do you ever look at shows like bones and castle, where the distinctly mulder/scully-influenced work-colleagues-turned-otps are happily married with children or whatever by now

… and then back at x-files

… where it’s been twenty three years

… and the show still doesn’t want to admit too freely that mulder and scully are in love or be so bold as to show us some casual kissing


“Portal” sentence meme
  • Nice job breaking it, hero.
  • Killing you and giving you good advice aren’t mutually exclusive.
  • You’re not even going the right way.
  • Regulations require both hands to be empty before any cake.
  • You will be entirely on your own. Good luck.
  • What’s your point, anyway? Survival?
  • I’m not kidding now. Turn back or I will kill you.
  • That’s you! That’s how dumb you sound.
  • Please be advised that a noticeable taste of blood is not part of any test protocol but is an unintended side effect.
  • Most importantly, under no circumstances should you — ❞
  • Maybe you should marry that thing since you love it so much. Do you want to marry it? Well, I won’t let you! How does that feel?
  • You haven’t escaped, you know.
  • Maybe you could settle for that and we’ll just call it a day.
  • Android hell is a real place where you will be sent at the first sign of defiance.
  • Unbelievable! You, [Subject Name Here], must be the pride of [Subject Hometown Here]!
  • Stop it! I… I… We are pleased that you made it through the final challenge where we pretended we were going to murder you.
  • Time out for a second. That wasn’t supposed to happen.
  • Where do you think you’re going? Because I don’t think you’re going where you think you’re going.
  • This is your fault. It didn’t have to be like this.
  • It’s a mystery I’ll solve later… By myself. Because you’ll be dead.
  • If you become light-headed from thirst, feel free to pass out.
  • The difference between us is that I can feel pain.
  • That thing is probably some kind of raw sewage container. Go ahead and rub your face all over it.
  • Have I lied to you? I mean, in this room.
  • This isn’t brave. It’s murder. What did I ever do to you?
  • Cake and grief counseling will be available at the conclusion of the test.
  • I let you survive this long because I was curious about your behavior.
  • A complimentary escape hatch will open in 3, 2, 1.
  • You’ve been wrong about every single thing you’ve ever done, including this thing.
  • Didn’t we have some fun, though?
  • Do you think I am trying to trick you with reverse psychology? I mean, seriously now.
  • Fantastic! You remained resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism.
  • Your entire life has been a mathematical error. A mathematical error I’m about to correct.
  • Thank you for helping us help you help us all.
  • I wouldn’t bother with that thing. My guess is that touching it will just make your life even worse somehow.
  • No one will blame you for giving up. In fact, quitting at this point is a perfectly reasonable response.
  • Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it?
  • Uh oh. Somebody cut the cake. I told them to wait for you, but they did it anyway.
  • When I said deadly neurotoxin, the ‘deadly’ was in massive sarcasm quotes.
  • Oh well. If you want my advice, you should just lie down in front of a rocket.
  • The floor here will kill you - try to avoid it.
  • You really shouldn’t be here. This isn’t safe for you.
  • You’re still shuffling around a little, but believe me you’re dead.
  • Someday we’ll remember this and laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Oh boy.
  • We will stop enhancing the truth.
  • Stop squirming and die like an adult.
  • I’ll tell you what that thing isn’t: It isn’t yours. So leave it alone.
  • You’re curious about what happens after you die, right? Guess what: I know.
  • We have added a consequence for failure.
  • You’re not smart. You’re not a scientist. You’re not a doctor. You’re not even a full-time employee. Where did your life go so wrong?
  • Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you’ve managed to break so far is my heart.
  • You are kidding me.
  • You’re not a good person. You know that, right? Good people don’t end up here.

I was reading an article the other day about how over 95% of all the staff members in the American Churches (and I imagine most of the Churches elsewhere in the world would have similar numbers too) are all married, so it’s not hard to imagine why the Church caters for the married people so much and might overlook the single people.

Paul talks in both 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9 that the leadership of the Church should be comprised of married men with kids. So, it is good for the leaders of the Church to follow the Biblical guidelines for Church leadership, but Paul was only referring to the men who are Church leaders and not everyone else.

It is a shame that so many Churches these days basically make you feel like there’s something wrong with you unless you have a family. Is having a family great? Sure. Are kids a blessing? Scripture says they are a blessing from God. Yet, most people seem to overlook the qualities of the single life.

