Imagine: You Like Him But He’s Dating Someone Else Part 3 (Calum) [Request]



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“I can’t listen to this anymore…” you sigh, looking up at your best friend. He sighs and walks with you back to his room. 

“How’d it go?” Ashton asks as you walk in the door.

“It didn’t,” you state.

“What, why?”

“They were… uhh…” Michael begins

“They were fucking, okay. They’re making babies, you don’t need to protect me.”

“Protect her?” Luke ‘whispers’ to Michael.

“Can we just tell them?” Michael asks you.

“Fine, whatever.” you sigh, laying down on the bed as Ashton pulls your hair back to make you more comfortable.

“Look, she likes Calum.” Michael admits.

“Ha. Totally knew it.” Ashton smiles.

“What? How?” you ask, leaning your head up to look at him.

“I don’t know, maybe I just thought you guys would be cute together so I wanted one of you to like the other.”

“I just though you liked Michael,” Luke laughs from the other bed.

“Why do people keep saying that?”

“Which people?” Michael says, concerned.

You sigh, “Calum.”

“Oh fuck…” Michael whispers.

“Yeah, look we were walking back to the room earlier and he almost kissed me after calling me out for liking you, which I immediately denied.”

“Jesus Christ, that boy needs to be stopped.” Luke whispers.

“What if I knock on the door and ask for something, you know, since that’s technically half my room.” Ashton suggests, “that’ll stop them and cause them to actually want to talk.”

You shrug and he gets up without hesitation.

He walks out to the hallway and gets to his room and slowly opens the door with the keycard.

“Woah, sorry guys,” he fakes surprise as he makes his way into the room, “I think I left my phone charger here,” he says, making his way over to his bed and looking through his luggage, finding nothing.

“Bro.” Calum says across the room.

“Well, it’s not here so I’ll see you guys in a little bit,” Ashton shrugs as he starts walking to the door, but he notices that they aren’t quite ready to stop anything, “hey do you guys need anything? Like water or something? I’m right down the hall just call if you need anything,” he smiles, leaving the room. Must to his dismay, they begin right where they left off. He sighs, walking back to his room, but not before texting Joy.

hey i know calum’s been pretty homesick lately and it might help if you called him asap x

He walks back in the room to find all three of the others passed out on the beds and he walks to the bathroom to begin brushing his teeth and taking out his contacts. He’s just about to take his last piss of the day before the door swings open.

“What the fuck dude?” he hears Calum’s voice.

“What?” Ashton says, opening the door.

“Did you really ask my mom to call me while I was in the middle of fucking my girlfriend?”

“What? I thought you had been homesick, you know how you get really passive when you’re homesick.”

“Passive? What do you mean?”

“I mean like not calling out your girlfriend for trying to sleep with your best friend while you’re outside wanting to makeout with a girl who actually likes you!”

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have you go any tips on how to be motivated to study? I just don't seem to have any motivation at all

i totally understand! here are a few things that help me :))

  • write down a list of things you want to accomplish [bullet journal?] +
  • try to form some good study habits [+]
  • try to find new methods of studying and find which one works for you [look at these notes]
  • buy some new stationary/supplies to help get you started [+]
  • try filling your notes with lots of colour [ + + + ]
  • create/tidy your study space
  • look at some websites to help you out with the subject you’re studying
  • scroll through the #studyblr and #studyinspo tags
  • create a studyblr ??? [helped me]
  • create a super calm and peaceful playlist on spotify / 8tracks to listen to when you’re studying [or a pre-made one??]

there you go, i hope this helps!! xx

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31*media*tumblr*com/bf7e5de90f01d88d752244c434721cf0/tumblr_nhms9ejdh91qh3i1no3_250*gif Oliver startles when their son gives a particularly sharp kick against his hand where it's lying on Felicity's belly. "I swear he's parkouring in there," she says when he kicks again. "Does it hurt when he moves around like this?" "Only when he's playing Kick Ball with my organs." Oliver frowns and brings his lips to her stomach, "hey Little Man," he whispers, "please don't play Kick Ball with Mommy's organs"

After Oliver says that the kicking suddenly stops, much to his amusement and Felicity’s annoyance. “Ugh. He would listen to you and not me,” Felicity huffs out. Oliver just rises up and kisses her forehead soothingly. “Yeah, now. But that’s all going to change when he’s born.” She raises an eyebrow at him. “And how do you know that?” Oliver just looks down at her adoringly. “Because if he’s anything like me then he’ll know that you’re the one who calls the shots.” 

