September ends and so does Summer. And with October, a lot of people return from their holidays, others go on a last trip before Winter… and this year, a lot of Fannibals will be going to BTRDC, the Hannibal convention in London.

For all these reasons, we won’t be holding a main Fest (a week long) in October, but two smaller challenges (a weekend long) that we hope will keep you entertained as you return to routine.

That’s why the first challenge we’re announcing is the #RudeTrip challenge. Keep those Fannibals returning from their holidays or going to BTRDC entertained in their flights, trains, etc.

Write/draw/create something related to traveling; by car, plane, train, boat, a road trip… the limit is your imagination - from September 30th/October 2nd and post it in Tumblr, Twitter, etc, with the tag #RudeTrip.

All characters Hannibal related (or from other Hugh/Mads movies), all pairings, all sexualities… As long as it has something to do with traveling or any transportation method, you may create what you want!

The art from this announcement was made by the wonderful @hannibalssketchbook​. Looks like Hannibal and Will are having a lot of fun in the car ;)

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Can you do seventeen as songs by seventeen? Thanks ❤️💛💚💙💜

Sure “anon” ((I see you))

Scoups: Shining Diamonds= oldest, witty and entertaining

Jeonghan: 20= so pretty, wholesome, flirty af

Joshua: Love Letter= very sweet and simple, but fun and upbeat

Jun: No F.U.N= Serious, cool, loveable

Hoshi: Shining Diamond [Performance Team Version]= Lively and loud, extra

Woozi: Adore U= Funky fresh, addictive, a lot more to it than people realize

DK: Say Yes= Emotional, beautiful, needs more attention

Wonwoo: Very Nice= so very pure, precious, scary good

Mingyu: Rock= Dorky, pretty extreme, has it’s sweet moments

Minghao (the8): Jam Jam= bubbly and cute at first, actually hardcore, intense

Seungkwan: Pretty U= In your face but in a good way, happiness is contagious

Vernon: Mansae= Iconic, cheesy and memorable

Dino: Chuck= over-the-top, impressive, a little bit of everything

“What is it you lost specifically?

My private life. Some of it has gone away.

In what way have you felt you’ve lost your privacy?

When you’re walking down the street and the tabloids attack you and write horrible fictional stories about you, which sometimes are also very, very funny. And if it’s not that, then the paparazzi stalks you. I mean, like I said, I know it’s a privileged position that I’m in but it does get old after a while. Because you know what? I’m not an entertainer. I’m an actor. And acting isn’t the entertainment. It’s the film that’s the entertainment. I’m really not an entertainer and I don’t want to be looked down on or thought of as a novelty. I’m not a toy.”


Guys, meet Weetabix.

She’s the newest member of the teamfreewill-imagine family, and literally the best £10 I’ve ever spent.

While I’m at college I won’t have Wolf around to send y'all snapchats of, but now I’ve got Weetabix to keep myself and all of you entertained.

I’ve had her for 6 hours so far and I’m already in love.


Just had the cable guy come in and say “you have an xbox AND a PS4??”

Uhh, yeah… so? Am I really the only person who owns both? He gave me kind of an attitude about it, like ???

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What fics do you rec that aren't completed??

It isn’t a lot but here are the ones I’m currently reading that aren’t completed/haven’t been updated in awhile.

Undress You - (description: Kyungsoo likes dcks  as. He wants to prove that he’s the ultimate top except Kim Jongin is in the way not only on his road to success but also the road to his heart. Jongin might just be able to prove that Kyungsoo can be whatever he really wants to be. ) This story has such a great plot, like it’s not just about the whole who-tops conflict but it also focuses on stereotypes, gender roles, and how personality doesn’t really reflect on how you are in bed. It’s also really funny and an entertaining read!

Bereaved - (description: If Kyungsoo’s nightmares had actually been his reality.If Jongin had died.) This story is a continuation/alternate ending to the great story The Demon Next Door. I’m a real sucker for alternate endings and the author is doing a great job at doing so. The first story is very frustrating because you watch Kyungsoo screw up his life and ughhhh as someone who is similar to him in the story, it was terrible having to read him make poor choices that you would never do/don’t agree with. In the second story (the one I’m recommending), he is trying to pick himself up again and everything is still kind of sad but it’s still really good haha.

Sweetheart, It’s Our Secret! - (description: CEO Do Kyungsoo measures all human relations through money, so when he accidentally gets tangled into a scandal with top star Kim Jongin, are his stocks rising or are they actually plummeting?) This one is practically completed but not yet completed so that’s why I add this here. Anyway, this story shows amazing character progression (even if sometimes they seem to be like in the beginning) and as someone who has taken honors/AP writing classes (not because I chose to tho which is why I personally suck lol), I know how important this can be and i definitely give this author an A++. The actual story is very funny but very detailed and good. It draws you in with good backgrounds to all characters and every character is written very well.

