list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders

why am i always motivated to draw gay shit when i’m drunk

hance headcanons

bc im bored and i love these boys

  • lance loves being carried by hunk
    • “hunk i want snacks” “okay lets go—” “hunk…” “do you want me to carry you” “yes”
    • he just sort of leans on hunk and hunk never lets him fall over
    • “sorry i guess i just.. fell for you” “shut up”
    • but literally its the sweetest thing ever hunk is lance’s knight in shining armor and they’re so in love
  • hunk regularly serenades lance with his uke or a guitar and it’s so cute
    • his voice is really smooth and deep and it puts lance to sleep most of the time
    • but he tries to stay awake if only to hear his beautiful boyfriend gently singing a bunch of cute little love songs to him
    • they’re both in love with the juno soundtrack so it’s often kimya dawson or the moldy peaches
    • pidge calls it gross but lbr she thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever
  • everyone says lance is the walking shitpost (which, yes, is valid) but hunk is on a whole other level
    • shiro once says something like “man my shoulder hurts” and hunk just starts reciting a commercial for arthritis verbatim
    • he is a dedicated shitposter
    • pidge and lance can’t stop laughing and keith is just really confused
    • whenever coran makes them run during training all he does is repeat the fitness gram pacer test until the only exercise lance is doing is laughing like an idiot
    • whenever keith tries to say something edgy he and pidge team up and play emo music over the speakers until no one can hear keith
    • “hunk, can you pass me the salt” [hunk grabs the saltshaker and proceeds to empty all of it on his own plate while making direct eye contact with shiro]
  • what this means is that, when he’s with lance, they quite literally are the meme team
    • they can do that scary thing where they say different parts of a sentence in sync and it’s amazing
    • “lov the cronch—” “hate the slorp—” 
    • pidge: “can you two shut the FUCK up”
    • they like to roast people in unison and keith regularly cries himself to sleep when this happens to him
    • keith: angsts about something
    • lance and hunk, in haunting unison: i was born with glass bones and paper skin. every morning i break my arms and every night i—
    • pidge: hey—
    • lance and hunk: perform the entirety of the goblin king song from the hobbit
  • they are so protective of each other it’s disgusting
    • lance literally doesn’t give a mother of fuck what happens to him
    • but if hunk gets hurt he turns into an unstoppable force of nature 
    • literally no galra gets out of there without at least one bullet hole in their skin
    • on the other hand
    • if lance gets injured in the slightest
    • catch hunk in the club blasting a million galra in the fucking face
    • literally there’s nothing left but craters that man is a savage when it comes to protecting his boyfriend
    • they’re so!! in!! love!!
  • hunk has this thing called the lance parable in which whenever anyone gets insecure about themselves he’s like
    • “lance sometimes gets like that too, and you can see that he’s literally the most talented, amazing, beautiful, considerate, iconic, wonderful, ethereal, godly person ever! so even if you feel bad about yourself it doesn’t mean you’re bad”
    • lance has no idea about it until he says it to keith in front of like everyone and he just
    • cries. he’s literally in tears and hugging hunk and its the most tender moment ever and everyone’s happy and ughndsingidfu

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do Scottish people think in Scottish accents

my internal voice is hard to like… conceptualize really idk it just sounds the way it sounds. it doesnt sound particularly scottish in my opinion, i don’t know if it even sounds like my own voice

& for the record i don’t think my outer voice is particularly scottish either - i live near the border and i watched too much US tv growing up so uhh most people i know irl/from the UK think i sound american while most ppl out of the UK think i sound really scottish so !! its a wild ride

the tragic tale of deceit and betrayal: How The Boogerman Blew My Dad

“dad i’m home!” i said as i walked thru the door

“dad it’s me! your baby boy is home!” i shouted. i began to hear some strange noises coming from my father’s room. i slowly open the door “dad…. are you in here?” what my eyes seen next are the last thing anyone would ever want to see

“ahh! bryce get out of here!” my dad shouted at me. i had already seen the horror, the boogerman standing beside my father grinning at my smugly. he looked me right in my eyes and whispered “hey bryce, i just blew your dad”

“papa! how could you!” my eyes welled up with tears, my chest became tight and i just barely managed to get out a “you know i hate that game….. you know i can’t stand the sight of the boogerman…..” 

To Be Continued….

It’s so weird to think that there are people who watch Lord of the Rings for the first time????? And don’t know what’s going to happen?????

They don’t know what the Shire is??? They don’t know the Fellowship will break???? They don’t know what Gondor or Rohan is???? They don’t know the basic geography of Middle Earth?? They don’t know who will die??? They don’t know Gandalf will come back???? Or that Frodo will go to the Undying Lands??? They’ve never heard the soundtrack??? They don’t have the dialogue memorized???? 

What on earth is that like??????? 

like how fucking hard is it to just…not say anything? if you can’t help or don’t want to help, then okay, move tf on?? making ugly ass comments about zayn literally does nothing but expose just how shitty of a person you are?? i don’t see how this is different from any celebrity who asks for fans to make donations to a charity, the only thing is this is someone closer to zayn’s family. leave him alone, stop being so horrible, learn how to shut your mouth for once. 

imagine if zayn “let me pay for this stranger’s cat’s surgery” malik, zayn “supports syrian refugees” malik, zayn “british asian trust ambassador” malik wouldn’t pay for his mother’s best friend’s treatment lmao

do people not realise sometimes adults have the necessity of doing things for themselves and aren’t willing to accept £120k from someone else knowing they won’t be able to pay it back?