My Mother Looks at Overwatch p.2

Wow, people really liked my first post! I hope I can keep you all entertained with this little series. :) I had a bit of time to sit down after work and I put together more, and I learned it’s probably easier to do when I just keep a template and slot in the content rather than making a whole new image every time XD so hopefully I can make more faster now! I want to put out a lot of characters in each update, because my goal isn’t to farm for Reddit karma with tons of updates over time. I want to share with you what I heard from an outsider to the gaming community in regards to something that we all enjoy. :) So look for more characters at once over the next couple of days.

Just to remind you all what this is; I showed my mother all the characters from Overwatch and talked with her about them while recording her first impressions. I asked her to give each character a codename she thought fit their appearance as well as some thoughts on what she thought their job was and who they are as characters. (She speaks in blue, I speak in green)

Here we go!

Thank you for all your support and kind comments. :) My mom is following along and very much appreciates them, and she is glad that she could make you all happy!

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If for some reason (God forbid) you HAD to quit YouTube, what career path would you pursue? Would you go back to the music/hospitality majors you studied in school or would you try to remain in the gaming/entertainment industry? Or something completely different?

I would definitely continue trying to do something in media or acting/voice acting because it’s the most fun :D

Gemini: Points

Reasons to love a Gemini

  • Will keep you entertained endlessly
  • Very mindful, helpful and can give good advice
  • Will say what you need to hear and not what you want
  • Down to earth

How to attract a Gemini

  • Talk, talk, talk and talk some more
  • Show them that you’re knowledgeable
  • Don’t be shy
  • Speak your mind
  • Encourage debate of any sort

Reasons to not mess with a Gemini

  • Will take all of your friends, because they can
  • Everyone loves them
  • Not afraid to speak their mind
  • Always one step ahead of you

Geminis are typically known for

  • Always having something to say
  • Being a social chameleon
  • Being overly intelligent
  • Having no filter at times

Gemini: Reasons to love yourself

  • You’re smarter then you think, and your intelligence isn’t up for debate
  • You know how to communicate effectively 
  • You’re actually super sweet and friendly
  • You know how to have a good time
  • You know how to make people laugh

I begin this letter by, ironically, apologizing.  I am not the best writer, nor the best historian. I will do my best to convey the most accurate account possible, but know that I am, of course, biased and grieved. It has obviously deeply affected my state of mind, and every day I can barely bring myself out of the downward spiral of endless thought. Forgive me.

A lot of people might tell you that it was entertaining at first, amusing even. When it happened everyone didn’t really know how to react – but eventually we all figured out how.  Our melting pot of emotional reaction rapidly churned into a thick, hot rage that no one dared try to simmer.  We were united, all of us, for the first time in history.  But it was a slow start.

It was early September when it got there, right above one of the Galapagos Islands. A group of Spanish scientists were the lucky few to get the first look.  It was small, dark, swirling, and sporadic.  The media liked to say it was about a tenth the size of Rhode Island, which was not a very helpful benchmark for anyone not familiar with Rhode Island. It floated, or rather simply existed, 1.44 miles in the sky, and occasionally dropped down a few yards, much to everyone’s horror.  The color of it was like staring into a black sun; mosaic waves of darkness swirled around and sparked. It smelled strongly of ammonia and sulfur according to anyone who went close, and one scientist liked to say it felt like staring death in the face.

I can’t begin to describe to you all that happened in the first few days.  Scientists from every corner of the globe, every backwoods nation and fringe group, demanded access to the newest Ecuadorian landmark, whose government was not too willing to comply.  At first, select small teams were permitted admission, closely monitored by the Ecuadorians.  But when a U.S. carrier strike group shows up at your door, all international law and decorum goes out the window.

They figured out pretty fast what it was, a wormhole of some sort.  A very, very weak one. Helicopters and planes could fly within a couple hundred yards from it and only barely feel a pull.  That pull increased almost exponentially as anything went closer to it, as several birds were the unknowing producers of that knowledge. Electronic systems worked fine, and other than the small gravitational interruption, nothing was horribly wrong with the gigantic black blob in the sky.  Yet.

