Being an artist, a writer, a musician, a comedian, etc. these things… aren’t luxuries lol, these things are just as impactful on society as most anything else. Humans have been creating music and art for hundreds of thousands of years, I’m not saying being an artist and creating art is a luxury. 

Doing what you love shouldn’t be a luxury, that’s the thing I’m trying to say. Communists wouldn’t consider you making music doing something luxurious and unnecessary, that’s literally a capitalist thing.

Capitalism views art as a luxury only for the rich, capitalism views music as a luxury only the rich can produce or have proper equipment and education to create it. 

Art should be for all, and all who wish to do art should be allowed resources for that, and education if they so need. No matter the sort of art.

How to Stop being a People Pleaser

1. Recognize that you have choices. Usually people-pleasers feel as if they don’t have a choice, and they have to say yes when someone asks for their help. But you DO have a choice – and it’s Ok to say no.

2. Decide on your priorities. If you already have commitments or you have set priorities then it’s easy to say no as you’ve a genuine “excuse”. Do what matters most to you, and please remember - it’s your life!

3. Stall for time – don’t give an answer right away. Say you need a bit of time before you make up your mind. That allows you time and space to think about the consequences. For other things will likely suffer if you take on far too much.

4. Don’t be afraid to add conditions to your yeses. For example, say that you’ll only say yes if someone else says yes as well – or only take on a new task for a set period of time.

5. Are you being manipulated? There are plenty who will use you to ensure their plans succeed, so watch out for those compliments and empty flattery.

6. Be firm when you say no. The first time you say no it feels uncomfortable and hard. But once you’ve done that a few times it starts to feel much easier. Also, if you sound confident then others take you seriously.

7. Don’t defend you decision. You have a right to say no – and to NOT defend yourself. It’s your life after all - you don’t have to explain “why” … or come up with excuses … or be pushed and pressurised. And don’t apologise to others - saying no is not a crime!

Pool Rules
  1. Do not swim alone.
  2. Do not open your eyes underwater. Some things are best left unseen.
  3. Do not swim down to the bottom of the pool. Do not touch the bottom of the pool. Stay away from the bottom of the pool. There are things down there that still remember what it was like to be alive.
  4. There are no lifeguards on duty. If you see a lifeguard, exit the pool area immediately.
  5. Sometimes the pool water will be different colors. This is normal. Continue to swim.
  6. You will see bubbles rise from the deep end of the pool. You will hear water splashing. Do not try to find the source. Stay in the shallow end of the pool.
  7. Do not enter the pool at high tide. Do not enter the pool at low tide. Only use the pool in between high and low tide.
  8. If you find something floating in the pool, do not touch it. Allow it to float on.
  9. Do not be alarmed if you feel something swim past you. This is normal.
  10. Do not drink the pool water.

If you set a boundary and someone else is disappointed or angry or upset, that reaction does not mean you’re not allowed to set boundaries or that it was wrong of you to do that.

If you ask someone for something and they say no, that does not mean you shouldn’t ask for things or that it was wrong of you to ask.

There will be times in every good relationship where one person says no to what the other person wants. And there will be times when that answer feels bad to the other person.

That can be uncomfortable, but it’s healthy and good to be able to say no to each other. It’s healthy and good to ask each other for things and give the other person the chance to say yes or no. It’s healthy and good for each of you to hear “no” and accept it even when it’s disappointing.

It’s healthy and good to own your emotional reaction and make sure you both agree that being upset is a normal and manageable feeling, not a crisis that requires someone to give up their boundaries.

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ok ya im a dumb teenager who isnt like all that aware of communism so please forgive me. do you have trust in society that they wouldnt turn a communist society into a fascist one? i feel like communism in large societies would never work bc humans are inevitably flawed? wouldn't a mixed economy cap/socialism be a better choice for a perfect society? like give everyone basic living income but people are still allowed to have higher or lower wages based on their jobs but no one is starving

here u go buddy, read up

Someone said that we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that it’s ‘plagiarism’. That bighit could’ve asked YG for permission so we shouldn’t be too hasty.

- They already said it was a 'technical error’ (right…)

- knowing the importance of that stage, how important it was to Top, YG more than likely wouldn’t allow that. Especially without Top’s permission? When he created it? I don’t think so.

- as a vip, and a bts fan (not army please do not label me as that dear god) I don’t really blame bts themselves. But I think whoever planned the stage REALLY needs to be blamed and needs to take responsibility.

- this might sound extreme to people who aren’t vip’s. But if you know top, if you know the vulnerability it took for him to do that song and stage period, you know it’s sorta a big deal.

dealing with cops

I keep seeing these posts about dealing with police pop up and I’d like to sum them up to the most important thing:


Police are allowed to lie in order to get a statement from you.

If they say “it’ll be easier if you cooperate”? It won’t. There are no disadvantages to not making a statement.

If they ask “do you know why I stopped you?” do not answer. They’re trying to make you admit something they have no proof for or they don’t even know themselves.

