Yesterday my dad told me something that I think maybe more people need to hear.

You’re allowed to just do things for fun.

He told me that in this modern society, especially the United States, we seem to have this attitude that we shouldn’t do something unless we’re aiming to be the best at it. If we can’t sing like Beyonce or Frank Sinatra or something there’s no point to singing. If we can’t make the next big breakthrough there’s no point in looking into mechanics and engineering.

But, he tells me, it took him a long time to figure out that life doesn’t have to be a race. If you want to take up the piano when you’re a teenager or later you’re not going to master it. You’re not going to be able to play to huge concert halls, but that also shouldn’t stop you. You can study a language out of curiosity and then drop the ball if you want. You can just get okay at something or even be terrible at it. You can drop it for days or years and then pick it up again and it doesn’t have to be a shameful thing.

I’m really glad he told me that because today I opened my sketchpad for the first time in months and just started drawing. And it looks terrible. But I don’t care. I don’t have the talent or patience or spacial awareness to get anywhere near good at drawing, but it’s fun. It helps me focus my mind and nobody has to see it.

And because of what he told me, I’m thinking maybe someday soon I will take up the bass guitar. And I won’t worry about how well I do, or how fast I learn, or that I haven’t played an instrument since sixth grade, or that I don’t have that much time to practice. I’m just gonna enjoy the experience. Maybe I’ll try swing dancing again and take a class because I’m not the best dancer but damn if it isn’t fun.

Yeah, you don’t have to be good at things. It’s not a requirement. Maybe that seems obvious but it had never occurred to me before. You’re allowed to just enjoy what you’re doing. For me, that feels like a life changing revelation. I don’t have to be good at something to like it. I don’t have to put 100% effort into everything I do. It’s kind of amazing.

You are using my presence to fill for her absence but that’s not how a relationship of any kind works. You can’t tell me the things you’d like to tell her just because you are not allowed to do that anymore. We are different people and you should start treating us this way.
—  giulswrites
A Sniper, a Soldier, and a Fangirl: Part 6

Prompt: Sometimes life sucked. You’d found that out early in life. An embarrassing incident here, an anxiety attack there, and voila an introvert was born. And to be completely honest you were okay with that fact. Being introverted was not a bad thing, it allowed you time to do the important things like, obsess over fictional characters, or write, or work, or study, or geek out in general. It was a simple life, but it was a good life. THen the impossible happened, you got sucked into a fictional world that wasn’t actually fictional, and found out two of your favorite characters were your soulmates. You weren’t sure if you were lucky, or just crazy.

AN: So for the sake of this plot I’m following the movies not the comics, because it makes my life easier. Also time/ story lines are about to go askew, so prepare yourself! Basically I’m playing puppet master with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Reader X Clint Barton X Steve Rogers

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

  The next several days are filled with turmoil. There’s more than one screaming match, and more than a few expletives. You stay on the outer edge of everything during that time. Steve ends up in the thick of it; fighting with Tony and arguing with Fury. Meanwhile Clint becomes like a cat.

    He likes to wrap himself around you, cuddling you to his chest or cradling you in his lap. The two of you watch as Steve stresses. “This can’t be good for him,” you mutter on day number three of the insanity.

    Clint gives a noncommittal grunt. You’re sitting on the couch, with Clint’s head in your lap, and your fingers running through his hair. You smile down at him, “He’s ninety-seven Clint, the stress could kill him.”

    This time Clint laughs and Steve’s head swerves in your direction. He raises an eyebrow and you smile, “We were just talking about you.”

    His lips quirk, “And that caused you to laugh?”

    You pinch your thumb and your forefinger together, “Only a tiny laugh.”

    Steve excuses himself from the ongoing meeting of Fury and his trusted inner circle. They don’t even notice he’s gone. Slowly, Steve lowers himself to sit on the coffee table, Clint opens one eye and smirks, “Are you done being Captain Anal?”


    Slowly Clint sits up, “We’re not going to fix everything.”

    “We can try.”

    “And when this war blows our way?”

    “We fight back.”

    “Not all of us are fighters.”

    Both sets of eyes slide to you, and Steve sighs, raking his hands over his face, “Clint . . ”

    “Then there’s the fact that we haven’t even taken her on a date yet.”