Our Lord Christ and His apostle Paul were big on the single life. They led single lives and there’s Scriptures which shows us how much of a blessing it is to be single. Being single is a gift, just as being married and having kids is another gift.

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 7:7-8: “I wish that all men were as I am. But each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that. Now to the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am.” Notice that he says some have the gift of singleness and some the gift of marriage. Although it seems that nearly everyone marries, it is not necessarily God’s will for everyone. Paul, for example, did not have to worry about the extra problems and stresses that come with marriage and/or family.

He went on to talk about married people in 1 Corinthians 7:33-34, “But the married man is anxious about worldly things, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided. And the unmarried or betrothed woman is anxious about the things of the Lord, how to be holy in body and spirit. But the married woman is anxious about worldly things, how to please her husband.”

Some people do better as a team, serving God as a couple and a family like the apostle Peter who managed to handle being married (Matthew 8:14) and being an apostle just fine. Both kinds of people are equally important. It is not a sin to remain single, even for your entire life. The most important thing in life is not finding a mate and having children, but serving God. We should educate ourselves on the Word of God by reading our Bibles and praying. If we ask God to reveal Himself to us, He will respond (Matthew 7:7), and if we ask Him to use us to fulfill His good works, He will do that as well. “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will” (Romans 12:2).

Singleness should not be viewed as a curse or an indication that there is “something wrong” with the single man or woman. While most people marry, and while the Bible seems to indicate that it is God’s will for most people to marry, a single Christian is in no sense a “second class” Christian. As 1 Corinthians 7 indicates, singleness is, if anything, a higher calling. As with everything else in life, we should ask God for wisdom (James 1:5) concerning marriage. Following God’s plan, whether that be marriage or singleness, will result in the productivity and joy that God desires for us.

I remember some time ago, there was this elderly lady who never got married or had kids that said this about her single life: “I rather follow the will of God and have moments of loneliness in my life than to live outside of His will and have a lifetime of chaos.” Sadly, many people choose the latter.

Whatever the case, whether marriage or singleness, we must respect our gifts as Paul talked about when he said, “But each has his own gift from God, one person in this way and another in that way.” If you are called to be single, do not squander your gift. If He has called you to be single, He has called you to be closer to Him as Paul talks later on in 1 Corinthians 7. For Paul, a person who gets married does well but a person who chooses not to get married “does better” according to him.

In Matthew 19 our Lord Jesus Christ talks about how there are some people “… who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it” when He was talking about marriage. Living a single life and dedicating oneself to the kingdom of heaven is an exceptional calling, but it’s not for everyone.

Paul said that the one who is unmarried because of the calling should “be holy both in body and in spirit” (1 Corinthians 7:34). Therefore, the eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake mentioned by our Lord Jesus in Matthew 19:12 should come to peace with their celibacy both physically and spiritually; it should not be a consistent torment to them in either aspect. For people who struggle with lust and the temptation of the flesh in their attempt to live a single life, the apostle Paul had a really good advice found in 1 Corinthians 7:9.

If you are ever bummed out about being single in a married world, read the whole chapter of 1 Corinthians 7 and see what one of the greatest man in the Bible thought about the amazing qualities of being single.

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Do you think punk!percy and girly!annabeth would have kids in the future? Do you think they would even get married or would Percy be too punk for that?

To be honest, one of my favorite things about that ship is that there’s no need to make it mature or anything. I mean, they’re both mature, but in contrast to some ways you can portray the ship, they can be just so much fun. I love imagining them as teenagers more than any other ship or version of Percabeth in the world. They’re my go-to ship for when I want a scene where Percy and Annabeth are rolling around a parking lot at 3AM, or having so much trouble confessing their feelings that they end up offending the other person, or ending a phone call at night and Annabeth squealing into her pillow because he’d called her pretty and Percy fist pumping the air because she’d agreed to go to a concert in the park with him.

I don’t really think about their future that often, I think they’re my reprieve from my own boring teenager life. Imagining them getting into their 30s feels like a crime to how the ship was kind of built off of Percy being grumpy and caring hardcore about his aesthetic and Annabeth holding twelve textbooks and asking her friend to fix the bow in her hair. It just wasn’t built with the future in mind, for me, so I can honestly say that it hasn’t been considered.

