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This interview is constructing an image. I’m sure there’s some truth, some lies, and a fuckton of omissions. Even if Louis was 100% honest, it’s one mood on one day, filtered through one journalist.

The tone doesn’t make a lot of sense. Louis has had objectively great success with jho. He has incredible fan engagement. He has a load of 1d writing credits and even if he was the one at the back in espadrilles, that’s a massive platform to be taken seriously from as they are one of the biggest bands in the history of ever. However much it’s attempted to sell the narrative, for whatever reason, and however he might feel, Louis is not an underdog.

I still feel sad though. It wasn’t exactly a bad article, but it doesn’t do him justice. This should not represent the starting point for his solo career. As minimal as it may be, he shouldn’t still be saddled with the fake bullshit.

He’s going to be amazing and successful. He deserves the world and we’ll try as much as we are able to give it to him. I feel so uncomfortable though. As long as the stunts continue, however understated, things are not ok. Things are not normal. The narrative getting marginally smarter does not make it true or acceptable.


Aaaaand I did a second closet cosplay today, this time with @squigglydigglydoo‘s Henry!

Probably could have done more with this, but I didn’t have too many ideas. Ah well, it was a fun challenge.

(There’s some bonus content for this too. Also a bonus bit of photos under the cut)

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