You are my home. The space on your chest where my head fits perfectly is home. Your smell, your voice, your eyes. They’re all home. My heart is with you, and they say home is where the heart is right?

Daddy’s Shirt [Shin Wonho]

Warnings- Mature content

                ~slight daddy kink

                ~teasing beyond repair

word count~ 1427

“Daddy missed his baby girl,” Wonho wet his lips when he saw you standing over the kitchen sink. He had been thinking about you the entire day, the stylists even had to change his outfit for his performance because he had a bulge all day. He couldn’t stop thinking about how you had screamed his name last night, the way your ass fit perfectly into his hands, the way you got so wet from him just kissing you.

You had jumped in surprise, you hadn’t heard the door open, and you certainly didn’t expect Wonho to be back so early. He was supposed to be on After School Club right now. You really weren’t ready for him to be home. Your hair was still wet from the shower, where you had spent ample time missing Wonho. You were scantily clad in a shirt of his, something that just barely covered your ass, leaving your ass cheeks to sensually tease him. “You’re home early,” you turned to let him see your front side. You hadn’t buttoned up the shirt at all- let alone for one button in the middle.

“Mhm, I see you’re wearing my shirt baby girl,” he bit his lip for a moment before continuing, “did you miss me?”

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Swan Queen + FaceTime (10/?)

Regina: I miss you. Do you miss me?
Emma: Maybe.
Regina: Emma! Come on, tell me how much you miss me.
Emma: Really?
Regina: Really.
Emma: *groans* Fine.
Emma: Honestly, it’s not so bad. Well, that is, until I look down at my hands.
Regina: At your hands?
Emma: Yeah. That’s when I get sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. And seeing that and knowing that makes my heart begin to hurt with how much I miss you.
Regina: God I love you.
Emma: I love you too.

“I can’t explain it. I know you’re meant to be in my life. I know we were meant to cross paths and our relationship is not a coincidence. I believe there are people you’re destined to meet during your lifetime and I, without a doubt, believe you are one of mine. I don’t know who you are to me just yet. I don’t know if you’re a lesson waiting to happen or the closest someone will ever come to understanding me, above even myself. I just know you’re meant to be where you are right now. You’re not casually passing through, you’re here to bring my life something I’ve never known up until this point. It’s as if this role was written with you in mind and no one can fulfill it the way you do, you’re just now stepping into your placement. You were written into my life and because of that you fit so snug, so perfectly. Certain traits of your personality exist purely to compliment mine, or maybe it’s the other way around. Some piece of me exists for you alone, and it must be the same for you in turn. I don’t know what you’re meant to be to me just yet, but stay where you are. Please. I can’t explain it, but I know you’re meant to be here.”

What It's Like Having Scoliosis

Sometimes you’ll have what I like to call an “achey day” where your back just fucking hurts no matter what you do.

Please don’t make me stand for a long time, because it’ll start to feel like all the weight of my upper body is settling onto my hips, which doesn’t feel good.

There are 3 types of sleeping positions:
• the type that hurts your back
• the type that “supports your spine”
• and the type that’s actually comfortable and allows you to fucking sleep.

Don’t even get me started on shopping for clothes. Nothing ever fucking fits right! It might fit perfectly fine in one area, but in another it’s either too tight or too loose.
Even if you do manage to find something that fits okay, it’s still not gonna look fantastic on you because you just feel as though you look like a disproportionate chicken nugget


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What are some lyrics that are really meaningful to you (Patd or not)?

“the silence isn’t so bad/ ‘til I look at my hands and feel sad/ ‘cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly” from vanilla twilight by owl city

honestly ??? this song singehandedly turned me against long distance relationships like ,,,,,, i crave human touch more than anything u know and this lyric just puts that feeling into beautiful words

diamonds do appear to be just like broken glass to me” from northern downpour by panic! at the disco

i fw this lyric SO MUCH its basically my life motto. to me it basically means “good for you! not for me.” something that works perfectly for another person probably wont work for you so find your own diamond u kno. fun fact about this lyric its my favorite panic lyric but ive never made an edit with it


I’ll watch the night turn light blue
But it’s not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly
The silence isn’t so bad
‘Till I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly 

vanilla twilight - owl city

“The silence isn’t so bad, until I look at my hands because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”

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Crown and Basket [Hyungwon Angst] | Part 3

Genre: Angst

Summary: So what if you loved him? You were a servant. So what if he loved you? His father, the King, wouldn’t allow it.

