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wait, why is axl rose on that list? what he did?


if you look at his biography for the late 80s/early 90s you’ll have fun but basically he and his first important gf had a FAIRLY complicated relationship where they basically kept on breaking up, accusing each other of abuse and then getting back together so that’s basically a mess and you can make what you want out of that but it looks like they were both fairly shitty to each other, while then there was his next gf who like already had a son from another guy and like I don’t recall the details but axl was basically attached like hell to the kid and wanted to legally adopt him/marry her but like he was getting into weirdass psychology instead of going like to *therapy* (he basically thought she and here were together in a past life but ended horribly? idk) but basically they had a bad split while he was becoming increasingly paranoid and he spent ten years as a recluse from then on. I’m fairly sure that he’s there because of erin everly (the first gf) but a) they were probably equally terrible to each other from what it looks like, b) that post definitely doesn’t take into account the fact that axl hasn’t been mentally okay ever (he looks sorta fine now tbh and idk what the fuck happened), comes from basically entire childhood and teenage years of abuse, has/had badly treated bipolar disorder (sure af he didn’t treat it in the eighties) and was a hot mess/an asshole also because he didn’t really treat/deal with most of that shit so like obviously it doesn’t justify him being an ass and I’m speaking as someone who has basically being like AXL FUCKING WHY for half of her life (and he’s the person in gnr I cared about least probably) but jesus christ congrats on completely ignoring his background man I mean 

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Do you feel guilty for sleeping with married man, and what possible emotional damage it could do to his personal life? No shade, just curious. Would you be upset if your husband was having an affair?

My dad had many affairs, so I have been on both sides of the equation. Sure, it has the capacity to be damaging. Sometimes marriages are perpetuated for more reasons than “I’m married - he has a wife” - there are finances, status, kids, reputation. He is an exceptional father. He would be with someone else if he were not with me. So why not love and be loved? It makes it arguably worth the potential damage on both sides. If my husband is the total provider, I would be naive to not think an affair would happen - eventually. I am not saying I’m immune to the pain it’d cause, I’m simply saying I won’t be the one to say “never” or it’s not possible.

In Bed

“You’re a princess!?” You say to your cousins 3 year old daughter. She nods happily and takes your hand in hers.

“Yes.” She says smiling. Your cousin comes and sits next to you.

“So where’s (BN)?” She says looking around at the room full of family members. You guys were at your annual family reunion.

“He’s at the studio finishing up some songs.” You say as the little girl runs away to play with the other little kids.

“No plans of having any kids?” She says elbowing you. You cover your face and groan.

“You’re probably the 50th person to ask me that. We’ve only been married for a year and we’ve both been busy with work.” You say using the same excuse you’ve been using all night.

“Is he not good in bed?” She asks and your eyes widen.

“Oh my god I can’t believe you just asked me that!!” You say continuing to look at her with wide eyes.

“What!? I’m just asking.” She says laughing. “Do you guys not….”

“He’s good in bed.” You blurt out trying to get her to stop asking you about your sex life. Yes you guys were close but you weren’t comfortable with anyone to talk about what you and (BN) do behind closed doors. “Its just that we’re busy. He’s on tour or in the studio and I’m busy writing.” You say biting your lip.

“He looks like he is.” You both laugh and you shake your head.


You slowly open the doors of your shared apartment and take off your shoes. You walk into your bedroom and notice (BN) sitting on the bed with his headphones in on the laptop. His face lights up when he sees you. He quickly takes off his headphones and puts them down.

“Hey babe. How was it?” He says putting the laptop to the side. You look at him and nod. His face changes and he furrows his eyebrows.

“What’s wrong?” He says getting up and running towards you. “Did something happen? Who do I need to beat up? If it’s one of your uncles…I’m sorry I just can’t…”

“No it’s not that.” You say and look down away from his gaze. “Everyone kept asking where you were and when am I going to be a mom. It was so annoying.” You say and start walking towards your closet.