About a month or so after it had gotten there, when the media was just beginning to start covering anything else, a black cube the size of a truck spurted out from the center of the hole with incredible force, slowed down to terminal velocity, and then sunk into the South Pacific. Of course this was all captured on film; by now thousands of cameras and satellites were aimed at it, and a city of yachters had gathered beneath, despite the smell.  The whole world was shocked that the silent, putrid, black sun had actually done something other than suck up the occasional bird.  I was horrified. I thought we were going to be invaded.  That cube was not natural.  It wasn’t a meteorite or a speck of dust or anything you’d expect to be on the other end of the line. It implied, practically proved, that something intelligent was over there.  

People thought the box might be to communicate, that perhaps it was a sort of radio or beacon.  We soon found out what it was.  Before we even had time to get divers down there, it burst. Most of the blast was held in by the ocean’s depths but still a colossal geyser of water sprang up, almost touching the blob itself.  The explosion seemed nuclear, but we were assured it wasn’t.  Some sort of conventional explosives, several times stronger than any nuke we owned, had created the largest crater on Earth’s floor in the span of a second.  The waves flushed rapidly in every direction, toppling the yacht city and swamping the coasts of the islands. Hundreds died instantly.  

The fallout spawned itself in the form of rage and panic.  Were we being invaded?  What next horror would fall through the sky? How can we stop this thing, how can we turn it off?  The second question was soon answered, as a day later thousands more boxes fell through, each in succession, each various sizes.  A quarantine zone was declared, as everyone expected the worst.  But these cubes never exploded like their precursor.  They sank to the bottom, fell on top of each other, and slowly but surely piled up towards the surface.  

Weeks later, when the dilapidated pyramid of boxes had begun to pierce the waterline, whoever was in charge had concluded that the threat was low enough to send someone in to investigate.  The team that went in noted that the cubes were coarse to the touch despite the sea water, the edges were perfectly formed and sharp, and there were no markings to give any hint to their purpose.  Taking a box back with them to the continent, the collective effort to open it began. As time ticked down, pressure mounted.  Debate raged over whether it was wise to even open it at all. Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, rose the cries from the streets. But it wasn’t the people’s call to make.  The boxes were soon opened, the answer revealed, and the questions began.  

Garbage. Millions of boxes of garbage had been streaming from the black mass.  Information trickled in, but people begged for more. It was alien, from a civilized culture.  Bipeds, more advanced than us, larger, omnivores. It was amazing what we could tell from their trash.  It was an instant view into some other part of our universe.  When more boxes were opened we continued to learn.  But there were no photos, no paintings, no art or culture of any kind.  The clothing, or at least what we assumed to be clothing, was uniform and exact. Everything was bland, simple, and spartan.  Soon, discoveries became rarer and rarer, as the items became just copies of the ones found prior.  Finally, nothing new was opened; just a hundred or so items of compressed waste had formed their gift to us.

The pile on the other hand, had become a problem.  It, combined with the blast, had devastated most of the area’s ecology.  The boxes had also slowly bled a red slime, likely a coating of some sort, which had dyed the ocean for miles. All fish in the area were floating to the surface, dead and cancerous. The birds stopped flying anywhere near.  The tortoises crouched down in their shells and gave in.  The Galapagos were dead.

It didn’t stop. The dye and waste had slowly began to affect every drop of water on Earth. There was no one who did not feel its terror. It was biological, ecological, and psychological warfare.  It was an unending barrage of terror.  It was death.

So I hope this letter reaches you, whoever you are, and I hope you learn how to comprehend it. You have destroyed our planet. You have defied our attempts at reconciliation and communication, and you have been a brutal, silent antagonist for too long. It is time for you to understand. My letter to you is just one part of the millions to be sent through the rabbit hole tomorrow.  Know that it is just a fraction of what you have sent us.

