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How about how would the first kiss he with each of the guys? How far would it go?

This question is so cute! Thank you so much for asking it!


Leonardo would likely be the one to instigate it. But he would not just dive in and steal a kiss from his crush. He would ask because he is a gentleman

After spending a good amount of time hanging out with each other, Leonardo had started developing a crush on his friend. He hid it at first to give him time to sort through and feel out the new sensation. Eventually, with his family’s support, he deemed it worth the risk to pursue his feelings.  

It happened late one night after Leo had walked his friend home from the lair. As always, Leo slipped into the apartment for a cup of tea, the special kind that tasted like sour green apples. They joked, laughed and chatted while they sipped their drinks. It was at the very end of the night that Leo asked. 

He had been standing by the window, his friend in front of him. His expression suddenly went serious and his bottom lip slipped under his teeth. If he didn’t ask now, it would keep him up until he finally built up the courage to do it.

“Can I…..kiss you?” He muttered, his face darkening with anxiety and embarrassment. His friend almost immediately smiled as if he/she had known that Leo was going to ask. The little human nodded and with a sweet smile pulled the turtle down to taste his lips. It was just a peck, but the two were soon diving in for more. 

The human had far more experience than Leo did, but he was quick to catch on. The makeout session only lasted until Leo’s phone vibrated in his pocket. Then, with reluctance, a glowing smile and a promise that they would continue where they left off, Leo left.

Donatello had never thought, at any point in his life someone would be attracted to him in a sexual way. Or in any way really. He was too different, too inhumane, too monstrous, too him. So, when one of the family friends, who he had been helping study for his/her chemistry test asked to kiss him, he thought it was a joke.

His face darkened in humiliation and he looked down at the keyboard where his fingers lay against the keys. The pain was instant and sharp. It coursed through his chest like the blood in his veins. In the midst of trying to convince himself that it was just a joke and he shouldn’t be so upset about it, he almost didn’t hear his friend call his name. 

The genius lifted his head, his eyes were a little watery but no tears had fallen, yet. The human set a hand on top of his to gain his full attention. Donnie flinched, but he did not pull away. The turtle noted how soft his/her skin was. 

In a hushed, soothing voice, his friend asked again, “can I kiss you?” Donnie searched and searched, but he could not find the sarcasm, the cruel intent, he could find no plausible evidence that his friend was trying to make a joke out of him. Golden eyes lifted to look at the human and for the first time in a long time, Donnie didn’t know what to do. Listen to his head or listen to his heart. 

His head told him to be careful. There was no way someone would want to kiss him just for the sake of kissing him. The human obviously wanted something from him. His heart, on the other hand, was telling him that it was worth the risk. He should take this chance while he had it. 

In the end, his heart won out. After he gave a stiff nod, the human slowly leaned in, slow enough that Donnie had a chance to change his mind. Then, ever so softly, their lips touched. And just like that, Donatello’s mind was cleared of all the noise and pain that tormented him daily. For once, there was peace. And there was no way that Donnie was going to let it go.

Raphael, being the impulsive creature that he is, would just dive in for it the first chance that he got. He and his friend would be working out together. The human had asked Raphael to help him/her lose the baby fat that he/she was holding and he had agreed, naturally. He was actually excited to have someone else to work out with other than his brothers. 

At first, they would meet every other day, then it turned into every day once the human was strong enough. It became so commonplace to have Raph’s friend around that Mikey would make an extra plate at dinner for him/her every night out of habit. 

After doing a few sets on the bench press, Raph sat on the side of the bench, taking a long swig of water. His friend, who had just finished his/her after workout stretches, approached him. The human took a swig of water from his/her water bottle as well and then told the turtle that he/she was going to go take a shower. Raphael didn’t respond, he just stared for a long moment. 

Golden eyes were drawn to the bead of sweat that was slowly making its way down the side of his friend’s face. The salty water drop took a curved turn and drew the turtle’s eyes to a set of plump pink lips. The human dipped his/her head to see what was wrong with him. Raphael took the opportunity and met his friend half way. 

The kiss was only one-sided for a split second before the human reciprocated. The human’s water bottle was dropped to the floor to allow for him/her to wrap his/her arms around Raph’s neck. The smaller being was pulled onto Raphael’s lap as the kiss was deepened. 

No one questioned why the two missed dinner, or why Raph’s friend walked with a bit of a limp the next day. They all knew the reason. Raphael got quite an ear full that night about the importance of safe sex from his father and eldest brother. He didn’t mind too much, it was totally worth it.

Michelangelo didn’t mean to do it, he really didn’t. He didn’t even know he did it until it was too late. 

He and his friend had been playing video games, Mortal Kombat XL to be exact. And like always, Mikey had been kicking his friend’s ass. No one was better at MK than Michelangelo. Everything had been normal until Mikey glanced over at his friend and he got stuck. No matter how hard he tried, he just could not look away from the human. 

The concentration on his/her face while he/she played was mesmerizing. So much so that the turtle didn’t realize or care that he was losing. To the shock and surprise of both of them, Mikey leaned forward and pressed his lips lightly against his friend’s cheek. He just couldn’t resist touching his/her soft, beautiful skin.