    Steve stills, and your eyes flash back and forth between them. When he doesn’t say anything, Clint continues, “We found our soulmate Steve, and so far we’ve spent very little time with her, and yes the world may be ending but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to stop and smell the roses.”

    You watch Steve sag, and quietly you say, “It’s okay Steve. I understand.”

    He shakes his head, and runs a hand through his hair, “I waited too long once before. I’m not going to make the same mistake twice.”

    Clint smiles, and wraps an arm around your shoulder, “Good now that we have that settled, Y/N why don’t you change clothes, give the captain time to shower, and me time to make a reservation, and we’ll go.”

    You raise an eyebrow in question, “Just like that?”

    Steve smiles, “Just like that.”

    You hesitate, “Are you sure?”

    They answer together, “We’re positive.”

    “Okay.” You slip away from the room, pecking both of them on the lips before taking the elevator down to your guest room. And that’s when you hit your first hurdle. You stare at the duffle bag filled with nothing except jeans and tee-shirts, and frown.

    While you’d bought a few dresses on your shopping trip, you hadn’t brought any with you. You hadn’t seen a need. You’re three minutes into trying to figure out what to do when a knock comes on your door. You open it to find Natasha standing there with a garment bag, “You should love me.”

    You smile at the woman, “Give me a reason.”

    She holds the bag out to you. In it is a tea length, black dress. It’ll hug your curves in all the right places. Your eyes flicker to her, “It was only a matter of time before they took you out, so I grabbed this when Bruce and I made a quick run to the base yesterday.”

    You smile, “Thank you Natasha.”

    She smiles, and closes the door as she walks in behind you. She sits on the bed and talks while you get ready. It’s frivolous stuff right up until she asks, “Have the three of you talked about sealing the bond?” You freeze, right in the middle of zipping up your dress. Natasha smiles and finishes zipping it for you, “I’m guessing you’ve done some reading.”

    “A little.”

    “You’ll have to seal it soon.”

    You don’t meet her eyes, as you swallow the lump in your throat and ask, “Why?”

    “The connection needs to be sealed or it can dissolve.”

    You turn your head, “Dissolve?”

    “The soulmate bond, the marks, they’re a choice. While most people choose to love their soulmates seal the bonds, others choose not to. The more time they spend apart the more the connection fades, and so does the mark, until it’s gone.”

    You stare at her, “As we …Am I …”

    She shakes her head, “Not yet. You are however at a disadvantage, because they have to spend more time away from you because of missions. You need to spend more time with them. Build the connection. I’m not saying it has to be tonight, but …”

    You look at the floor, “You know it’s funny, I’ve known them for all of two weeks and the idea of losing them …”

    She gives you a small smile, “The feelings that come along are genuine, just so you know. The soulmate bond just kind of intensifies them.”

    “Is that how it is for you and Bruce.”

    Her eyes snap to you, “How do you …” it hits her a second later. “Of course. For the most part it is. Bruce is hesitant because of his green problem.”

    “Do the others know?”

    She shakes her head, “No, and Bruce and I prefer it that way.”

    You give her a small smile, “I understand, it stays between us.”

    She gives you a small smile before slipping out of the room. Giving yourself one last look in the mirror, you grab a wrap and head down stairs. You find your boys waiting for you. They’re both dressed in slacks, button down shirts, and blazers. They smile at the sight of you, and you smile back.

They each offer you an arm and you take them. You walk out, onto the streets of New York City and smile at the busyness of it all.  As the three of you walk hand in hand down the streets you take in the sights, and listen as Steve tells you about different memories around the city.

You end up at an Italian restaurant. It’s a little hole in the wall place and you fall in love with it. The food is warm, and tasty, and the conversation is even better. They each tell you about their childhoods, and you listen intently.

And then you find the tables flipped, “So what about you?”

You smile, “What about me?”

Steve chuckles, “What’s your family like?”

“Mom, dad, and I’m an only child.”

“Good childhood?”

You shrug, “Finance wise, it was comfortable. Family wise not so much. My parents’ marriage was riddled with affairs, so I swore off dating until I was done with college. Too much drama.”

“What did you go to college for?”

You smile, “Business, actually. I took over my grandmother’s book store about a year and a half ago when she passed.”

Clint smiles, “You really love books, don’t you?”

