In conclusion,

BTS interview with Zach Sang is the only relevant interview in the US that has occurred so far. I would like to personally thank him on behalf of all ARMYs for asking about the UNICEF project, telling them how they should keep producing music in Korean and actually being educated on them. To all the other interviewers, thank you for having BTS on your shows, it was very enjoyable, but next time please try and focus on the more important things like Zach did. In other words, take notes. Thank you to everyone who has given BTS the opportunity to be on there show and thank you entertaining us with your very creative questions. Thank you again.

- A very grateful ARMY

Ah. That feel when you wake up from a dead ass sleep because you’ve had a particularly problematic idea and now you’re doomed to spend the night wondering about your fucking morals and if your line in the sand is shifting once again.

Hoe, I say to myself because that’s what I call myself it’s fine, I mean it as a term of endearment, are you really entertaining the idea of rolling back into the hellpit with offbrand Shance, with teenage Lance and Clone Shiro with a larger age gap than is terrorized to exist?

Self, I say back, yeah maybe. Idk. The spite is partiqularly strong today, I’ve seen some things on my dash that pissed me off and went to sleep on a down note and now I’m hyperfixated, it’s that adhd shit. Anyway, depends on how fucked up I can make it.

In other news I should maybe stop talking to myself in this manner?

these types of posts always make me feel so awkward and cringe-y because like who the hell cares how many followers i have? i could see if i was c/ole s/prouse and just hit 10m but even then he had to make a joke about it because it just feels so awkward pointing out a fleeting number of people. angst aside i do appreciate that 800 of you find me entertaining enough to keep hanging out and, even if i don’t interact much, i adore you guys.

special shout out to @hotsforbughead, @zumpie@gershwinn, and @teiubescdraga/@sprouseharttea for putting up with my obnoxious ass. love you.

I’m sorry for what happen, but I made a picture black line art for you in Casterin. Jontá is a freshmen and you’re a sophomore. He’s….trying(?) To make you feel better. He was picked on Casterin!Acetic. He doesn’t want to feel…..fear and depressed. So He tried to entertain you and give you candy. Two bags actually. Stole them from Acetic. He gets from what he deserves.

Casterin!Jontá: @novamoon123
Casterin!Apple: @thunderappledrawing
Casterin AU: @blutheboo

Apple Response: thx nova….. 

Don’t Move - Loki/Reader

Chapter 4 - 257 Days

Day 257 since Loki left Asgard, I don’t know when he will be coming back or if he is even okay.. i know nothing and I’ve been kept in the dark for over 8 months now.. i miss him, more than anything

Writing in your journal was the only thing keeping you from going insane lately.. ranting those words on the paper every day since he left.

You barely left the house, barely ate, barely slept any sort of an attempt to leave the confinements of those 4 bare walls that surrounded you were met with the thought of “whats the point?”

You had read every book in the house at least twice by now, you could now recite whole chapters of Anna Karenina word for word without stuttering. You were desperate for entertainment, desperate for Him.

Day 257 ended in a tear soaked pillow.


You awake to a harsh knocking on your door

“go away!” you yell, who has the audacity to be knocking on your door at this hour of the morning?

The knocking suddenly stops, but you are already awake now at this ungodly hour, you sigh, and get out of bed.

Walking towards the door and opening it a crack, you notice a small piece of paper on your doorstep. Curious as to what it was, you reached your hand out and snatched it up before closing the door once again.

Returning to your room and sitting by the windowsill in the dawn sunlight, just bright enough that the writing on the letter was legible enough to read.

Y/N.. i am so very sorry i have been gone so long without any contact.. i should have sent you something to show you that i was okay.. that i wasn’t in any harm. I have missed you more than you know, but i may have hurt you too much for you to care what happens to me.. I’m back on Asgard now.. if you still would like to see me, meet me on the Bifröst Bridge as soon as you get this message, ill be waiting


You couldn’t believe your eyes, was this a trick of the mind.. surely it is.. but maybe not, you had to go, even if you were to be disappointed.. you had to know if it was true.

Getting dressed as quickly as you could, throwing your hair back into a ponytail and rushing out the door, letter in hand. You ran all the way to the bridge, not stopping for anyone or anything

You suddenly stopped dead in your tracks. There he was.. you had to be sure it wasn’t just another one of his games, you had to know it was actually him, scrunching up the paper letter and throwing it at him, it hit and fell to the ground, it really was him

“Is that really how you treat a friend?” Loki sneered

“Its you..” You were in shock, not knowing whether or not to hug him or hit him

(im still yet to write the 5th chapter so im sorry for not posting this one, will be writing the 5th soon hopefully)

- Shaz


ok @mercymaker-headcanons strap in for angst sunday.

Macaroon was Amélie’s kitty before talon and he’s seen some shit. He was found in the Lacroix’s apartment after Gérard was murdered.

Even though they aren’t fans of each other, Angela takes Macaroon in, promising herself to take care of him “for Amélie” She’s horrible at it though and just feeds him the other half of her sammiches and etc.

Blah blah Mercy fixes Widow blahblah science blah un-blurpleing blah blah Redisaid’s headcannon.

Macaroon is scared at first but eventually recognizes her and then its happy ok and they have like so many kitty cuddles.

Also Amélie keeps trying to start fights with Angela because “You made my cat fat.”

“How exactly did you get close to the Grandmaster?” Thor asked. Loki almost choked on his rations.


“How did you talk your way out of being thrown into the arena and into his favor?”

Loki felt himself flushing. “I didn’t,” he said. Thor frowned.


And if I’d rather not? Loki exhaled. “I didn’t escape the arena. I won my first battle the way I always have, by means of trickery and magic. The crowd was less than entertained. Fortunately for me, the Grandmaster was. He thought I would be more entertaining not dying.”

Thor’s eyebrows twitched up. “So you became his court jester.”

Loki stiffened. “I did not.

“His concubine?”

Loki’s face flared. “What did she say to you,” he hissed. He was going to murder that - that-

No, he wasn’t.

Thor’s eyebrows dropped back down and now he looked a good deal less entertained. “You cannot be serious.

Loki’s face got hotter. “I did what I had to to survive,” he snapped. “I pegged him for a hedonistic, pleasure-seeking, petty tyrant the first time I saw him, and I wasn’t wrong.” Thor was staring at him like he’d never seen him before, and Loki began to feel the first prickles of shame.

“So you slept with him,” Thor said.

Not just him. “Yes,” Loki said almost defiantly. “I did. I don’t see what business it is of yours.”

Thor made a sort of growling noise in the back of his throat. “Maybe because I don’t like the idea - or the mental image - of my brother whoring himself out to that creature.

Loki was certain he must be bright red by now. Spitefully, he said, “it certainly wasn’t the worst sex I’ve ever had.”

Thor gave him a disgusted look. “Loki.

“Really,” Loki said, as lightly as he could manage. “It turned out he had some very creative ideas about-”

Thor threw something at his head.

this fic is going to be A Lot


okay. this is great.