We Made It This Far, Kid // Take a breath. Everything well be alright. ~Listen~

Tracklist: Migraine//twenty one pilots / Hold On Till May//Pierce The Veil / Little Game//BENNY / Bright//Echosmith / Face Down//The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus / Happy//Marina and the Diamonds / Came Out Swinging//The Wonder Years / Autumn Leaves//Ed Sheeran / Room To Breathe//You Me At Six / How To Save A Life//The Fray / Female Robbery//The Neighbourhood / The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance / Lullabies//All Time Low / A Match Into Water//Pierce The Veil / Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)//Green Day / What A Catch, Donnie//Fall Out Boy / Friend, Please//twenty one pilots  

I never did like the rain.
But when your toes floated up towards the surface of that pool last summer and you ordered me to come join you because it doesn’t rain like this in England
I wished it would rain like this in England.

I never did like the rain.
But as we lay in bed, limbs entwined one Friday night as it shattered our pain you told me that I shouldn’t listen to what she’d said, and you kissed my head and I hoped that it would rain again.

I never did like the rain.
I would wrap up tight, throw my head down and zig-zag quickly through crowds.
Now my hood is down, and you’re wiping underneath my eyes from where the drops have fallen from my lashes, and our lips are wet, and we’re laughing, and I question if I ever did not like the rain at all.


Lee looked down at her finger “I swear to god I hate eating popcorn, it gets stuck in my teeth” Lee started picking at her teeth again as I held the bowl of popcorn walking towards the kitchen “you ate most of the popcorn, what you expect” placing the bowl on the counter and jumping on top of the counter to sit “I give up” she finally took her finger out of her mouth “I am surprised that whore didn’t come down to complain, I swear on god she is being annoying. She must be annoying you Chris” rubbing my forehead looking down at the kitchen floor “it’s okay, I have missed her so much that I rather her be clingy then not have her at all” Lee cooed, looking up at Lee grinning “on a real though, what you want? I know what she wants but what do you want? Be real” she will report it back to Robyn “listen don’t give me that look, squinting at me like that” Lee turned around opening some draws “don’t get me wrong I will do anything to make Robyn happy, she makes it clear that she wants a baby. No lie I want it too but I still feel as if me and shawty have some hidden problems, she is so blindsided in wanting a child that I cannot say no to her, how can I say no when she has been wanting this for years” Lee busted out laughing turning round “I remember the whole thing, the baby rumours came up because she bought a pregnancy test and Robz management shut that shit down so quick” Lee walked over standing at the side of me getting the things out to roll a blunt “they went crazy, I remember because me and shawty argued because it was like controlling the way they said career or kids. They know they make so much money out of Robyn and it’s annoying but I am happy she is now sticking to what she wants” turning my head towards Lee because she went dead silent “you ain’t tell me what you want?” I shrugged “I could wait a year, then I know me and Robyn are on good terms. It’s been like a month since we have actually got back together but what can I say Lee, I can’t deny her this” sighing thinking to myself, I wouldn’t even be upset if I do find out she is because I want to be with Robyn anyway but it would be good if we could wait.

“Goodnight Lee, I’m going to sleep” jumping off the kitchen counter “you light weight, you say she is clingy but look at you running to bed” Lee said drinking the rest of the wine in the glass “it’s like three in the morning, Robyn force me to sleep with her at like nine. Three in the morning is aight” shaking my head while walking away “whatever, night nigga” Robyn got her way and made me stay with her grumpy ass, all I hear is how much she is in pain because she is on her period and how painful it is. She made me lay in bed with her and rub her stomach, what has my life come too. I do want to move in with Robyn but I still think I need to have my own apartment so I can have me time, living with Robyn is nice and it’s nice to wake up to someone in the bed and naked but at times she can unbearable with how clingy she can be. I honestly did not want to stay but as soon as she came back home she called me to say how scared she is and if someone came to kill her she would never forgive me. I guess the good thing is she will be going to do her movie premiere tour while I stay in America, she did hint to me that if I was free if I would join her.