“They were just curious because they want to see the cute kids that we can make.” You guys always joked about having cute kids. He was laughing then stopped when he noticed you were still serious. He walks up and grabs your arm to turn you around.

“I just want to get changed.” You said wiggling your arm out of his grip. He lets go of your arm and you walk into the closet closing the door.

You never closed your door to get changed but you wanted to be alone right now so that was the only thing that you thought could make him know you were still annoyed. You didn’t hear anything going on in your bedroom so you quickly got changed and opened it.

“Babe?” You called looking around the room. He wasn’t there so you went out into the hallway. “(BN)?” You called out as you walked to the kitchen.

“Babe?” You say as you fully walk into the kitchen. You then feel someone grab you from behind. You scream and you hear (BN)’s laugh.

“You’re such a jerk.” You say trying to turn around but he wouldn’t let you. He had his hands on your waist holding you in front of him.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he starts slowly placing light kisses on your neck. The most ticklish spot you had on your body and he knew it.

“Stop.” You say wiggling trying to hold in your laugh. “It’s not going to work.”

“Challenge accepted.” He whispers against your skin as he starts quickly placing light kisses all over your neck. This time you start laughing and wiggling more. “See I win.” He says as he stops.

He then starts placing light kisses on your shoulder and starts moving down your back. Your breathe hitched as he kissed your exposed skin on your back.

“B-babe.” You breathed out as you fell back into him.

“You want to be a mom, right?” He whispers against your ear and kisses you right below it. “I can help you with that.” You feel your face heat up. He places a kiss on your cheek. You bite your lip and close your eyes. Even after being married to him for a year when he would do things like this to you it still flustered you.

You hear him laugh a little and he turns you around. He places his hand under your chin and rubs his thumb on your lips. You gulped and parted your lips a little bit avoiding eye contact.

“Babe if you wanted a child you could have just asked. I didn’t know it bothered you.” His gaze was kept on your lips as he spoke. You slowly bite your lip and look up at his eyes. He looks into your eyes and lightly places a kiss on your lips.

“It didn’t until today.” You whispered looking away. He places his hand on your chin again and laughs. He wiggles his eyebrows and licks his lips.

“Then let’s go make a baby.” You laugh and roll your eyes. He takes your hand in his and leads you into the bedroom.

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Okay, so your post about marrying for school, y'know the text one? all I can think is Scott and Stiles, like stiles can't get into college w/o it? And then he meets Derek but Scott and Stiles are ridiculous about their marriage, calling each other 'my husband' just for a laugh so Derek thinks Stiles is like REALLY in love w/ scott, and shenanigans happen.

YES PLEASE. Like Scott and Stiles are both broke af and cannot afford to pay for college but they both really want to go for career reasons, so Stiles suggests they marry each other. And Scott’s like…..i mean okay sure why not we’re bros we can do that bros can get married right?

Can you imagine their parents??? Like Sheriff would be so heartily disapproving because that is fraud and you can’t just do that, while Melissa is sort of exasperated but kinda thinks it’s brilliant and also sort of hilarious, but they both go along with it because they want their kids to succeed and they can’t do that without degrees in their respective fields.

So they get married at like the courthouse or something, and Stiles insists they have cake and Scott insists they get nice rings and they start planning the massive “fight” they’re gonna have when they eventually get divorced.

They move out to whatever college town they’re going to and get an apartment together, and Stiles starts introducing everyone to his wonderful amazing beloved husband Scott, and Scott is all rolled eyes and huffs but he plays along anyway because it’s really funny to see people get uncomfortable with their sappy sweet PDA.

And they’re both having fun with it and it’s great until Scott meets Allison (or Kira either one tbh i don’t have a preference for him) and he’s desperately in love. The two of them talk it over and they agree to bring her into the plan so that Scott can date her properly, and really it’s fine since they’ll need a reason to get divorced later anyway and adultery is #1 on the list.

Meanwhile Stiles has been chatting with his gorgeous TA Derek, just chatting nothing more (yet, but there might be something, you know, just a little something maybeprobablydefinitelyokayyesplease) but they haven’t really done anything about their overwhelming attraction to each other, mostly because Derek knows that Stiles is married and there is no way he is getting in the way of that, okay, he’s not a homewrecker and that’s so not cool.