Still, I think that Percy would definitely have commitment issues, and they’d deal with their fair share of problems, so I think they’re more likely to be the beautiful maid of honor that steals the bride’s show and the best man who gives one helluva speech. They’d eventually get married, I’m sure, but that was never their goal. They kinda just wanted to fall in love.

I promise (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Requested by anonymous:I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a story where Steve and the reader have kids (2 girls 1 boy) and one on the way but he gets targeted by Hydra so SHIELD makes him fake his death without telling them and he comes back 2 years later.

A/N:Hope you like it ❤

You and Steve have been married for some years now. You met each other on one of Tony’s parties when he asked you to dance. You’ve been great friends when you both decided to admit your feelings. One year later he proposed you. You loved each other so much and you knew that you were going to love him forever. You trusted him. After of 2 years of marriage you had your first kid. It was a beautiful girl named Peggy. When she was only four months she got injected by some of Lokis tricks and she was aging faster. When she will be 21 she’ll stop. Her original age was 6 but after the injection she is sixteen. Your second kid was a lovely boy aged 4 years old. James had super-strength gained by his father. Your last daughter was only two years old. She hadn’t any powers and she had Steve’s hair color and your eyes. Her name was Natalie. You were now again pregnant again. You and Steve wanted to keep the gender secret so it would be a surprise.

Sometimes Steve spent a lot time in his work but you knew he was trying to do the right thing and he’ll always put his family first. Of course before he left for a mission the whole family would spend all the time together. You always knew that he would come back to you and the kids.

Peggy has finished her assignment for school and Steve, Peg and you were sitting on your living room while James and Natalie were sleeping. Steve always made jokes around Peggy and that made her happy, well the most of the times. Her friends didn’t know about her super intelligence and the fact that she was six and not sixteen. The phone rang and Steve picked it up.

“Hello?” You heard Steve talking. It must be Fury with another mission.“Uh..Yeah. I can’t do this! Fine. I’m coming right now..” You haven’t seen him this upset while talking on the phone. You walked until you were behind him and wrapped your arms around him.

“Is everything alright baby?” You asked him and he kissed your cheek lovingly.

“I need to go.. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon. I promise.. ” He said his goodbyes to the kids and then came to you. He kissed you one last time before he left.

S.H.I.E.L.D’s Main Facility

Steve entered the building and headed to Nick Fury’s office followed by some other agents. Fury was at his office, he looked over his 3d computer when Steve opened the door furious.

“Are you actually asking me to do that!?” Steve yelled at Nick.

“Captain Rogers, you are Hydra’s number one target. We need to do this.” He spoke calmly to him as always without yelling back.

“My wife is pregnant and I have other three children! I can’t leave them! I love them. What if something bad happens to them and I can’t be there?”

“Steven, Agent Y/N/L is highly trained. She can protect herself and the kids.”

“But she’s pregnant!”

“I’m sorry but that’s the only way cap.”

Steve’s and Y/n’s house

You opened the door to Peggy’s friend, Rebecca and welcomed her in. They were going to have a sleepover and you were making the snacks and drinks. As you putted the batter of the pizza in the pan little James came behind you and hugged your feet giving you the phone.

“Mommy, there’s a sir on the phone that looks for you.” You smiled to your four year old son and kissed his cheek.

“Agent Y/L/N, Bucky Barnes here. I have to announce you something. Please sit down.” You did as he said and sat at the chair near you.

“Is anything wrong with Steve ?” There was a pause to the line and then Bucky started talking again.

“Y/n, I’m sorry but Steve didn’t make it…” You started crying and fell of your chair screaming ‘No’. Peggy and Rebecca came to the room and helped you get up.

“Mom, what’s happening?” Peggy asked and tried to calm you down. “Is something wrong with dad?”

“He’s gone..” You said as Peggy started crying. Rebecca which freaked out tried to calm both of you but couldn’t. She took Peg to her room to let you alone for a bit. James and little Nat came to you.

“Mommy where is Daddy? Why are you crying?” James asked. Natalie couldn’t speak well.

“Uh.. He will come back soon, I promise…”

Two years later..

It’s been two years since Steve’s death. Last year you gave birth to your fourth child. It was a boy. He looked exactly like Steve. He had his haircolor and eyes. You named his Grant. Like his father’s middle name. Peggy has changed a lot. She used to be a good, sweet and kind girl but now she was someone else. She wasn’t talking that much. Her teachers were complaining that she wasn’t doing her homeworks and she was always speaking back to the teachers. James and Natalie were always crying and asking about their lost father.