If they say “just give us a quick statement and you can go” do not say anything. don’t try to justify yourself. it’ll just fall back on other people.


No matter what they tell you
Don’t talk to police.

Point blank: Anyone that tries to tell you who or what you’re “allowed” to watch/enjoy/follow/subscribe to is trying to manipulate and control you.

They do NOT have YOUR best interests in mind, especially when no laws are being broken.  They are simply threatened by anyone that thinks differently than they do.  They’re terrified of being outcasts.  That’s not your problem.

You are your own person, so make your own informed decisions.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, especially when you’ll never even meet 99.99% of them. 

Their opinions don’t matter: Yours does.  Don’t let others try to take away your freedom of choice.

If you raise your standards but don’t really believe you can meet them, you’ve already sabotaged yourself. You won’t even try; you’ll be lacking the sense of certainty that allows you to tap the deepest capacity that’s within you… Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what’s possible and impossible and what we can and can not do. They shape every action, every thought and every feeling that we experience. As a result, changing our belief systems is central to making any real and lasting change in our lives.
—  Anthony Robbins

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what can i do to start loving myself after a breakup

It’s normal to feel really down on yourself after a break up. But it doesn’t mean you love or value yourself any less. I think people tend to underestimate the emotional impact of a break up. But the only way to know the pain of loss, is to go through it yourself. As hard as they are, break ups are entirely necessary. They allow you to be a more empathetic soul and kinder as a result. x

In Which (of all people) Alice Cooper Learns Juggie is Homeless and Decides to Rescue Him
  • Alice (storms into the Andrews House): there you are!!! All right, get your things, Forsythe, you're leaving. You will NOT be living here!
  • Fred: Is this because he's Betty's boyfriend and you don't want her with a homeless teen?
  • Alice: Of course not!
  • Fred: But he doesn't have any place to live!!
  • Alice: Yes he does---my guest room. I'm certainly not going to allow the likes of you and your SON to corrupt this fine young man, who helped fix my family and is so devoted to my daughter!
  • Fred: but his father is a Serpent...
  • Alice: unlike yourself, Fred Andrews...I do not hold such things against people! Perhaps if you hadn't been so quick to judge and send this poor boy's family into destitution, none of that would've happened, now would it have? I hold YOU responsible, not poor Forsythe
  • Fred: I.....uhhhh......
  • Alice: come with me, you poor lost lamb. What do you want for dinner? BTW, ground rules, "Jughead", I've bought Betty a brand new chastity belt, but I also know someone of your character and no ginger hair would never stoop to the level of a Jason or an Archie.....My, you DO like the color black, don't you?

Hey, how’s it going over there.  I’m Chelsea, and I’m so very pissed off right now. Why? Because I just saw an anon who’d been fat-shamed out of cosplaying…by their friend.  Yeah, you heard me.  And that PISSES. ME. OFF.

Why, you may ask?  Allow me to explain:  I’m 5′8″ and 177 lbs currently.  In American terms: REALLY overweight.

Here I am for base reference, wearing a bikini because fuck you, that’s why.

I’m not skinny.  I’ve got thunder thighs, and a belly, and arm flab, and holy hell, do I have a butt.  Guess what?  I cosplay anyway!!  Four years and counting.  I’ve also spoken on panels about cosplay for beginners, body positivity in the cosplay community, and more.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Still not skinny.  And I’m sexy as fuck to boot.  In face, in the last two, I’m wearing a damn corset.

See this one?

The older woman I’m standing with?  She’s the woman who designed the ORIGINAL costume for the show, and she came up to me to ask for pictures.  She gave no fucks about my size.

Here, have some more:

In case any of you missed the point of this photo dump, it’s this:  Size does not, ever, determine what you can or cannot cosplay.  Not ability level, not disabilities, not race, not gender, not size.  If someone says you can’t cosplay something or other because you’re not the perfect representation, you know what you do?  You wear the costume with pride anyway, because it took motherfucking work, and you strut past those losers with your middle fingers fully erect.  Chances are, they will be in civies, rather than costume, which makes them all the more pathetic in my opinion.  They can’t do it themselves, so they tear down anyone who does.


And if it’s a friend who says those things to you?  Then they are not your friends, and you need to get away from them.  Friends are supportive and encouraging, and will love you regardless of what you look like.  People who don’t, or who tell you that you can’t because you look a certain way?  Are not.

You can do this.  You are beautiful, no matter what you look like, what you weigh, or anything else.  You can do this, and you should.   It’s people like you, who have such courage and such fierce pride, that make the cosplay community so rich.  

Please don’t ever forget that.

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Do you have any modern Nikolai head canons?

