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It would be cool if you managed to do a cosplay for every ADC. I thought your Jinx was amazing, and your Ashe seems to be coming along really well.

Ahh, well if you guys left suggestions for who I should cosplay next I’d totally consider doing them 8D

And thank you! I’m glad people like my cosplays ;u; 

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Either skitz will never be canon or Fitz is not Whouffaldi's son

*angry face* Yeah, you would definitely have my attention! I would be shouting!

If you lost me in a crowd, what “offensive” thing would you yell to track me down?

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do you do/have you ever done guys?

I have no idea when this was sent to me but I wish I saw it earlier so that I could’ve spent even more time laughing about it.

Like, was this supposed to lead to a conversation? Was I about to get shamed for whatever answer I gave? Were you going to ask me for advice? What was the plan? The goal? The aspirations for this ask?

Do you dream, anonymous asker? Do you see yourself in the future floating among the stars or rocketing past galaxies? Blinded by supernovas and the brightness of your own ambition? Do you imagine yourself shaking with excitement, bursting at the seams by the grandeur of the you, the universe, and the universe within you? 

Because, let me tell you, anonymous asker, if you see that for yourself in the future, ask not if I do or have done guys. Instead, I highly suggest you look real hard and find a lovely lady to take you there instead.


desmond ray wright. 45. success story. english/lit professor. norman reedus.

  • well here he is, the man i’m dubbing as the fucking old man of ‘whistle’ until someone older than him comes along
  • nah but really, desmond is like the coolest old guy you’ll ever meet. he might as well be a twenty-nine-year-old that only aged physically 
  • originally from new york, dez here is the youngest of seven kids, and by the time he came around (unplanned, btw) his parents were a little older and not exactly ready to care for yet another kiddo for the next eighteen years but they did it anyways. it’s not that he wasn’t loved or anything, he just got away with pretty much everything and was spoiled rotten as he was growing up.
  • he was always trying to get attention, and was a total daredevil that loved his bicycle, his toy cars, climbing the tallest trees he could, taking challenges from the neighborhood kids, you get the picture. and being the youngest, he also always expected to get his way so he was basically a massive brat with the temper to match.
  • that attitude carried him all through high school, but he also went through a stage where he was kind of a recluse in his teenage years (typical hormonal, awkward bullshit) and in that ~moody~ period he became obsessed with art. he loved to paint, loved to draw, and loved photography, and he was actually good at it.
  • but, people all around him told him that art wasn’t a practical career for anybody, so when he entered college (which is what brought him to california), he chose something that sounded practical that would still make him critically think while allowing him to be creative at the same time - and he chose to major in english literature. he actually went on to get his master’s degree in it, just because why the hell not.
  • getting there wasn’t easy though. his fly-off-the-handle attitude got him in with the wrong crowd, and they spent many nights getting hammered and experimenting with different substances. desmond actually was an alcoholic throughout most of his college career - he still isn’t 100% sure exactly how he got his degree.
  • but along that time, he also met a girl that was a few years older than him, who was mastering in psychology at the same college that he was attending. he became obsessed with her, like couldn’t get her out of his mind, thought she was smart, thought she was beautiful, and he asked her out several times only for her to turn him down in the most bitchy manner she could. finally, after he snaked his way into a party she was throwing one evening, he found out exactly why she kept turning him down.
  • to make a long story short, she pulled him into her bedroom showed him a large cage that she kept hidden in her closet, along with a series of whips, floggers, paddles, cuffs, eye masks, every kinky thing one could think of. she was a dominatrix, she didn’t do romantic relationships and instead had submissives to dote on her, hand and foot. and being the young idiot dez was, he hunted her down on campus a few days later and said he was curious about what it meant to be a submissive. he became involved in the local kink community and the rest is pretty much history.
  • now, desmond is a dom in his own way (not the whips and chains and ‘50 shades of gray’ manipulative bullshit way), and his success story is not typical of others on ‘spark’. he used it to find women who may be interested in that type of relationship, and had no luck for quite some time, until he found one (his current partner; i’ll post a request for her with more of their details later c;) and she is basically his everything. oh, and she’s like half his age so ya know, not exactly your typical love story here.
  • as far as personality goes, desmond is a sarcastic sonuvabitch. he rides his motorcycle to work just about every day, he’s constantly joking around with his students, and he just about always has a smile on his face. he’s genuinely a caring guy, but he’s also one of those people where you know he doesn’t like you if he doesn’t have some sort of smartass nickname for you. he’s outgoing, a people person, and definitely not afraid to speak his mind.
  • his temper has mellowed out a lot since he was a kid, but he still has his moments when the rage gets the best of him. oh, and he’s still a daredevil that will do almost anything once just so he can say that he did it.
  • ugh i honestly love desmond to death, he’s my actual baby because i’m norman reedus trash

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Are you a Gold Star lesbian? (Just in case you don't know what it means, a Gold Star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sex with a guy and would never have any intentions of ever doing so)

Hey man, Nah I’m definitely not. 

For me, I think that every person is somewhere on the spectrum between straight and gay, and for me, I’ve gradually gone closer towards gay as time has passed. But back when I was denying that I liked girls, I had a period of time where I did sleep with a lot of guys because I was in such a dark place. 

I think if someone really special did come along, who identified as a guy, and my heart and my body really sung out that I wanted him, I definitely would sleep with them if they wanted that. I guess that makes me Bi or Pan but I don’t really specify and for everyone it seems to be easier to use fucking labels. 

but cheers for asking, I’m not but I kind of wish i was tbh