Exocyclic - (description: Six boys grow up on the streets and become friends eventually. They don’t know that their lifes are connected by a force much stronger than their fight to survive or the love they develope for each other. More companions will cross their path to fight with or against them.) Oh my lord, this story is suuuuupppppperrrrrr underated!!!! this author is so good at writing and the storyline is sooo good and words just can’t describe this story. There is one seen in here that I love and if you ever end up reading this story and think you know which scene I’m talking about (you probs won’t because it’s not exactly a scene you’d choose to be your fav) message me because i’ve been wanting to talk about it with someone for so long!!

That’s pretty much it :/ All the other ones were either deleted or I just am not looking forward to as much anymore (for various reasons). I did notice (and it probably happened with this post too) that in the other fanfic rec post I did, I forgot two stories that I absolutely love as well!! So I’ll add them here! (these are completed):

(Gonna keep my comments short this time lol)

Treacherous -  (description: Kyungsoo and Jongin know they are quickly journeying into dangerous territory, because Jongin’s best friend is Park Chanyeol, openly homophobic and sworn enemy of Kyungsoo’s best friend, Byun Baekhyun. They go there anyway.) AMAZING. A+++++. Please read!! Great plot line, characters, and background.

Love Me Right -  (description: His life was simple - eat, train, sleep, win.Who knew that a simple tryout could change it all?) Character progression is an A++, storyline A++, writing style A++, everything is just A++.

Hopefully you enjoy and have to suffer like me to get these stories finished/updated lol. Happy reading anon!!


I love this blog because I am able to share my opinion and experiences without having to deal with the ignorance of most people here on Tumblr on my own blog.

I’ve learned on Tumblr over the years that once your opinion does not go with the majority they bring their negative vibes and comments. Which is annoying. I’ve seen the same majority talking about equality for all and freedom of speech yet equality is not for you if you don’t agree with them and you are not free to say anything.

Yes…I know I can say whatever I want regardless of the annoyance that comes with it, but who wants to deal with the negativity crashing their way?

For example, some people like anime, and in my honest opinion that shit should’ve never been created, but I don’t go on people’s blog to ridicule them for their choice of entertainment. Good for you if you like it!

I get that some people have their own thoughts and ideas and they may need to be enlightened and educated, but why do some people go to condemn rather than respectfully give a point or SAY NOTHING AT ALL. Geez.

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Em, I like you but your idea of entertainment is Britney lip-syncing 😕 i mean, please stay in your lane

The excuse of people who dislike Britney because she lipsyncs is getting old. She’s been lipsyncing since the start. But she still managed to sell more than 100 mil records.
I’ve been following, not only her, but the majority of big popstars since I was about 12. And I’ve had this blog for over 4,5 years that has almost 70k followers and a big amount of (pop) music related confessions.

So perhaps it’s safe to say that giving out my opinion about Beyoncé, a popstar, is right in the damn middle of my lane.

This is a confession blog and you guys can’t handle my opinion. Damn I Ishould’ve made a confession anonymously like everybody else, right? 🤔

Fun gun story

A man comes into my gunsmith and says he needs his gun fixed. So the gunsmith is like “ok, let’s see what you got.”

The guy opens a brown paper bag and pulls out a Hi-Point. Not just any Hi-Point. This one was spray painted green. It was also dirty and the slide was jammed open.  And when I say dirty, I don’t mean a few rounds through it. I mean covered in mud and debris.

My gunsmith loves these little projects, because as long as you can read the serial number, Hi-Point has a no questions asked lifetime warranty. Even if you burn your gun, they will replace it. Say what you want about their products, their warranty is awesome.

Here’s when it starts to get entertaining. “So where did you get the gun?” the gunsmith asked.

“My neighbor sold it to me.”

“And how much did you pay?”

“$10. He just dug it up out of his backyard after 10 years.”

“How well do you know him?”

“No very.”

So my gunsmith laughs and gets this guy’s ID. After a few days in the tumbler trying to clean it, the slide moved 50% of the way. It took a few more days to get a serial number.

I asked about it after that. I knew he would call the police once he got a serial number. He simply replied, “We are not going to talk about that gun anymore.”

we all have things we have to live with and things we may never fully adjust to. it sucks and its unfair but thats why you just absolutely have got to let yourself enjoy the things that entertain you and make you happy because we are literally all going to die anyway.  you’re not hurting anyone with your interests.  its not your job to maintain the comfort level of people around you.  there a difference between being respectful/courteous and locking yourself up in a brain box because you’re afraid to express what you’re about.