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A loud, high-pitched shriek echoes through Paris.

Chat Noir trips, tumbles, scrambles away to a point where he’s safe fromany repeat of what just happened. That part of him is reserved for Ladybug’s hands only, not– not this guy!

“Qu'est ce que tu crois faire?!”

Dark Sparrow still didn’t understand what exactly he was doing wrong. He’d done everything properly, the right amount of dates and kisses and yet still Chat was acting as if he were some crazed fan.; This was obviously not the case, he was a refined bird with more love than any tart for who Chat was, not just because he was a super hero. Chat could be a villain and Dark Sparrow would still love him just as much as he did now.

Maybe things would have been easier then.

“We’ve moved onto the butt-touching stage of our relationship.” Daniel explained, as if Chat should have known this. “Qu'est-ce que tu fais?