Pulling the bed covers over me while getting comfortable in bed again “why did you leave me” Robyn’ voice came out of nowhere, I gasped with my eyes all wide eyed “you’re awake?” I said in shock, I honestly thought she was asleep “well you moved the covers back and then I felt the cold hit me, why did you leave?” shuffling closer to Robyn “I didn’t feel sleepy that is all, I stayed up with Lee for a while” Robyn seemed so annoyed with me “are you still in pain?” I don’t want to hurt her if I touched her “hmmm yeah” she replied “are you mad with me? Why you got your back to me? It’s creepy” Robyn sniffled and then wiped her face “I’m just in pain, being this way and not moving makes it more comfortable” feel like Robyn has been on this stupid period for a month, I really want to have sex with her before she leaves but at this rate I will barely get a hug from her “hold me” Robyn didn’t have to tell me twice shuffling even closer to her, wrapping my arms around her stomach and the booty right on my crotch “don’t be humping” kissing Robyn’ shoulder laughing “I would never do that” I actually would but I rather not.

Hearing my phone go off irritated my life just because I am too comfortable in bed and like an idiot I left my phone in my pocket of my pants, scrunching my face snuggling Robyn even more moving my body towards her. I am happy she is still asleep and not complaining, Rubbing crotch against her ass, I am half asleep and all I can think about is sex. Stopping midway of my hump, Opening one eye frowning at myself feeling all wet “the hell” I mouthed, did I have a wet dream last night. Oh my god I hope to god I have not peed myself because that dream was something wild, oh no this is embarrassing. I froze not moving hoping she does not wake up, what if I have peed on her. I have never felt so embarrassed in my life, I am a grown ass man and having wet dreams. I need to just face the music and get out of bed, slowly moving my arms back from Robyn, luckily she didn’t even move she is really tired even after going bed so early. I finally freed myself from Robyn, with my hands still under the covers I felt boxers feeling the wet contents “oh god” biting my bottom lip this is really bad.

Taking in a deep breath bracing myself for the backlash I will probably get because of this, pushing the bed covers back looking down at myself. My face fell seeing the sight of blood, jumping off the bed in shock. Looking down at myself, pulling back the rim of my boxers to check to see if my manhood is still there “Jesus” did I pee blood, my eyes darting everywhere in concern, looks like I have committed a murder, swallowing hard pulling all the covers back seeing the back of Robyn’ butt being covered “what the hell” I said aloud, running around the bed “Robyn!” my heart is in my mouth right now “Robyn!!” shouting at the top of my voice, hearing Robyn clear her voice. Reaching to her side of the bed “wake up” pushing all the covers off “Chris what you doing?” her eye squinting at me, looking at her pants, she must have been bleeding a damn river “I don’t feel good Chris” her voice so small, my mouth hung open looking up at her, I didn’t know what to say “I think you need to get out of bed, you have been bleeding” looking up at Robyn, her face just stared at me in horror “it’s okay, you must have overslept just get up” I instantly knew Robyn was about to cry.

Moving back as Robyn slowly got up from the bed, she shuffled off her bed standing up a little shakily “got you” she instantly grabbed her stomach crouching down “baby come on, you need to go to the bathroom” Robyn started to sob “I can’t, I feel it coming” my eyes widened “what is?” she shook her head “I want Melissa” looking down at the carpeted floor being covered in droplets of blood “just please!!” she screamed at me, jumping back not knowing what to do. Robyn sat on the floor crying while she bled, this has to be a dream because this cannot be real life. Shaking my head running out the room, banging on Lee’ door before running towards Melissa’ bedroom. I pray she is decent because I am about to barge into her room “Melissa!” opening her bedroom door “Melissa, you have to come now. It’s Robyn!” Melissa jumped out of bed pushing me out of the way without even asking anything, following behind Melissa. Lee mean mugged me “what the hell is happening? Did Robyn bite ya dick off? Why you bleeding” shaking my head in shock still “it’s Robyn” I mumbled, her face quickly changed running towards Robyn’ room.