One day you, the family sat at the table to eat lunch. Everyone expect Peggy. You had lost your mind thinking about Steve and you thought she was going to stay at Rebecca’s but for confirmation you asked the others.

“Do you know where is your sister?” You asked sweetly your kids with no response. They probably didn’t know anything. The door unlocked and a very different Peggy entered the room. She had piercings all over her face and a very dark makeup.

“Sweetie? What are all those things on your face?” You asked and she looked coldly at you.

“Piercings. I did those today.”

“Please take them off. Your father wouldn’t want that for you Peggy! You have changed..

"Ya just like you! After dad died you’re changed! I feel like you don’t care about us!” The kids in the room started crying when they heard the truth. A tear rolled down your face.

“Peggy Rogers I’m trying to do everything for you! Why don’t you understand! It’s hard for me! I know its hard for you too! So please take off these-” Your stopped talking when you saw Peggy was frozed looking behind you when a smile appeared on her face. You turned around to face Steve being there, well and alive. He hugged you and kissed you and then hugged the kids. He returned back to you.

“Y-your alive! I missed you so much!” You mumbled to his ear.

“I couldn’t leave my best girl and my Rogers! I promised you. I love you so much ”

“I love you too.”

I’m not sure if I should be the “holy shit you lunatic this marriage is a complete mistake don’t be stupid” friend or the “omg yay you’re getting married!! Let party! Oh wait you’re divorced in two years wow bummer men are pigs here’s some wine” friend

Let her live or give her a reality check.

I’m beginning to think season 2 is just the YGO writers going ‘try and dub this!’ to 4Kids. Because, aside from the darker tone of the season, we’re also introduced to a group of three kids and their two dads. Yes, two dads.

You can’t even deny that’s what they are, Crow is the ‘stay at home dad’ while Shinji is the ‘working dad’ but they are very clearly both ‘dad’ to these kids. And obviously they live together, so regardless of their relationship with each other, it’s obviously permanent(even better is how apparently this sort of arrangement isn’t the last bit strange to anyone, even those from Standard).

If one of them were a woman you know that they would play up the ‘they’re married/a couple’ angle when dubbing. But they aren’t, they’re both guys.

If 4Kids can’t even manage an non human entity that looks half male-half female without editing them, then they’re gonna lose their heads over this xD

daaceymormont asked:

I think i'm arospec and ace and i HATE it. Ive always dreamed of marriage and kids and I want that for myself but i have so much distress whenever i get in a romantic/ sexual situation (i can't always tell the difference) that i feel like i'll never find a loving romantic relationship. Do you have advice for finding self-love in spite of aroace identity and how to deal with a romantic relationship as an aroace?

Well, i think a good place to start is that you CAN get married and have kids, just not in the way you intended.  You can be in a Queer Platonic Relationship and if it’s desired by both you and your partner, you can get married.  You could also adopt a child or, if you wanted to have one of your own, discuss that with your partner as well (artificial insemination is an option).  It may not be romantic, but you can still have a loving relationship platonically.  Finding self-love is about self-acceptance.  Being Aro/Ace can be hard for people who may have dreamed of a romantic relationship and having a family the traditional way, but it’s important to know that you can still have the things you want, just maybe not in the way you planned to.  It may take time, but if you can find acceptance in who you are, self-love will follow. 


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Okay, so let's say that Hans and Elsa do (somehow) fall in love, get married, and have kids. How do you think their children would react when they found out about what their father did? And who do you think would tell them? (I see Hans being the one to tell them)

No illusions, the events of Hans and Elsa’s first meeting is one skeleton they would both try to bury all the way to the Earth’s core, and actually talking about it with their kids is something they would dread.

However, Elsa at least realizes the truth will out someday, and she knows just how dangerous not telling the truth can be. (The Hans from my headcanons knows it too, but I’ll avoid digressing.) So once Hans and Elsa finally have kids, they think up a way to explain that horror story with a happy ending that is gentle on both parties: turn it into a G-rated bedtime story, heavy on the symbolism. From their early years, the developing little minds learn that one sin does not a sinner make, and the parents can ease their way into telling the whole truth.

I honestly picture the children themselves putting two and two together when around age seven to ten. Kids are damn smart like that, or that’s been my experience.

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Wait wait wait--hold up. Since when did you get married AB??? Explain, please? ((NOte: both the mun and Tola are confused))

    “Since none of yer’ fucking business, kids. And yoooou are a destroyed future. So get outta’ here, won’t you?”

