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So, I’m leaving the house ONCE to go to a drugstore and then witness how an old woman tears open a car door and starts hitting a pregnant woman

I still can’t believe this shit

when someone says something they don’t mean as rude at all but it accidentally sets off your Insecurities and messes you up for the rest of the night

sanctuary - chapter 18


It’s after dinner and Stiles is sitting on the living room floor. He’s leaning back against Peter, bracketed by his legs. Peter, in turn, is leaning against the couch, idly making twists out of Stiles’s hair, sliding his thumb against the back of his neck to draw away the tiny tendrils of pain that bother him, and making him eat grapes against his will. They’re really nice grapes, but Stiles is still full from dinner. He suspects a Hale conspiracy to fatten him up.

Right on cue James stretches out on the couch and rattles a box of choc chip cookies in his face.

Stiles grumbles at him and takes one.

Peter huffs out a silent laugh.

Cora is lying on the floor beside them, on her stomach, swinging her legs in the air as she watches the TV. Matty and one of the little girls—Stiles is a horrible person and can’t remember which twin it is—are picking beads out of a container and only half paying attention to the movie as they make some sort of complicated friendship bracelets. Stiles is already wearing two.

It should feel a little weird, not just sliding so easily into the family, the pack, but sitting here pretty much plastered to Peter, and nobody so much as blinks. Like whatever this is, it’s a natural progression of everything that’s come before. Whatever that was. It’s simultaneously the easiest and most complicated thing Stiles has ever dealt with in his life.

“You’re thinking too hard,” Peter says gently, and presses his mouth to Stiles’s temple.

Stiles closes his eyes, and warmth rises through him. Half embarrassment, probably, for having that happen in front of an audience. But half something else too. Happiness again, bubbling up from some place deep inside him.

He opens his eyes again when Derek stoops to scruff his hair on his way to the couch.

“What are we watching?” Derek asks, sliding in under James’s legs.

James shrugs. “Some teenage nonsense. I don’t know.”

Derek snags a cookie.

It’s weird. Not just the thing with Peter, but the fact that at this very moment Scott is in the basement with Talia and Laura, and Stiles has no idea what’s happening down there. All he knows is that when he asks, Peter tells him the pack bonds are still settling, and that Scott’s doing fine.

As far as Stiles knows, Scott’s mom is on night shift so she hasn’t noticed he’s not at home when he should be. It makes him think of all those times his dad worked through the night on some case or another, and Stiles had already left for school by the time he dragged himself home. Sometimes they could go days without seeing each other at all. It hadn’t felt weird at the time but now, living in a house full of people, Stiles wonders how he never noticed before that he was lonely.

He rests against Peter, and watches the TV and dozes.

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it must be hard for pseudo fans, believing that you are the chosen ones, that louis and harry have given you secret messages through shirts, bears and instagram posts, only to never be in the boys lives, them not knowing you exist, them never being around you, and having them literally be around some of the most beautiful women this planet has to offer, and having relationships and babies with them. It must be so hard when those women are nice, because let’s face it - no matter how *special* you think you are to H&L, you’re the ones who are being mean, and you can’t stand the fact that the girls in their lives are kind people, who make you look bad every single day, simply because you’re a horrible person, and they’re the ones there making H&L smile, and they’re the people that actually matter to them, not you. 

I was tagged

@mistermercenary tagged me (tysm) and slap me because I said twice that I would do it and I am doing it just now because I am a horrible person…

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person/group you’ve cribbed the most jokes from?

Mostly from my friends.

artist/writer who’s influenced your style the most?

I search everywhere for inspiration, so I guess that I am influenced by a lot of those people.


Give me a ship with incest and/or pedophilia and it will be my NOTP.

favorite place to hang out?

My home and my best friends place or the coast (which lies pretty near to where I live).

hardest part for you abt creating an OC?

Finding their flaws and creating their back story.

if you ran a youtube channel, what would your videos be abt?

I have a YT channel and I make AMV’s and GMV’s, but I created a new one and it is currently empty.

one thing you make sure to do every day?

To drink enough.

hairstyle you want to have?

I am okay with my current one, but I am thinking about to dye my hair.

if you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Something comfy…Maybe a T-shirt, a sweatshirt jacket and my favorite pants.

youtube channel recs?