Looking down at my hands and myself seeing the blood stains on me, swallowing hard looking up at the hallway. I couldn’t even move from the spot I am in just hearing Robyn’ cries and blood on me, like I hurt her or something “Chris!” Lee shouted at me “come here” I am so scared, I have never felt this scared in my life because I do not know what is happening to the person I love “no, I don’t want him here” Robyn shouted crying “oh shut ya mouth Robz, you just having a heavy period” she kissed her teeth “just clean yourself up, while we deal with her” I nodded not knowing what to do, what if she is dying. Bringing my hands up to my head, I feel so useless.

Stood outside the bedroom after having a quick shower and putting whatever clothes I could find, the room is quiet. Robyn is not screaming or crying right now, I am scared to knock so I am just stood outside pacing back and forth. Why am I being a little bitch “fuck it” grabbing the door knob and pushing the door open “I feel like I want to push, this period is not right. I was having little drops of blood and just lots of pain but out of nowhere this happens” Robyn spoke, I stopped walking midway just listening “I was so tired that I didn’t wake up or feel myself leaking, oh my god I did it on Chris. How can I face him? Blood was all on him, his face look like he just seen a ghost or he committed a murder. I thought he did when I saw the blood” looking at the bed “don’t worry about him, we need to get you to a hospital and get you checked out but it just seems like a heavy period Rihanna, you scared us all there” that shit is traumatic I will never forget “shit!!” Lee held her chest seeing me “oohhh chiiilllld” she held the door frame “you nearly scared me there fool” I couldn’t even laugh “good that you’re dressed she needs to go hospital, just to get checked out. She is fine boy so fix ya face” I couldn’t fix my face even if I tried.

“What car did you bring over?” quickly getting up from the couch, I have been waiting downstairs for a while now “erm” moving my head seeing Robyn behind Melissa, she looked ashamed “erm my Lamborghini” Melissa rolled her eyes “knew it, okay well Robyn you go with your man and we will get a cab” pulling a face “look at him, he thinking about his other baby. The leather seat being marked with blood” Lee read my mind “is she going to be okay in the car?” I questioned, Robyn walked out the room “you ask her yourself” Melissa eyed me up as to say go and talk to her, with my hands behind my back I made my way out of the room to find Robyn.

Robyn had her back to me wiping her face “Robyn” stopping midway, making sure I don’t get too close just in case she might not want me to be near her “don’t Chris” her voice sounding shaky, I wish she would stop crying “hey baby” walking closer to Robyn, moving around her “why you pushing me away? I am here for you” wrapping my arms around her even if she might push me away, she didn’t push me away but started sobbing “it’s going to be okay Robyn, don’t cry I am here for you if you want me to be” Robyn didn’t hold me back but just cried, it’s weird because I don’t know how she is feeling at all.

Robyn didn’t speak to me at all driving to the hospital, I feel like I have done something but maybe she is just worried. Walking in to the hospital behind Robyn “Chris” hitting into Robyn causing me to stop “my bad” mumbling looking down at her “I need the bathroom and I just want to say I’m sorry, don’t be offended with what I’m like right now” I nodded “I understand, I’ll wait here for you” pacing away over to the wall, resting my back against the wall letting out a sigh. I hope it’s just something simple, I dead ass thought Robyn died on me with seeing that blood come from her “hi Chris” opening my eyes looking in front of me, I close my eyes for a second and there is a whole bunch of people “hi” hate being famous “can we have a picture?” the little girl asked, opening my mouth about to say no but I couldn’t she looked about 10 smiling at me “aight” moving over to the little girl as her dad got his phone out, the little girl smiled so wide but I couldn’t even smile “oh my god Rihanna” her dad dropped his phone “look we have to go” Robyn grabbed hold of my hand quickly, pulling Robyn along to the elevator.