“Books were a better reality. They weren’t filled with an unknown unless it’s a cliffhanger, and the only betrayal you feel is when the author kills off your favorite character.” Steve smiles at that, and the conversation drifts to the differences and similarities between your two worlds.  

You don’t realize how late it’s gotten until you realize you’re the only customers left, and it’s time for closing. Steve pays, and you head back out onto the streets. It’s a bit cooler than when you left, but it feels good.

As you walk Steve wraps an arm around your shoulders, and Clint wraps an arm around your waist. You’re three blocks from the tower when the first explosion hits. You find yourself on the ground, covered by both your guys as two more follow.

You’re pulled to your feet seconds later, and you’re moving into a run. You hit Stark Tower at a run, and the minute you slide through the doors they lock behind you. You’re met by the sight of SHIELD agents with guns. For a minute you’re worried that they’re Hydra, then Fury steps out and you sag in relief.

His tone is hard, “Hydra made a move. We’re officially on the world’s most wanted list. It’s time for a tactical retreat.”

“All together?”

He shakes his head, “Scatter. Radio silence until I make contact. If you need to make contact before that, go old school. Tony, Pepper, and Happy have already left on one quinjet. Widow and Hulk are in the wind. Thor has taken off to find Jane. You’re the only ones left. Get your asses to a Quinjet, and hide.”

Clint stares at Fury, “And you sir?”

“I’m going to say hello to our guests.”

He nods once, before he takes your hand. You find the elevator unoccupied and you’re grateful for it. The three of you go to the flight deck to find the quinjet, and Maria Hill there waiting. She offers a terse smile, “Your things have been loaded along with arms and ammunition. I even managed to get some groceries in there. Lay low. Do not draw attention.”

Clint nods, as Steve escorts you onto the jet. He makes sure you’re strapped in, before strapping in himself. Clint takes the controls, and you’re in the air a minute later. It’s several hours before Clint puts the controls on auto pilot and comes back.

You’re feeling more than a little numb, and you haven’t said anything. Clint takes a seat on the unoccupied side of you. Quietly you ask, “Shit just hit the fan, didn’t it?”

Steve smiles, “Big time.”

Clint nods, “Could be worse though. We could have been completely unprepared.”

You scrub your hands over your face, “I should have said something sooner.”

Clint wraps an arm around you, “You didn’t know, and when you did you said something. You gave us a start, and a contingency plan.”

Steve nods, “We’re better for it. That being said … we have a fight ahead of us.”

Clint refuses to meet your eyes, “We signed up for this war, you didn’t. If you want we can put you in the wind. A new identity all of it. In time the mark and bond will fade.”

Your heart stops, “Is that what you want?”

There’s a sigh before Steve says, “The right answer, the unselfish answer would be to say yes. To set you free and make sure you never see a day of this fighting.”  

You smile, before taking one of their hands in one of yours, and quietly you say, “Be selfish.”

Clint looks at you, “Are you sure?”

You nod, “For better or for worse, we’re in this together.” Clint smiles at you, and you lean over to kiss him. You lean your forehead against his before he kisses the tip of your nose, and then you turn and kiss Steve. When you pull apart he kisses your forehead. And sitting there, wrapped in the arms of two men, you take the biggest chance of your life, “I think we should seal the bond.”

My mom makes no sense:

-“when you yell at me im gonna kick you out but im allowed to yell bc im your mom”

-threatens to kick me out but when i say im gonna move out its bc shes a bad mother and im ungrateful, etc.

-doesnt give me money for a bus/train ticket, yells at me for not going to my appointments

-“if you leave this house you’re not allowed to ever come back” makes me sign a contract, then calls the police to bring me back and destroys the contract to make it look like i ran away

-“you dont do anything in the house” i wash my own clothes —> “you’re not allowed to do anything bc youre incompetent”

- i drink alcohol 1 time “youre a nasty drunk, all you can do is drink.” Allows my YOUNGER brother to drink alcohol every weekend and when he has school the next morning

-“you’re a girl you cant do that” or “you’re a girl its your job to do that”

-“im not gonna leave the house with you if youre not wearing make-up” then “stop saying you’re ugly for attention”

-“stop wasting food by purging, just starve” then “stop provoking me by saying you’re fat”

-breaks glasses, mixers, etc. when angry, “i can never have nice things bc of you”

-physically abuses me, “why do you do this to me?”