The air around then stilled and Mikey’s eyes went wide. He stumbled over an apology, but the words wouldn’t come out right. Eventually, he just stopped talking and looked down at the ground. He sighed in defeat and mumbled one more ‘sorry’ before glancing up at his friend to see the damage. He expected to see disgust, horror, or worse, but he saw none of that. He saw curiosity.

Before the turtle could prepare himself, he was being tackled back onto his shell. His friend pressed against him and forcefully pushed their lips together. 

They never finished that game. 

The Powers That Be

TITLE: The Powers That Be


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki discovering a hidden mutant when he realises they are at risk of being found by S.H.I.E.L.D. who experiments on mutants, he is the one to help them.

RATING: Teen and Up

As soon as the Avengers reached the new SHIELD headquarters, Romanov and Barton led them to the area that was shown via the video feed. Stark remained in his suit as they made their way through the facility and towards what; according to Barton, was a restricted lab area.

Just before they got there, they were met with a frantically pacing Agent Coulson. “Should you not be inside ensuring the straps are tighter?” Stark hissed.

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(I have been thinking a lot lately about monsters in human skin. Everything I am in both body and mind, to someone I loved and trusted for so long, in the end was monstrous. Even the things of which I’m capable in creative contexts have been treated as such for as long as I can remember; nobody reads so fast, absorbs so much, writes so relentlessly, sleeps so little, mimics so fluently. I have been fascinated by human monsters in fiction, or even just human-shaped ones, for as long as I can remember. For me, even angels and demons and ghosts fall into this category. Tell me long enough that I will never be like you, and I will turn and turn until maybe it’s even true. But I am not the monster you make of me; I am the monster, immovable and resplendent, that I choose.)

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Could you do an imagine where the boys first time sleeping with their girlfriend and how they would feel about it? Thanks. Love your work btw.

glad you enjoy my work


     “you look tense leo” you said while looking at him laying on the bed 

“w-what? I-I’m not tense what are y-you talking about” leo replied while chuckling shyly 

     You just laughed a little and got on the bed with him, you snuggled up closer to him and you could feel him tense. You leaned your head towards his chest and looked up to see his face and you kissed his nose.

“don’t worry, you don’t have to be shy leo” you said while smiling at him

“o-okay (y/n), sorry” he said and kissed your lips 

     “no need to apologize” you said and cuddled into his chest. Leo blushed a little but he liked the feeling of your body against his, he was happy you were safe in his arms.


     You played down on your bed and turned off the light getting ready for bed. Once you were all tucked in and ready to sleep you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You were very surprised to see your boyfriend raph spooning you from behind. 

“hey babe, sorry for scaring ya” he said while smirking

   “w-what are you doing here raph?” you asked and started to blush

Raph just yawned and closed his eyes “I wanted to sleep with you, thats all” he said

   Before you could protest any further you saw that he was already asleep and you just sighed and continue sleeping. Deep down raph was actually squealing because he finally got a chance to sleep with you and boy did it feel good. 


     He was a blushing mess the whole time from walking towards you room until you two were laying on your bed. He didn’t dare to make any moves because he was too scared and shy to do it so you ended up doing it yourself. You moved closer towards him and you could see that he was slowly moving backwards as well.

“what’s wrong? do you not want to sleep with me?” you said while pouting

     Donnie felt guilty and so he hugged you tightly and he blushed a darker shade of red “s-sorry, I was j-just a little shy” he answered

You just chucked and continue sleeping so did he.


      he was so hyper the whole time. You almost thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep because of all the energy that he had inside him, but alas he ended up sleeping anyways. You two cuddled adorably and he held you tightly not wanting to let go.  The whole time mikey couldn’t stop smiling like a nerd and you just chuckled.

The next morning you woke up because you wanted to pee and you saw that mikey was still sleeping. You heard from the others that he was a extremely deep sleeper so you didn’t have to worry about waking him up. You tried to stand up but sadly mikey had an iron grip on you, like you were literally pulling his arms of you and he still wouldn’t budge. Well rip you buddy

Legion Writers probably:

Give David a best friend

Not romantically tho

Let’s go with Aubrey Plaza

Yes she’s amazing

She’s rocking yes

Let the audience love her

They’ll love her because she’s so blunt

“Why are the hot ones so crazy”

Let’s “fake” kill her

“Don’t give a newbie a bazooka and act surprised when she blows shit up”

What is reality really?!

Let’s bring her back only in Davids mind

Let’s make a her villainy

Whoa what?!?

She’s not being cool

Lenny is Benny

Lenny is everything

Is it all a lie??

Aubrey Plaza is killing it

Lenny a parasite

Don’t do it Lenny

Wth is going on??!?!

Not cool Lenny not cool

Lenny please stop

But they’ll still love Lenny’s craziness

Lenny why

Lenny no

Aubrey YES

I’m so confused

I’m am living

But Lenny…

The Monster Arrives