“Sit down I’ll tell the receptionist” Robyn held on to my hand causing me to walk over to the waiting room which she could have let me go because I was closer to the receptionist “thanks for being here for me Chris” she gritted her teeth as she sat down, she must be in pain still “don’t worry about it” letting my hand go slowly, not like I had anything to do and also I want to know if she is okay. The receptionist is ugly as shit, usually they be fine as hell with their uniform on but she had a beard growing, my lip curled up in disapproval “how can I help you sir?” clearing my throat “Robyn Fenty is here to see Dr Stevens, it’s booked in for an emergency appointment” she placed her glasses on, black people and their stank attitudes, rolling her eyes while her fat ass fingers hit every key on the keyboard “Dr Stevens doesn’t have anything in his diary” I just knew there would be problems “we called him up personally so how about you walk to his office and tell him that we are here” she rolled her eyes picking the phone up “nothing will make your fat ass get out of that seat” I mumbled turning around rubbing my chin “he ain’t picking up either” kissing my teeth “fuck my life” turning back around “my girl does not pay your fat ass to sit here and eat doughnuts now get Dr Stevens, like I said he knows. She pays his ass to make sure she is okay. You better walk there and tell him” my lips pressed into a hard thin line, somebody always gotta make me angry “okay” she finally listened and moved, shaking my head walking back to Robyn.

“Why you looking all mad” Robyn asked while I mean mugged walking back over to her “the fat ass receptionist being ignorant but it’s cool, he will be here” plopping down on the seat “are you turned off by me?” I laughed out loud “oh nah, I was more concerned than anything, I got scared” Robyn rested her head on my shoulder “same, so many things were going through my mind. I didn’t want you to see that, it’s already not a nice thing and then you see that” she got a point “but I would have cleaned you up” I felt Robyn head move which caused me to look at her “really?” nodding smiling at her “you know I got you, I would have probably pulled several faces. I had your nasty ass blood on me, that needs to never be told” Robyn finally giggled “it really needs to stay a secret forever, I feel so drained though” moving my arm and placing it around Robyn “don’t blame you” Robyn placed her head on my chest, some random people walked into the waiting room. Some posh mother and daughter with fake titties and lips, they both just stared but it don’t bother me.

“Robyn” my head snapped up, I was about to sleep “hi” Robyn quickly got up “come with me” I was about to stay outside, sometimes Robyn wants me sometimes she don’t. Closing the door behind me entering the doctor’s office “Hello Chris” Dr Stevens smiled with all his pearly whites on show, he got his hand out to shake mine “hi” shaking his hand and then taking a seat “sorry it’s such short notice” Robyn said being apologetic, sitting forward staring at the ground “it’s fine, how can I help you today? Seemed really urgent so I was very concerned when I got the call” I am feeling so nervous for Robyn “I know” Robyn voice is so quiet “you want me to go?” sitting back, she seems uncomfortable “no, it’s okay” placing her hand on my leg “in the morning Chris woke me up in shock, all I saw was blood on him. We was sleeping in the bed together so obviously the blood got on him but I looked at myself and my middle area and the bed was covered in blood. I am in total shock because I didn’t feel this but I have been feeling tired and just wanting to sleep so that night I fell asleep in pain. After seeing that I got up out of bed and nearly fell but Chris caught me, I felt light headed, I just felt like I wanted it to come out” Robyn drifted off, I shuddered thinking of what happened again “did you feel like you wanted to push?” the doctor asked “yeah, I been having really bad cramps that made me want to stay in bed which I did but I just thought of it as my period is coming, my period did come” the doctor chewed on his pen “what was that like? The period” placing my arm behind Robyn and crossing my left over my right leg “I would say it’s barely a period, it was very light bleeding. Like spots of blood” the doctor removed the pen from his mouth gasping “are you pregnant?” Robyn shook her head straight away “no, I would have known that. I’m not pregnant” he raised his eyebrows “are you both having unprotected sex?” the doctor looked at me “yeah we are” I said speaking for Robyn “regular sex?” nodding at the doctor “hmmmmm” he paused thinking “is the bleeding still bad? Did you look in the toilet when it passed?” pulling a face, that is disgusting “erm yeah it just look like I let out all of my insides” Robyn looked at me catching me pulling a face “stop” hitting my leg “I need to do a scan, are you okay for time?” I hope this shit ain’t serious “yeah, I’m not busy for once” the doctor got up “just getting the room set up for you” kissing Robyn’ cheek to reassure her.

