jadeshepherdd asked:

Do you think it's better to wait till a guy you really really like comes along or just date and get with people you kind of like? In highschool

I would say to wait, but then again it might take a while for that person to come around so i would mostly likely date guys i kinda like just to see how it’ll go. (:

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this heavy hot weather been making me feel tired lately. even though i exercised today to keep myself awake i still took a 3 hr nap :/ but i just woke up and now im gonna work on this touka drawing until i go to bed, can’t wait to show you guys, i really like how this piece is coming along!

anonymous asked:

When are you going to have your first boyfriend

I’m really not a relationship kind of girl, commitment scares me, I don’t really know how to answer this, when the right guy comes along? I doubt I’d get into anything any time soon

*taps on the mic* excuse me being against a fictional ship does not equal being against anyone in real life. first of all get your head out of your ass, and second of all either way shipping subcassie or any new generation with an older generation character is wrong and very lolita-esque. where are the moral boundaries with shipping? to all of the people shipping subcassie where do you draw the line? you and i both know that if someone comes along with a really fucked up ship you guys would be the first ones all up and arms. but ironically with all of this preaching on “let people ship what they want to ship” that would be that you don’t agree with every ship and think that some are wrong. so long story short people have the right to oppose a ship- and honestly for a great reason.

Omg, okay, so there’s this guy. He goes to my college and i had a class with him and he seems okay as an acquaintance but not as date material. I’ve explained that i wasn’t looking to date, i want to focus on school but if a guy i really like comes along then sure, but he is not that guy. Anyhow, after ignoring him for a while i realized it doesn’t work so finally i reply and now long story short this is about the eighth time he’s asked me to dinner, not all today of course. I have no idea what to reply right now, except obviously no. Help. Please help!