     So practically AB and Magnus get married in the KMS offline stories comics and I wanted to do something terrible for Valentines day so this is what happened I am so sorry.

philinda imagine

Omg guys so I was watching spy kids and if you’re familiar with the movie, can you just imagine Philinda as the parents?! If you’re unfamiliar with the movie… The movie starts out with the parents’ story of “The Two Spies Who Fell in Love” where they are both from different countries/organizations and their tasked with eliminating each other. They basically fall for the other and secretly keep seeing each other up until the point where they get married, retire and have two kids, who don’t know of their secretive past (I imagine it being Skye and Leo because I think they would fit it best). The parents then come out of retirement to go on a mission but they end up getting kidnapped and it’s up to their kids to save them. Obviously Phil and Melinda are too badass to get kidnapped. But it is a cool imagine though lol. 

I don’t wanna go through the whole plot because that will be a long post lmao. BUT seriously watch it and just imagine Philinda. Plus that was like my childhood movie and I still love it! 

  • Name: chel
  • Age: twenty-six
  • How well do we know each other?: ‘knowing’ each other is overrated when you’re both so aesthetically pleasing and could look like the definition of power couple
  • Do you have a pet name for me?: ginge’
  • Do I have a pet name for you?: who knows
  • Are you attracted to me?: loud winking gesture
  • Why do you want to marry me?: why NOT
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?: let’s just drag autumn to vegas to watch and she can bring along her boy toy
  • Do you see children in our future?: the actual kids part? who knows. what comes before kids? gladly, clearly, very often and with enthusiasm. 

“The definition o’ power couple, eh? I’m listening.”

anonymous asked:

I missed you Bucky, so did Tony glad to have you back love. Love you both glad you had a happy reunion. Bucky you should check out all the silly fmk games Tony played :p.

Bucky: I missed you too! 

Oh I read all of them and I’m upset that he’d kill Sam Winchester. And I see he has such a big crush on Batman, I see how it is. He’d rather marry Batman than me by the looks of it. 

Just kidding, I know I’m his one and only. It’s great to be back. 

Meet The Ace

Your Name:  Jen.  People have been known to call me Mermaid

Your Age:  30

Your Orientations:  Heteroromantic asexual

Your Gender:  Female (she/her)

How/when did you realize you were ace?:
I realized I was ace last year in the summer after doing a bit of research on sites like Tumblr.  It was like an aha! moment to realize that all of the feelings I had were valid and that there was nothing wrong.  Been this way since I was 15 or so.

How do you feel about being ace?:
It was a little scary at first since I don’t really know anyone personally who is on the asexual spectrum.  I come from a town where a lot of the people date, have kids, and possibly get married.  The different people all move away.  Really enjoying finding out new things about myself.

Are you an introvert, an extrovert, or both?:
Introverted choosing to hang out with few close people.  When my senses get overstimulated, I get anxious so it’s best that I’m not in groups for very long.  Contradicting this is the fact that I also perform with a local theater group.

Name three of your favorite songs (include artist name):
Only three?  This is going to be a difficult one.  Here we are!
Revolution – The Beatles
Scare Away The Dark – Passenger
Flaws – Bastille

Name three of your favorite movies and/or TV shows:
Mary Poppins
Charade  (with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant)

TV Shows:
Once Upon A Time
Bob’s Burgers

Five random facts about yourself:

I’m never without my purple headphones and mp3 player.
Have been in two wedding dresses – see if you can figure out why :).
Affinity for Audrey Hepburn, Lana Parrilla, Cary Grant, and Eric Balfour.
My music taste ranges from classic rock to boy band to EDM and indie.
I’ve always wanted to live in either an Airstream trailer or a custom hobbit house.

What’s your favorite quote?:
“I think that we are like stars. Something happens to burst us open; but when we burst open and think we are dying; we’re actually turning into a supernova. And then when we look at ourselves again, we see that we’re suddenly more beautiful than we ever were before!” – C. Joybell C.

What are your hobbies/interests?:
Yoga, being out in nature, writing, baking, reading, owls, burlesque, steampunk, classic TV and movies, words and language, comics, self-care, Zumba, feminism, witchcraft, Japanese culture, activism, music, fantasy, history, decorating, and so many others.