Intertwining our fingers as we both sat in silence waiting for Dr Stevens to come back into the room “follow me” I got up quickly as if this my appointment “eager there ain’t you” the doctor laughed at my quick reaction “I know, just nervous” laughing at myself “here let me take your bag” picking the bag from the side of her seat “thanks” taking the jacket from her, the doctor held the door open waiting for us to leave. Robyn kept looking behind to look at me and all I kept doing was smiling but deep down I am really scared for her, that shit was not normal. Walking into the room there was a nurse in the room “don’t mind Anne, she will be just helping me today” giving her a faint smile walking over to the empty seat next to the bed, placing Robyn’ stuff on top of the seat. Dr Stevens and Anne were busy prepping “I’m in pain again” Robyn held her stomach while laid on the bed, placing my hand on her head “you have a temperature, we’ll be home soon don’t worry” Robyn puckered up her lips “you want some sugar?” she nodded smiling, leaning forward pecking Robyn’ lips “hey, no making out here” Dr Stevens rolled his chair over “wishful thinking” I have been dying to have sex with Robyn for a while now.

“Lift your top Miss Fenty” Dr Stevens asked, Robyn did what she was told “this stuff will feel cold and wet” biting my bottom lip trying to supress my stupid comments, I really want to say something stupid but not now and not when she is in this mood. Holding onto Robyn’ hand “okay so I will face the screen to myself, let’s see what we can find” he smiled facing the screen to himself “when you leaving for the UK?” trying to keep Robyn’ mind off this “next week but I will be back two days after to go to the awards, we going together right?” I shrugged “am I invited to your roc nation brunch? I don’t think I will be babe” Robyn mugged me “they probably think we’re friends still, like the rest” Robyn squeezed my hand “I am trying here, I want you there. I want you to come, they will find out then” blowing out air “aight, I will” the doctor moved his screen back, he has been quiet for a while now “okay for now, I can tell you that you’re not pregnant” looking over at Robyn, she is emotionless because we knew that anyways “I just need to print the scans off and we will discuss it back at my office” so there is something, rubbing my face with my free hand. I just pray it’s nothing.


          A rough little idea for a new song. This is the first take and first time I’d tried to come up with a melody properly for it. There are a lot of mistakes but just try to ignore them? I was mostly trying to focus on getting a basic melody down and coming up with an instrumental kinda thing. Lyrics in the keep reading section.

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al;fdh;lahahhaha I feel like the only way for this to get solved is for Immortal AU Geoff to ride in a week later on his motorcycle in both scenarios like “Listen here Not Me and Not Michael: I have some instructions from higher ups–no, shut up, don’t ask questions–and you need to take these fuckin’ pills–yes, both of you–what did I say about the fucking questions?–take these–the two of you are gonna quit the hemming and hawing, you’re gonna find someplace quiet, get down to business, and you’ll wake up in the correct goddamn universe with this whole thing feelin’ like a weird fever dream. OK? Ok.” 

and both respective pairs of characters are like EXCUSE ME, GET DOWN TO BUSINESS MEANING??? and Immortal Geoff just frowns at them and revs his motorcycle before driving off into the distance. 

and then each pair has to have The Talk–like “Have… you and your Michael… y’know..” and both Geoffs like “What? No. Sadly.” and both Michaels like “WELL IF IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO GET MY GEOFF BACK”–both Geoffs like “THIS REALLY DOESN’T SEEM RIGHT”

Immortal Geoff in the distance just like “just fuck already you fucking assholes”



by Zack Harmon.  

A shmup centred around fighting massive bosses with colourful and detailed pixel art.  Featuring an ancient bat that can transform into various forms to unleash its fury.

“Take down colossal boses, tear apart the world around you, and summon the powers of sound.”

Developed completely solo using GameMaker.  I quite like the music as well, it’s from the band Ace Poison which the developer is a part of.  You can take a listen and download it on Bandcamp here.

The game just came out and I haven’t played it yet, as my internet connection hates me.  :(

[Download on Gamejolt]

Listen up, you fucks, because I’m about to lay down some truthiness.