But then Derek sees Scott with Allison and they’re so lovey dovey and disgusting, and Derek is just enraged on Stiles’ behalf. And he hates that he’ll have to be the one to break the news to Stiles that his husband is cheating on him, but he can’t just let it go on without telling him, he deserves to know! And he angsts about how to do it for days, feeling more and more guilty as time goes on (especially because he wonders if maybe he’ll have a chance now and hating himself for hoping Stiles’ married falls apart entirely) but finally works up the courage.

And it’s this big tense dramatic conversation with Stiles so worried because Derek looks so upset and what could upset him that way is he dying omg he’s dying isn’t he he’s totally dying that’s what this is you’re dying, until he comes up and says it. And then Stiles just bursts out laughing (mostly in relief because no Derek is not dying and wow that’s amazing okay this is fine i can deal with this) and has to explain the whole ridiculous story to an incredulous incredulous Derek.

So it ends with Stiles and Scott still technically married (at least until they graduate and don’t need the financial aid anymore) and both of them insisting to anyone that asks that theirs is an open marriage, very nontraditional but no less legitimate thank you very much (Stiles has pamphlets and websites on open relationships and polyamory at hand at all times to hand out to people who just Don’t Understand Them) while both date other people. It totally works and they all think it’s pretty hilarious (even the Sheriff tbh).

BTS reaction to the reader wanting to adopt a kid.

(You didn’t specify but I’m assuming the reader would be a girlfriend/wife)

Jin: after thinking about it a lot he would probably want to do it, but only if you were married. He is a very traditional guy who values family and he would want to be responsible when forming his.

Yoongi: he is a very open minded person so I think he would immidiately agree if you were both ready to have kids. If he is not ready to be a daddy then…well good luck convincing the grumpy grandpa.

Namjoon: I think he’ll be a lot like Yoongi but he’ll be easier to convince if having kids weren’t a priority in his agenda when you wanted to.

Hoseok: He would be very responsible about this I think. He would think about it a lot, both if he was ready to become a father and if he wanted to adopt or have a biological child. I think in the end he would want to have both because why not and once he stopped stressing, he would become the most excited puppy ever. He would dance and scream and talk about what an awesome appa he’ll be to both of his kids (my feels I need a moment. Hobiiiii)

Taehyung: I think out of all of them he will be the hardest to convince to be honest. He wouldn’t be against it but I feel like he would really want to have biological kids. Not that he wouldn’t love an adopted child equally, I mean he loves every child literally. We’ve all seen it. I just think he’d need the biological connection I guess. I do also think though that after some serious and mature talking he would agree in the end as long as you still birth to the other 5 (yes he said that he wants this many kids. Rip your body) kids he wants. Why not have a 6th little peanut running around and playing with him?

(gif by ho-seok-ed)

Jimin and Jungkook: I put them together because I think they would react the same way. They wouldn’t care about whether the kid would be biological or adopted. They would only worry about whether or not they will be good fathers to the kid, and if they are old enough to have it in the first place.

(lol when you tell him you want a kid and you can see the terror in his eyes)

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Dear first love,

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to regrow that part of my heart I gave to you. Probably never; I mean, it’s been eight years. God, eight years… Eight years since our phone calls till dawn, eight years since our night beach walks, eight years since our almost kiss - can you believe how much time has passed already?

Also, can you believe how stupid both of us have been? Me more than you, of course. You at least had the guts to tell me how you felt - even though it had been while you were absolutely shitfaced. Your eyes are so blue when you’re drunk, by the way. I never got to tell you that. I think I did mumble once that you’re eyes were not bad to look at before running away somewhere. I was a moron, I know.

You’re married now, I know that, too. You have a very cute kid. I mean, you’re his mom, of course he’d be cute. Your husband seems nice.
I’m seeing someone. She’s great. You would’ve hated her.

