I just saw a post saying that if you like Matt more than you like Lance you’re automatically racist and just

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@ everyone sending messages asking to repost my art

allow me to i refer you to…

my FAQ:

my ask page, which you had to click thru to message me:

and if somehow that isn’t clear enough…

please look at my sidebar, which on mobile is the first thing you see; please look at my artwork, which you are so eager to repost.

no really, look:

i don’t know how to be any more clear. 

please stop asking, and don’t repost my stuff.

[and as always, if you see my stuff reposted anywhere (save for a few on philsterman10’s yt), it was without permission. please tell me so i can report it.]

Klance Eclipse Au, where Keith is the spirit of the sun and Lance is the spirit of the moon who can only be together when there is an eclipse. However, eventually suns die and go supernova. Thank you to @sniperlance for listening to my ideas and helping me build this au and for the wonderful artwork you drew for it. (click for better quality)

(Part 1) so in the klance eclipse au, imagine the death of the sun/supernova was supposed to happen a couple centuries ago but Keith has been putting it off for as long as he can but it gets more painful to do the longer time goes on and he knows that everything in life has a beginning and end, but he can’t allow himself to let go because his death also means the death of the other planets and Lance, the moon. Lance knows Keith is in pain and tries to comfort him when they get the chance to meet every eclipse, but there isn’t much he can actually do to help, which leads to feeling a bit useless that he can’t help Keith, but to Keith, Lance’s presence is what keeps him going and is the strength he draws upon. (Part 2 under read more link)

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do you ever stop to think about how padme amidala was so beloved by the citizens of naboo that they wanted to rewrite their constitution to allow her to serve another term as queen, but she refused bc the very foundation of her politics is to serve the best interest of others with all her might and so went on to be senator instead?

and when the democracy she fought so hard to uphold began its death throes, she still fought and planted the seeds of rebellion actively defying the most powerful person in the galaxy until her influence and work literally paved the way for her children to complete her legacy?

because i do

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I'm slowly going deeper and deeper into your blog, reading new posts to old ones. But I'm getting sick of scrolling to the post I'm up to after I close tumblr. Is there a faster way I can do this or might you have to resort to page numbers?

Ooh, great question! 

Infinite scroll is nice so everyone has to click less, but you’re right, it makes finding pages difficult… fortunately, there’s an easy workaround:

It’s as simple as that! Typing “/page/(number)” after a blog’s link allows you to go to individual pages, and still infinitely scroll.

There’s nothing special about page 47 that I used it in the example… 47 is just a nice number.

Aw, thanks! I’ve revealed my face, like, 10 times, but… ooh, wait, idea!

*10 minutes of gif-making later*

Voilà! Infinite face reveals.

Boom. The magic of television.

My timezone is EST being in Durham NC, and after experimenting have found posts seem to get seen by the most people between 9:45 and 11:30 PM, EST. 

That’s my general window, but there are always special exceptions!

Yes. Flesh goatee.

Sometimes, no flesh goatee.

Sometimes, very flesh goatee.

Very, very flesh goatee.

lmao how can someone steal tumblr content creators’ works to repost on twitter all the time, NEVER include even just a single line of credit for the owners and gain 10k followers? and then come up with the excuse of “everyone is allowed to post what they want on their own twitters”? yeah everyone is allowed to do so if they make the contents themselves, not steal it from others. want to post it? simple, make it yourself. every gifset takes me at least 1.5 hours to make and translate, and it takes you like what, 5 minutes to repost and gain 2k retweets? hope you’re happy living your life stealing from others.

What I tend to see happening more and more is people retreating into their own corners. People seem scared to get things wrong or be shouted at so they form villages in which they agree with every other member, and maybe they go out and shout at the people in the next village for fun, but there’s no interchange of ideas going on. I think we have to encourage the idea that you’re allowed to think things. I have thought a great many stupid things over the years, and I can tell you that there’s not one stupid thing that I ever thought where I changed my mind because someone shouted at me or threatened to kill me. On the other hand, having great discussions with good friends, possibly over a drink, has definitely changed my mind and made me try to do better. You’re allowed to do better, but we have to let people do better.
—  Neil Gaiman

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Do you have any new star wars fic recs? I may have gone and read through all the ones in your tag :)

JUST ONE. AFTER THE BATTLE. explicit, rey/phasma

Rey always allows herself one cigarette after a battle, win or lose. Which is fortunate, considering she can’t determine if dallying with a captain of the First Order is a victory or a defeat.