If somebody makes fun of a physical feature of yours, FUCK THEM. And absolutely DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. Whatever they are making fun of is fab and you should be proud of it and no one should make you feel bad about it.

Story time: You see the light little cleft in my chin in the following pictures?

I used to HATE that. Why? Because a very ex-friend of mine used to make fun of it. She would grab my chin and squish it together and tell me I had a butt chin. She made me absolutely feel awful about my chin.

Fast forward a few years. I have long since cut that girl (and a few others) out of my life. Best weight I ever lost was however many pounds of mean ex-friends. Now, no matter how awful I feel about myself, guess what one of my favorite features is? My chin.

If somebody makes fun of you for your skin or your hair or your nose or your height or your weight or your boobs or whatever, fuck them. Seriously. Don’t listen to them. You’re gorgeous. And there is absolutely no reason to say mean things about a person’s appearance, so the fact that they do reflects more on them than it does on you.

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When my trans friend was transitioning we worked together and she was asking me in the staff room about makeup and some guy was listening in on our conversation and he told her she was disgusting and ugly. She broke down. So ALL the girls at work gave him he'll for the next week. Whether it was throwing old food at him or we actually got him suspended once. Because on break we would call his phone cause it was never off. Once he picked up during a shift and yeah.


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MikeRi for the meme!


  • Who worries about how they will look when they’re older

Sometimes Mike does but Levi thinks it’s some sort of midlife crisis thing going on with him.

  • Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s

Mike. He prefers listening to music than the junk on the radio.

  • Clings to the other during scary movies

Both but they resist the urge to as much as possible. It has sometimes become a contest to see who jumps first. 

  • Gets into the shower with the other randomly

Both. Mike will push Levi out of the way saying “excuse me pardon me” if he comes in the shower. If Levi gets in Mike’ll look down and offhandedly comment with “didn’t see you down there lil’ guy” - in which case one will end up sleeping on the couch.

  • Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone

Both (since they’ll walk around naked) but Levi is more likely to complain that it’s cold. Sure Levi, sure.

  • Initiates hand holding while the other is driving

Neither. Levi tends to recline his seat which would make holding hands too awkward.

  • Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events

They both used to but don’t anymore after they got caught… twice… by Erwin…

  • Asks weird questions in the middle of the night

Levi. Mike usually just grunts or mumbles a response (he’s too tired to process what Levi’s asking).

  • Asks “what are you thinking about?”

Both since the two can become very guarded about their thoughts.

  • Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)

They both like to be next to each other at night. Levi especially prefers being little spoon since it offers a sense of security for him.

Psalm 17 - Apple of Your Eye

Big Idea:

  • David asks for God to listen to him, “Let my vindication come from you.”
  • …Because he has obeyed God, “My steps have held to your paths.
  • David asks for God’s protection, “Hide me in the shadow of your wings.
  • …Because of his enemies, “They now surround me.
  • David asks God to defeat them, “Bring them down.
  • …Because he just wants to see God, “I will be vindicated and will see your face.



  • This was written by David.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm currently doing a- levels and about to apply to university. I want to study medicine but I'm getting so overwhelmed with everyone telling me how impossible it is to get it and how I shouldn't set my heart on it too much, how did you do it? And how did you just focus on the goal at the end?


First of all, don’t listen to them. If people try to bring you down and squash your ambitions, you don’t need them.

When I was applying 2 years ago, I found out that apparently 40% of people applying to medicine get at least 1 offer. That doesn’t sound TOO bad, does it? I know that most medical schools have a success rate of at least 1/10 people getting in, which sounds bad, but you have to remember that most people only get one or 2 offers, so over the 4 med schools you apply to, your chance is better. If that makes sense … :’)

You have to stay determined and ambitious. There are thousands of medical students admitted each year - why the hell can’t you be one of them?! I know it’s hard setting your heart on something that you might not get, but even if you don’t get in, at least you can say you’ve tried. It would surely feel worse going your whole life regretting not trying.