-gets angry when i hurt myself, tells me to hurt myself, offers to hurt me for myself


// hey! so we (myself and the people listed below) have an ovw discord, and things have been a little slow lately, so we are trying to get more people to come aboard. basically, if you want in just ask myself or any of the people listed below & one of us will link you! here’s some info you may want to know before you ask abt joining: 

  • we don’t allow duplicate characters/genderbends of canon characters
  • we do allow ocs and non-playable characters (ie: emily or maximilien)
  • we allow you to play at max 2 characters if you wish! 
  • we do allow nsfw themes, however if you are a minor or are uncomfortable with these themes, we need to know so that we can block you from seeing/having access to those channels (you’re never obligated to give us details, it’s just important we know if you’re at least 18 years of age) 
  • your rp blog does not have to be congruent with the character(s) you chose to play in the server

here’s a list of the current people!: 

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You deserve to change and decorate your body as much or as little as you want. You deserve tattoos or piercings or wearing clothes that express how you feel inside or covering up as much or as little as you want. You deserve to cut your hair or grow it out long or wear a bedhead if you want. You deserve to take hormones or get surgery if you want. You deserve and are allowed to do anything to your body that you feel will make you more like you, and the only person’s opinion you need to listen to is yours.

I think we need to talk about what “Bodily Autonomy” means.

 You see this phrase thrown around a lot, especially in the abortion debate, but I think a lot of people don’t really understand what it means. 

Bodily Autonomy, sometimes called Bodily Integrity, is the idea that a person has an inviolable right to determine what happens to their physical body, and that a violation of a person’s consent in matters concerning their own body is unethical, immoral, and possibly criminal. 

This does not mean “you are allowed to do whatever you want.” It isn’t comparable to property rights or taxation or laws regarding public health that impact whole communities. 

What it does mean is that your body should always be under your control. You can chose or deny what things involving your physical body are at stake. Some examples:

  • You can choose to donate your organs but, No one can steal your organs 
  • You can choose to get a haircut, but no one should chop off your hair without permission. 
  • You can choose to get a tattoo, but no one should hold you down and forcibly tattoo anything onto you. 
  • You can choose to have sex with another consenting person, but no one should sexually violate you. 
  • Doctors should ask permission from you (or someone you have given permission to speak on your behalf) before administering drugs or treatments 
    • This previous point is important in many capacities, but one very relevant on to reproductive rights is that doctors should ask and respect choice made regarding birth- whether to have a c-section, whether to have an epidural, etc.  
  • Infants should not undergo circumcision, as they are unable to consent. (If adults want to undergo circumcision for whatever reason, they can do so.) 
  • You should not be forced to give blood for any reason (including donation to save another person, OR for drug testing. These actions may be volunteered, but should not be mandatory) 
  • Intersex infants should not be subjected to genital surgery unless there is a pressing health need (such as a blocked urinary tract or exposed internal organs) at which point, the parents need to be consulted. 
  •   And YES, a person should not be forced to carry a pregnancy to term if they do not want to, no matter how they became pregnant in the first place. 

And the list goes on. We have to start with the understanding that in matters concerning the physical body, you should be the final authority, and you should always be given the information, resources, and opportunity to make the best possible choice for yourself. 

There is a distinct difference between caring for someone and carrying someone.

Know the difference.

You are allowed to let people down when they are too heavy.

You are not a bad person because you have limits.

You sent your CV and got a call back? Congratulations. But now you’re facing the most frightening part of the job: the interview. 

No honestly, I’m joking, this isn’t as bad as we were told. And here’s what I learnt from it.


You almost have the job. Don’t try to impress them too much, just stay faithful to who you are. Wear casual clothes, not a lot of make up, tie your hair (or at least brush it) and if you are wearing nailpolish, check that it isn’t cracked. Honestly, wearing cracked nailpolish during an interview just says that you’re messy and not organised. Don’t forget to smile, no one would like to hire someone always grumpy!

2. Do your homework

Remember the description of the job? Well that’s very important, state all the criterias that was asked in the description and make sure to tell your interviewer that you’ve got all the qualities the job requires. 

Learn about the company, when was it created, do they have other shops, what do they sell/do, what are the prices and what type of people will you have to face. Google is your best friend for that.