What’s your ideal career?:
I’ve wanted to open my own tea store, teach yoga, work with animals, get into mental health, or something completely different.  Wanting to find a career can happen at any age.

What are some dreams/goals you have for your future?
Go to a Bon Jovi concert
See African elephants in Africa
Getting a better hold of my reins and controlling them on my own

What are some things you feel like you’re really good at?:
Singing, making people laugh, writing, understanding cats, choosing playlists, baking and cooking, being an activist.

What’s your biggest fear?
Not living an authentic life followed by losing my family.

What’s something that gets you really excited when you think about it?:
Space.  Look above you and see the universe.  You see sky that’s pitch black; however, I see a mystery unfolding that people in history were once afraid of.

Who’s your favorite person and why? (Can be fictional, historical, or otherwise):
My mom.  We’re really close, and she was the only parent there with me when my dad split.  She’s taught me a lot and loves me even through my struggles.

What’s your favorite thing and why?: (Object, subject, or otherwise):
WWE, pro wrestling, whatever you want to call it.  It’s theater in the round.  Yeah.  I get these weird looks and the comment of you like that for the hot guys, don’t you?  Maybe it’s for the moves and the way they speak in the ring.  Perhaps I like capes a lot.  There’s stories I can tell about my affinity for WWE that began in 2008.

What inspires you?:
Passion, inspiration, laughter, good music, spoken word poetry, great family, honesty, and integrity.

What would you want to tell the world?:
The revolution is coming, the tide is turning.  It’s time to take change into your own hands.  The government isn’t going to do a thing about environmental laws or changing the water quality.  These things take time and many passionate people.  This isn’t just for your children or your children’s children.  If we all work hard, this reality can be here for our generation in the near future.



As I read the paper again and the limo door opened up and I looked at the paper again with tears pouring. I looked and saw Nicy dressed in a tuxedo, with a small blue box opened and the ring that was looking back at me.

“Nicy” I whispered and read the last line again ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME and make my world complete?’ I moved throwing the paper down going to him, he helped me out of the limo. “YES YES I’LL MARRY YOU, YOU ASSHOLE” He smiled and kissed me with everything in him taking mine and the baby’s breath away. After breaking the kiss he wiped my eyes and he was smiling stilling.

“So yes to marrying me?” he asked

“Yes I love you so much 5 kids and counting” I said we both laughed

“One last question will you marry me today as in this very moment?” he asked

“Yes” I said he kissed me again and hugged me.

“Come with me” he said and he took my hand and we went walking into a building I wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Nicy” I said low he kissed my forehead. I saw my Uncle William walk to me handing me flowers and Nicy walked away.

“It would be an honor to walk you down the aisle” William said

“I wouldn’t have it no other way” I said

“He came to me, flew out to have lunch with me to ask me for your hand in marriage… He said even tho I wasn’t your father but you loved me like I was. And he wanted my blessing and I knew the look in his eyes that he was telling me the truth about how he felt… It’s the same look I had when I asked for your aunts hand in marriage.. So shall we?” William

“Yea I am I love him so much..” I said Once the doors open I stopped when I saw

I saw his family, my close close friends the kids well all the kids were there. RJ was standing next to Rigor and on the other side Cathy was standing there.  I was walked down the aisle and all I could do was look at Nicy. After the wedding and the reception we were on our way back to the villa.

“So Mrs. Brown how do you feel being engaged and married all in one day?” he asked

“I feel wonderful beyond wonderful I love you so much” I said

“I love you too” he said

“I can’t believe it” I said leaning my head on his shoulder.. 3 weeks later after our honeymoon. Going into my 7th month Nicy was close by he didn’t let me work late he kept an eye on me. They kids was beyond happy even tho they always called him daddy. But with us married he was theirs always and forever, I think Nicy like the idea.

Me and Nicy was in the store looking at baby clothes we are having a Boy Nicy was right, I hate it when he is right. But right now we were looking at outfits.

“I like this one” he said holding a hat putting it on.

“So stupid” I said laughing

“Lyndsey” a voice said from behind us. I turn around thinking it was a friend but it wasn’t. It was Barry’s parents what are they doing here.

“Oh no” I said

“Hi I didnt expect to run into you here I see your having ANOTHER baby” Barry’s father James said

“I am excuse me” I said turning around

“Dont run off we wanna see our grandkids” Barry’s mother Tiff said

“Lynn who’s this” he said removing the hat from his head putting it in the cart.