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write a stupid haunted video game cartridge creepypasta (this isn't a question it's a demand)

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re familiar with a game called MegaMan. If you are, get that thought out of your head because this story has nothing to do with that. It’s about an obscure game called Pasta Panic that was released for the Super SNES Entertainment System by Nintendo in 1992. You can go ahead and google it, you won’t find  anything concrete. The only reason I even found out about it was because of my friend, who I’ll just call “H”. H was an English teacher in South Korea, and a bit of a retro gaming maniac. And by “a bit”, I mean he was a complete enthusiast.

He had amassed a huge collection of retro consoles and cartridges. When I visited him at his apartment in South Korea, the place was like a retro gaming shrine. He had more consoles than you could probably guess existed set up all over the place, rare video game cartridges were hung up on in his walls and pristine glass displays, and he had a life-sized anatomically correct Bowser statue that I still think about to this day. Like, straight up, I lie awake thinking about that Bowser statue for long periods of time. I wish I could forget it. I wish I could forget THOSE EYES. However, that’s a story for another day. H showed me into his bedroom and immediately started massaging my shoulders really briskly. H was a handsome man that I looked up to, and if he was flirting, I definitely had no issue with that, but his palms were disgustingly sweaty.

I gingerly asked H, “Hey, what are you doing, pal?“

“What do you think I’m doing?” He replied.

I gently placed my hand on his. “H,” I said, “I always really liked you, y’know.”

He quickly withdrew his hands from my shoulders and seemed to be disgusted by my touch. “I brought you into this room to play video games… friend.”

H asked me what kind of video games I liked, and I told him that I liked shooters like Halo. He gave me a weird look and told me that he had a game that was way better than Halo, and it was a hidden classic. He dug in his closet for a bit and pulled out a dingy cartridge. The label was nearly scratched off and the title was in Korean so there was no way I could make out what it was. However, I could see a sorta-cute mascot character. It was a little girl dressed up like a chef with a frying pan and a pasta strainer. The way she looked at me was demonic. Yeah, that’s a good way to describe it.

H gave me a quick rundown of the history of the game. He told me that the game was called Pasta Panic. It was one of the few South Korean games developed for the SNES. It was expected to be a huge success but only received a very limited release within South Korea. Apparently, his copy was one of the last remaining cartridges. No one had even dumped it as a ROM yet. H leaned in very close to me and asked, “Wanna play?” Wanting to bond with my friend, I said yes. He was stupidly giddy and clapped like an overexcited kid. In retrospect, the way he was acting was way out of character, but I was too busy thinking about Bowser’s hyperrealistic bulge to care at the time.

H sat me down in front of a CRT TV, hooked up his SNES Video Game Console, and handed me a controller. I felt an odd ping of nostalgia rush through me. This reminded me of when I was kid playing SNES Home Console Video Games, despite the fact that I was borderline mindless toddler in the console’s heyday. A bubbly 16-bit rendition of Arirang, a popular South Korean folk song and also one of the first results on google for “korean folk song” when I googled it in a sad attempt to add some credence to this horrible story, began to play. The game’s title popped up in Bubbly Korean text, and the mascot character from the label appeared. “This is pretty cute.” I said. 

H shushed me. “Pay complete attention to the video game.”

SNES menus are always simple, regardless of language, so I started the game. Text appear, and to my surprise it was in flawless English. It said, “The year is 199X. Pasta has been banned. The evil C.H.A.M.B.O. Corporation is hoarding all pasta for themselves. None of the innocent citizens are allowed to eat any!” The mascot character faded onto the screen. “You are M.E.L.L.Y. You are a master chef and true pasta hero! Cook the best pasta! Share it with the WORLD! And defeat the evil C.H.A.M.B.O. !!!!!”

The gameplay was simple. You controlled “M.E.L.L.Y.” in her kitchen. Pasta would cook on the stove. When it was done, you had to take it to the sink and strain it. Finally, you would take it to the front of of M.E.L.L.Y.’s restaurant and serve it to customers. You would get points based on how hungry the customers were, which was completely random. It was just some boring shit game that was awful. A ton of copyrighted characters would show up at the front of the restaurant too. There’s no wonder it was never released out of South Korea! I saw Mario, Steven Universe, Samus, Garfield, and even Poona the Fuckdog! I’m going to be honest with you, I’m getting tired of writing this fucking shit story and I just want to eat and go to sleep but tumblr user Bidoof has a gun to my head, please help.