A/N: It’s short but I can frequently update now!!! Exams are finally over! I won’t make all of you wait long any longer and  really want to thank you all for the patience for the past month :)

Part 1  /  Part 2

You didn’t know where to escape to and whether you were making the right choice but you decided to follow him anyway, trusting that he knew what to do. It didn’t help that his hand felt so warm and comforting when wrapped around yours, the way it fitted so perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle. The smile on his face was so assuring and you were so glad that he was on your side because if he were to be leading you to jail, you would probably blindly follow him anyway.

He brought you through a path in a forest which you had never known of before and you wondered how he came to discover such a hidden route.

“Where, are we? Are we far away? The guard, must have noticed by now,” you panted, wiping the beads of sweat that were trickling down your face due to the past paced running for at least ten minutes. Hyungwon let go of your hand and placed it on his knees as he bent down, catching his breath.

“A few minutes from here is a bridge that will lead you out of this area where my father leaves alone,” he told you and you raised your eyebrow, wondering how there could be a place where the King himself wouldn’t dare to pry into.

The Prince saw the questioning look on your face and sighed, placing his hands on his hips after standing up straight. “It’s where my brother lives.”

Your eyes opened wide and you were even more confused than you already were. “Since when did you have a brother?”

Hyungwon nodded and looked away from you. “There are a whole lot of things that you don’t know about me despite us being together for quite some time,” he said and you blushed at the thought of him considering the both of you as ‘being together’. But you shook the thought aside and got more serious, realising that the story might be something he didn’t want to talk about.

“You don’t have to explain. For some reason, I’ll be safe there and that’s all I have to know. Besides, I trust you. You’re helping to escape from life as a servant in your mother’s palace which I do not even deserve…I’m really grateful. But you should go now. I’ll make my way to this bridge you’re talking about by myself. No one must find out that you’re with me, okay? Your life is more important than mine, remember that. Now go,” you lightly pushed him but he didn’t budge.

“No…I’m coming with you. You see, the bridge is guarded.”

“Guarded? Right, of course it is. It’s a Prince’s palace after all, isn’t it?”

Hyungwon shook his head and you were yet again puzzled. His brother was a prince, wasn’t he?

“It’s not exactly a palace…it’s more of a little town…” he started and your jaw dropped. A town? How could a Prince live in one of the houses in a little town? The entire situation was seeming more complicated than you had thought it was which made your curiosity peak but you kept it in. If it was something he was comfortable with telling you, he would have, but he didn’t.

“A-ah, I see. So all we have to do is cross the bridge and you’ll tell the guards to let me in right?” You asked, praying that there wouldn’t be complications to it, sacrifices or punishments that Hyungwon would have to make or receive in order to get you safe.

He nodded and held your hand, starting the walk again and you smiled, holding on tightly as you followed him, knowing that everything would be alright if you were with him.

The two of you soon reached the bridge and you could see the town that was on the other end. It looked shabbier than all the other towns you had seen but definitely better than the living conditions for the servants in the palace. There were two guards at the start of the bridge and another two at the end and you wondered how you would have gotten past them if not for Hyungwon.

When they saw him, they stood straighter, moving aside to let him pass. You had heard from Hyungwon that the King would never step foot inside and you wondered why. After all, the guards seemed to respect Hyungwon and the town looked presentable.  

When you entered through the gates and into the town, the first person you saw was a man in plain clothes who was watering the trees which stood firm and tall at the entrance. Is he the gardener?

“Hyungwon?” he gasped when he looked up and you knew that a gardener couldn’t possibly call the Prince by name.

“Hyung!” he grinned and you stood, frozen. He, is Hyungwon’s brother?

The two boys ran to each other and had a short hug before realising that you were still there.

Hyungwon reached out for you and pulled you closer. “This is my brother and you’re gonna be safe here in his town!”

“Wait, this girl’s staying here? Why?” He asked and you looked away, not knowing whether to outrightly say that you were running away from having to serve his mother.

“I’m helping her to run away from the Queen,” Hyungwon blurted out and you frowned, looking around to make sure that no one heard. The man saw this and snickered, ruffling your hair as he told you that everybody in the town were people who ran away from the palace as well, including, him.

