a one time thing (and other untruths) (14/?)

Captain Swan. Modern AU.

“She supposes the reason she tells him is the same reason she kept his phone number after all those weeks." 

Notes: So here we are. The next chapter. Sorry for the wait. Life stuff happened. You know how it goes. Next chapter’s partly written, but  - and don’t hate me for this - I need to buckle down and work on my grad school play. So from here on out, until I either finish the play or this fic (God knows which is gonna come first, good lord this fic is getting long) I’m not gonna work on new chapter until I’ve written at least one scene for my play. Then I’ll let myself write a chapter. Then a scene. And so on. So updates are gonna be slower, probably. Thank you all for reading and messaging and such. You guys are awesome. Hope you like this chapter. (And to the anon who just messaged me - your timing is perfect. I was giving the chapter a final read through when I got your message.)

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            It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of properly dating, and yet not much has changed, really. They talk more but see each other about the same, and since Henry doesn’t know (and he gets the feeling she’d never be one for public displays anyway) there’s not much in the way of hand holding or kissing or anything else. So it feels very much like it was except she’s kissed him and that changed things except nothing’s really changed and he—

            He’s not sure what to do with that.

            (They do meet for lunch, sometimes, and that’s nice. That’s—that’s when it feels real.)

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Pool Time

Empress Elaora was lonely. She felt like her children all hated her, and her work no longer felt fulfilling. It was as though her carefully constructed world was falling apart at the seams. Simply faking her happiness was becoming harder and harder as the days went by. So what was her solution?

Text Willow.

It was a dumb idea and she knew it, but she wanted to spend some quality time with her… Companion. Elaora was hesitant to call her a girlfriend simply because the question had not been properly asked yet. One date did not constitute a solid relationship. Not in her book anyway. But regardless, Willow still made her happy, and in a way she didn’t remember ever feeling like before. So another date couldn’t hurt, could it?

[Txt:] Willow darling, are you perhaps free of plans today? I would like to ask for a date, if that is okay.

[Txt:] More specifically, would you like to go swimming with me as a date?