Pasta Panic got boring really fast. There was simply no variation bland, standard gameplay. I told that H that I was finished, and began to stand up but he sat me back down. “No, you finish playing. It really pays off in the end. I’ll be back!” H got up and left the room. There was no way I was gonna keep playing that awful game, but H had locked me in his bedroom, so I had no choice but to keep playing. When I unpaused to game, all of the characters were staring right at me and M.E.L.L.Y.’s eyes were completely blank. A text box showed up on screen. It said, “Why did you leave us… Elizabeth.” Elizabeth wasn’t my name or the name of anyone I knew at the time. To this day, I’ve never met anyone named Elizabeth and I’m throroughly convinced that it’s a fictional. So I kept playing the game.

Things went on as normal for a while, though I faintly heard the game’s repetitive music become distorted, and also reversed, and it was lavender town’s theme. Then, Princess Sally Acorn, my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character who appeared in the comics but none of the games appeared on screen. I was excited to see my favorite character from the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and also SatAm, Princess Sally Acorn. A cutscene played so I was even more surprised than when I initially saw Sally Acorn, my favorite Sonic the Hedgehog character. “I sure am hungry.” Sally said, in a text box.

M.E.L.L.Y. turned to the screen with a smile on her face. Her smile was so disturbing and wide. It was like Jeff the Killer’s smile, but even wider because it was the Joker’s smile, but only like the Joker’s smile when the Joker was ready to kill Batman’s beloved butler, Oswald. “I think we need to stuff Sally.” M.E.L.L.Y. said this. She didn’t say this is a text box. She spoke it out loud. In an evil voice that was like the Joker’s voice but after he killed someone and was about to kill another person in an even more evil and demonic way.

I was able to control M.E.L.L.Y. again. In the kitchen there was lotsa pasta. Way more pasta than a single squirrel needed. I yelled at the TV screen! “No, Sally doesn’t need all of that pasta!” M.E.L.L.Y. just looked at me with her demonic Joker smile and laughed. It was like the Joker’s laugh… but worse…… because it was Kefka’s laugh.

okayi m done writing this jesus fucking christ i hate everythine hoigw4hoi3klgoilr

Dean “Sure,I’ll Wear That!” Ambrose

You gotta respect a man who will put on practically anything to entertain an audience no matter how silly. :-) Thank you,Dean for always being so open and willing to try anything! Your role play abilities must be outta this world! LMAO!


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As expected, Mark Long Ass Ride Minhyung Lee has made the words chewing gum so hype like when will your favs ever #legendsonly

Get to know Black Pink with the help of their upcoming show ‘BLACKPINK TV”!

According to their company’s statements on August 24, the group’s new reality show “BLACKPINK TV” will premiere on August 25 through Naver.

After making a successful debut with double title songs “Whistle” and “BOOMBAYAH,” BLACKPINK earned first place on “Inkigayo” in just 14 days after their debut, a nod to their status as “monster rookies.”

Through “BLACKPINK TV,” fans will be able to get a sneak peek of the members’ daily lives and get to know the members in a more intimate fashion. They will showcase more down-to-earth charms that parallel the charisma they show on stage.

A source of YG Entertainment states, “Thank you for all the unexpected interest and love. We are sincerely grateful. We will show more of our artists’ charms through various contents in the future.”