I could send in some links of my favorite video editors, but that would be too many.

favorite color to wear? (as in clothes)

I love to wear black and red. I like dark colours in general.

My questions:

1. Cat or dog person?
2. Sunny or rainy weather?
3. What is one thing you love about yourself?
4. Do you like to cook?
5. PC or Laptop person?
6. Which game do you enjoy playing the most in the last time?
7. Your biggest idol?
8. Your favorite music genre?
9. What is your zodiac sign?
10. Are you a daydreamer?
11. If you could control one of the elements, which one would it be?

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Okay, just reading through the Zuke discource on your blog and like... Why can't Peridot find many girls cute and lovable?? Let's be real here - there are whole photo and gif sets dedicated to showing how gay Pearl is for so many girls, how flirty and bashful she becomes around multiple female identifying characters... But Peri isn't allowed to do the same thing?? Honestly just let Peridot be gay. People can crush on more than one person at once, it doesn't make them horrible people. 😒😠

lmao tbh!! i have no idea why ppl are trying to limit girl love. like okay i get that we’re used to being tricked and baited but zuke’s gay herself ! she just wants to spread as much gay love as she can and she’s wonderful for that

peridot can like both amethyst and lapis! peridot can like more girls than that if she wants, too! they can all be together. literally nothing is stopping this from happening. 3 doesn’t always gotta’ be a crowd

the main irritation of working in a liquor store is old white men because they either are alcoholics and in every day, or rich and in every day because having a bottle of wine every day is cultured and not at all being a classy alcoholic but then they have the entitlement to em. either way old white men think theyre the funniest shit. ive been at my job almost 4 years. for about 3 months i tried humoring them but after that i just gave up and just dont acknowledge “arent you gonna id me?!” or “SO ITS FREE RIGHT?!” because when you hear these multiple times a day for years it kills you a bit inside

so yesterday i ask for airmiles and buddy says how “fars it gonna get me?” scan card, scan first wine “i said how fars it gonna get me?” scan a couple more wines and beers, tell him his total is 161.28. he makes pissed off eye contact. “WHAT, ARE YOU HARD OF HEARING? I SAID HOW FAR’S IT GOING TO GET ME.” and i get right agitated because hes angry and not letting it drop and i tend to go nonverbal when im upset and finally manage to look him in the eyes and force out “i dont know what you expect from me. i dont know what you want me to say.” and he gets angrier and says “ITS JUST A LITTLE JOKE, HOLY GOD” and throws his money down

….three fifty bills. so i repeat “your total is 161.30″ [canada, no pennies, round up for cash] and he goes quiet and says “oh i thought you said 150″ and it takes all my self control from saying what are you hard of hearing? or pointing out even if i said 151.28 hes still shortchanging me. he left and i had a freakout to my coworkers because wtf

i still dont understand what im supposed to say for how far it’d get you. did he want me to lie and say far? did he want to say functionally nowhere so he could bitch about it? i dont know what you want old man go away???


Just ranting

My brother I kind of like a horrible person. He is xenophobic for one. And this just happened Some guy came to our house asking to speak to our parents and My brother said one second then walked away and went back to watching tv without even telling my dad so I told him. I said “that’s rude Michael and he said "it’s rude to come to our house dressed like a homeless person.” Like this guy was just asking if we wanted a free estimate on our gutters to get cleaned. I said “that’s his job Michael” he said “well he should get a real job”. Like he doesn’t even have a job at all and this guy is working his ass off. He prefers Trump to Hillary because “trump speaks his mind”. He yells at or ignores my dad when he is asked to do the simplest things. He doesn’t believe that the police target based on race. And he misgenders trans people. Oh and he makes no effort to understand mental illness and doesn’t seem to believe I have DID despite my diagnosis and everyone else in my family believing I do.

don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand nicorey 

but everyone is really out here thinking natalie holding onto f2 goats and targeting the one person in that house right now that is guaranteed a win in F2, is a horrible move????!?

be happy that your fav is the one person with big enough balls to take out a clear potential winner hennys

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lmao please don't compare the holocaust to voting for Clinton that's just so fucking insensitive and antisemitic

I did not. I compared voting for a horrible person in one case where it turned out very badly to another potential case of the exact same thing. Your arms are going to get sore from all that reaching.


I think I found some vax records, but I can’t decipher what each one is.

Worst case…would I be a horrible person to say it’s against my ~religion~ to not get vaccines?