3. Get ready to answer questions

It’s D-Day, you’re sat at the table and the interviewer is here. Get ready for the questions. Nothing exciting to be fair. “Why do you think you’ll be good at this job?” “What brought you to apply to this job?” “Did you know about *the company* before?” 

And then they will ask you about your skills. Learn your CV and don’t hesitate to repeat it and add more details. For exemple: “I know how to work in a team very well because ….*add previous experience*”. They sometimes ask you how people would describe you or what are your flaws/qualities. Be honest. 

If you don’t have any experience, put everything on your skills and link them to school. Interviewers know if you have experience or not. They will also understand that you’ve been focused on your studies and that’s okay. Don’t try to hide it, be proud of it.

4. Interview your interviewer

Your interviewer will ask you a lot of questions but at some point he will ask you if you have any questions. And now, honey, it will be your time TO SHINE. Fire away, honestly it’s very embarassing to have nothing to say, it’s a bit like “oh well, just taking the job, not really fussed about anything”. Find something! Are you allowed nailpolish, do you have a uniform, what time do they open, are they closed during holiday, what will be your salary, do you have days off, will you have a training session, etcAsk everything on your mind, it will show your interviewer you’re at least interessed by the job.

5. Don’t rush anything

The interview is almost over. The interviewer might ask you when you can start. Never say “right now”. Say “tomorrow” or “next week” instead. Wait a bit, talk to your family/friends about the job to make sure you’re making the right decision. If you can, wait until you can have at least a glimpse at the contract because sometimes the interviewer doesn’t tell you everything about the job (how many hours, how much you’re paid). Wait for them to call you back. And when leaving, you can mention “that you’re looking foward to hearing from them again soon”!!!

I hope this masterpost was helpful and that you’ll nail your interview. If you have any other questions, you know where to find me! Reblog to help your fellow friends if you thought this was useful

Check out my other masterpost on how to improve your résumé or my masterposts.

- Aly xo

I have become pretty obsessed with Humans are Space Orcs/Space Australia posts, and here’s what popped out of my brain:
Humans can be told “Under no circumstances are you allowed to do this”, be threatened with punishment, and STILL DO THE THING! We have a specific phrase for when something we wanted to do has negative consequences: “Worth it”
Even more, it’s EXPECTED that children will be disobedient. “Rebellious phase” and all that. Parents will tell their kids “Don’t run on the sidewalk you’ll fall and scrape your knee” and the kids RUN ANYWAY. And they fall and scrape their knee. And then THEY DO IT AGAIN THE NEXT DAY.
Sometimes being told not to do something makes us WANT TO DO IT MORE! (Same vein as morbid curiosity, i.e. ‘That’s a bad thing which makes it more exciting’)

Now imagine the aliens trying to deal with it:
“Human Clara, I can see you are looking at that rocky cliff. Do not climb it, it is very perilous”
“Well, I was just thinking about it, but now…”
“Thank you for seeing reason Human Clara… Human Clara? Human Clara get down from there!”
“Haha, nope!”
“… Worth it.”
“Human Clara there was no gain from this it was not 'worth it’”

Regardless of what anyone else thinks; you are your own self. Your body was born to turn out a specific way, naturally, and you must allow it to do its own thing. There is no ‘perfect’ body. There is only a body, which is beautiful in its own right. You only have the one that you’re currently living in, remember that. Try to respect it and take care of it, for its amazing and is your sacred temple! It doesn’t matter what others think; your health is FAR more important than getting satisfaction from others.

This is the problem with dealing with someone who is actually a good listener. They don’t jump in on your sentences, saving you from actually finishing them, or talk over you, allowing what you do manage to get out to be lost or altered in transit. Instead, they wait, so you have to keep going.
—  Sarah Dessen
Do you still care to talk? How is everyone? I love being on tour. It’s my favourite thing to do, so thank you for allowing me to do that. I do however only have ten songs to my name.. soo…. I know. I’m gonna play a couple extras. The next one I would love you to sing along. Some of you will know it, some of you won’t. I think it’s pretty obvious when it’s a sing along so. I’m going to have a sip of water and then we’re going to play the next song.
—  Harry before playing Just A Little Bit of Your Heart by Ariana Grande, which he wrote

after you’ve been in abusive situation long term you have no idea how much stress and burden it’s inflicting into your life, it becomes normal that your biggest worry is anticipating your abuser’s mood and actions, and not your own life and your own achievements.It becomes normal to dread what they’re going to think or say about you, what they’re going to do if you take a step outside of what they allow you to do. Always feeling trapped and suffocating becomes the new normal, wanting to get away and not knowing from what becomes just “life” and it’s impossible to even imagine how your life would look like if you were free. Abusers can make freedom seem scary, wrong, even stupid, as if you don’t deserve it, as if everything you would do on your own, from your own will, is silly, dumb and wrong, like a free will of your own is a ridiculous thing for you to have. Like you don’t deserve it. Even when it’s your first human right.