Source: Ilgan Sports

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the internet turns 25 today.
now can we just stop for a minute and marvel at this amazing tool in the palm of our hands? 3,5 billion people, almost half of this earth`s population, have access to this net that connects us, that stores and makes available a major part of humanity´s collected wisdom, brilliant thoughts and inspirations of history´s sages, great thinkers, scientists, philosophers, artists, experts in every field. 

the internet brings forth swarm intelligence, it enables everyone to stand on the shoulders of giants. there is scientific research and empirical data available for free if you want to dig deep into any topic of interest, but there are also short and sweet videoclips that explain even the most complicated topics in a simple and entertaining way, so you can approach whatever you’re interested in  - even as an absolute beginner. you can try out and learn about all activities that ever tickled your fancy - from experts! but you can also just kick back and enjoy music, radio plays, movies, art, made by people who devote their life to this.

but the internet does not only enable us to receive data, information and entertainment, we can also use it as a mouthpiece and send whatever we want into the world. our thoughts, our art, our truth. we can connect with likeminded people, collaborate, support causes we believe in.

we can use this democratization of media to enhance communication, empathy and fairness, to stay in touch with family and friends all around the world and to make new aquaintances that probably never would’ve crossed our way without this technology. 

but the internet and the mobile technologies can also divide us if we use them in the wrong way. if we let them trivialize and dismember our communication into sms-lenghs pieces, if we prefer to dive into virtual realities instead of connecting with the people we’re with. if we use it to show off and not to connect, inform, entertain or inspire. if we engage in a rat race of superficial beauty and hyper consumption. if we spread hate. if we misuse data transparency to supress and not to enhance fairness and justice.

the internet is in the palm of your hands. what will you use it for?

Persist to Please

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Member: Exo D.O./Kyungsoo; Kai/Jongin; Sehun

Type: Angst/Smut

Note: Hi! Just wanted to warn you guys that this part gets a bit darker than usual so know that before you proceed. Also, some of the stuff in this part is really really unrealistic…but if you find drama entertaining then read on~      -Dia

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

Your mind was much too foggy to really think about exactly where you were going; you just ran, wanting to get as far away from your husband as you possibly could.

It was a miracle that you didn’t fall down the stairs- you were too freaked to even wait for an elevator down, so your feet carried you quickly down the flights of stairs, your breathing heavy and your heart racing.

You were outside the building, the cold air hitting your skin and you looked around you frantically, not knowing which direction to go or where to go or what to do. People were looking at you, you knew they were but none stopped to ask you if you were okay. You initially thought they were selfish, but then you realized that you wouldn’t help the crazy person who was running around with little clothing in the cold day.

Day? It was still bright but you had no way of telling the time and you took off again running, your feet carrying you as you pushed aside bystanders who watched you like you were some form of entertainment.

You wanted to scream, you wanted to hide, your mind was spinning and- Sehun, oh god Sehun, you needed to find him but how, where-

Someone grabbed your shoulders and you felt your world spinning, your eyes squeezing shut at you felt the fear of your husband. He had you now and he wasn’t going to let go and you let out a blood-curdling scream as the man turned you around and pulled you into his hard chest.

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Artist: JUN.K (of 2PM)

Release date: 160809

Album: Mr. NO♡

Record label: JYP Entertainment

               ⌦ Holy hell…;;

         I was surprised to find that over these last few weeks my followers have doubled. I don’t know if it’s due to my recent activity, new muses, or something else entirely, but I’m grateful to each and every one of you. You’re all wonderful people and I can’t help but smile every time I look at my dash.

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@kydamyankee - here ya goooo!!!! SamxReader! I really hope you like it  :D

Time seemed to be trickling by so slowly as you stood by the side of the road, leaning against the hood of your car as you absent-mindedly dug your heel into the gravel below.

You’d called the Winchesters a good 7 hours ago… they were certainly taking their time. You had nothing to entertain you, either. The radio in your car was busted, your iPod had lost power several hours ago, and your phone was showing up 15% charge left…

Just as you were mulling over possible sources of amusement, a low rumbling caught your attention. Looking down the road, a small grin broke out across your face when you spotted the jet black car, the unmistakable jet black Impala of Dean Winchester’s.

“You took your damn time!” you called as the boys climbed out of the car.

“What can I say? I’m a more responsible driver than Dean is, I actually keep an eye on speed limits sometimes” Sam replied, tossing the keys over to his brother who was rolling his eyes.

“Whatever… are you actually going to tell us why you’re here, Y/N? Cos I distinctly remember you saying the last time we met that you didn’t like taking cases too far from home” Dean said, and you saw a cheeky smile on his face.