“You ran away?” That was shocking news to you and you started to understand why you had never heard of him. “Which is why…nevermind,” you stopped yourself but Hyungwon guessed what you were going to say.

“The King won’t step foot here because of Minhyuk here so you’ll be safe,” he smiled and you turned around to look back at the town’s entrance, telling yourself that you might possibly never step foot out of the town ever again.

“I’ll make sure that you live well here,” Minhyuk assured you and when you saw the kind and sincere smile on his face, all your worries left you. I’ll live well here. You turned to Hyungwon who was looking far into the distance, as if thinking hard about something.

“Is there something wrong?” You asked and Hyungwon’s facial expression changed immediately, the frown on his face disappearing.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry,” He said softly and you didn’t quite believe him but you nodded anyway, trusting that he would let you know if it was something really important.

Hyungwon turned away and looked to the ground, thoughts flooding into his mind yet again once you were occupied with looking at the beautiful flowers around.

I won’t have the time to visit her often, especially when getting here is so difficult. We were really lucky today. The guards were of Minhyuk’s. If it had been the King’s spies, we would be in deep trouble.


Why do we say goodbye when there’s no good in it at all? my eyes just won’t keep dry every tear is a waterfall
I’m holding on to all the memories i can recall now i cherish every moment big or small
now that you’re gone I hold on to all the laughs we shared and I’ll never forget your smile
we’ve said hello a million times the hardest thing to do is say goodbye.
not a day comes that I don’t wish you were near but where ever you are I’m still holding you right here, here in my heart.
I hope and pray that I’ll see you once again ‘til then I’ll be looking forward to that day.

the goodbye lyrics fits perfectly in this moment, I’m so sad that I will not be able to see ot5 moments again, I feel empty because now one of them will be missing. I just want to say that fifth harmony will always be Lauren, Camila, Dinah, Ally and Normani and i will always love my fabfive❤😭

Mickey’s House of Villains: Sentence Starters

“Now it’s time for a change of pace!”
“Lights out!”
“Right you are, _________!”
“It’s Halloween, you know!”
“And with just the right touch…”
“This could be quite the place!”
“Full of wholesome happy faces!”
“Hanging out…”
“Feeling fine…”
“Where everyone’s a friend of mine!”
“Inside this evil joint…”
“Every guest gets to the point!”
“This day will live in infamy!”
“The __________ is history!”
“It’s our house now!”
“It’s the fact you can’t ignore!”
“Shut the windows!”
“Lock the doors!”
“Raise your mugs, you thieves and thugs!”
“Join the rabble-rousing crowd!”
“All the coolest cats fit in so perfectly!”
“Every evil queen gets due respect!”
“Love your work!”
“You’ll forget your troubles, put your trust in me…”
“You’ve had your fun!”
“You’ve made your play!”
“But every rodent has his day!”
“What a party!”
“What a place for breakin’ bread!”
“Hate your neighbors!”
“Off with their heads!”
“Join the fun with no regrets!”
“Only greedy, dirty deeds are allowed!”
“Get those puppies!”
“Game over, _________!”
“Hit the road, _________!”
“Take a hike, _________!”
“Don’t bother coming back!”

there’s a world not far from here

Fandom: Naruto

Pairing: Sasuhina

Summary: It feels good to have someone else’s footsteps echo in a house as big as this, in a world as empty as his. (Arranged Marriage AU)

Notes: Feminist Hinata is what I live for, basically. Also on AO3

They tell you tales of the war; after all, the world as you know it has been drawn by the results of previous wars. What they don’t let you know, because otherwise maybe you’d never get out of bed again if the purpose is to harm others, is that even on the winners’ side, the fight never quite ends and you’re never quite satisfied. The feeling of being overwhelmed, of sitting on the brink of doom doesn’t really go away, and no matter what you ask for, no matter how much you get and do, there will always be a hole right where your old self would fit perfectly.

And time doesn’t really heal. It just numbs your senses, dulls the memories, wraps layers of days around layers of days until everything is hazy in the mind of the scarred ones, until it comes as blessed distraction and craved forgetfulness. Everyone takes it, because otherwise it would prove impossible to keep going, and when there are whole towns to rebuild, a society to be restores, a breakdown of one comes as the collapse of all.

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