Listen, I’ve been on the hunt for good Rey/Phasma since the movie came out, and this is exactly the flavor I was craving—bad decisions, grudging connection, battlefield sex. You can practically hear ‘jealous of your cigarette’ playing in the background as you read.

TAXICAB. gen, ocs

Escorting a mathematician from a university to a transport should not be an Empire-shaking assignment.

On stormtroopers, math, and the meaning of names. A really nice bit of worldbuilding, with a light touch of humor and great OCs. 

MY FRIENDS, MY FRIENDS FORGIVE ME. gen, bail organa & leia organa

Bail has never tried to outrun his ghosts. He is an Organa and an Antilles and the husband of the Queen of Alderaan; he does not run from anything.

But, sometimes. Sometimes his ghosts pop up and stare him in the face like his life is a cheap horror holofilm, and he cannot help but be taken aback.

I’m very picky about Bail and Leia (and really the Organas as a whole) but this is such a nice fic about Bail seeing Anakin and Padme in Leia.

EMPTY HEAD. explicit, kylo ren | ben/poe dameron

The first time Ben Organa uses a Jedi mind trick on Poe Dameron, it’s an accident. All the other times aren’t. It leaves an impression, to say the least.

WARNINGS FOR RAPE/ABUSE & DUBCON—I am weak for darkfic that gets creatively horrible. (I think I’ve recced ‘fraud in a field of poppies’ before, it belongs to the same awful family as this.) Especially once you throw in an increasingly twisted Kylo Ben, and the full terrible implications of the Jedi mind trick.

BOUND. explicit, rey/kylo ren

Rey and Kylo are stranded together on a world without technology where they cannot use the Force.

I love Rey/Kylo Ren as a pairing, but it’s hard to find fic with good characterization of both parties. This delivers on the prickly, grudging, stubborn, sulking, twisted up pair of them, and how they manage to find a kind of uncomfortable common ground despite that.

INVINCIBLE SUMMER. gen, finn-centric.

Finn is recaptured by the First Order. He will not give up as easily as they would prefer.

An extremely delightful Finn-centric adventure, plus you get to imagine Finn doing push ups, which is a plus.

I’m doing a cloud painting on my old bamboo tablet for painting class.

The project is supposed to be a surface painting where you basically…paint something of important personal meaning to you on an odd surface. I chose my old tablet since that was the first one I ever got and I dont use it anymore. It was pretty much my first introduction to digital art and allowed me to escape from the stressful and dark times that were happening when I first got it. I’m painting a sky on it because cloudy skies have always held a significant meaning to me, they remind me of a sense of freedom and creativity, and boundless possibilities c’:

You do not let yourself sink so that someone else can float.

People seem to forget that there is such a big difference between being selfish and putting your needs first.

Being selfish is watching someone drown when you are safely aboard a ship and refuse to throw a line for them.

Putting yourself first is not allowing someone to take your ship and throw you off.

If someone is constantly tearing you down to build themselves up, leave.

If someone relies on you but they are toxic in your life, leave.

If someone brings you consistent pain while bringing themselves pleasure, leave.

You are the captain of your own ship, don’t sink.

BTS reaction: To you keeping your top on during sex.

Because you’re self-conscious. 

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But Y/N, there’s nothing there that I haven’t seen beforeJ-Hope would say.

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What? Serious, cause I love your breast. Please, Y/N?Rap Monster would try to understand why.

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Jungkook wouldn’t mind as long as you’re wearing his white shirt.

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Don’t be like this, Y/N. You’re beautifulJimin would say while kissing your neck.

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Jin wouldn’t mind much, allowing you to do whatever you want.

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V wouldn’t question you, letting you be as comfortable as you can.

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Suga would be too lazy or too horny to ask you to take your top off.

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Your reincarnation prompts were so good!! If you don't mind, could you do more please??

1) They said it was just adolescence - that it was natural then to feel like a stranger to your own body when everything changed so quickly, that it was natural to be clumsy when your limbs grew faster than you could keep up with. Of course, it couldn’t be because this wasn’t your body in the I used to be six foot and I’m still not used to being this short sort of way. Nobody was allowed to talk about that. Bad things happened if you mentioned that.

