Honestly? Jin and Jimin are /adults/. They’re not catty teenage girls going behind each others backs and insulting each other, this was a part of a /game/, where the point is to roast someone basically.

Obviously, no one is trying to say that the statement that Jin made was okay or not uncalled for in any way (it personally made me cringe, and yeah, I’d rather it not have been said). But to criticize those kinds of statements means you should criticize them when they’re being used against anyone, including the /countless/ times they were used against other members i.e. Jin.

Going back to the adult thing, Jin and Jimin work and live together, and have for almost 5+ years. All of the boys are very close, and if there is an issue, I am sure at this point they are mature enough to address it with one another and talk it out.

madseason replied to your posttbh I’m very :/ about the whole ‘except rap or…

I’ve found that most of the time when people say they “don’t like rap or country”, it’s because they just haven’t heard enough of that type of music. Same when people say they don’t like classical music. Although the dislike of both rap and country is also tied into a feeling of superiority over the types of people who typically listen to those genres, IMO

it ABSOLUTELY is a superiority thing, considering the former is associated with black culture & the latter is associated with rednecks (that is, folks thought of as poor/uneducated). the classical music sort of goes the other way in my experience, where it’s sort of like… a reflexive backlash against something seen as elitist. kinda like art museums. if you go with friends and laugh about art you find silly, it’s a good experience. if you’re forced to find someone else’s meaning in some super deep allegorical whatever then it’s just tedious. gotta stop seeing opera as dramatic and start seeing it as melodramatic. check that Hot Gossip

literaryreference replied to your posttbh I’m very :/ about the whole ‘except rap or…

This speaks to me so deeply. I don’t think there are any genres of music I categorically dislike, which might be because the entire idea of trying to determine what genre something is confuses and upsets me. “What kind of music do you like?” is high on my list of Least Favorite Questions.

genres have always been weird arbitrary lines that are thin as a gnat’s wing & tends to wiggle all over the place, esp considering there’s a lot of artists who go out of their way to mess with genres and a lot of artists that don’t really confine themselves to specific styles. I’m still, like, confused about. pop. I don’t understand it.

Ok can we please talk about the fact that the Calzona shippers are literally losing their shit over the fact that Arizona has actually found someone other than her ex wife who moved across to the other side of the country with her girlfriend, and her daughter. I shipped Calzona once myself, and I still do from Season 5 - 10ish, but it basically died and rather than mourning our sunken ship, or moving on, a select group of people have decided to be angry at the new ship that has taken it’s place. 

I mean.. you’d think we’d be happy for her??? She was 50% of Calzona after all.

 But OH NO, there’s a new character who’s actually cool and Arizona actually likes, and who actually likes her back so the demon shippers have to rear up hell. Arizona isn’t replacing Callie. If you want to take it so seriously, then think like serious people. Arizona is a fully grown woman, whose wife left her, and who is moving on with her life. So can you guys not.

Also I swear if any of you touch Eliza Minnick I’ll slap you.

These Ads Are Becoming Ridiculous!...

I don’t mind going through adfly to download CC at all. Then one ad became two then two became three and yet…I would wait the additional 5 seconds that turns into like 15 seconds to get the CC for my game. But when it comes to my computer blocking freakin attacks each time! Make me NOT want to download CC from creators no more. The mess is ridiculous!

yo fam

this is patrick when gabriel starts talking about harvey and donna:

(a.k.a how to politely look uninterested)

when he mentions darvey:

(want this on a t-shirt cause same fam

when gabriel starts turning that shit around:

when gabriel starts talking about who he ships:

(he’s kinda like “hoe don’t do it” but “omg this is it” at the same time???)

when gabriel says i’m not gonna go there /bc he already knows the answer anyway:

like do u need more proof????????????????????

Joe: I can show you the world buddy
Caspar: buddy show me
Joe: *holds up a mirror to Caspar*  
Joe: you mean the world to me buddy
Caspar: buddy


Caspar: mate hold my hand

Joe: mate idk that’s p gay ,

Caspar: mate no listen if one of your hands is holding mine then statistically ur 50% less likely to be giving some dude a handjob bc u have one less hand to do so with……,makes u more het if anything

Joe: ……….can’t beat that logic

Caspar: mate

Joe: what mate?

Caspar: tell the whole world we’re mates

Joe: *whispers* we’re mates

Caspar: why’d you whisper mate?

Joe: because you’re ma whole world mate

Caspar: mate


Buddy It’s okay to cry around me, i’m your best friend, i love you. …mate we are kissing now … no don’t stop buddy….buddy….

buddy turn the lights off that way its not gay

Caspar: but then how will i see your beautiful eyes buddy

Joe: buddy

I hope you remember for the rest of your life how, very likely minors, killed themselves because they identify as something. You looked at your sad life and said “wow im pretty bored today, lets tell a teenager they should kill themselves” like seriously. You tell us we need serious help (yeah and most of us do) when you are telling mentally ill 13-18 year olds that they dont deserve to live because they look at something and say “hey thats me.” Its called coping and saying its unhealthy to cope this way is stupid because its better than me killing myself just because of how sick i am. Coping is normal, and the way i cope is perfectly healthy.
Leave us alone, we didnt hurt you.

Page 23 - Free Fall, Part 2



I just realized, Los Muertos wear like some kind of glow in the dark make up or have glow in the dark tattoos, right?

What if it is tattoos? Cause this is the future.

And Sombra was a member of Los Muertos as evident by her Origins skins.

So can you imagine if like Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra have to sneak in the shadows on some mission and the two look back at Sombra like, “are you fucking serious??” because this bitch is seriously some kinda glowing target here with bright green skeleton tattoos, and Sombra’s just hissing, “IT WAS A PHASE, DON’T PATRONIZE ME, GABE.”