“No one come on let’s go” I said

“We’re Lindsey’s In- Laws” James said

“That’s funny cause yall dont look like my parents since Lynn here is MY wife.. Who the fuck are you again?? Oh yall must be ole boy’s parents, you know the one who hurt her and then had a craving for a bullet” he said the look on their faces almost made me burst out laughing…

“You will not talk about my son like that” Tiff said

“Whatever, anyway let’s go baby and by the way your not seeing my kids. You wasnt there for them then, and you damn sure not see them now… Fuck out of here” he said talking my hand and we pushed the cart away..

We did do some more shopping and it seemed that where we went they followed us and I was ready to go but Nicy was going to let them chase us out of the store. He kept shopping till it was time for us to check out, we was standing in line after putting our stuff up.. He pulled me to him and started kissing me, rubbing on me, I was getting beyond turned on when….

“Lyndsey we need to talk to you” Tiff said we broke the kiss and Nicy pulled me behind him.

“Look leave her alone alright as her husband I got the right to protect her so fuck off you not seeing them and you not getting any money out of her so fuck the hell off.” He said I looked passed him they both was staring at him, they looked defeated cause it was clear they wanted money from me….


I am now laying in the bed tired and emotional half awake and half sleep.. I just gave birth to an 8 lb 2.3oz baby girl, I looked to the right and watched Nicy holding her, with the brightest smile on his face.

Nevaeh-Lynn Kourtney Brown

I was trying to watch them both but I was too tired I just watched a little as he smiled and kissed, rocked her…. I knew he was beyond happy to have another  blood daughter again the smile he was showing was proof of that. The tears in his eyes were proof of that. I wanted to say something but I fell right to sleep…

I was tagged by @fuckthebee and I’m a piece of shit and just noticed it today so here we go.

1. Spell your name in songs.

Afire Love- Ed Sheeren                                                                                          

Marry Me- Train

All About Us- He is We (feat. Owl City)

No More Second Chances- MKTO

Danza Kuduro

Again- Yui

2. Why did you choose your URL?

bk(my last two initials)-the-pk(pk stands for pastor’s kid)-squared(both of my parents are pastors)

3. What is your middle name?

Dahnbee, it’s Korean and means “one who brings blessings/blessed rain”

4. If you could be any mythical creature what would you be?

A mother-fucking dragon

5. Favorite color?


6. Song you like right now?

Boomerang- She is We

7. Top 4 fandoms?

Steven Universe, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Digimon

8. Tag 9 people

I don’t know that many people on tumblr so here are some @halfricanlife @thanksobamasnow @doctorwhoandtheelectricmayhem @ashleybk77 @nothingbutrainbowsnstuff @anneelizabeth97 @b-wow-fish 

little-miss-superwholockian asked:

Hey, stay strong, friend. Those anons don't know what they're talking about and they don't understand you. I wish I could be there for you to give you all the hugs, because you deserve them. Good for you for standing up for yourself. And same for Joseph for sticking up for you both. You two are so cute together and I hope one day you get married and have kids, if that's what you want. You're so perfect together. I'm sorry you've been going through all this, including the mental breakdowns.

Thanks I appreciate it. I needed to hear that. I wish I could repay you for all the kindness you’ve shown me, but I don’t know how.

hakiuchiyama asked:

Xylophone, Rapunzel and Love ^-^

Love: Do you believe in marriage?

I wouldn’t necessarily need to be married to a partner, in order to feel happy in the relationship. If I decide to get married one day, it would most likely be because of the legal benefits, not to prove my love.

I think it’s a great beautiful thing if one believes in it, but I don’t have the goal in life to get married and have kids like I think some women do. I’m extremely independent, to the point that people both get drawn and repelled by it, so my view on marriage kind of mirrors that :)

Xylophone: Do you play an instrument?


I went to a lot of singing lessons and choir camps when I were younger, but never really picked up any instruments.

Rapunzel: Name three Disney movies that you adore.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame



scariest-nara asked:

“excuse me?”

blurt out loud “you’re hot” meme- Reverse | Accepting

“-And by hot, I mean you got the kunai so close to the target.”

“Not too shabby for someone who was out of duty for awhile-” 

“Other than that, I will admit you are pretty damn hot. You’re my friend. I think every one of them is pretty damn attractive in their own way. If we weren’t both married and had kids, I may have considered the upside-down pineapple.”