKING WOLF. BE A FUCKING MERMAID. BE A FUCKING CACTUS

Im not fully educated about otherkins myself, and im sure there is not a lot of others who are either, so you have no right to judge them. Actual psychologists have confirmed being otherkin is A OK. USING OTHERKIN AS A COPING MECHANISM IS A OK.