Do you know what it feels like to be in love? Falling in love is like hitting a stable rock. Its having that mental comfort and emotional security. It feels like you found a missing piece, that you never knew was missing. Its when you can’t sleep at night because your mind is flowing with the thought of her. Its that feeling in your chest, like everything is blooming. It takes all of you, but in the most natural way. Its when you hear a song and instantly think of her. When you can't help but stare. She will suddenly become your home. You will feel like you’re home every time your with her. When you know she's the one. Or when something happens, and she’s the first person you wanna tell. You’ll feel very present, and yet you’ll still catch your self planning your future with her. She’ll become your lover and best friend. When she annoys you but you think its cute. Its when you encounter a bump in the road, but you would do anything to get through it. Or when your watching her do something and your smiling like a fool. When she falls asleep on your chest, and can't move a muscle so you don’t wake her. You’ll miss her, and will constantly wanna be with her. When you see something and you wanna tell her it reminded you of her. Its that never wanting to give up feeling. Caring enough to fight for what you have, enough to not let go. When her happiness is yours. When her pain is yours. Its when you wanna buy her flowers, to show how important she is to you and how much you appreciate her. Or when you see your whole future fall into place and unfold just by simply glancing at her. When her comfort is more important than yours, and her mood easily affects your mood. You accept her for the person she is. You won’t ever wish to change a thing about her. Because she is perfect. When her favorite food becomes your favorite. You’ll always be proud of her. You’ll wanna share every moment with her. Loving her since day one. You’ll do anything for her. When seeing a sunset and you think of her. Being in love is indescribable. There is so much more. But trust me, you’ll know when you feel it

This is sketchy as hell.

For people who see this post… why? Why would anyone like this?
This is a weird invasion of childhood moments that weren’t released by choice.

You don’t just get someone’s yearbook. 
You either go to the school those years, or you hunt this down from someone else that has one.

Everyone wants to know whatever they can about Ryan’s past, but can we at least let him decide when he releases or okays pictures from his own childhood?
It’s exciting and fun to know more about someone!
This is not one of those times.

Leaving out the name of the school makes no difference.
It’s still creepy and weird.

“For the sake of his privacy”
If there was any care at all for his privacy this wouldn’t have been posted.
Especially not on a side account with no other posts than to reblog this same thing.

I blacked out the name just for the fact that they shouldn’t get more named recognition for this kind of negative digging.

If people out there care for Ryan’s actual privacy and life, please…
Give this post no notice when you go by it.
Don’t encourage this kind of hunting stalking behavior.

Ryan should mean more to this to any true fan who cares deeply for his well being and privacy of his life.
If he wanted it released, it’d be out on an Extra Life or a stream.