Sometimes I wonder what life we’d be living if I did kiss you that time. I also wonder if you wonder about that, as well.

You probably do. I wish you didn’t. I wish you could be completely happy, but I guess both of us won’t be. It’s hard to be happy when a part of your heart is missing. I’m sorry I couldn’t take proper care of it. I’m sorry.

If there’s another life waiting for us, I won’t hesitate next time. I’ll meet you halfway, I promise.

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Heya guys can you help me find this sterek fic where Stiles and Derek are an actual old married couple like they are grandparents to an army of kids and they both are so old and yet so in love and I think their eldest is bringing her kids to their place for a sleepover I think. Love what you do, please tell me you can find it for me

Is it this one, bb?  -Emmy

Grandpa Derek Is Always Grumpy by Okaylittlebrother 

(1,884 I Not Rated I Complete)

The grand babies pay a visit to Grandpa Stiles and Grandpa Derek

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Darkiplier part 4

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“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!” You spat, as Lucifer lifted you to your feet, shoving you into Mark’s arms. You pushed yourself away from Mark in disgust, no way in hell…well no way in here were you going to marry that fuck.

“Well babe, you and I both aren’t happy so how about you suck it the fuck up and take the damn ring” Mark growled impatiently chucking the ring box at you. You rolled your eyes, picking up the box, knowing you pretty much didn’t have a choice. Though you threw the ring box back to him and he snarled.

“I agree, on one condition, I want a proper proposal” You tell Mark and hisses in distaste to the idea but groaned as he got down on one knee.

“Will you marry….me” he grumbles as he opens the box to show you the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You gasped in full and utter sarcastic excitement and you dramatically took out the ring repeating ‘yes’ over and over again as seen in all the romantic movies. You slipped the ring on, switching back to rolling your eyes as Mark snarled, getting up.

“Happy now…fucking dick” He muttered, your eyes quickly flicked over to him “I fucking heard that, you cunt” you spat back. You knew you had no choice but to work with him in this “mission” though you knew that it was rather pointless.

“Now that the two of you have gotten your shit together, there’s a house waiting for you, this isn’t permanent either, so fucking suck it up” Lucifer growled before handing Mark a set of house keys.

“Now go be a happy fucking family and get your shit done, or it’s your life on the line” He growled once more, glaring you down, before sending you and Mark away. You got onto the back of his bike, you sighed, slightly resting against his back. This was it, the day you actually ended up being with someone, it just happened to be a sociopathic demon. Mark growled quietly as you rested on him before speeding off, out the gates of hell and back onto the dusty, desert road. You had accepted your fate and this was it, a demon’s possession.

Click here for part 3

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A blurb where you and Luke are married and have children and the kids see your hickies? Both of them are young

“So did you guys have fun at Grandmas?” You ask your two toddlers, Addison, your very blunt three year old, you honestly don’t know where it came from and Alexander, your five year old. “Yeah mommy! Addie cried though because she missed daddy! But I was a big boy like you said I could be!” Alex squeals smiling happily, holding his brown puppy stuffed animal in the car seat. “Well that’s okay she’s still little.” Luke smiles nodding as you park in the drive way. You slip out of the car and grab Alex, he’d never admit it but he was a total mommies  boy. You smile and pick him up, Luke doing the same with Addie. “Mommy what are those?” Alex asks curiously, tilting his head and pointing at the small hickeys on your collarbone. You glance down, just barely able to catch sight of them. “Oh um..” You say awkwardly. “Did daddy do that?” He asks, his eyebrows knitting together, you and luke would always play fight and have the kids protect you. “Oh no baby, mommy hit it on something that’s all.” luke says quickly. “like when I fall and it bruises?” He asks for confirmation. “Yeah baby exactly like that.”  

sprout2012 replied to your post:I’m home sick today. Pls keep me company??

Do you prefer cat or dog? Have you ever had an unusual pet? What’s you’re favourite colour? (Hard one I know) What foods do you love? And which do you dislike or hate? Er…. Are you a morning person? Or a night owl?