Sam let out a laugh. “Yeah, I remember that too. Now we’re… what? Three states over? You certainly felt adventurous” he teased, dodging when you aimed a punch at his shoulder.

“Shut up, assholes. The only reason I’m here is because I’ve been tracking this thing for two months, and I have no idea what it is! It killed 7 people back in New York, 6 in Pennsylvania, and another 6 in Ohio. Now, there’s been one weird death here, and I’m determined to finish this!” you explained, and they noted how your eyes widened in panic slightly. “I don’t even know what ‘it’ is…”

Dean gave you a lopsided smile as Sam pulled you into a hug. “Alright, kiddo, take a breath” Dean started, leaning against the car, “what’s been going on?”

You took a steadying breath, leaning into Sam. “So, so far the vics have all started by getting severely dehydrated… like, some of them stole water from stores. I came across one guy chugging from the garden hose. Then they start losing it… and-and drink human blood… At first I thought it was a shapeshifter, but I’ve never seen a shifter do… do this” you told them, eyes flicking between the two boys. You narrowed your eyes when you saw them exchange a look, Dean running a hand down his face.

“I, uh… I take it you guys have seen something like this?” you asked hesitantly.

Sam groaned, “yeah…” he muttered.

“Khan Worm” they elaborated in unison when you looked perplexed.

“K-khan worm?” you stammered, frowning in confusion.

They nodded, “don’t worry. We’ll help you sort it out. You’ll be back in New York before you know it,” Dean said, flashing you a grin before turning and heading back over to the Impala.

“Good,” you grumbled, “I don’t like Kentucky…”

You felt Sam chuckle as his lips ghosted over your neck, “bet I can make you like it a little more when we get back to the motel…”

A small sigh escaped your lips as he started nibbling at your ear, grinning like an idiot.

The horn of the Impala went off, and Sam groaned as he slumped his head against your shoulder. “First time I see you in a month and he’s trying to rush through it…”

“Well” you started, pulling away from him, “people are dying…”

He chuckled again before slinking off towards the Impala, but the promise of the Motel later on put a new spring in your step as you went back to the driver’s side of your car.

FanWorks Wednesdays - WildwingSuz

It’s FanWorks Wednesday again!  This week’s author has plenty on her shelf to keep you entertained, meet WildwingSuz. With 130 stories published on A03, you’ll be busy for a while! WildwingSuz tackles all kinds of topics from werewolves, to an a/u of Mulder and Scully as old-time private investigators, to the effects “all things” has on Mulder and Scully’s relationship. And if you’re looking for something more, er, adult, well let’s just say you’ll find plenty of that as well!

To learn more about WildWingSuz, check out the full interview on our website.


(Mod note: Admit it you homeless turd, you have potential. Look at that bashful little crap, hes adorable! I’m actually satisfied how well I’ve been able to draw Crayon progressively better. All the characters in this blog in fact! Sometimes it bums me out the creator of Crayon probably has no idea how fun this story has gotten, but that just means there’s more for me XD I really do hope you lads and lasses enjoy it as much as I enjoy getting to tell the story of it. I hope I do it well enough that it entertains you all.)

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Savannah1985 is a stupid bitch. Do you follow her too? She is stupid

The only reason I am posting this publicly is so you and anyone who wants to be a bitch like this gets one thing clear.

If you or anyone else for that matter ever messages me shit like this again you will be blocked. Point blank.
I will not answer or entertain you. I will block you without one fucking word being said. And then I can find out who you are through my blocked list and report you.

I will not tolerate hate on my page about anyone. Especially someone on this site I care about.

Message me one more time and you will be blocked. So I suggest you think real hard about whether it’s worth it or not. Got it? Good.

She’s an amazing person who doesn’t deserve cunts like you messaging her or anyone else for that matter about her. I suggest you grow up because if you have that low of self esteem to need to hate on someone you’ve never even met there’s something wrong there. And while you’re at it you can unfollow me too, then I can see who you are.