AYE AYE CAPTAIN (or should i say kapitan*)

- comes from old money (that’s an understatement lmao) and lives in a mansion
- but only bc that allows him to adopt a humble total of two dogs, three tabby cats and an actual literal fox
- alina laughs when he first tells her about the fox but then realization dawns on her and she knows he’s not joking
- names the fox sobachka bc he’s extra like that (also don’t worry all his pets get along!!)
- has his own boating business
- probably hires david to work for him bc if these two combined their brilliant minds together?? REVOLUTIONARY STUFF
- has a very expensive but refined taste and you’ll NEVER see or hear him boast about his finances but you can tell he has $$ in the way he carries himself
- black sails is probably his favourite tv show ever and no one can convince me otherwise
- carries the goddamn lantsov emerald everywhere with him JUST IN CASE alina has an epiphany and says yes lmao
- which she never does bc she’s not the marrying type but they remain really good friends (after they date for awhile bc let’s be real that’s bound to happen)
- starts a lot of food discourses
- *calls alina at 3am* ‘would you rather eat a plate of herring or drink an entire bottle of kvas on an empty stomach?? also what do you think about the pineapple on pizza discourse’
- has a custom ringtone for all his friends
- has a lot of acquaintances but prefers to spend his birthdays with his closest friends a.k.a the grisha squad
- once, genya gave him a simple navy blue sweater with a hand-stitched crown embroidery on the front and it’s one of his most treasured clothing items ever
- probably spends a LOT of time on twitter/tumblr
- develops a strong distaste for birthday cake but doesn’t mind regular sweets although he prefers salty snacks
- BUSINESS PARTNERS WITH INEJ ANYONE????? AND kaz bc let’s be real kaz couldn’t possibly turn a blind eye to a good bargainTM (or a company transaction) and they’re all up in each other’s business
- sobachka sleeps next to him like a plush toy while the dogs guard his door
- GREAT with animals in general
- claims he’s too busy for relationships and prefers casual hookups but one time he meets this handsome soft boy at a bar and alina literally starts crying when he tells her bc she’s so happy he’s finally found someone
- gives (a lot of) money to charity
- supports social clubs if they stand for something he believes in (so like feminist clubs/groups, anything that stands for class and gender equality)
- subscribed to ever gossip site out there bc a) D R A M A but also bc he likes to be informed
- king of throwing shade at people (esp if they’re ignorant and/or close-minded)
- probably invented call out culture
- slowly starts referring to kaz as ‘his son’
- sometimes, when he’s alone in his big ass mansion and no one’s watching, he puts on his old crown and takes out his dad’s old king cloak and dances in his underwear to ‘the show must go on’

Drabble: Chris Evans x Sammie Davis (OFC)

Just a little something that popped in my head. May or may not expand on it. 

Sammie stood in her classroom with her hand under her chin thinking about how she wanted to rearrange her classroom. She’d been wanting to do this for a while, but with all the craziness that’s happened with school and testing, she hasn’t been able to change her room.

She knew she wasn’t allowed to move furniture. She was close to her second trimester and Sammie’s been trying to let people help despite being independent, and she’s not allowed to move heavy furniture. Looking at her phone, she opted to call Chris and see what he was up to.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” Chris answered, all chipper.

“Not much. Just wondering what you’re up to?” Sammie sat down in her chair.

“Just got back from taking the dogs to the park. I know you want something, so tell me.”

“UGH.” Sammie sighed. “I hate asking for help. I wanted to know if you would come to the school and move my classroom around. I even drew it to scale on graph paper for you so it would be easy. PLEASE!!” Sammie added in the please to help her case.

“Gimme thirty minutes, okay babe? Anything you want me to pick up?” Chris asked gathering his wallet and car keys.

“If you’re offering, I kinda want a greek salad from Panera with a brownie.”

“Anything else?” Chris asked, getting in the car.

“Nope. I don’t think so. I have plenty of water. I’ll see you when you get here! Thank’s babe!”

Sammie leaned back in her chair and turned on her iPhone to listen to music while she waited for Chris to come and bring her food and move her room around.

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I secretly think that you must draw stick figures doing the dirty just so you can keep things straight when you write RIDICULOUSLY HOT FILTHY STORIES.

Originally posted by electric--avenuue

Maybe I just like drawing filthy stick figures, alright?!

Seriously though, I usually sketch the layout of a room when I start a scene in a new location to help me plan out any action. I’m usually pretty good at mentally keeping track of the filthy stuff because I have to visualize it to write it. If I can’t visualize it, I act out enough of it out to allow me to write a realistic description and then I can usually fill in the rest…

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And that’s how I ended up with a pair of panties stuffed in my mouth last weekend. LOL.

RE:Tell me something you secretly think about me…

Idk if I will ever post the GRWM where I said this and please don’t tell anyone @ gl*ssier I said this, and I’m not ~recommending this use~ because Idk if you’re allowed to do this I didn’t read the label.. but the priming moisturizer rich… is so soothing.. on razor burn. Idk if you’re allowed to use it on your body or after shaving, but It literally is cooling, refreshing, instantly soothing, without being irritating. and I used it on razor burn the day I got it and have cherished it ever since. I have never had such immediate results that didn’t burn or irritate my skin. I used it on really bad razor burn before I ever used it to just moisturize my face or anything normal. But I don’t think that’s the intended use but that’s what I did