Tough questions! I grew up with both cats and dogs so I don’t honestly have a preference. Cats suit my current lifestyle better, though. I work long hours so it would not be responsible of me to adopt a dog. Luckily my mum has three of them so I get plenty of doggy cuddles when I visit her at weekends!

As far as unusual pets go, when I was a kid I once declared myself married to a woodlouse called Bub. Does that count? I think I ate him shortly afterwards, but we were very happy together for that brief time.

My fave colour is probably purple. 

You can’t be a solid roast dinner - the combination of roast chicken, roast potatoes, veggies and gravy is perfect <3 Classic British comfort food right thar. I loathe mushrooms, though. Urk. My dislike of them is possibly a borderline phobia. I can’t even cut them up because the texture makes me want to hurl. 

I’m definitely a night owl (although I’ve been awake since 5:30 this morning with this stupid cough). I find it difficult to function properly before about 11am. My most productive time is usually 11pm-2am. 

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If you're still taking requests can you do one where Nate& y/n have a son&Nate breaks up with her before she can tell him she's pregnant again so she just leaves a sometimes keeps in touch with Nate&his family but they don't know she's pregnant again,then she gets into a new relationship&they get married and her new bf adopts both her kids&they call him dad,then Nate decides to get more involved with their son then finally finds out they have a daughter&they don't know who Nate is & he's upset?

Yes. I love how specific this is. Thanks. Make any job easier. Love ya bunches ❤️💙

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Speaking of Fire Emblem, the newest games (Fates) also have pairings between siblings. Adopted, yes, but some of them were raised together thinking they were blood siblings. (And they still refer to the MC as their sibling.)

In addition to all (and I do mean a heck of a lot) of the other interesting things in Fire Emblem, an official art book for Fire Emblem Fates said that Leo canonically had a crush on his (biological) older sister Camilla as a kid.

Regarding that Fire Emblem: Fates information from a while back, and this is kind of spoilers but the game’s been out for quite some time, you can indeed marry any of your siblings, but both the Hoshidans and the Nohrians are your adoptive family. I’ve only finished Birthright, and in that path your true parentage is only brought up if you marry one of your siblings so it feels like a weak dodge, but it’s apparently a major plot point in the others. However, Azura might be your sister or cousin. 

Fire Emblem never disappoints!

This is great to know, thank you!

Yeah, only bringing up your true parentage if you marry one of your “adoptive” siblings is highly suspect. But at least you get to marry your siblings!

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How long have you and your wife been married? Do you want more kids?

We actually just had our 4th anniversary earlier this month. :)

And we’re not sure yet about more kids. We’re happy with one, and we both grew up as only children so it’s not unusual for us. That said, I definitely wouldn’t say no to having another because Baby A is pretty freaking awesome!

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  1. If you could move to any place of your choice would you do it and where would it be? I honestly have noooo idea, i haven’t actually ever thought about stuff like this tbh
  2. What is your favourite book of all time? The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  3. What is your dream job? Hmmmm either an astronomer or owning a cafe/ bakery
  4. Cats or dogs? Both x3
  5. Who’s the most important person in your life? My mum i reckon
  6. Do you ever want to get married and/or have kids? I don’t really feel the need to do either of those things so idk
  7. Do you have a middle name? Aye i do :3 Sylvia
  8. What is your favourite holiday and why? Christmaaaaasssss, because it’s cold all cold and i can see my brothers and there is hot drinks and blankets everywhere and it always smells nice and when you go outside your nose and cheeks gets all red and you breathe out mist and you can feel like a dragon and shit Okay i need to shut up about christmas
  9. What quality do you value most in people? sincerity and honesty
  10. Describe your life in three words. I don’t know
  11. Is there any of your mutuals you’d like to meet? ayee @whatamievendoingherelikesrsly so i can slap her :3 and @kwangminshoe and tbh i wanna meet all the mutuals i talk to

My Questions:

  1. Whats your favourite time of day?
  2. What would you say your spirit animal is?
  3. Do you believe in souls?
  4. Whats your favourite flower?
  5. What fictional character do you relate to the most?
  6. How many pillows do you sleep with?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  8. How would you describe yourself?
  9. Do you have a place that you’ve always dreamed of visiting? If so, where and why?
  10. What food could you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner but still not get sick of it?
  11. What was/ is your favourite subject at school and why?