2) “Please, can you just up my rating, just a little,” they begged. “Please. It just - went wrong - I’m not a bad person. I swear!” 
Everybody looked away. They didn’t want to risk their own rating with the counsel of rebirth. How many points you accumulated over your life decided what rank and privilege and personhood you were allowed in the next, what luxury, what suffering. They watched the ranking on the man’s arm dip lower, lower, lower. They said if you hit zero you no longer got to come back.

3) “You’ve changed.” They sounded disappointed. “You have the same face but you’re not - I thought you’d be the same. I thought you could be brought back the same. You don’t even know me, do you?”
“What the hell are you talking about?” 

Pearl has grown so much as a character

Season 1: Garnet wait! I’m sure Steven didn’t understand what he was doing!

Season 4: Steven, do you know what you’re doing?

Despite still being obviously worried, she is standing back and allowing Steven to get in that weird glowy elevator thing. She’s gone from having absolutely no faith in him to letting him make his own decisions and be a leader. I am so proud of her!

iamvalc: classic. this was awesome. so much fun yet so friggin hard. (Enter “hard hat” pun here)😂🤦🏻‍♂️ all jokes aside I’m very proud of you and how much you’ve grown. Appreciate your trust and continued effort. Excellence isn’t a requirement for most, its beautiful to see you be different from most. you show up you work hard and you’re grateful to do so. Congrats to you, to us and to the universe for allowing it to happen.. lets keep making magic. #teamvalmani #dwts
PS. Production team and everyone that made this set and lights and concept come alive. Thank you.


Thank you all for so much support and dealing with my shit! You peeps are the best and i am really grateful for how patient all of you are! I know how horrible it is to wait and it amazes me how you guys stay patient with me even though my art is a lot worse than a lot of the other people on Tumblr. Just… Thank you!

Time for Mod R! You guys are the best, being on here with Jen and you guys has helped me feel better day to day, just knowing y'all enjoy what I help with. You guys are most definitely patient as hell, and I thank you for that because anything else would probably pressure Jen and I like her too much for that! I never thought I’d be able to be a part of something like this, which makes all this very special to me. All this because I was brave enough to give writing tips to Jen! I love you guys, and I love you Jen (you know how to take that) I enjoy helping you and just texting about random shit, I really don’t know where I’d be without you so thank you for letting me be your friend and helping you with all this! Please don’t put your art down, it’s amazing and people are here and willing to wait because of it! I’m gunna stop before I make this way too long. Thank you guys so much, and remember to have a nice rest of the night!

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If Sangwoo has any STDs...he better get himself tested, I mean in South Korea they do have a pretty good health care system, universal health care where pretty much everyone is covered

I’m like 100000000% Sangwoo wouldn’t allow any chance of STDs to sneak up on him like have you seen his house:

IDK if Sangwoo my man is just clean by nature or if he’s deliberately living like this just in case he needs to escape but I don’t think he’s the type to be careless when it comes to sex. 

It is not our fault!

I am seeing so many post right now talking about how the fans are to blame for Harry not being as successful as many people had hoped!


I can think of many reasons why but please know at the end of the day it is 100% the responsibility of Harry and his team to engage us, appreciate us and to create a marketing campaign that appeals to us. The didn’t.

Do not allow people to make you feel guilty!!

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Does it really hurt artists when people repost their art, even if credit is given? It's a dumb question to ask..I'm sorry but I just wanna learn and stuff..

yes, here are some of the common points:

1) some artists don’t want that “exposure”, they want to be in control of where there art is distributed& what kind of audience will see it

2) without permission, you are only stealing to show off what someone else has made. crediting does not make it okay, because of point 1) and you’re still stealing. ask the artist if they allow use/repost of their art, but if you are unsure just don’t do it. (most art have watermarks, search the name to find out)

3) respect the artist’s wishes, some artists have stopped sharing their art altogether because of this. personally (& for many others), it really hurts when you share your work to get it misused

it’s not a dumb question! thank you for caring. we all make mistakes and it’s * kinda not okay* but as long as you don’t do it anymore, it’s good and you’re learning ^_T