Okay, my last upload for #blackout! The photos above were taken during spirit week at my predominantly white private school a couple of months back. During spirit week, my school has themed days of the week and students or teachers dress accordingly, whichever grade is dressed best (for that theme) wins! When my friends and I learned that one of the days in spirit week would be themed “Throwback Thursday” we immediately decided to do the most. Literally, if anyone would have walked around my high school, they would seen that my group of friends (most of the sophomore black girls) clearly epitomized throw back apparel, but of course we lost :(. It’s really no big deal but since today is the day for black greatness, I guessed why not!

The blackout was amazing

  • “i’m not ready for that” joe you’re breaking my heart i love you so much why are you like this we would love you anyway i don’t understand how you’re so shy about this but the fact that he’s nervous about putting himself out there im just!!! he’s got a cotton candy heart
  • joe standing behind conor and cheering for him what a nerd
  • i never actually realized how close joe and conor were?? this video is the cutest thing ever omg
  • joe bobbing his head to the music and getting really into it and messing up lyrics ahah leave me to rest in my coffin 
  • he sounded so goddamn good
  • “music will live on forever” conor same
  • joe tryna be as silly as possible and not make the video too serious and trying to cover up his actual singing on the christmas one AHA joseph we’ve heard you sing this song tons of times and we know how good u are m8
  • conor’s sense of humor oh my god i see why he gets along with jaspar
  • THE FACT THAT CONOR DID THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR THEME SONG I LOVE HIM THAT SHOW IS A MASTERPIECE (and joe dancing to that: that was classic someone gif the hell out of that)
  • joe complimenting conor although he doesn’t have to and smiling about how talented his friend is :))
  • alright bear with me on this one but joe singing just the way you are!! i can’t believe he thinks that classifies as a guilty pleasure he has an entire spotify playlist dedicated to cheesy, lovey, slow and other songs just like this one. his concentration face :) his voice :) i literally had an angel singing melodies in my brain so yep (and it reminded me of this vid and now i’m emo again wow thanks)
  • if this isn’t turned into a series i suggest we raid the jaspar household
The Heart and The Blade

@animeokaachan​ Okay, I guess the way I said it is misleading. As I said before, “ I am not implying Rukia is Ichigo’s zanpakuto. I am thinking if Rukia can be Ichigo’s actual Zangetsu?” in my other post. What I am implying in that “she is Zangetsu” is not that she is going to literally turn into a blade and suddenly become a “zanpakuto”. It won’t be like Soul Eater … I hope. (Her becoming a literal blade is something I won’t like either. I want to see her fight and explore her bankai. Although her being a zanpakuto is also a probability, I also like to think that it is unlikely)

What I meant to say is… 

Just like always, the heart of these two will connect, and a new power will be born. Just like in the beginning, she will be the one who will give him power when he has none.

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o=oI’ll explain what I meant with my reply to @awusi-narkie


Yes. Ichigo is “The Blade”. In that chapter, we are taught that the zanpakuto and its wielder are “one”. Just like how in sword arts, you are taught that your blade is your extended arm. It isn’t a tool, a subordinate, a buddy, a family, a friend, a senior, a junior, a pet, an acquaintance, a ‘lover’, or a “love one”. A zanpakuto is him. It is a part of his soul. 

However, as I said, I meant that Rukia is “Zangetsu” and not a zanpakuto. It’s Ichigo who wields the Zanpakuto.

Rukia is initially referred to as “The Blade” in the initial chapter before she met Ichigo. In “The Sand” chapter, Ichigo is asking for a blade that can crush fate before he met Rukia. Both happened before they met. And when they finally met and crossed each other’s path? She gave him the Blade.

This is why I am stressing that she is not a “zanpakuto”. She is her own person. But I am speculating that she is the “real” Zangetsu. Ichigo draws strength from his “heart”. That’s pretty much one of the concept and theme of Bleach.

And in his heart is his mother…

And from her came Old Man (Quincy) Zangetsu and Hichigo (Hollow) Zangetsu. Woah, I feel like Kubo is forcing Ichigo to grow up and move on from his mother (like a hatchling leaving the nest).

Now both of these powers he inherited from her is gone… 


There is one more person in his heart… 

A certain girl that gave him his “shinigami” powers.

I am now of the opinion that Fullbring manifests not because of a “certain feeling”. Rather, it works like one of the “themes” and “concept” of Bleach. Power comes from The Heart. When you feel a strong emotion for a certain something (pride, greed, power, etc) OR someone (“precious” person) deep inside your heart, it manifests itself and turns into power.

Just like what happened with Chad and Orihime (and I believe, the other fullbringers too)… Chad manifested his fullbring out of his “pride” for his grandfather. Orihime manifested her powers out of wanting to protect Tatsuki.  (@thelittlestofthewolves​  this is what I meant by that statement.  Rukia, who is hosting the hogyoku, along with Ichigo, made it possible for them to reach their potential ).

Anyways, the point is that power comes from “the heart” of a person. Rukia already admitted that Ichigo is in her heart. Although that’s just a small thing, doesn’t Rukia and Ichigo always parallel one another? It is safe to assume that Rukia is also in Ichigo’s heart (though in more ways than one) given all the evidences in the manga (especially FB arc).

I guess this is the reason why Urahara chose her to do “itin the FB arc (there are chances of failure as stated in chapter 1 - I’m guessing if the powers doesn’t “match”. Rukia is the best candidate to restore his shinigami powers). And why he referred to the both of them in Chapter 666.

This is what I meant by the title “Rukia - The Heart of Power”. 

This is the reason why the card “Queen of Hearts” is very fitting for her. And Ichigo is the “King of Spades” aka, the most powerful card in the deck. It’s not just mere shipping goodies.

Rukia is “The Heart of Power” and Ichigo is “The Blade of Power”.


Hmm… maybe there is Option 3. It’s not “either” Ichigo or Rukia who will represent as Zangetsu. It is both of them.   

Just like how Hichigo and Old Man Zangetsu can work together to make a new and strong power… Rukia and Ichigo will meet and connect to one another. 

Because even beyond the frame of time … even if it’s at the end of The End … always … never failing… 

Death will meet the Strawberry… 


“Deathberry Returns”


Things I Associate With Middle School
  • Brightly coloured eye shadow, flip phones, blue waffles, "I can spell boobs on my calculator", bad haircuts, thing S thing, colouring on your binder, gel pens, and eating in the gym with teachers walking around with garbage cans

“When I see the way you act,
wondering when I’m coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn how to love like you.”