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Name: Kim
Nickname: Kimchi
Gender: Female
Relationship status: Married with 2 kids
Zodiac: Cancer
Siblings: 4 older sisters
Pets: A rescue salt n pepper mini schnauzer who is getting old and sick and I am so worried about him tbh :’(
Time: 2044
Type of Phone: iPhone 6
Love or Lust: Definitely both
Lemonade or Tea: Tea
Cats or Dogs: I like both but dogs win by a small margin
Day or Night: Night
Met a Celebrity?: Yep; my two faves were Kevin Spacey and Pet Shop Boys 
Chapstick or lipstick: Mostly chapstick, lipstick on date night
Last Song You Listened To:
Symphony No.7 in A, Op.92 - 2. Allegretto | Beethoven
STORY TIME: This is one of my absolute favourite pieces of classical music. We went to see X-Men: Apocalypse earlier today, and I played this in the car as we drove to the cinema. Imagine my orgasm surprise when this epic track was featured very prominently and used to great effect in the movie!! It was a new arrangement by John Ottman, the genius that Bryan Singer uses on a lot of his movies, as music composer AND film editor combined. This is a mind blowing combination cos the movie is then even more perfectly edited to musical cues. Arguably, his most famous example of this was during that epic final montage sequence at the end of The Usual Suspects. “And like that - he’s gone.”

(sorry for babbling, I am such a film geek and I love this kind of shit)

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/)///v///(\ for jacob from iago

Send me “/)///v///(\” to see how my muse would talk about yours, to another person.


before Christmas:

“God, this little drugdealer-wannabe is driving me insane. Thinks he’s oh-so-tough and oh-so-smart, but he’s just a kid. Just a little brat who knows shit about life, I tell you. I’ll either marry him or kill him. Maybe both. Shows up in the middle of the night, horny and drunk and practically begs me to fuck his brains out. Moaning like a bitch in heat, scratching my back and everything. And the next day? He pretends to not remember a thing. Hurls insults and slurs at me any chance he gets. And it hurts, you know? It shouldn’t. It’s nothing… serious, really. It’s nothing at all, actually. I’m just a dick with a body attached to him. And he can’t admit he wants it when he’s sober. All this talking and all this yelling, the whole homophobic act just to hide he’s into it. Not sure what happened to him to make him turn out like this… I just… wish it were different. I think it could be different. And I know I should just keep the door shut next time he bangs on it. But I can’t. He’s… addictive. Poisonous. And it’s all I can get. I wish it were different. I wish it could be more… but it’s not. So I take what I get…”

after moving together:

“Iago? Why’re you asking? He’s not your fucking business. You look at him the wrong way, and we’ll have a serious problem. Touch him and I’ll break your fucking bones. He belongs to me, understand? I’m taking care of him, and I’m taking good care of him. That’s all you gotta know about Iago.”

shoutout to my little sister

for being so fucking considerate of both my sexuality and my gender identity.

like holy shit “Whoever is gonna be your partner when you marry..” (i forgot the context just know she knows the possibility of me not marrying a woman)

“when you do have a kid how will they refer to you, considering your pronoun shiz” (she was genuinely asking out of curiosity and had no bad intentions with this question. 

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Sorry if a lot my questions are Penniro questions, but I want to do some particular artwork stuf and I like hearing your headcanons and such. So... headcanons about them as married adults? Both in occupation and as parents if they had kids?

No need to apologize, I love Penniro questions!

Married life?

I never really gave much thought to that so I’ll need to think of headcanons.

But @dasketcherz and I already created their daughter, Cassidy Hamada, who you can look up if you type her name in my search bar!

Basically, she has her dad’s impulsive and sassy personality but she’s also friendly and caring like her mom.

Hope this helps! :)

~mod GoGo