story time.

i went to a weird tech high school where you were pretty much allowed to do almost anything, and you were given an expensive macbook laptop to do ur homework and other shit on. its like normal high school except u could get up and go to the bathroom whenever and not get into trouble (kids asked anyway who am i kidding we feared getting yelled at jus for needing to take a whizz)

and one day, first year, two months in, the school had a big gathering because they were having a problem. yknow, with the expensive macbook laptops.

they were getting cease and desist warnings from dreamworks because somebody was downloading 25 illegal digital copies of the bee movie, every day, for two weeks straight. they were being threatened with lawsuits, so the principal and vice principal basically rounded up all these meme-infused teenagers, and told them, “stop downloading the bee movie. we could get shut down because of you. please stop.”

and it went on for another week because, whoever this kid was, hated this school so much. so much so that they tried to have it shut down in the most fucking ridiculous way possible. by downloading the bee movie, staring jerry seinfield, as many times as possible. illegally.

i remember one early morning, after i got my breakfast burrito, some friends ushered me over to one of the lunch tables and pointed to another friend’s computer. a pirating site was open, and the kid who was responsible was actually a friend of mine. they looked at me, the biggest shit-eating grin on their face, and pointed to, you guessed it, 25 illegal digital copies of jerry seinfelds the bee movie downloading all at once on internet explorer.

the real kicker was that, since the laptops were technically purchased and owned by the school, they werent tied to any of the kids legally. just the school as a whole. so no names or faces were mentioned at all in the illegal downloadings of almost 100+ copies of the bee movie, staring jerry seinfeld.

so the kid was never caught.

Advancing beyond 'Witchcraft 101'

I want to talk a little bit about letting go of that beginner stage and actually advancing in your knowledge and your abilities.

You were unsure about getting started, and nervously bought your first book on witchcraft, and it was probably Wiccan. You devoured it and became eager for more, knowing that you were on the right path. You soon amassed a great deal of Witchcraft 101 books, and likely a lot of tools that you may not have used. You’ve noticed the differences in your books: one says to have the altar in the north, another says the east, a third says in the centre of the circle. You probably know a lot of the magical properties of many common herbs and crystals, having zealously memorised lists of correspondences. You’ve performed spells and rituals from those books verbatim. And now you’re starting to feel stalled. At least, that’s how it was for me.

‘Witchcraft 101’ is, I found, a safe zone. You could make mistakes, or doubt your own knowledge, because you were just a beginner. But you soon feel that you’re safely on a precipice, and off the edge is the big wide unknown. You feel that you’ve become a big fish in a small pond. (Who doesn’t love a good mixed metaphor?). For me, acknowledging that I had grown beyond Witchcraft 101 was a big step, both as a witch and as a person. It takes confidence and courage to say “I am ready to move forward.” I worried that it smacked of arrogance saying that I had mastered the basics, or that I was trying to advance too far too quickly. But that isn’t the case at all. In every form of education you must give yourself credit for what you have learned, and allow yourself to move onto more challenging subjects. So it is for witchcraft, as well.

There was also the fear of being a fraud. Of not being worthy to call myself a witch next to someone who has been practicing a lifetime longer than I have. A fear that other witches would look down their nose at me. “What would he know?” they’d say. But that fear was thoroughly unfounded. When I spoke up, contributed my opinion and my knowledge to discussions, it was met with welcome.

Give yourself permission to advance. Only you can know when you’re ready to move beyond the basics, but you have to allow yourself to do that. You have to acknowledge your knowledge, to own your wisdom. You’ll still make mistakes, you’ll still stumble over some concepts, you’ll still be confused by things, and that’s okay. But witches weren’t made to live in safe zones. We were made to step off the precipice and fly.