I was focused, but I think one of the tricks is to focus mainly on the nearer goals, such as your exams, volunteering, the UKCAT, etc. Focus on one thing at a time and put your all into each one. As you go further up each step, you can further evaluate whether you still want to do medicine - and if you still do, it will spur you on to the next step.

I hope that wasn’t just a load of waffle. Have a look at my getting into med school tips if you want more specific info about applying! Good luck xx

ziegler-maddie asked:

WISH ME LUCK FOR THE PLUTO RETROGRADE TO COME -a plutonian (and listen to no control)

YEAH ME TOO!!!!! fellow plutonian support !!!! :-)

pluto in retrograde conjuncts my natal saturn and the current saturn in retrograde conjuncts my natal sun! there will be so much triggering of past traumas for me


anonymous asked:

hi! just curious but what are your favourite anime OSTs?

Oh omg! Thanks for asking– Ah honestly I’m very picky with the anime I watch and I kind of,,,, stopped watching anime for a while so… but nvm that cos I’m bACK twice the anime trash as before!!!! If you have anime recs please shove them down my throat and I’ll get to them eventually (after my summer internship hhaha))

Daisy (listen) from Kyoukai no Kanata honestly thi s song makes me so emotional every time an episode ends i just have to finish the credits cos This Song…and so I downloaded it and listened to it every night to cry myself to sleep because it’s so beautiful I honestly never get sick of it…….

Unravel (listen) oh  gosh who doesn’t like this song tbh….if you watched Tokyo Ghoul then 102% this song will make you wanna rip your heart out and  throw it into a coursing river (of your own tears) that’s how terribly good it is. [[acoustic ver plays in the bg]] Let’s Go Home…. Ka…ne…ki… *sweats through eyes* 

Core Pride (listen) from Ao No Exorcist o h shit shit this song gets me so Pumped… it’s so??? headbang inducing?? I love this song so much IT’S SUCH A JAM If you plan on listening to it you better prepare to sacrifice the thing that connects your head and your body cos this song is unstoppable believe me 

Trust Me (listen) Durarara! please this song is so catchy and great ??? And lmao I don’t know if it’s just me but I totally enjoyed watching the credits ((you know with the characters stacked over,…each other,,, or something)) plus this song and yEAH overall it’s great p ls you guys probably know this

Be As One (listen) I honestly love every single Fairy Tail OST Cos I’m trash but yeah this is another emotional song for me cos Gu-re-sa-ma was undergoing emo phase during that particular story arc Do you get me?? Probably not but If YOU JUST WATCH oh god I miss FT os much.

Kataomoi (listen) This song is so..beautiful ?? The singer’s voice is really unique and just??? Magnificent??? All Kimi Ni Todoke’s OSTs are beautiful too please check them out too

Those are  m y all time faves I can list a lot more but I tried to list from different animes so!!!!!!1 

Shuffle Tag

Thank you very, very much to the wonderful Charlotte for tagging me - you’re veritable angel on Earth and I love you loads. x

Rules: hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone and write down the first twenty songs that play. No skipping!

OK, fine - I’m cheating by using my current playlist. But I feel as though that’s the only way that you’ll get an accurate gauge of my taste in music, not via the miscellaneous 500 songs in my library, most of which I never listen to.

  1. Crystals - Of Monsters and Men.
  2. Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys.
  3. I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons.
  4. 1901 - Phoenix.
  5. Cemeteries of London - Coldplay.
  6. Heartbreak Shugga Shugga - Los Craters.
  7. Cross Eyed Girl - Los Craters.
  8. Going To Be Wonderful - Tom Rosenthal.
  9. From Eden - Hozier.
  10. Knee Socks - Arctic Monkeys.
  11. Dirty Paws - Of Monsters and Men.
  12. Adult Diversion - Alvvays.
  13. I’ll Drown - Soley.
  14. Junk Of The Heart (Happy) - The Kooks.
  15. She’s A Riot - The Jungle Giants.
  16. Mares - Fallulah.
  17. Outerspace Face - Los Craters.
  18. Milk - The 1975.
  19. Bridges - Boy & Bear.
  20. A Heartbreak - Angus & Julia Stone.

I’m going to tag evansdeer, fucshias, hermionegrangxer, petrificustotlaus, and teddyluping.